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Fantasy Gets Real In Real Estate Chapter 4


Northern Nevada is a great place to live. Not that the Pacific Northwest is less, by any manner of speaking, but since I am in the electronics business and working with Software, and this has become the second Silicone Valley, it was the natural place for me to hang my hat, and here it hangs, at least for the moment.My life has involved quite a bit more travel than I like of late, and my routes back and forth across the country and from top to bottom would resemble a spider’s web if you were to draw them on a map.However, I find myself here, in Reno, once again. Extra time on my hands led me to restart a previous photography endeavor just to give my creative juices an outlet. The money was not bad either.What I did not realize at the time was that the endeavor would give more than just my creative juices a workout when Kristen once again came on the scene.In Chapter 3, if you recall, my last act was a vow not to make Kristen wait that long ever again, and while it has been a while, I am happy to report that it was not entirely my fault.We had passed like ships in the night several times, each of us being in the same area but unable to connect for whatever reason.The last two times my phone had rung that morning, I had missed picking it up. Since there had been no message left, ‘Telemarketers,’ had been my initial thought, then it rang again, so I answered intending to do away with them immediately.”Stan James,” I said in my best business tone.”Hello, is this Intimate Moments Photography?” Said the male voice on the other end.”Yes,” I replied, “Stan James, speaking, can I help you?””Oh good,” he replied, “I thought I had been given a wrong number because of your answering message, but I double-checked and decided to try one last time, I am glad I reached you.””This is just a sideline for me,” I said, “something I enjoy doing but not my main focus.””My wife and I heard of your work from Jim and Sandy McCallister and would like to use your services. Are you available to meet and talk this Friday evening?” He said.”I suppose so,” I answered. “What is there to talk about? If you know Jim and Sandy, then you are aware of my stock in trade, so to speak.””Yes, we are, but what we want is kind of involved, and we have some friends who would like to meet you as well, so a meeting first would be more appropriate, then, if our proposition appeals to you, perhaps we can move ahead.”He had finished speaking and waited quietly for a reply.I must admit, he had piqued my curiosity with his mention of the words ‘proposition’ and ‘friends’ what exactly he had in mind was a mystery. ‘What the hell, I did not have anything else going Friday night.'”Where and what time?” I askedHe gave me the address and name of a local nightclub that I had not heard of before.”Very well,” I said. “How will I know you?””Jim and Sandy will be there, so just look for them,” He replied. “See you Friday night.”With that, he broke the connection, and I clicked over to Outlook express to note the appointment in my address book.I did not think much more about Friday night until the following day, Thursday, when my phone again rang, this time with Kristen’s number visible in the display.”Hi,” I said, “what a pleasant surprise!””Hi yourself!!! she said I have an even more pleasant surprise for you.””Oh,” I said, “what could that be?””I land in Reno tomorrow evening at 7:00!!!” she bubbled, “and, I can’t wait to see you again.””Wonderful,” I said. “Give me the airline and I will be in baggage claim to meet you.””Flight 5412 on American,” She said”See you then! I said anxiously, “Where are you staying?””Well, I was wondering if there might be room at the Hotel James?” She giggled”I will have to check… of course you might have to share a room with an old fart, in order to get accommodation,” I chuckled”Well, I really doubt that he is that much of a fart, is he?” She laughed and said, “Gotta run, see you tomorrow!”Her reference to the ‘fart’ without mentioning the” ‘old’ was due to our corresponding birthdays, we had both turned a year older, just twelve days apart and for twelve days we had been the same age, until I passed her by one year, again.It was then that I remembered my appointment for that evening but then dismissed it. I was certain she would not have a problem accompanying me while I met the folks and negotiated with them… My surprise was when I discovered, the following night, that the club we were meeting at was devoted to the “Swinging Lifestyle.”I had been watching television a couple of nights back when a Bow flex commercial came on featuring this