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Subject: Gay Adult Youth filipino-teen-neighbor-2 Kilig Filipino Teen Neighbor Chapter Two: Kilig ————————————————— Author’s Note: This is my first short story I’ve submitted. The M/Teen relationship will develop over the first few chapters. There are sexual scenes but the story isn’t predominately based on sex. This story is completely fictional. Again, this is my first story so please send feedback (good, bad, editing suggestions, ect). Thank you! **Do not read this if you are not legally able to do so.** Copyright: Ry.Cruz20@ , 2018 ————————————————— Chapter Note: Ryan visits his neighbors again and Amiel becomes more daring. Enjoy! ————————————————— Chapter 2: Kilig I walked downstairs and back into my apartment. After quickly greeting my mom, I locked myself in the bathroom. My heart was racing. I felt butterflies in my stomach and my skin tingled. My head was dizzy. I could still feel Ryan’s body against mine. I could still hear his heartbeat from when I pressed my small body into his masculine chest. Ryan was already like my big brother. I wanted him to be my real big brother. No, I wanted him to be more than that. I had butterflies in my stomach whenever he looked at me. In Filipino, these butterflies and the nervousness you feel around your crush is called “kilig”. (Pronounced “keel-ig”) It took me a moment to calm down and start the shower. I dropped my shorts and tore off my sweaty shirt. I saw a small boy in the bathroom mirror. My dark skin was made darker by all of the hours I spent outside playing soccer with Kevin and my cousins. My arms were too skinny and my legs barely had muscle. My dick was always hard but still less than five inches. It was definitely getting thicker though. My balls were growing but still hairless and too small. Stepping into the shower, I replayed the morning in my head. He had been so kind, so considerate, and so… masculine. We had been so close. Almost too close. Ryan wasn’t like the uncaring classmates here or the immature boys in the Philippines. He was respectful, confident, and a man. I’d only known our new neighbor for a week but was already in love. What is wrong with me? I tried to clear my mind. I rubbed shampoo in my hair. Instead of my regular bodywash, I lathered up with my mom’s whitening soap she had brought over from the Philippines. With this special soap, I scrubbed my entire body. It would take weeks to see results but I had to start now. Culturally, Filipino’s tend to prefer fair skin. Dark skin is not considered attractive and I needed to look my best. For him. The soap burned when it entered my eyes. I rinsed my face but kept my eyes closed. I could see his chest. He had pecks and some light brown chest hair. The colorful tattoo on his side was so sexy. His torso had the perfect “v cut”. I even liked the small trail of brown hair that ran down from his naval and disappeared beneath the waistband of his boxer briefs. I think I heard my older cousin call this line of hair a “happy trail”. When Ryan wore only his short gym shorts, I had to remind myself not to stare. His calves had muscles and his thighs looked strong. His small shorts also showcased his butt. It looked round, yet firm. It stuck out from his body, not flat like mine. Anyways, Ryan’s body was perfect. For me. I wanted his body. I wanted him, but how could he like a kid like me? No. I’m not a kid anymore. How doI show him that? I thought about what our first kiss would be like. What do his lips feel like? My dick got hard. I leaned against the shower wall and started to massage it. My brown dick leaked some precum and I felt body wash ran down my chest, into my small black bush. It tickled my balls. The skin under my shaft, excess left over from my circumcision last year, was almost as sensitive as my tip. He was so beautiful. So sexy. I bet he has a big cock. In the Philippines, everybody believes that all white guys have big dicks. I wasn’t sure if I felt it through his shorts when he helped me open the bottle. I was now rubbing my dick fast. What does it taste like? Would I get a chance to find out? My legs trembled and I slid down to my knees. If Ryan were here, with me, I would happily get on my knees for him. I would do everything to make him feel good. Would he do the same for me? His lips always looked moist and soft. What did his ass look like? I would… “Urghh,” I moaned as I shot my cum. Three thick shots splashed on the shower floor. I watched the water slowly wash my cum down the drain. It took me a minute to stand up. My legs didn’t want to work and my head was spinning. There was banging on the bathroom door. “Hurry up, I need to pee!” Kevin shouted. “Tagina izmit escort bayan mo,” I swore, “I’m