14 Mart 2023



“James and his new girlfriend have cancelled on us,” Amy called from the kitchen. “They don’t want to drive through the storm at night.”

I looked out at the lake from the living room and saw the water looking grey and foreboding. Waves were washing over the dock and rain was coming down hard and heavy. It was understandable, a long drive from the city through that mess looked pretty unappealing to me, too.

“Well, the kids are gone for the weekend and no-one is coming around,” I said, pretending to be musing over our options. “Whatever shall we do to fill the evening?”

I heard a noise and turned to see Amy in the doorway. “I need a backrub,” she said. “My shoulders are killing me.”

I just smiled, an idea coming to me. “Why don’t you grab a glass of wine and that plate of cheese?” I asked her. “I’ll get a blanket for you.” I went to the linen closet, the evening already forming in my mind.

Amy’s my wife of 5 years; she’s blonde with startling blue eyes. She has the figure of a 19-year old, something that never fails to turn me on. I just love to look at her tummy, watching her taut muscles.

She has been on the threshold of a big experience for her sexually. Since we have been together, she’s discovered her g-spot and has had some incredible orgasms there. I have been wanting to see if she could squirt come from one of those huge orgasms, see if she can be comfortable enough to totally let go when she comes, squirting all over the bed, all over me. The idea had me getting hard, wanting to make it happen.

I knew that it was really just a question of her being comfortable and open to it. If she was in a place where she could be totally relaxed, totally letting herself go, then… well, I wanted to see.

With that in mind, I thought to grab some lotion and pulled out a soft blanket and laid it out in front of the fireplace. She came in and I took the glass and plate from her, motioning to lay down. She did, and I put the wine and cheese where she could easily get them. She was face down, her face partially covered by her long hair.

“You are beautiful, laying there like that,” I told her. It was true, she looked like a picture of sensual comfort before the fire.

I put the stereo to some soft music and pulled a couple of pillows from the couch, placing them under her head and feet. The head to make her comfortable, the feet to take the pressure off of her lower back. I removed my sweater and shoes, kneeling on the blanket by her hips.

Pulling her shoes off first, leaving her socks on for now. I didn’t pay any attention to her feet yet, wanting her to feel some want before giving her satisfaction.

I’m no Don Juan, but over the years there have been some things that have really meant something to the women I have been with. One is that women need to know the feeling of want. They are often used to guys who take what they want from them and then go to sleep; if you can get into the habit of making your woman parallels izle feel want, knowing satisfaction is coming later… well, it works for Amy.

So down her feet went, neglected for now. Next came her sweater, pulled gently over her shoulders and away. Her hair was messy, and she moved to straighten it when I stopped her arm; I wanted the picture of sensual desire. She complied, wanting me to take charge, to take care of her.

Underneath was a red satin bra, pulling slightly into the skin on her back. Again, the temptation to take it off was high but I fought it. Opening the lotion, a warmed a dollop in my hands before smoothing it across her lower back.

I love her lower back, love the firm muscles, love the feeling of them. My fingers went lightly over them, then deeper into the muscles. Gently, but reaching deeper, my hands began loosening the tensions there.

At that moment the power went. The lights flickered and died. The room was bathed in the firelight, bringing that tone to everything, her hair, her skin. Her eyes barely opened.

As my hands worked their way up her back, she reached around to remove her bra. I pushed her hands away. She gave a frustrated groan.

“I want to be comfortable,” She said.

“You will be,” I promised.

My hands went to her shoulders, kneading, seeking the muscles that were giving her problems. I drew my fingers across her back, deliberately hitting the straps of her bra. Making taking that bra off all she wanted in the world.

Without warning, I grabbed one hip and pulled her onto her side. She made a slight sound, but didn’t fight me. Reaching around, I undid her pants and opened them up slightly, then lay her back on her stomach.

She made a soft, frustrated groaning sound again. Her clothes were not coming off fast enough. I moved down to her feet and pulled on her pants. She lifted her hips slightly so they would slide off. Now her socks came off too, and I held her foot in my hand for a moment.

I wanted her mind completely, totally on her body. I held her foot, warming it, bringing it close to my mouth. She could feel the warm breath, and ever so slightly brushed my lips along her sole. I pulled her big toe into my mouth, sucking, running my tongue around it. She reacted instantly, her legs tensing, a little moan escaping her.

I worked on her feet and calves for a while, paying close attention to her breathing. She needed to be relaxed, but not drowsy. When she started slowing her breathing, I would gently bite her or run my hands close to something sensitive, bringing her back to now, to her body.

Wanting to be more in tune with what she felt, I took off my shirt and slacks. Now only in my boxers, the fire giving the only light in the room, it was time to start her towards something big.

She was only in her red satin panties and bra. My hands slid freely across both, up and down her torso. She worked her hips back and paul t goldman izle forth, wanting more contact. I sat across her hips and started kissing my way down her back. Biting above and below her bra, moving down. Her hands came around again to unstrap the bra and I firmly placed them over her head.

