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Subject: Finding Max Chapter 4 DISLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction and any similarity to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. Comments and suggestions as to the story? Please ail I’ve decided to make each chapter a bit longer from here on out. I can’t promise a steamy scene in every chapter but that is what the story’s about and they will happen. Donate to Nifty. Mrs. Joan released Max just after one that Friday, explaining that she and Mr. Smear already discussed the unusual visit. Max nodded and grabbed not only his backpack but a smaller duffel-bag with a few clothes his mother packed this morning. He smiled back at Joan as he exited her classroom, not only for pleasantries but because he was genuinely happy. When he started the week he was the same old boy that didn’t have any real friends. A boy that faded into the background of any group and was never picked for a lead role. But just five days later and he was leaving school with what most considered to be the coolest teacher for a weekend of fun. Most of his apprehensions were curbed by the time Max made it to Mr. Smear’s classroom. It didn’t matter that he was wearing girl panties under his jeans, it wasn’t like anyone could see them. In a way, they made him feel… well, something. Special maybe. The incident last night had him concerned as he’d accidentally… leaked something onto the inside of the underwear. A slightly sticky viscous goo that made a discolored puddle around the head of his penis. But with a few pieces of tissue paper, he managed to get most of it out. Really he needed to wash them but there was no way in hell he was chancing his mother finding them in the wash. But opening Mr. Smears door brought a little of that anxiety back. A very pretty blond girl leaned against the center table looked up from a book. Blues eyes, a thin tee shirt and a pair of leggings, Max had only seen this girl once before in a photo. “You must be Max!” The girl laid the book down and edged forward. Max closed the door behind him and dropped his two bags on the closet table. “Yes.” He said, immediately pissed at how stupid the response sounded. The walked to about six inches from him. At this distance, Max could really appreciate the girl’s beauty. Perfect creamy light skin surrounding a small mouth and larger eyes. Letting his eyes flicker downward for just a second, he could also see two slight bumps on each side of her chest. But only for a moment before he pulled his gaze back up to her. The girl smiled. “Looks like my dad was right. You are cute.” She said. Max flushed a bit and tried to walk around the girl but she moved into his path. “I’m Jasmine. Jasmine Smear.” She said, holding out a hand. Tentatively Max held out a hand, hoping it wasn’t as sweaty as the rest of him was becoming. “I’m Max. I-” “I know.” Jasmine interrupted. “You’re coming with us camping this weekend. My dads told me all about you.” The way the girl put a slight emphasis on `All’ made Max’s heart skip a beat. The organ in question skipped two more when the girl glanced down at his midsection and smiled. “He… did?” Max stuttered. But before the girl could answer Mr. Smear stepped from the tinted office. “Hey Max. I see you’ve met my daughter Jasmine.” Jasmine smiled at him once more before spinning around to meet her father. Max just stared at the man completely awe-struck, wishing he’d just disappear and be anywhere else in the world. “Yup! We’ve met.” Jasmine said, practically skipping to her father and hugging the large man. “He’s perfect. I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun.” Looking over his daughter’s head, Smear smiled at Max. “I couldn’t agree more baby girl. Now you head to the front, you’re mother will be here soon if she isn’t already waiting.” The girl grabbed the discarded book along with a pink shoulder pack and walked up to Max. “See you tomorrow Maxie.” Then the girl was out of the room and gone. Max stood there for a second trying to reorient himself. “Are you ready for a fun weekend Max?” Smear said, stepping back into his office. Max followed him inside. “Mr. Smear. Does Jasmine know about me?” he asked. Mr. Smear turning from his computer, eying the boy with a look of concern. “Does she know about what Max?” Max tilted head to the side, glancing awkwardly around the room. Anyway trying to avoid looking at the man directly. “You know, about what we’re doing. About what I’m wearing.” Smear waved him forward, holding a hand out for the boy. Max stepped forward, taking the extended hand. “Now ask me your question, Max. Don’t beat around the bush, I want you to specifically ask.” Max took a deep breath. “Does Jasmine know I’m wearing… panties?” he finally asked. Somehow saying the word out-loud pushed a new clump of fear and embarrassment up his stomach and into his chest. His teacher brushed the side of his face gently. “I know I told you that no one but us would know about this Max.” Smear started. “But it’s not really practical for me to hide this from my daughter. After all, she lives with me.” Max felt a cold hand grip around and start to strangle his innards. He looked up in shock. “Oh my god she knows!” he said, tears starting to well up in each eye. Smear pulled