fifty-year-old woman with a “Bow flex body.” While I watched it, I had thought of Kristen and made a mental note to call her.Let me say this about her appearance. Five-foot-seven, I think, probably 38D 24 36. I am not sure of her weight, she always says she needs to lose weight. I have no idea where she would lose it from. Her face is chiseled and fine-featured, with a sparkling smile and eyes. Beautiful auburn hair and hazel eyes, and to compare her to the Bow flex model is really unfair, she is so much hotter than the Bow flex model. She makes her look like a saggy has been.She has been a professional model, owned a modeling agency, and is an all-around beauty. Now add to that exterior, a heart full of love. The IQ of a genius, and the guts of a prizefighter in a business deal.Added all together, you know why I love her as deeply as I do. I just wish we could get our lives to coincide long enough to make it permanent somehow.At Reno International Airport, I am waiting at the carousel that will deposit her luggage when I see her striding towards me. All her confidence and professional air mingled with her sensuality causing whiplash among the men she passes. Her coat is billowing at the bottom, revealing Ümraniye Escort long tanned, perfectly shaped legs.However, she only has eyes for me, the hug, the kiss, filled with the promise of later. The smell of her hair and her closeness send my blood pressure climbing.We continue to hold each other, as we waited for her luggage, kissing and whispering. Finally, the luggage arrived, and we are in the van and headed for my place, just a few minutes from the airport.”What are our plans for this evening?” She asked as we deposited her luggage in the “Old Fart’s” room.I watched as she deftly unzipped her garment bag and helped herself to some closet space.”I thought we could grab some dinner downtown, and then I have to make a brief stop, after which the night is yours, M’lady,” I answered.”What brief stop?” she asked.”I have a photography client that I have to meet, in order to finalize what they want to have done. I am to meet them at a lounge downtown, and I thought you might like to tag along.””Ok,” she said, “but then Doctor Kristen says right back home and right to bed.””Yes, Ma’am,” I answered with a snappy salute.The Hilton, while not downtown, was the choice for dinner. No reservation was needed, and it afforded us plenty of time.Kristen ordered shrimp scampi while I ordered a porterhouse, rare, thinking I might need the protein if her attitude was any indication, and then came the wine.It never ceased to amaze me how she could sip wine and enjoy it. I watched her lips as they touched the glass, drawing a small amount of the pale liquid across her tongue, waiting as the fruit burst at the back of her palate, then, with an approving look at the glass she returned it to the table, and asked me, “So tell me about this new photography venture of yours.””Well, it is not really new, just revised, I said. It is something I used to do in Portland, I photograph lovers during intimate moments.””How intimate are the moments?” She asked”That depends. I answered, sometimes we pre-arrange a romantic afternoon, where I follow them and with a long lens just take photos of them doing what couples do on a romantic afternoon.” I paused and then answered her unasked question. “Sometimes I may continue to photograph them throughout the evening and into the night.””You mean shoot them making love?” her eyebrows arched upward.”Let’s just say I have done that on occasion,” I replied”Tell me about it!” her intensity surprised me”What do you want to know?” I asked, knowing the answer.”Everything. She said. You know me, I want all the details.””How about if I tell you everything about one?” I asked. “We would be here until next week if I told you everything about everyone.””Ok,” she said, “but don’t leave even the smallest detail out.””Alright, here goes,” I smiled. “Once upon a time.” And she threw her napkin at me.I laughed and then started in earnest.”Several years ago, around 1998, I was introduced to some tattooed people by my kids, we were having Thanksgiving at their house and they had invited these people.”I continued, “Talk turned to my photography and they wanted to see my portfolio, and so I showed them pictures of various females in boudoir settings and they asked for my card. I received a call from them a few days later and they asked me to do some portraits for their family and I agreed, then they called again and asked if I would take some intimate photos of them just for them.”I agreed to that and on a Friday, I went to their home, camera and lights in tow.””What happened then?” she