14 Mart 2023

Finally Free Pt. 02


Please read Part one of this story. You’ll get more out of this one if you do. This all happened several years ago when Lisa and I decided to experiment.


I’m Dave, I was 36 at the time, fairly height/weight proportional. My wife is Lisa, 32 back then, also slender, but with some extra padding around her hips and ass. Her breasts are a little more than a handful.

I mentioned our friend, John in the first part. He was a year older than I, at 37. His body was in the best shape of the three of us. His belly was flat, and he told us he went to the gym twice a week, if he could. Now, on to the rest of that amazing time…

John and I finished our coffee, then returning to bed, we dozed in each other’s arms until my wife returned, stripping upon entry and bouncing on the bed. Waking, we sat up and stared at Lisa’s breasts bouncing as she continued to gently bounce the bed.

“So, where’s that drink I asked for?” Lisa asked. I’d been too sleepy to remember, and then it was too late.

“Sorry, honey,” I said, yawning awake. I glanced at the clock to see it was 12:30. Late enough for a drink on a sunny Saturday, I thought. “What would you like?”

“Vodka and cranberry,” she said. “You know how I like them, Dave.” I crawled out of the sheets and kissed her as I passed. She gave my ass a firm smack, waking me up the rest of the way.

The carpet felt good under my bare feet. Just before leaving the room, I looked back to see Lisa had taken my place under the sheet, as she also took possession of John.

My ass wasn’t sore from having John’s thick cock up it, but there was no mistake there had been an invasion there. I grinned with the memory of the pleasure. The thought that I’d let a man fuck me made me feel giddy.

I poured a cup of leftover coffee for myself, sipping gingerly as I gathered the ingredients for Lisa’s drink.

I sat on a kitchen chair (dropping a small towel on the seat first, against any ‘leakage’) and sipped more coffee. I wanted to give them time to play without me there. I felt no jealousy about that. I had discarded that emotion long before.

It didn’t bother me to share Lisa’s affections. She was not my possession, as a lot of guys – maybe most guys – felt toward their girlfriends and wives (and many women felt the same). We had agreed to go through our lives together as equals. That is what led to the previous night’s activities.

We had yet to experience enjoying another woman together, but Lisa read a few stories of steamy female encounters, with and without a man, and sometimes in a foursome. The last category turned her on the most. So, with my consent, she was eagerly searching for a likely woman – or a couple – for us.

I knew she would feel more liberated after watching me with another man, fucking and sucking each other. I should say here that I’d acknowledged to myself my curiosity about having sex with another guy. Though until the previous night I had never acted on it.

However, now John was in bed with Lisa. I could hear laughter and low voices as I finished my coffee and took her drink back to the bedroom with me.

“Jesus!” Lisa grinned. “What? Did you have to squeeze the cranberries or something?”

“I was just giving you guys a little time to play with each other, which, I’m sure you’ve been doing.”

“Well, that was very considerate of you, honey,” she said. “I had to have a little drink of John’s juice while I waited.”

“Yeah, thanks, Dave,” John added. “You guys are amazing. I doubt there are many couples like you.”

“Not according to the stories and ads I’ve read online,” Lisa said. “But mostly I’m now reading stories about couples with another woman. That’s next for us.” She kissed John’s cheek as he fondled her nipple. “Of course, we want to keep you ‘coming’ back,” she grinned at him. He laughed and kissed her, too. But, there’s more to tell about that morning.

I rejoined them in the bed. They had kicked the sheet to the floor in their rolling around together. John was on his right side with Lisa spooned in front of him. So I chose to slip in behind John, resting my hard dick in the crack of his ass.

He sighed and reached a hand around to part his cheeks, so I slipped right into his, somewhat sweaty, crack. My balls were pressed to his opening. I reached over him to feel Lisa’s slit. As suspected, she was dripping more of ‘John’s juice’ from her pussy. I licked my fingers.

Lisa sat up then and sipped the drink. John released my cock and rolled to his back, he dragged me half on top of him and kissed me. I tasted pussy on his tongue and squeezed his thick and sticky erection. I turned to Lisa and asked, “Want to hear about our morning?” She opened her eyes wide.

“Hell, yeah! Tell me!”

So I related his taking my ass after the shower and added, “Now it’s time for me to return the favor – or vice versa, however you look at it.”