the boy close and brushed the back of ümitköy escort his head. “Max. Where do you think I got the panties from?” Realization setting in, Max started to sulk. “Hey Maxie, relax. Jasmine is perfectly fine with you. I promise you this will be alright. We have plenty of time to talk about this anyway. Jasmine is going to her mother’s house tonight. We won’t even see her until the morning.” Max looked up. “So we aren’t going camping?” Smear smiled. “Tomorrow. Tonight we have to go shopping for a few things. Now, lets put this whole mess behind us and focus on tonight. If by tomorrow morning you don’t want to go with us camping I will take you home. Deal?” Max thought about it for a moment. “Deal.” “Good. Now, Maxie, I have an entire outfit for you to wear shopping tonight. Are you ready to go?” Max took a step back. “What kind of outfit?” he asked. Smear smiled and grabbed a larger brown bag. “Let’s go see.” Max followed the man out of the office and around to the bathroom. “Are you coming inside again?” the boy asked. Smear opened the door and gestured for Max to enter. “Yes Maxie I think that would be best. Besides, I think you might need help with this one.” Resigned, Max followed the man inside. Once inside, Max stood near the door while his teacher calmly walked to the toilet and sat down on the closed lid. The man put the large bag next to the wall within his reach. “Mr. Smear?” Max asked. “Yes?” Max took one step away from the door, looking around the room. “Why do you keep calling me Maxie?” “Do you not like it?” Smear asked. Max thought about it and shrugged. “We’ll talk about it later. Let’s get this going. We have a swimsuit to pick out for you.” Smear said. Max nodded. “Yeah, my mom said my old pair of trunks got lost in the move.” “Not a problem at all. Now get undresses so we can get started.” Max looked at him confused for a moment. “You want me to get naked? Like completely? Right here?” Smear smiled and started rummaging through the large bag. “Yes, we can put your old clothes in here. Do you want me to help you undress?” Max bowed his head. “No, I can do it.” Max kicked both shoes off and used his foot to shove them neatly to the side. Reaching down and alternating feet he pulled his white tub-socks off and draped them across the shoes. Standing up and looking at Mr. Smear, he could tell by the man’s eyes that there was no backing out of this. Mr. Smear would demand him to comply and despite the introduction of Jasmine, he really wanted to go camping this weekend. Crossing his arms and grabbing his shirt, Max lifted the cloth over his head and let it fall to the floor. Then, without looking anywhere but at his hands, he unbuttoned his jeans and slid the pants down. He kicked the crumpled pair so that they landed on the rest of his discarded clothes. “Wow.” Mr. Smear said. Immediate embarrassed, Max closed his hands around his boy parts and looked up at his teacher. “What?” Max asked, noticing a smile on the man’s face. As if pulled out of a daze, Mr. Smear corrected his gaze and met Max’s eyes. “Nothing Maxie. You just look really good in those.” Red heat and confusion crept up his chest, settling on his face and neck. “Oh.” Max replied, unsure of anything else to say to that. “Please continue.” The man staring at him said. Max bent over slightly and hooked two thumbs around the outer edge of his panties and slide them down, stepping each leg out so they didn’t touch the ground. He went to toss the pair in with the rest of his close when Mr. Smear spoke up. “Wait. Bring me those.” Max, fully aware that he was naked, started to walk forward. The bathroom felt slightly colder with no clothes on and a crisp breeze kept touching his soft penis and balls. Looking at the man’s feet, Max handed the purple underwear to his teacher. The man only took a moment before turning the fabric over in his hand and holding them back out toward him. “What is this?” he asked, his voicing akin to something demanding. Max looked at the off-purple area sealed into the front, slightly to the side. His chest felt like someone parked a car right in the center and started bouncing in rhythm to his heart. And what was worse, just the thought of what action caused that little smeary stain started a faint heartbeat in his soft penis. A beat that he knew would lead to a full-fledge boner, right with his teacher standing here. He couldn’t let that happen so he did the one thing he knew what stop the growth. He told the embarrassing truth. “It came out of me. Last night. I’m sorry Mr. Smear, I didn’t know that would happen.” Max explained. Whatever was happening to his penis completely shut down when the embarrassment of what just came out of his mouth entered his body. Max looked up to gauge his teacher’s reaction and was surprised to find him grinning. “Well, it isn’t me you have to apologize to for spunking in my daughter’s panties. But why do you tell me exactly what happened.” Max took a deep breath, trying desperately to shove the first part of what his teacher just said aside and focus on explaining this massive mistake. “Well, I was after I’d got in the bed for the night. I was… you know, moving against my pillow and-” avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort “Wait. How were you moving against the pillow? And what part