My hands ran along her sides, moving towards her hips. I moved down, kissing the small of her back. My fingers wrapped around the panties at her hips and slowly started pulling them down, kissing every inch as it appeared.

She moved her hips, one side then the other, letting the panties slide off. In one quick motion they were gone. I pushed against the inside of her thighs and she complied, opening up before me.

Now was time to get her crazy. I started kissing, biting and licking her ass, getting closer to her pussy. I grabbed each side of her ass and licked up her thighs towards her center, not yet going there. She was making little mewing sounds now, hips moving. She wanted my tongue on her pussy.

I slid my mouth upwards, my tongue ever so gently touching the soft folds of her pussy lips. Not enough to please, only enough to tease. I held her legs down with my weight while my tongue roamed up towards her ass, and I explored there, circling, darting in and out.

She was making louder sounds now, moaning every time my tongue entered her. I spent some time on the cheeks of her ass, then shot forward, holding her tight, and kissed her hard. Her mouth was pure hunger, wanting my mouth. I reached around and held her breasts tightly, grinding my hard cock against her now wet pussy. She bucked her hips and spread her legs, wanting me inside.

While kissing her, I roughly massaged her breasts. She was starting to get a little crazy. I held her hair tightly, then reached down with my other hand and undid her bra. Her whole body reacted with the release she had needed for so long. I pulled it off and threw it aside.

Now to start her waves. I rolled her over, a combination of strong and gentle. I moved down and suckled on her breasts, holding her arms to her sides. Kissing along her stomach, down towards her wetness.

I settled myself between her legs, my mouth before her pussy. Still holding her hands at her sides, making her feel taken. I started to lick the lips, exploring each fold. She was wet, her little clit peeking out, wanting attention. I avoided it completely, making sure everything was good and wet.

She wanted to come. She was moving her hips, trying to get my tongue onto her clit. I started sucking her lips into my mouth, caressing each there. It wasn’t enough and she tried to rub herself against me. I stopped everything and looked up at her.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Uungh. I want to come!” she said desperately.

I held her eyes with mine. “Do you want to come hard, baby?” I asked.

“Yes,” She said. “God, yes!”

“Then let me take you there,” I told midnight at the pera palace izle her.

I started running my tongue around her clit, causing her hips to jump off the floor. I sucked her clit into my mouth and started making circles around it with my tongue. She loves this, it never fails to make her come. She started to tense up and I backed off, going back to spreading her wet all over. Then again, back to her clit. After the second time, she was getting frantic.

“Please!” she cried. “Please, make me come. I need it!”

I slid two fingers into her and started massaging her inside. Her eyes closed again as she let the new feeling come on. Then I turned my hand and started a ‘come here’ motion inside her, seeking that spot she has come to know so well. I knew we found it when her eyes started rolling back into her head and her body was completely on the edge.

But tonight, I wanted to bring her further. I moved up and put my arm around her shoulder, holding her tight. My fingers were still inside her, moving in a rhythm. I kissed her, then started to whisper in her ear what was going to happen next.

“Baby… I love you. You are going to come so hard…” My voice was soft, loving, comforting. “It’s going to feel like you are going to go all over. It’s OK, let it happen… let it all go out.”

With that, I started massaging her g-spot while my thumb stroked her clit. Her head fell back and she was panting, crying out with each breath. I kept kissing, whispering, helping, encouraging: “I want you to, please baby, you are so hot now… come all over for me… let it go, let it all out…”

Her body started to leave her control, her hips and tummy contracting by themselves. Her pussy was as wet as it has ever been and my hand started working her well. Her hands were grabbing me, holding on for all she was worth.

She cried out, “I’m coming! Oh God, I’m coming!”

“Let it go, let it go, let it all go,” I told her, keeping the pressure up on her pussy.

With that, her pussy started to squirt into my hand, a few short squirts, and then she started coming for real. Her whole body convulsed, her hips bucking out of control, and her pussy squirted all over, covering my hand, her legs, all over. She tucked her head in her arm and cried out again and again as squirt after squirt left her, covering me, covering her. Her legs were vibrating they were so tight, her hips off the floor, everything concentrated towards her pussy squirting it’s fluids with her orgasm.

“Oh god baby, that’s so hot, that’s so hot,” I told her. “Come for me, come all over.”

She kept coming, then it slowed as she started coming back to earth. “That was wonderful.” I said, stroking her folds, then her tummy. She put her head into my chest and was still whimpering slightly as the waves kept coming, ever decreasing. Her hips came back to earth, her legs wrapped around me and she held on to me as she slowly returned.

I stroked her skin and let her rest, not at all surprised when her breathing started getting longer and longer – she was falling asleep on me after that huge orgasm. I held her, wrapping her up with the blanket. Let her rest for a while… then, I’ll bring her to bed and have my turn with her. After that, I thought, we’ll sleep…

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