asked.”The first part of the shoot was uneventful, taking shots of them in their living room against various backdrops to send to the family, then they asked if I was ready to do more revealing shots for them. I told them to tell me what to shoot and write me a check when it was over.”I smiled at her, continuing, “So they left the room and then shortly both returned nude. They both were covered in body art in various places, and I set up lighting in front of the fireplace, with the fire behind them and soft lighting illuminating their bodies they began to make love.””Oh,” she said. “Was it hot to watch?”I replied, “Yes it was. They were inhibited at first, and I felt that the first two rolls of film would be thrown away, but then he began to eat her, and she laid back in front of the fire as he applied his mouth to her sex. Now the inhibitions began to make room for desire and I started shooting some serious shots. Close-ups of his mouth and tongue at work on her as she writhed with pleasure. She was getting off on the exhibitionism and I was becoming aroused. Her eyes would open, and she would look over at me as he dug in deep and brought her to orgasm, her eyes meeting mine as she climaxed.””Mmm,” Kristen said.”Soon they switched positions in front of the fire, and I photographed them as she rode him. They then picked various poses that they thought would look sexy and I took shot after shot. An hour or so later, they were ready for a break and they suggested a drink.”I continued, “I had set my camera down and was relaxing with my drink when he passed me a joint. I took a hit and Jill (his wife) came over and placed her head on my knee. I reached down and stroked her hair while he and I talked. He mentioned that it was interesting that they felt comfortable enough to have me do this, and I said that I agreed, but what the hell we were having fun.”I paused, before carrying on, “Jill looked up at me and asked how comfortable I felt with them. I said, ‘very comfortable, why?’ She asked me if I felt comfortable enough to take off my clothes for the next round so she could look at me as they made love. In answer, I stood up and removed my clothes, in so doing my cock was level with her mouth and her husband looked at her and said, ‘go for it,’ Ümraniye Escort Bayan and with that, she sucked me deep into her mouth and began to deep throat me.”Kristen shifted in her seat and leaned forward with rapt interest, affording me a lovely view down the front of her blouse.”I was not sure how to react so when she did this, I kind of waited to see his reaction. Which was to pick up his movie camera and begin to record his wife’s performance.”Some time passed, and they asked what I was into, and I said, ‘just fun but I am straight as straight can be.’ They both looked disappointed, and I said: ‘sorry, this is one heterosexual male you have here.'”Kristen grinned at that.”Jill smiled and said, ‘well honey, looks like you are out of luck this time.’ ‘Damn,’ he said, ‘and I wanted some of that wood in my mouth tonight.’ I was surprised by his statement, but then he looked at me and said, ‘ok, get in front of the fire and eat her and I’ll film it.’ I looked up at him and said, ‘I don’t want my face recognized,’ and he said, ‘no problem, and I did as he asked.’I took a sip of wine before continuing, “We were getting more and more involved when we switched places and Jill had her pussy over my mouth. The grass and drinks had taken effect, and I was laying on my back on the floor with her over my face and then I felt a hot mouth on my cock. It took a minute for it to register that the angle was wrong, and I looked up to see her back straight above me and I realized that he was sucking me.”Kristen was squirming in her chair a bit and then leaning forward she asked, “and how did you feel about that?””It was weird but if I did not think of it as a guy doing it since I had my face buried in her pussy, it was not too bad. After a while, he said, ‘Jilly, I’ve got some serious wood here, and you sure you don’t want this in your pussy?’ She responded by spinning around and impaling herself on my cock. She rode me through a couple of orgasms while his camera rolled, then he grabbed my camera and took some still shots as the lights were still set up.”I continued, “I had not cum yet and she slid off of me, positioning herself in between my legs and again began to deep throat me, as she did I felt my orgasm finally approaching and so did she. I came and she licked and sucked swallowing as she let some of my cum drip down my cock only to chase it with her tongue and consume it ravenously, when I looked up he was behind her buried deep in her pussy and he filled her with cum as she collapsed on me.””Wow, that was hot!!!” Kristen whispered across the table to me, “What happened then?””We all adjourned to their large shower and he and I took turns washing her front and back and she washed us up. Then they got me some blankets and I slept on the couch until the following morning when I awoke to coffee brewing.””Did you do anything else with them?” Her eyes sparkling with intensity.”She brought me coffee and sat down on the couch next to me. I was still nude, and she was wearing a robe, we sipped coffee and she slid a hand under the blanket and began caressing me. Her husband sat watching as she uncovered me and once again began to fellate me. I had become comfortable with the situation and idly stroked her hair as she slowly went about arousing me, then she looked up at him, and said ‘I think our new friend is ready for round two.'””He stood up and said, ‘let’s go in on the bed this time.’ I stood up and she, from her seated position, swallowed me again. I looked down at her and told her, ‘if you want me to make it to the bedroom, you better stop that now.’ She smiled up at me and slid her lips off of my cock with a pop and we went into the bedroom.””Oh my God,” Kristen said, “I am so wet if you don’t finish this story soon, I am going to slide off the chair to the floor.””I got onto the bed on one side with her in the middle, and he got in on the other side. The bed was wrought iron and canopied, and I imagined her tied to the bed, her body writhing in ecstasy as she was ravaged by us, But, that was not the way it worked out.””She turned her back to me and began to kiss her husband as she pushed her ass back against my hard cock, our hands were roaming over her body as she began to moan and undulate while we stroked her. He was kissing her lips and I was licking and biting her neck, my cock nestled in the crack of her ass and I whispered in her ear ‘I want your ass.’ He had heard me, and they broke the kiss, she looked back over her shoulder at me and said. ‘I have never done that.'””That’s my man!” Kristen giggled, “always got to go for that ass.””My cock was significantly larger than his, so he would have been the logical choice to take her anal virginity, but she pressed back against me and said, ‘take it slowly please.'””I went out to the living room and got some lube out of my shaving kit and returned to their room, they were still kissing and fondling as I slid into bed behind her. The lube was cool as I applied it first to her ass and then to my cock, I slipped a finger into her and she began to intensify her moaning.”I watched as Kristen squirmed slightly and rubbed her thighs together.”When I was certain that she was lubricated enough to allow penetration, I slid closer and began to run the head of my cock up and down between her cheeks, stopping each time to gently press against her little butt, after a few strokes she began to push back against me and I felt her open slightly. As head slipped inside of her sphincter and she moaned and hissed around his mouth as he continued to kiss her intensely.”I carried on, “She broke the kiss finally and told him to play with her clit. He got down and began to eat her, as he did she forced more and more of me into her ass.”I watched Kristen’s hand steal down between her legs under Escort Ümraniye the table.”‘I want your cock in my mouth honey,’ she moaned as she was coming close to orgasm and so he moved around into a sixty-nine position. She was now moaning and sucking and trying to thrash both directions at once as her orgasm overtook her. She began to shake. I started slamming into her ass as he slammed into her face. My cock shot into her, and, it sent her into another spasm. She slammed her face down on his cock as he let go in her mouth.””After a few minutes we separated and as I lay on my back with my hand on her hip I said. ‘Damn, I wish we had that on film.’ He chuckled and said, ‘we do.’ I then noticed the camera on a short tripod on the dresser pointed at the bed.””My God!” Kristen exclaimed. “That was too hot for words, why don’t you publish a book about your adventures, and start with that one?”I laughed and told her I had been thinking about it.During the telling of the story the check had been paid and we now stood to leave. As I helped her on with her coat she pressed her ass back against my groin and whispered over my shoulder. “Let’s go back to your place now.””Business before pleasure my love, I still have an appointment that we are almost late, for now, remember?” With that, I bent and kissed her neck just below her ear and she moaned, then moving away from me we headed for the door.I