“Cool!” Lisa exclaimed. “I noticed the lube on the nightstand and wondered.” By then I’d moved down to not dead yet izle taste my wife’s heady leavings on his dick. As I spoke, my finger wriggled in between those hard cheeks and found my target. He spread his legs wide, bringing his knees up along my sides. He rocked up to meet my intruding finger. Lisa set the empty glass on the stand next to that side of the bed and draped across John to reach the lube on the other side. John took advantage of her nearby tit to suckle.

She ‘suffered’ the delay a few seconds before pulling her nipple from his mouth with a wet pop. She crawled down, pulling my finger out of the way. Then she stuck the injector tip of the tube up his ass and squeezed the tube gently. She used her fingers to smear it around his hole. Then she squeezed some into her hand, and wrapped it around my cock, coating it with the slippery stuff before she moved back.

He started to turn over but I stopped him. I told him I wanted to watch his face as he took a cock up his ass for the first time. I lifted his legs over my shoulders. Then I moved into position to plunder his dark hole. I leaned down for a kiss, first from Lisa, then from John as Lisa placed my dick in the slot of his anus. I pushed gently, John winced, feeling the head begin to enter him. I took my time, as I learned to do with Lisa when she gave me her own anal virginity.

Eventually, I worked my way completely into him. He puffed out a breath and moved a little from side to side, adjusting to the invasion of his bowel. I moved slowly and felt his tight passage loosen slightly, though it was still very tight and hot.

Lisa spun around to mount his mouth, returning his earlier gift to her. I fucked, he sucked. Lisa and I made out. Our movements increased in speed and sexual frenzy. I pounded him without stopping until I felt his sphincter tighten around me. I watched his cock jerk as he spurted his cum from his navel nearly up to his chin. That brought my own semen flooding deeply as I held my hips against his ass.

We slowed and eventually stopped. I pulled free of his tightness and let his legs settle to the mattress, but otherwise stayed where I was. Lisa leaned forward to lick his seed from his hairy chest and down his belly, giving his dick a token suck, in case he was holding anything back. She loves the taste of cum and likes to suck me off whenever she has a chance.

In any case, once she judged him ‘cleaned up’, she was face to face with my lube-smeared half hard cock. Hesitating only briefly, she took me into her mouth to clean me up, too. That surprised me only a little. She sometimes did the same thing after my cock has been up her own ass.

A few minutes later, she escaped our sandwich to drink the melted ice in her glass. We all looked at each other before we smiled, then laughed happily out loud. “I never…I mean, this was one amazing experience,” John said. “It was just…It felt like I was being skewered at both ends. Well, not skewered by your ass, Lisa, but you know what I mean.

John became our best friend after that (no surprise there!). We got together with him, both together or individually, for the next three years. His company transferred him back East, though, so we lost him, except for emails and holiday cards.

By then, I was a confirmed ‘omnisexual’, as in it wouldn’t matter to me if my partner(s) were male or female, though I’d only been with John during that time. Clothes at home basically disappeared.

We went to the infamous nude beach near (50 miles) us. Behind our dark glasses, we watched other people passing by us, commenting on the ‘fuckability’ of many of them. My cock went through several stages of partial erection as I imagined that woman, or that man, in our bed.

One time, I was peeping at a kneeling woman leaning forward to change her baby’s diaper, my mouth watering at her shiny, no doubt hot and sweaty, pussy and puckered ass hole there a few feet away in front of my eyes. I heard Lisa gasp beside me, pulling me from my fantasy. Turning, I casually followed her gaze to a fully tanned man strolling down the beach. His dick hung nearly to the middle of his thigh, and it was soft!

“Can you imagine…” Lisa began.

“God, no!” I said. “That would split my ass!”

“I’d like to give it a try,” she said, “But only in my cunt,” she finished.

“I wonder how much cum he’d leave dripping from you for me to lick up. Look at the size of his balls!” I said. At that point, I pulled the towel over my stiff dick, so as not to embarrass myself.

As to her search for a suitable woman for our bed, she was still looking. Some of her friends were open enough for her to discuss sex with, though she said she stuck to various possibilities without divulging our private activities.

I knew several women – some old lovers – but I hesitated to ask them. There were always reasons we stopped seeing each other, and I suspected those reasons hadn’t changed. Of the others, not that many were acceptable obi wan kenobi izle to me for one reason or another.

At the beach the second time we went, we had even stripped up at the car. Bringing little more than our towels with us onto the sand, since it was a nude beach. We also brought a small tote with a couple of bottles of water and sunscreen in it. So it was easy to decide to go to the beach bar for a drink and maybe a sandwich.

