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Subject: Finding Life 38 Thanks for reading my stories. Comments and questions are always welcome at ail. These are real stories of my experiences: names and locations have been changed for the anonymity of those involved. This story involves intimate interactions between men over the age of 18. Nifty is providing a necessary service that allows us to share and enjoy stories. Please consider donating fty/donate.html Thanks! Levi Finding Life 38 Older Twink Hi All! Mace here, living the best life I can. Holidays had been crazy, even more so as some young married family members decided that all holidays were now deemed unsatisfactory to their beliefs and would not be participating. Not sure how using a religious text to try and fit your desires and wishes really works out, but hey that is not my path. It should be noted that the young lady who is orchestrating this is attending a pretty strict pentecostal church (though they still celebrate the holidays) and eats a kosher like diet (i.e. no pork or shellfish), but does not call her diet kosher. If you are scratching your head, so are we. It was unusually mild this particular winter. I had decided to try and go to the gym in early January. I know that was stupid. The gym was nuts, all the New Year’s Resolution people crowding up the place. I did a little cardio, but the weights and weight machines were too busy. While waiting to see if I could get in to do some weights, I pulled up the trusty hook up app. I just wanted to see if there was any fun to be had as working out was seeming to be a challenge. Most of the gym goers were either not on or incognito, but there was a guy that had viewed my profile and was only a few miles away. After waiting for a weight machine and then a resolutionary cutting in front of me, I decided the work out was over. I sent a greeting to the guy who viewed my profile as I walked out to my car. As I looked at the exit for the parking lot and it was five cars deep, I knew it would be a few minutes before I could leave. I was in luck as the guy had responded back. His profile name was Ray. We started chatting about what we were looking for and all that. Ray indicated that he was free to host, but that his housemates were home. Ray said his room was large and had a sitting area so we could be private. I told him that I was dressed for working out and did some cardio, meaning I was clean but not shower fresh. He said that would not be a problem. He did say that he had a new puppy that had to be in the room. I like dogs so I told him that was not a problem either. Ray sent me the address. It was only a few miles away, but further away from my house. I told him I would be on my way, he asked to message him when I arrived and he would greet me at the door. By that time the parking lot entrance kocaeli escort had cleared enough for me to get out. I then headed his way. It did not take long to get to the house he was living in, just a few blocks off one of the main streets. I parked and sent him a message. I walked up to the door and waited until Ray opened it. Ray answered the door and let me in. Then we walked right up the stairs and into his room just at the top. I got to get a look at him as we walked. Ray was at least two inches shorter than me and easily seventy pounds lighter. He was seven or eight years older than me. Ray had a trimmed beard and mustache and his hair was longer, not quite to his shoulders and it was mostly light blond and gray. He had the puppy, Jacky, in his arms. Jacky was a JRT and Chihuahua mix so he was small and had the JRT markings – too cute. Ray ushered me into his room and closed the door before placing Jacky on the floor. Jacky ran over to me and tried to jump up and lick me. Ray tried to shoo him away, but I did not mind. Ray offered for me to sit on the bed while he sat on the chair. Jacky jumped from the bed to the chair a few times, he was excited. I pet Jacky when he finally settled down on the bed next to me. Ray smiled. Ray and I chatted for a while. He told me that he had not been in this house for very long and he hated having multiple housemates. He was looking forward to finding his own place soon. He does not drive and being a bit away from everything was not convenient. As we spoke he got up and came over to the bed near to where I was sitting. I was enjoying talking, but I had only finite time for play tonight. We had talked for almost 10 minutes, but not really broken the ice. I stood up and took off my shirt. Ray looked my torso up and down, licking his lips he then began to undress. I kicked off my running shoes and hooked my thumbs on either side of my shorts. I lowered my shorts down and stepped out of them, now only wearing my jock and ankle socks. Ray gasped as he saw me straighten up. “Please lay on the bed like that. Oh my gawd!” Jay whispered as he slipped out of his pants. I moved up to the head of the bed, laid back, and spread my legs apart. Jay pulled his underwear down, but I did not get a good look as he mounted the bed and moved in the space between my legs. Jay pressed his face against my jock pouch and took a deep breath. He must have liked the musky tang as he moaned and took another breath before rubbing his hands all over the material. My cock was filling the pouch as Jay rubbed it. Jay began to kiss and lick the pouch, making my cock harder. I ran my hand through his longer gray hair. Jay gave a little moan as I pulled his face in tighter to my crotch. Jay’s hands were running up and down my legs as his face was fully kocaeli escort bayan engaged in my jock pouch. I let my head fall back as Jay worked