1 Mayıs 2023

Finding my pride


My name is Jason and I am twenty-six years old. I have always been somewhat curious and knew that I preferred the company of certain types of people to others. Since my late teens, I had become besotted with the thought of transsexuals. I had become curious to an extreme. I counted myself as bisexual and had slept with boys and girls, both had their plus and minuses, but I seemed drawn to transsexual girls more. It may have been the fact that they were the best of both worlds for me. A beautiful feminine body with feminine charms and a nice cock that I could play with too.It was just before my twenty-sixth birthday that I met her, the woman I had dreamed about all my adult years. A few of my friends know about my preference and suggested I go to a pride event. At first, I was sceptical but then decided, fuck it.Sao Paulo, Brazil, a gorgeous city. I had never been before, and I was told that I would have a blast. Brazilians are some of the most gorgeous people in the world and when they do pride all the gorgeous, naughtiness comes out.It was my first time visiting and it didn’t take long for me to hook up with a guy that just wanted his ass fucked. He was nice enough, but it wasn’t what I really wanted.On my third day out there, the parade was in full swing. I say swing, as most of the people there were basically naked or wearing very little. All sorts of people from the LGBT community were there, from dykes, gay boys and sissies, to bears, cross-dressers and transsexuals. Everyone mixed Kıbrıs Escort with each other and no one seemed to have a problem.The music was loud and everyone was dancing to the beat. I walked slowly through the crowd, getting my chest ass and crotch touched as I walked past. There was a bus full of girls, they looked different and I knew right away I had found the right place. The girls didn’t hide their bulges and didn’t try to pretend. They were transsexuals and proud of it.I saw one girl step off the bus and our eyes seemed to meet. There was something about her and we seemed to have a connection right away. We seemed to walk towards each other, and the world seemed to blur around her. She was the only one I was looking at and she was looking at me.Things seemed to go like slow motion and eventually she was standing in front of me. Her glittery turquoise lingerie sparkled and made her eyes shine. We stood there looking at each other for a little while before she slid her arms around my neck and pulled me close. That first kiss was electrifying, and I could hear her moan into my mouth.As we kissed, I could feel myself getting hard, I wasn’t the only one. Her panties seemed to bulge and press against me, which only seemed to turn me on even more. I slid my hand down between her legs, feeling her bulge in my hand.She pulled away from our kiss and pulled her panties to the side, letting her large penis for such a little girl free. She giggled slightly Lefkoşa Escort as she took my hand from her cock and led me back onto the bus. It wasn’t as full as I thought, and she led me to the back and sat down. We sat together and she pulled my cock free too. She kissed me again as we both gently stroked each other.After a few minutes of making out and jerking each other, she pulled away and smiled. To my surprise, she started speaking with a thick Birmingham accent.“Hey love, I’m Casey, I’m twenty-two and as you can see I’m not like normal girls.”I kissed her lovingly on the lips and told her that there was a reason I was at a pride parade. As if to seal my point I moved back slightly and bent forward. Her cock tasted sweet and salty and I could feel it throb in my mouth. As I sucked her, I cupped her balls, stroking and caressing them. It wasn’t the first time I sucked cock, but this time it just felt right. Her cock fit in my mouth perfectly and the way she stroked my head and ran her fingers through my hair seemed perfect.After a good few minutes sucking, she pulled my head off her cock.“My turn.” She said with a giggle.I sat back and watched as she rolled her long hair and pulled it all to one side of her face. She then leant forward and started to slowly lick my shaft. There was something about the way she teased at my cock before finally putting it into her mouth. She was an expert at teasing and sucking and make noises as she slurped Girne Escort and sucked on me.She pulled away from me, kissing me gently on the lips.“Want to come back to the hotel with me? I want to fuck you so bad.”I smiled and she stood up, tucking her cock back between her legs. She took my hand and led me off the bus and across the plaza to the fancy hotel. Once inside her hotel room, she took off her lingerie, showing off her body in all her glory. Soft round breast, flat toned belly, great legs and a massive cock.She stroked herself for a bit as I pulled off the trunks I was wearing. We stepped closer to each other and started making out, our cocks touching and rubbing against each other.“You don’t mind if I fuck you for a bit. Never actually fucked a guy before and it will be so hot.”I bent over the bed for her and she started to caress my ass. I felt her hands open my butt and to my surprise felt her tongue start to lick at my butthole. She seemed to really enjoy herself, making noises as she licked and sucked on my ass.“You ready? I’ll go easy to start with.”I braced myself for her and felt her cock gently rub against my butt. She spread my ass once more and I felt her lean over me. Her soft breasts grazed my back as her cock gently pushed against my sphincter. With a little effort, her cock pushed past my opening and I felt her cock slide into my ass.“Oh my god, your ass is so tight. I don’t know how long I will last.”I could feel her slowly push her cock in and out of my butt, making her whimper as she seemed to slide all the way into my ass and stop. She groaned as she gently pulled out and then pushed back in., She wrapped her arms around me and held me close as she started to get into a rhythm. Her dick seemed to stretch me out and she started to fuck me.

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