held the door for her as she climbed up into the van and admired her legs before closing the door. When I walked around the van she moved on her seat to sitting sideways facing my seat and as soon as I had climbed in and shut the door she dropped to her knees in between the seats and unzipped my pants.I never wear underwear and so my ready cock sprung to attention followed immediately by her attempt to swallow it whole.Let me tell you this, I have never met a woman who loved to orally love my cock like she does. Her eyes bored into mine as she began a slow slide up and down me.I felt her tongue as she licked the underside of my cock, then she moved upward and closed her mouth around me as she dived down.I felt the head of my cock enter her throat as she worked me toward orgasm. Her enthusiasm and incredible technique had me unloading in her mouth in minutes, as she swallowed my cum she rose up and passionately kissed me.When the kiss finally ended she looked me in the eye and said with just a hint of jealousy. “Was that as good as Jill did for you?””Sweetheart, compared to you she was a rank amateur,” I said and kissed her again. The truth was, I meant every word of it. ***The Club*** “Looks like this is the place,” I said as I pulled into the secluded parking lot.”This is where you are meeting them?” Kristen asked”This is the address, so it must be.” I jumped out of the van and went around to her door, as I opened it I was again treated to a view of her legs.It was hard to believe after the head she had given me just moments before, but I felt the familiar twinge between my legs as I helped her down… of course, I felt twinges anytime I was in her presence.The club was part of a motel, there was what I found out later was discreet parking and as we made our way inside, we were both in for a surprise.”$35.00 please,” The door person said smiling and looking Kristen up and down.”Oh! I said I didn’t realize there was a cover, I am meeting someone here on business.””Are you Stan James?” she asked, and I answered in the affirmative.”Jim and Sandy have paid your cover, the last time I saw them they were in the couple’s room, right this way.” And with that, she turned and walked a short distance to a curtained doorway indicating that we should enter.What we saw next was something we were certainly not expecting.Moving the curtain aside I ushered Kristen in before me, as I stepped inside I ran into her as she had stopped cold in her tracks. As I looked over her shoulder I must admit, I was equally frozen in place.The room was probably twenty feet by twelve feet there were TV’s hanging in the corners showing porn and the room was ringed with couches.Along the left side, there was a woman topless, with a man whose face was buried in her sex, as another woman and she shared a deep kiss.The next coach had a man receiving a blow job from a woman who knelt between his legs.Moving further around the room a woman was being taken from behind as she fellated a man who knelt in front of her.On the next couch, I saw Jim and Sandy, sitting back and watching what was going on around them. The music was loud, and it would be difficult to talk but I motioned to the couple and Kristen and I crossed the room to their couch.Jim stood as we approached and grasped my hand, leaning toward me we shouted hello’s and I introduced Kristen as he motioned for Sandy to rise and introduced her to Kristen. He indicated that we should exit the “couples’ room” and so we did.The din in the bar was only reduced by a couple of decibels, but we could hear a bit better and Jim indicated we should step outside which we did.”Wow,” I said, “I knew you guys were liberal-minded, but this is a bit more than I expected.””Yeah, sorry about the surprise, but we wanted you to meet the gang on neutral turf.” Jim lit a cigarette, drew in the smoke and exhaled.”The gang?” I questioned”Yep, are you interested in the rest of the deal?” He asked.”I guess so. I am here, so let’s do this. What’s next?””We have a room where everyone is gathered to meet you, it’s right this way.” And with that, he turned and walked away.I looked over at Kristen and she raised one eyebrow and looked at me. I shrugged, and we moved off after Jim.Following Jim, we climbed a flight of stairs onto a motel balcony and he led us to a door and knocked, the door opened soon, and we were ushered into a room filled with several couples.They were all different sizes, colors, and shapes. Jim announced us, and we met several who came over to introduce themselves.A gentleman appeared who introduced himself as the man who had called me and offered us a drink.

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