almost done!” I dried quickly and made sure my hair wasn’t it’s usual mess. I needed a haircut I rushed to get dressed but couldn’t find anything to wear. I had to look nice but not too nice. Shit. This was too hard. “Hello Kuya,” I said smiling. I had positioned myself in the living room to be closest to the door so I could be the one to greet him. We made eye contact and smiled at each other. Ryan was also freshly showered, wearing a nice shirt with a collar. It was tight and I could see the shape of his torso through the polo. I let Kuya Ryan inside and he greeted my mom and little brother. When he walked past me, I glanced at his beautiful round butt. “What’s the occasion?” my mom asked. She looked at me, then Ryan, then back at me. Did she see me look at his butt? Panic raced through my body. Oh, I realized, she was talking about our clothes. I was also wearing a polo and a nicer pair of shorts, not the soccer shorts I always wore. “You both dressed pogi.” my mom said. “Pogi means handsome,” I whispered to Ryan. For the first time, I saw him blush. The redness shined brightly through his white cheeks. He was very pogi. My little brother Kevin eyed me suspiciously. I glared at him and he turned away. We all sat down for lunch and, of course, I sat next to Kuya Ryan. Ryan was always polite and friendly with my mom and Kevin. He would ask Kevin what video games he liked to play and continuously complimented my mom on her food. They loved him. I loved him. Love? I watch too many Filipino soap operas. As we ate, there was a gentle tap on my leg and I looked down. Ryan was holding his phone with something written: `How do you say “tastes good” in Filipino?’ I discreetly took his phone and typed a response into a note app. When I handed it back to him, I “accidentally” rubbed his hand. Ryan didn’t move away, he continued talking to my mom about whatever the conversation was. I couldn’t focus on anything else except our touching hands. “Maria, this is very ma-sa-rap,” he said. The pronunciation was close enough to understand. Kevin giggled at Ryan’s pronunciation but my mom thanked him and looked at both us us and smiled. I blushed and felt that kilig feeling return. He tapped my hand again a few moments later. My heart stopped beating for a second. Each tough was like a heavenly shock. `Thank you’ Ryan smiled and winked at me. I felt kilig. When Kuya Ryan came over we would eat and then play cards. He showed us how to play Spades and my mom showed him how to play Tongits, a card game we used to play back home. Both of them would drink wine. Kevin moved his chair closer to Ryan. “Kuya Ryan, can I be your partner?” I gave my little brother a death stare. Don’t be jealous, it’s just a card game. I was jealous though. Kevin didn’t notice or he was just ignoring me. Ryan glanced at me. I pointed with my lips towards my little brother and rolled my eyes. Kuya Ryan saw what I did and laughed. “I’ve noticed you guys point to things with your lips” he said. He tried to imitate us. Kevin laughed and my mom said “Its a Filipino thing,” as she poured him more wine. I blushed again and sat awkwardly. Before I moved closer to my mom, he tapped my hand again. `It’s fun to tease you’ “Errrr,” I whispered as I read his phone. He laughed and I noticed my mom and brother looked confused. “Amiel, pay attention!” my mom scolded. She got very competitive when playing cards. As we played cards, I noticed Kevin was sitting very close to Kuya Ryan. My jealousy had subsided. It was nice to see Ryan and Kevin getting along. Ryan would always listen to whatever Kevin said, even if my brother was just being dumb. “Ssst, your turn anak,” my mom said to me. “Anak” means son. Ryan looked over at me. I had zoned out again watching him. I played my hand and discarded some cards. It wasn’t a wise move but I didn’t care, my mind was elsewhere. What is wrong with me? Ryan and Kevin beat us. My little brother was very good at Tongits. “You’re so unfocused,” my mom said as gathered the cards to start another round. “Don’t let dem win again” she ordered. We lost the second game and she banished me from ever being her partner again. Ryan eventually had to leave to go run some errands. “Do you need help?” I offered. My mom responded before he could. “Anak, give him some space. Don’t bother him,” she said in Tagalog. Ryan didn’t know the language but it was obvious that he understood her tone. “Maria, it’s fine. Amiel was a big help earlier,” Ryan said. My mom figured that he was being polite. “Okay, just don’t let him bother you too much,” she said. “Nah, he’s like my little brother.” Ryan smiled and I blushed. “If I get any izmit eve gelen escort more furniture deliveries today I’ll call for him.” She nodded and Ryan said his