24 Mayıs 2023

Fantasies Can Come True


My wife Maria and I have now been married for twenty-five years. Our children are now grown and have moved onto their own lives.  My wife is now fifty-one but has kept herself in tip-top shape as she loves to go to the gym and workout.  She is five feet, six inches tall, and weighs one hundred and twenty-two pounds.  Her tits are still firm and are 36C’s and even sports a firm tight ass. We met in college while I was playing on a football scholarship.  I have always been athletic and played baseball, football, and basketball in high school but concentrated on football.  I like Maria still enjoys the gym and working out quite regularly.  Although I am still not in the same shape as I was in college, I have always kept a solid silhouette that can turn an eye.  I am six foot five inches and a substantial two hundred and forty pounds.When Maria and I were first married, we were very adventurous in our sex life, always finding ways to keep them burning.  We would think nothing of enjoying a hot fuck while hiking in a state park, the mall parking lot, and yes, once in a dressing room at the mall and many other crazy spots.  There were times people saw us, but neither of us seemed to mind back then. It just made it even more hot and exciting.Then our kids came along.  We had three, and between our careers and being involved in our kid’s life, our sex life was the one thing that suffered.  As our kids left the nest, we realized things were not like they use to be in the bedroom, and we decided that we were too young not to be sexual creatures again.  We made a vow that we would be more conscious to get our sex lives back to where they were.Two days after we made that vow to each other, we decided since it was a beautiful fall day, we would take the day and go about an hour north of our house to a popular attraction where you can hike into the rock formations and see a beautiful view of the valley for miles.  We wandered into the rocks and stopped at one of the landings that looked over the area.  It was a beautiful sight with the leaves changing their colors and the sun beating down on us.  I took Maria in my arms, telling her it was almost a beautiful as she was here. I kissed her. As we kissed, I was pleasantly surprised to feel her hand caressing my cock through my shorts.  As we pulled away, breaking our kiss, I smiled at her telling her she would get me so worked up I won’t stop. She smiled at me, telling me that she hopes so.  She dropped to her knees, undoing my shorts as she knelt in front of me.  Her mouth wrapped around my cock in no time.  I closed my eyes so loving the feel of Maria’s mouth on my cock, but even more, the excitement of being a little wild and naughty again got me hard in no time at all.Maria sucked my cock, kneeling in front of me with the view of the valley behind us was excellent.  She removed her mouth from my cock and stood up, kissing my lips, telling me she wanted me to fuck her right here and now.  She undid her shorts and pulled them down over her hips, panties and all.She guided me onto my back in a grassy area and straddled me, taking hold of my cock and guiding it into her soaking wet pussy.  She rode me like I was a bucking bronco hard and fast.  It didn’t take long before we both erupted in a beautiful orgasm.As we both erupted into a wild orgasm, we were brought back to reality by a noise behind us.  As we looked around, we saw a young couple might be about eighteen Ankara bayan escort years old watching us.  When they noticed that we saw them, they both turned and ran away.  Maria and I broke into a fit of laughter as she told me, “It is just like old times, isn’t it?”  We laughed back to our car and throughout the evening.That opened up another discussion between Maria and me about what our fantasies are, and if we could make any of them come true would do what we can.  Like most men, I told her about my dream of having a threesome.  Maria did not react like I expected her to.  She asked several questions as to if I have thought of who the third would be.  I did tell her about a woman from work who recently divorced that I would love to invite, and I feel she would be very interested in joining. She asked me who it was, and I told her it was Paula.  Paula is a small five-foot one-inch woman about one hundred and eighteen pounds with a beautiful set of 34C tits.  Maria smiled because she knew who I was talking about and agreed with my choice.  Maria asked me if she thought Paula would be interested.  I told her I felt she would because I got the impression Paula was a party girl.  We would flirt with each other, and I felt that if I perused it, she would agree to a sexual encounter. Maria asked, “Do you think she would be interested in being in a threesome with another woman?” I told her about one night while we were out for a few drinks after work that Paula confided in me that she was with another woman before she was married.I then looked at Maria and said more to the question, “Would you be prepared to be with another woman?” Maria went on to tell me how she has been bi-curious for many years and would be very interested in being with another woman.Maria looked at me and told me to try to arrange something between all of us.  I was astonished to hear her say that.  I smiled as I asked her if she was sure about it.  Maria told me she was sure, but then I would have to agree to her fantasy at a later date.  When I asked her about what her dream was, she just smiled at me and told me, “You’d find out after this one.”I went to work that Monday, and as luck would have it, I arrive simultaneously as Paula, and we walked in together.  I asked her how her weekend was, and before she even answered, I told her to tell me all the naughty details and laughed.  Her response was if I did that, you wouldn’t be able to walk into the building with the raging hard-on you would have.  We were at the front doors. I opened them for Paula to enter; she looked at me, smiled, winked, and went off to her area.  I stood there for a little watching, thinking to myself, god, I hope this works out. She is so sexy.The morning flew by since I was so busy, it seemed like twenty minutes went by, I looked at the clock, and it was lunchtime already.  I left my office and made my way to the cafeteria.  As I turned the corner towards the cafe, I ran smack into Paula.  My eyes bulged out of their eye sockets.  When I saw Paula this morning, she had a coat on, and I didn’t see the short black skirt, black heels, and a low cut white blouse.I stopped dead in my tracks; Paula smiled, telling me, “We have to stop meeting like this before others talk about us.” I jokingly said, “Damn, I hope they do.” We both walked into the cafeteria together and got our lunch.  Paula went and sat by herself at a table Escort bayan Ankara in the corner.  I followed her and asked her if she wanted company. She smiled and told me she would love some. I sat with her as we made small talk and had a few laughs.  