The franchise was owned by some corporation, licensed by the county. Since the county had declared the beach officially a nude beach (not clothing optional), even the bartenders and their assistants were required to be nude as well. It was after the noon rush, so the place wasn’t too crowded.

Other than a guy who looked like he was left over from the night before, there was only one other couple in there. A young woman was behind the bar. Lisa ordered her favorite ‘V&C’ drink and I had a beer.

The woman busied herself making Lisa’s drink as we watched. She winked at Lisa and added a second shot of Vodka before squirting the cranberry juice into the cold glass.

After a taste, Lisa whooshed her breath out. “I think this girl is trying to get me drunk, Dave,” she said. The girl smiled and winked again, in case Lisa had missed it the first time. Then she moved down to where the older guy sat.

“Maybe she’s just trying to seduce you, honey,” I said quietly. “You saw the wink, didn’t you?”

“Oh yeah, both times.” She studied the girl’s ass. “What do you think? Is she ‘fuckable’ for us?”

“Well, yeah, at least by my estimation. But we don’t know her. Maybe she’s just cadging tips by being so friendly. Or maybe she’s only interested in you.”

We sipped our drinks and watched her. I guessed she was between 25 and 30. She didn’t seem like some younger college girl, at least. She moved with too much assurance, handling the nudity and the job quite well. And, being nude, it gave us a chance to study all her charms, which looked delicious. Her tits were good sized, at least a D cup, I thought.

The nipples were surrounded by dark brown areolae, matching the dark hair and the olive shade of the rest of her. I guessed she must be of some ethnic mix, maybe even part black, not that it deterred me at all. She had an exotic appearance that frankly fascinated me.

The other couple left and the girl drifted back to us. “Want another round?” she asked.

“Wow. Not yet,” Lisa said with a laugh. “I’m having a hard time working my way through this one.”

“Oh, is it bad? I can make you a regular one.”

“No, no.” Lisa laughed. “I just need a little more time is all.”

The girl turned to me. “How about you, handsome? Ready for a fresh beer?”

“Sure,” I said. “But only if you tell us your name.”

As she moved to get my beer, she laughed. I noticed she was completely bare all the way down, as in no hair that I could see. My dick gave a twitch. “I’m Gina. Who are you guys?”

We introduced ourselves and Gina set her pretty butt on the stool behind the bar. Gina asked if we were regulars at the beach. “I’ve only been here a couple of weeks, so I’m trying to meet the folks who come here a lot.”:

“No, this is our second time. We’ve been trying out some new things to do and this was on the list.” Lisa cleverly opened the door for her.

“Ah, I see. So now you’ve been here, won’t you ever come back?”

“Oh no!” I said, adding, “I want to come here as much as possible.” I said before Lisa could jump in with both feet. “I’ve been enjoying the experience.” Lisa agreed.

“So you like watching the nudist parade? All those breasts and butts on display!”

“Don’t forget the dicks out there,” Lisa laughed.

“Oh, yeah. I’d never forget them!” We laughed and Lisa pushed her empty glass toward Gina.

“NOW I’m ready, Gina. Make it just like the last one. You make me feel good!”

Gina’s eyes darted to Lisa’s face, but she didn’t comment. I frowned at Lisa and gave a small shake of my head. I didn’t want her to rush it. If this was to be her (and my) new lover I was all in favor of that. So I didn’t want to scare her off.

“So what brought you to this corner of the world, Gina?” I asked when she set the drink in front of Lisa. She resumed her seat. I noticed she had a brown drink she’d brought for herself.

“Oh, it’s not like I’m from some other world. I grew up about twenty miles from here. I tried college, then marriage. Neither one worked for me. So I’ve been sort of drifting from job to job. This one came up and it combined my love of being naked with meeting friendly people like you guys. What about you? Where are you from?”

We told her where we lived. “It’s just under fifty miles from home to get here,” I told her. Glancing out the side toward the beach, I added. “Nice scenery, so close to home.”

“Yeah, already I’ve had days when I wished I was out there instead of in here. But the pay isn’t bad, tips are decent, and ölüm zamanı izle it beats waiting tables in some frumpy little uniform.”

“But it’s cooler in here, Gina. Out there you’d get all sweaty and sandy,” Lisa said.