was touching the pillow?” Mr. Smear asked. That red heat from earlier just kicked it up to boiling in his face, neck, and ears. “I was moving my penis into the pillow, back and forth.” Max explained. “I see.” Max’s fear started to give way to terror as he felt his penis start hardening, betraying him in this embarrassing moment. Apparently just thinking about what he’d done was enough to set that thing off. “Tell me about your dick. What was it like?” Smear asked. Max took a deep breath. His penis hadn’t gone full flag pole, but it was getting fatter. His hands swung gently to cover the growth, but Smear intercepted them and pulled them aside. “Mr. Smear… it’s embarrassing.” He pleaded. His teacher reached out and started rubbing his shoulders very gently. “Not to me Maxie. Now, this is important.” “My penis was hard. I pushed it back and forth until… that happened.” Max said, nodding toward the stain. “How did that feel?” Smear asked. “Umm, I’m not sure. I-” “Don’t do that Maxie. Tell me the truth.” Smear demanded. Thankfully the teacher’s tone caused his swelling prick to go limp again. “It felt good sir. Really good.” “See, it’s not so hard being honest with me. You’re doing great. Now let’s get you dressed so we can get to our shopping.” Utterly relieved, Max took a half step back while his teacher reached into the bag and pulled out a smaller piece of cloth with two short straps connecting the tube-ish together on one end. The hot pink item with a red rose looked very soft. “Arms up.” Smear said, twisting the item in his hand. Max did as he was told and his teacher slid the small tube down over his arms. It came to rest around his chest like a small shirt, the two thin straps running over each shoulder to connect the back. For a moment Max couldn’t remember what this was, only remembering that he’d seen some girls at the beach with something similar. Then he remembered. “A bra?” he asked. “Well, a training bra.” Smear said, pulling out a yellow shirt from the bag. The man held the shirt up the same way as he did the training bra. Max complied automatically while his brain burnt a few calories working overtime to figure out what his teacher was doing. The shirt pulled down nicely. Max noticed a few differences right off the bat. The neck hole was larger and showed more of his chest, also coming down into a V-neck. The sleeves were shorter, stopping about two inches out on each arm. The bottom of the shirt cut off just below his belly button. Was this also Jasmine’s shirt and bra? It had to be. The thought strangle gave him a shiver of excitement, remember how pretty she looked this afternoon. But he was still curious. “Mr. Smear?” “Yes Maxie?” “Why are you dressing me like a girl?” The question didn’t seem to bother his teacher as the man reached inside the bag, pulling out an even smaller piece of red cloth than the bra. But this one only had one strap connecting the two ends. “That will all be answered in time. Now turn around and hike your leg.” Max did as he was told and Mr. Smear looped one hole around his foot then the other. At this point, Max grew a little concerned as he couldn’t work out how that fabric was supposed to go on him. He’d already gathered that they were underwear, but they were next to nothing. Before he could say anything his teacher pulled them straight up. The soft pouch in front slipped gently over his balls and penis as the back slid right between his butt cheeks, pressing firmly into his crack. Startled Max jumped and stepped away, turning to see this invasion. “What the heck?” he said. “They’re called thongs. They hide panty lines. Now let’s get your leggings on.” Max spent just a moment longer looking over his shoulder at how the underwear worked. The waistband connected to a smaller strip at the center of his back. That smaller strip tapered down into something resembling a noodle, disappearing between his cheeks. Between the soft fabric pressing against his penis and this new pressure running down his crack, Max felt that same warm stir start to stiffen his prick. Thinking to distract himself, Max hurried back to his teacher to step into the leggings, this time facing away on purpose so the man couldn’t see his stiffing penis. “Wow! you have a cute ass Maxie.” Mr. Smear said, lowering one open leg for Max to step into. The comment came somewhat jarring but Max didn’t respond. He couldn’t focus on anything except trying to convince his rock-hard penis to go away. But between the comment and teacher pulling this tighter fabric up to his legs, Max could feel a penis twitching along with his heartbeat. When the matching hot-pink leggings were snuggly around his bottom, Mr. Smear made a few more adjustments from the back. “There let’s see how you look.” The man said. Slowly Max turned around, trying to cover himself in a way that his teacher wouldn’t realize. I didn’t work. “Move your hands Maxie. Let’s see.” He couldn’t explain it. Between the tight fabric around his chest to the soft shirt that exposed urfa escort so much. The tighter leggings that melded to his bottom and that strange but provoking pressure that ran the length of his crack. Something about wearing this brought back that feeling from the night before. The feelings where he wanted desperately to push his penis into something. “You