goodbyes. When he was gone, my mom asked me why I was acting so crazy. “Yeah, you’re normally stiff and boring,” Kevin added. I glared at him and my mom smiled. “He’s a good role model for you both,” she admitted. “He’s young but works hard and is successful.” Kevin and I cleaned the kitchen. “I’m going to play soccer with Martin and Miguel. Do you want to come?” He was talking about my cousins who lived down the street. My Auntie and cousins were the only family we had in the United States. Martin was Kevin’s age and Miguel was almost sixteen. “No, I have homework to do,” I lied. I wanted to be close in case Ryan called for me. I sat in the living room watching a Filipino soap opera with my mom as she finished her glass of wine. She worked long hours during the week, I knew she was exhausted. I thought about Ryan and remembered his promise to pick me up from school. If he did, I could get home before my mom and cook for her. Yeah, that’s a good idea. While watching the Filipino soap opera, which was way too dramatic, I imagined myself and Ryan replacing the main male and female characters. I was the handsome male protagonist, exiled but now returned to fight the corrupt officials and to rescue my true love from marrying the wrong person. Would Ryan rescue me? Who would be the “man” in our relationship? I didn’t want to be the “female”. Do gay relationships even have “man” and “woman” roles? By the second episode, the handsome male protagonist had finally rescued the helpless girl. Right as they were about to kiss, I felt my my phone vibrate. My kilig feeling returned. `Hey Amiel, my home gym arrived. Can you help me set it up?’ It took less than fifteen minutes for us to unpack the parts and assemble the padded bench and small weight rack in his spare bedroom. Ryan’s apartment was identical to ours below. His new exercise room was directly above my room. Ryan had a bench, bar, and some weights. They were called… something. He had explained what everything was to me but I didn’t remember. I was too focused on him. Ryan had changed into a tank top and a pair of small shorts since lunch. I admired his butt when he bent over to arrange the weights on the rack. I’d stare in awe at his arms flexing as he lifted the heavy pieces. “Kuya, can you show me how to use dis? I want to get in good shape.” “Of course, but not today. I’m a little dizzy from the beer and wine,” Ryan admitted. “We can do weight training and cardio this week. Do you want to run with me? I run a couple of miles everyday before work.” I hesitated. “I’m not good. I might not be fast enough but I want to try.” “Don’t worry Little Bro, we’ll start slow.” We were still standing in the spare bedroom, now his exercise room. There was awkward silence. I had come to help and now we were finished with the task. I didn’t want to leave. I tried to think of a reason to stay. “Kuya, can we, umm, practice? Practice drinking?” I decided to take him up on his earlier offer. Ryan thought about this for a moment and then shrugged. “Sure, just don’t get me in trouble with your mom.” It worked! “Don’t worry Kuya I won’t. My mom loves you anyways, she is afraid of us bothering you.” He laughed. Good. We walked to the kitchen and he pulled out two beers from the refrigerator. “Nah, I like you and your brother. You guys are cool.” I didn’t like being categorized alongside Kevin. He was only twelve. “Oh,” I said. “Oh?” Ryan looked confused. “Nevermind, cheers Kuya!” I said. I felt stupid for being sensitive. We sat together on the couch. We both smiled nervously. I could tell he felt a little awkward. I took a big sip and could tell that I was getting used to the taste. The butterflies in my stomach and lightheaded feeling were coming back to me. I hate kilig. I took another big sip of beer. “Does everybody know about you, that you’re gay?” I finally asked. “For the most part. Some of my relatives don’t but my parents and friends all know,” he said. “Did they know about you on your ship Kuya?” He nodded and took a sip of his beer. “Most definitely.” What does that mean? My head was starting to feel a little dizzy, probably from the summer heat in this old apartment. I took another sip of the cold beer before asking him some more questions. When did he knew he was gay? When did he tell others? Ryan answered everything. Finally I asked, “Did you ever have sex?” Did I really just ask that?! I started to sweat. Ryan nodded. “I need another beer if you’re going to start asking those types of questions.” he said with a smirk. I felt my cheeks get warm. izmit otele gelen escort “Can you handle another one?” he asked looking at my empty bottle. I nodded so Ryan got up to get us both another beer. “My turn to ask questions,” he said. There was a mischievous smile