“That’s true. There are always two sides to anything, I guess. I mean, sweaty I don’t mind, but sand gets into some weird places.” We laughed about that. too.

The bar clock told me we’d been in there for an hour. Gina seemed friendly enough, but she gave no real sexual clues, other than those winks at Lisa. That’s when she surprised me.

“Okay,” she said, more to Lisa than me, I thought. “So you’ve conquered the nude beach on your list. What else have you done?”

Lisa gave me a side look and I returned a brief nod. “Well, we’ve done some… kind of naughty stuff. We had sex at a rest stop, in the shadows behind the building. It was daytime and we almost got caught.”

Gina shrieked with amusement and my face got warm. Lisa related the story, about the older lady who had brought her yappy little dog out back for a pee. We had time to mostly pull our clothes back together before she noticed us, but it was definitely ‘coitus interruptus’.

The laughter went on. We told her about fucking in the pool at one motel where we’d stayed. Gina gave up some of her adventures: nothing too daring, just stuff like skinny-dipping with friends. Finally, I took the big plunge.

“We’ve even invited another guy into our bed,” I said.

“Wow!” Then a second later, “WOW! That’s huge! So you watched as he…” she tipped her head toward Lisa. I just nodded, but Lisa had to elaborate.

“Yes, he did, and enjoyed every minute of it,” Lisa said in a loud whisper. Gina turned her saucer sized eyes in my direction. “Not only that,” Lisa whispered, “He joined in. He cleaned us both up afterward.” There. She’d let the cat out of the bag. Gina was silent a few minutes, just shaking her head.

She brought us fresh drinks and poured some Vodka for herself, tossing it back. She just looked from Lisa to me in wonderment. “I’ve never known anybody who…did that stuff.” She quickly added, “Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I’ve just never met people like you guys seem to be. You’re so open about it all; even telling me, who you just met.”

“I don’t feel badly telling you,” I said. “The fact that we just met you is part of the liberation, in a way. I mean we may never see you again – though I hope we do – and this afternoon we’ll drive off and you’ll… do whatever you’ll do.”

“I can see that, I guess,” she said. She scratched the side of her right tit. I saw that her nips were hard. “Well, then, what’s next? This can’t be the end of your list of freaky things to do.”

Lisa was quick to help her see what we were about. “Gina, it isn’t like that really. We don’t just go around looking for freaky things to do. We’re working on establishing a new way for us to live. We’ve been married long enough to understand each other. Dave doesn’t get jealous – even when I had our friend between my thighs, he joined In and licked my clit while John’s dick slid in and out. I guess we’ve started an ‘open marriage’ of sorts.”

“God, it sounds pretty open to me already! I mean, what else?”

“Well, we’ve shared our bed and bodies with another man,” Lisa said clearly, yet in a low enough voice that the old guy down the bar couldn’t hear. “Now I’m eager to share Dave with another woman – and to do ‘clean up duty’ the way he did with John. That turned me on so hard, watching my straight, masculine husband take a cock into his mouth! There’s more, but that’s the essence. Dave tried sex with a man and now I’m eager to try sex with a woman.”

Gina took a deep breath and let it out as a slow whoosh. She excused herself and took another drink to the guy down the bar.

“What do you think? Does she seem interested?” Lisa asked me.

“Well, she’s fascinated by our stories, but I don’t know if she seems interested in joining our little circus,” I replied.

“I can tell you that she definitely feels an attraction to you, honey,” she said.

“To me?! You’re the one she winked at, not me.”

“Maybe, but I can tell by her body language (and I could watch that body all day) that she’s attracted to you.”

Thinking about it, I had to decide Lisa was imagining things. But just confessing our ‘sins’ to her had given me about half an erection.

I got a dollar from the side pocket of our water bag and walked over to the juke box. It took me a while, but I finally settled on some old Pink Floyd and returned to my stool.

Lisa gave me a grin. “You should have seen her watch you, honey,” she laughed. “Her eyes never left your ass when you walked over there. Then she got goggle-eyed when she saw your swollen dick swaying back and forth as you walked back here. I think she’s hooked.”

I still saw no evidence to confirm her suspicions, though. That old reluctance was what kept me from dating too much in high school and college. So I decided to accept what Lisa was saying.

Gina came back and resumed her seat across the bar from us. “So, Gina,” I said, “How many boyfriends do you have?”

She blushed a little, but it was difficult to tell with her dusky complexion. “Ah, I’ve been dating this one guy, but it isn’t serious.”

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