My eyes stayed focused on her tits that were almost popping out of her blouse. I leaned over to her and told her that I was lucky I didn’t work in her department.  She looked confused and asked me, “Why is that? Don’t you think we would have some laughs together?” I told her that I know we would, but I wouldn’t be able to get any work done; I would be looking at her delicious tits all day. She smiled and replied that she wouldn’t either because she would see the tent on my pants and just daydream all day about it.I decided to waste time making an off-color statement, so I looked at her and told her, “Well, if that were the case, I’d have to have you bent over the desk most of the day.”Paula looked me straight in the eyes and as straightforward as could be; she told me, “Oh no, you’d have to spring for a cozy hotel for that.””That would be a well-spent investment,” I replied.”Your wife would just love that.” “Well, either she wouldn’t have to know, or we could invite her, I said, chuckling.”Paula had a shocked look on her face and could only respond with a “Yeah right,” before she changed the topic of discussion.Paula finished her lunch before I did, telling me how much she enjoyed dining together.  I watched her as she got up and walked out of the cafeteria.  Thinking to myself how hot she is and how much I would love to fuck her. The week went on, and I didn’t cross Paula’s path again until Friday afternoon when she appeared at my office door.  I heard a knock at the door; as I looked up, Paula was standing there wearing a black and red sweater dress with black leggings and black boots.  She looked amazing.  Her dress clung tightly to her as her big 34C tits on her small frame seemed so delectable.    I smiled. “Hi Paula, how are you?”Paula smiled and told me how it was a long busy week and planned to go to Dooley’s. Dooley’s was a local Irish Sports bar that was a famous watering hole. “How could I pass up an invite from such a beautiful woman? I’d love to join you.””Great, I’ll meet you there after work then,” she replied.When I got to Dooley’s, Paula was already there sitting in a back booth.  As I sat down, Paula already had a beer for me.  I smiled, “Wow, I hit the lottery, a beautiful woman who comes with a beer.” We both chuckled, we taped our glass and toasted to good friends.  Our conversation turned to work as we discussed different company policies that pissed us off and some good things about the company.After a few hours and quite a few drinks out of the blue, Paula looked at me and asked if I would get into trouble with Maria being out so long with another woman.   I assured her Maria is not the jealous type, and she knows she has no concern to be worried.  She looked at me and kind of shocked me when she asked me if I ever found a third to join us. I was quiet for a few seconds before finding the words to say, “No, we haven’t. Why are you interested?”She stared at me for a little before answering, “I might be.” My eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning? “Don’t toy with me I said, are you seriously thinking of it?”Are you serious about the offer? Paula asked?  I went on to tell her of the conversation Bayan escort Ankara Maria and I had about our fantasies and how she agreed to make mine come true if I could arrange it with the right person.”Did you tell her who you wanted? Did she ask?” “I did. I told her first thing that I would love for it to be you.” Paula smiled and told me she was flattered and asked why her?  I told her how much I think she is sexy, and I felt she was one who would want to have a good time, and besides, I have thought about being with you often.”Has Maria ever been with another woman?” she asked me, and I told her she has not but has been bi-curious for years.  I asked Paula if she was ever with another woman, and she said to me that when she was in college, she had a few bisexual experiences.I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, “Damn, you’re getting me all excited now.”With that, Paula reached under the table and took hold of my cock, “Oh, you are excited, she said with a smile.”If we are going to do this, I would like one thing from it as well.  I asked what that would be.  Paula told me, “I would like to have a night with her and me to enjoy each other. You see, I have had thought about being with you as well.” WOW!  Did my ego just get inflated!”When would you like this to happen?” I asked her.  She looked at me and, with a smile, said, “How about tonight?” Without a word, I took out my phone and called Maria. I explained the situation with her.  She quickly agreed and told me to enjoy it.  I chuckled and told her I have no doubt I will. I hung up the phone and told Paula we were all set.  She smiled and said, “That was easy.”Just like me, I told her as we laughed.As we finished our drinks, we chatted some about our paths in life.  Paula told me about her divorce telling me how her ex-husband filed for divorce without knowing about it.  She explained how she went to work that day and read that he filed for divorce in the paper. I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, “Baby, if he gave up a real hottie like you, he must be stupid.”Paula smiled at me, thanking me for the compliment, reached under the table again, and whispered in my ear. “Let’s get out of here and go back to my place,” she said with one sexy smile on her face. We gathered our possessions and left the bar.  Paula suggested I drive, and we go in her car there, and she will come back for it.  I quickly agreed as we made our way to my car.  Once in the car, Paula leaned over to me and gave me a hot passionate kiss.  As our tongues explored each other’s mouths, Paula’s hand moved to my lap as she massaged my cock through my pants. As we drove to Paula’s house, she continued to caress my dick. It felt like it was going to burst my pants open it was getting so hard.  As I pulled into the driveway, I was like a kid Christmas morning, so excited and couldn’t wait any longer. As we entered Paula’s place, the door no sooner shut behind us, and I took Paula into my arms as we kissed passionately once again.  It was pure lust as we held each other so tight.  Our kiss broke.Paula smiled at me and whispered, “Follow me.”I followed Paula up the stairs and down a hallway admiring her tight little ass as I followed her like a puppy dog.  She walked into her bedroom, which was quite roomy with a king-size bed as its central focus.  Paula stopped and turned to me as I once again took her into my arms as we kissed again. It was pure passion as we mauled each other’s clothes off.I stood back, looking at Paula naked in front of me; I smiled, saying, “Your body is even more incredible than I imagined.”She stepped towards me with a big smile as she reached out, taking hold of my thick eight-inch rock hard cock. “This is better than I dreamed of.”

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