my cock though the material with his mouth. After a few minutes he reached up and pulled the waistband of my jock down. My cock sprung upward as it cleared the fabric, Jay’s eyes were locked to my cut cock head. I moved my legs together and Jay helped slide the jockstrap down my legs. When I opened my legs again Jay moved right between them and dropped his mouth on my rigid cock. I moaned as Jay’s lips moved down my shaft and touched the base of my cock. Jay stayed there a moment and swirled his tongue around my hard tool. Jay then started a slow bob up and down on my cock, sucking hard. I rested my head back on the pillows as Jay worked my cock. Jay slobbered and sucked my cock for several minutes, he was getting me close. I was stroking his head and running my fingers through his hair. I was almost past the point of holding off and I pulled his face up. His eyes glistened as he just held my cock in his mouth. “Suck my balls.” I said quietly. “Yes, sir. Oh yes.” Jay muttered as he let my cock slip from his mouth. Jay scooted down and began to nuzzle and lick my balls. Jay took his time in wetting and sucking each ball. He even gave my cock a lick every now and then. It was a nice feeling, I put one of my hands behind my head and the other playing with my nipple. Jay did a nice job showing my full balls with some much needed attention. Jay lifted his mouth up from my soaked ballsack. He was smiling as he slid his smaller framed body on top of mine. I wrapped my arms around his skinny body as he nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck. He moaned as he moved his body against mine. I let my hands roam all over Jay’s body, caressing from his head down to his ass cheeks. Jay’s dick was hard and rubbing against mine. His dick was not as thick as mine, but near in length. Jay was moaning into my neck as he continued to frot us. It was a slow and relaxing pace. I let my fingertips brush Jay’s exposed crack and he let out a needy moan. It was about that time that Jacky hopped up and curled up on the bed next to us. I love dogs so I did not mind and Jay was too horned up and distracted to notice. As I would rub my fingertip deeper into Jay’s crack he would shiver with pleasure and moan. When my fingertip went deep enough to brush his rosebud Jay gave a cry of passion that was muffled by my neck and shoulder. Jay frotted and moaned and I played with his back and ass. The pace varied from hurried to slow and sensual as Jay continued, his body responding to my touches. We played like this for about twenty minutes. Jay started to get more frantic in his movements when my fingertips were gently thrusting into his pucker. A izmit escort sharp shudder ran through his body and Jay moaned loudly. My finger went into his pucker about an inch and Jay gasped for air. Jay’s hips began to flutter and twitch as he moaned even louder. Finally Jay gave out another cry and I felt jets of wet, hot liquid pump onto our stomachs. Jay continued for just a short bit more before he collapsed down on top of me. I ran my hands up and down his body, but did not play with his ass any more. We had not really discussed me topping him and I did not want to be overly pushy. Jay collected himself after a minute or so. He rolled over to be on his side, resting against my body. He reached down and began to jerk my hard cock. Using his own cum for added lube, he had me close in several strokes. I cried out as my cock started to spray volleys of cum up high and then splattering down on our bodies. Jay jacked my cock until all of my seed had been shot. Jay let go of my still firm cock as he moved his hand up to rub the hair on my chest. His head was still at my shoulder and now he draped a leg over my sticky cock. We relaxed in this position for a few minutes, it was comfortable. The puppy had fallen asleep at my hip on the other side of Jay, his little snores were cute. I then saw the clock across the room. “Damn, I need to go.” I said softly. “Awe, I am so comfortable. I like this. You let me do what I wanted. That was nice.” Jay said lazily as he played with my chest hair. “It was nice. We will have to do this again.” I replied. “Good, next time I am going to ride that cock. I almost did this time, but did not want to scare you away.” Jay said quietly. “I would not have been scared. I would have enjoyed it. Next time I will.” I said as I stroked his head and back. We hugged and then separated to get up. Jay went and retrieved a towel from his closet. He started to wipe the congealed cum from my chest and groin areas. Then he handed it to me to finish up. I noticed that he did not wipe away the cum that was on his body, just started putting on a shirt and shorts. I cleaned the rest of the way up and then began getting dressed. I had to position my cock to the side in my jockstrap as it was getting hard again. When I sat down on the bed to put my shoes on, Jacky was now awake and excited again. The little pup jumped from the floor to the bed multiple times. I did not mind, he was a cute pup. I finished with my shoes and stood up. Jay came close and I pulled him into a hug. “It was very nice, Jay. I enjoyed it.” I said while I ground my firm cock into him. “You need to head out. If you keep that up I will need to ride that cock now.” Jay groaned. Jay and I laughed as he picked up Jacky. Jay led us down the stairs and me to the door. I waved as I headed to my car. On the way home I got another message from Jay. He wanted to let me know he was thinking of me and thanking me for coming out in his direction. I let him know that it was my pleasure and we would meet up again.

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