look absolutely beautiful Maxie. Just wow.” Mr. Smear said, his approval apparent on his face. Max said the only thing that came to mind. “I can’t go out like this.” His teacher shifted his head to the side. “No not like that. Your little dick is creating a distraction.” Max starting to cover himself before stopping on his own. “Sorry.” He said. “Not to worry. We will take care of this and be on our way. It’s breaking the rules but I suppose it’s alright this time. Come over here?” Max walked forward, curious at what secret method this man had for getting a nearly painful boner to go away, even when he wasn’t able to. Once within arm’s length, Mr. Smear took him gently by the arms, turning him so that he faced away. The hands pulled him back and Max stepped with the flow until his back pressed up against the man’s large chest. Their heads were almost even now, with his teachers being only a few inches higher. The man’s hands left his shoulder and started gently rubbing his torso. Starting from his lower stomach and moving up over his chest. Surprisingly this made Max feel a bit secure. Something about the warmth radiation off the man’s chest and his strong hands exploring his chest. “Alright Maxie. I have a few rules for this. Can you follow a few rules?” Mr. Smear whispered into his ear. Too distracted to talk, Max only nodded. “Good. The first rule is no talking. Don’t say a word. Alright?” Again Max nodded. “Secondly, I want your hands on my knees.” Max moved each hand so they rested on his teacher’s knees. “Final rule. Do not move or try to stop me in any way.” Max nodded his consent and immediately the man started tracing this body. The right hand came down over his tummy, passing the shirts-end and grazing gently over his penis. The contact felt like he’d been shocked, little tingly waves of pleasure pulsing around his groin. The other hand drifted around to his hip and this his butt cheek. The hand gently squeezed and pulled, the motion reminding Max in the most intimate way of the fabric running down his crack. “You must really like these clothes Maxie. Your little dick is so hard.” Mr. Smear whispered. Max wanted to answer but remembered the rule. Plus the front hand came back up for a pass over his penis, this time giving the stiff rod a firm squeeze. The tight blast of pleasure heightened when his teacher started to pull up and down on his prick. It was almost the same thing he’d done the night before only this wasn’t a pillow. Also, it felt way, way better. Pulling both of his hands to each side of Max’s hips, Mr. Smear hooked a thumb into each side and started to pull down. Max watched as the fabric stretched and gave way over the mound his hard penis made. The way he was breathing it was as if he’d just left P.E. The hot-pink fabric stopped only about an inch below the bottom of the thongs. One hand came up and tightened around his penis, now wrapped tightly by his underwear. A small wet mark distorted the material just at the tip of his penis. After a moment of slow tugging, the hand moved aside. Max watched as the other hand carefully pulled the front part of the thong to the side. His penis sprung forward like a caged animal making a break for life. Max had only a moment to think about what was actually happening and how wrong it was before a hand closed around his bare penis. Max clamped his teeth together, hoping the moan didn’t violate the rule. But his teacher didn’t say anything. The warm hand worked it’s way gently back and forth as Max struggled to keep his hands in place and his voice under control. Then the other hand reached underneath and cupped his balls very tenderly, sending warmth through the soft skin and making his hips involuntary buck. At this exact point in time, Max had no concern about the girly clothes or being half-naked with his teacher; another guy. His only concern was the growing difficulty not to move or cry out because what he wanted was for his teacher to go faster. The man’s slow rhythmic tugging was holding an oscillating tingle all through his core and it was driving him crazy. Just then the tension built higher and Max throw his head back into his teacher’s shoulder. “Mmhmm!” Max kept his mouth closed but couldn’t stop the moan or his hips from pushing forward, urging the man’s hand. The hand that Mr. Smear was using the gently squeeze his balls left and relocated over his belly button. The man’s strong hand held him firmly in place, effectively cutting off his urge to hump. “Mhhhmmmhh!” It felt like his entire body would vibrate loose and explode. But still, his teacher continued his methodically assault on the now pulsing penis. “Mmm… mmmm…” Suddenly, at the same time, the restricting hand left his stomach, Max’s penis burst in relief he didn’t think possible. Pulse after magnificent pulse the boys prick jerked and spasmed. His balls pulled tight and even his butt clenched around the thong strap. This intensity went on for an indescribable amount of time before the wave washed back in his penis started to tickle in the man’s hand. Looking down, Max could see the hand that was holding him in place. It had moved to the tip of his penis, catching what looked to be a half-creamy, half-watery splash of goop in the palm.

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