across his face. Really? I was afraid of what he was going to ask. I took a sip from the new beer. “Okay Kuya, we take turns asking, like a game” My English was getting worse. Suddenly I had an idea. “Let’s play Truth or Dare?” Ryan took a sip of beer and paused. Then he took another sip. “Sure. I go first?” He didn’t wait for my response. “Truth or dare?” Shit. Play it safe. “Truth,” I answered. “Have you ever had sex?” I blushed. “No Kuya.” I survived the easy question. My turn. I sipped the beer. “Truth or dare?” “Dare,” he said confidently. “I dare you to….” It was hard to think of something. Oh, okay! “I dare you to pull down your shorts. I want to see your underwear!” Shit. He’s going to figure out I’m gay. He’s going to figure out I like him. Ryan lifted his tank top and pulled down the side of his shorts, revealing his skin tight boxer briefs. They were red and spandex but I could only see the side, not his front. Or his butt. Damn. The underwear was sexy though. I crossed my legs so he couldn’t see my dick get hard. He stuck his tongue out at me. Was he flirting? Did he see my reaction? “My turn, truth or dare?” “Dare,” I replied. This is easy. He’ll probably just ask me to do the same thing. “I dare you to stand up, pull your shorts all the way down, and then spin,” he ordered in a friendly, yet mischievous voice, “I want to see all of your underwear.” What?! My face turned bright red and I felt even more dizzy. Peeling myself off the couch, I stood up and almost lost my balance. I noticed a red glow on my arms, probably from embarrassment. I untucked my polo and slowly unbuttoned my shorts. They felt to the floor with a gentle thud. Luckily my polo shirt was a little big so it extended down far enough to cover most of my underwear. “That’s not fair,” Ryan protested. “Take off your shirt.” “But Kuya!” We made eye contact. He wasn’t going to show me any mercy. “Fine, it’s hot in here anyways.” I stuck my tongue out and stripped off my shirt. I started to giggle before I realized I was almost naked in front of Ryan. I had on a loose pair of blue Hanes boxer briefs. They weren’t sexy like Ryan’s red underwear. Shit. My brown dick was still a little hard. He would see the outline through my underwear. My back was still towards him. Oh well. I turned around quickly and then immediately pulled my shorts back up. Ryan smiled his sexy smile. “Why are you shy? You have a nice body,” he said. Did he notice my dick? “Thank you Kuya,” I said sitting back down. I didn’t even bother with my shirt. Did he notice my semi-hard dick when I spun around? That thought made my dick get fully hard. Good thing I was sitting with my legs crossed. I was so embarrassed. And dizzy. It felt like the room was slowly spinning. This must be the kilig affecting me. My stomach was full of those dam butterflies. “Truth or dare?” I took another sip of beer. I was ready to pay him back for the embarrassment he just made me suffer through. What should I dare him to do? “Truth,” he replied. “Shit” I thought aloud. I heard him laugh. My mind was racing. I wanted to dare him something challenging, something that would make him blush. Something to make him regret embarrassing me. Truth? My mind was racing to come up with a question. My hard dick, constrained by my tight shorts, was distracting me. It had felt good to wear only my underwear. Stop thinking about your dick and ask a question! Nothing was coming to mind. He was staring at me. Hurry, ask anything! “What does a blow job feel like?” I finally asked. Ryan finished his beer in one large sip before responding. “Feel like to give one or to receive?” he asked. My teen dick throbbed thinking of Ryan sucking my dick. It felt like it was getting wet in my shorts. “Which do you like?” I asked. Ryan smiled. “You asked me two questions so you forfeit your turn.” “Really?!” Ryan nodded. “Truth or dare?” I felt shy. If he dared me to stand up, he would see my hard dick. I hoped he couldn’t see the wetness through my shorts. “Truth.” “Have you ever kissed anybody?” I shook my head. “Okay,” he said as he opened another beer. “Make sure you save your first kiss for somebody special then.” “Thank you for that advice,” I said. My heart was melting for him. He really did care about me. Focus Amiel. After a pause, I asked “Kuya, truth or dare?” “Dare,” he said. I thought about how special he was to me. Without any hesitation, I gave Ryan his dare. “Kiss me.” ————————————————— Thank you for reading and for the people who’ve emailed me already. I appreciate the comments and conversations. Does Ryan kiss the horny teen? The next chapter will be out soon! Please send me your feedback, criticism, and ail -RyC **Donate to Nifty!**

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