26 Mart 2022

First bi experiences part 4 – a brief interlude


First bi experiences part 4 – a brief interludeDirectly following on from Part 3. Maybe this should be Part 3b, but after I got to where I got to with part 3 I had to stop and jerk off. TMI? Is that possible in porn?——————————————————————————I called Mick.”hey Mick it’s Tim””oh hi sexy, how are you?””Great Mick, thanks””All excited for tomorrow night? Ready to top me?””You know, I don’t think about top/bottom, Mick, I want to make love, not fuck. You’re a great person and I’m attracted to you.””That’s sweet, Tim””Thanks. It’s the truth. And you have a sexy ass. But there’s a thing. And this might sound like a complete contradiction. And you might not like it.””A thing? Try me””OK… well…. hey you know I have a girlfriend, right?”He hestiated…”…Susan, right?….””Yeah. Well up till today she didn’t know I’ve been seeing you.””You told her?””Not exactly. She found some things in my apartment. She wheedled it out of me””What things?””A big dildo, mostly””Oh ho, Tim, you’ve been using a dildo on your ass?””Well yeah. I like how it feels. I like when you fuck me and I like the dildo when you’re not there.””OK. I’m guess I’m flattered, actually””You should be. I like your cock much more than the dildo.” “… quite right! Anyway…. now she wants you to stop dating me?””No””Thank fuck for that. Wait…. she broke up with you?””No türbanlı giresun escort not that either””Well what then?””If you’d stop interrupting with guesses…… she wants to meet you, Mick””Really?” “Yeah… and.. .um …””Go on””She wants to watch””Fuck””Yeah. Fuck, suck… whatever””Hmmm….. I never did that. Never even with two guys.””Well it’s cool if you don’t want to, Mick. I’ll explain that you’re not into it””Wait! Who said I’m not into it?””Oh, so you might be?””Damn right””Well she’d kinda like to watch us tomorrow… doing what we planned….””She wants to watch her boyfriend fuck a guy in the ass?””Um, yeah…””Dirty girl!””It was a surprise, I have to tell you””OK Tim. It’s OK with me, I guess. Never considered it to be a spectator event, but it sounds pretty hot””Yeah it does…. I was already turned on, thinking about fucking you, but this definitely adds to my excitement”.We agreed that Mick would come to my place the next evening. “Can’t wait to meet her” mick said. “She sounds like a firecracker.”We ended the call and I thought about it for a minute. Was she a firecracker? I hadn’t thought so. Susan was pretty open-minded about me enjoying ass-play. She was happy to use a butt plug on me. And she was up for most things I suggested – without ever instigating anything herself. But she’d never let türbanlı giresun escort bayan me fuck her ass. In fact no girlfriend had ever let me fuck their ass. The whole internet porn revolution had led me to believe that most girls would go for it, but actually that wasn’t the case in my case. Oh well… I’d know how it felt to stick my dick in an asshole by this time tomorrow. Did it matter that it was a male asshole or female? Probably not.But Susan had instigated THIS plan. Maybe I’d underestimated her.Dirty girl!She was still in the bedroom and I went back in there to tell her it was on for the next evening. She got very excited and made me describe what we’d be doing. I briefly said what I thought would happen but she told me to give more details. “I can’t give you details, I’ve never done it before” “Describe what it’s like when Mick fucks you, Tim” she said, “Tell me what you boys have been up to”.I spent several minutes describing what Mick and me had done together and what I thought we’d do the next night. All the time I spoke, Susan was stroking her pussy. Her legs were wide apart and her sweet cunt was on display to me. She played with her clit and stuffed fingers deep inside herself. As she closed in on her orgasm she pushed deeper inside her wet pussy. She was alternately moaning and encouraging me to türbanlı escort giresun carry on with my descriptions. I’d never seen her masturbate so furiously. She was using all four fingers… ramming them in and out of her wet slit. Then she used her thumb as well and started jamming her whole hand deeper and deeper into her twat. “Keep talking!” she breathlessly demanded.I told her how it felt to suck Mick’s cock or to bend over and feel his hard meat entering my willing ass. How it feels to relax your anus to accept a big cock and how I most like to lie on my back with my legs in the air while Mick is above me, between my thighs, his hard dick going in and out of me. Susan was panting and I saw that she had managed to get her whole hand into her cunt – almost all the way to her wrist. In and out, she moved her arm. Her pussy lips stretched around her hand as she fisted herself. In my description of having my ass fucked, I compared her pussy lips stretching round her fist to my ass stretching round Mick’s cock. That was what get her over the top. She reached her peak, pulled her fist out of her pussy and rapidly ran her slippery fingers over her engorged clitoris. I knew from the noises she was making that she was about to start cumming but today she squirted cum two feet out of her cunt and soaked the bedsheets. Screaming at the top of her lungs as she came. She kept on rubbing her clit and squirting more and more. I had helped her get off before but this was a new thing. So much more intense. Finally she subsided. Dropped her hand to her side, closed her legs together and opened her eyes. She looked up at me and grinned.Dirty girl. It was turning out she was a lot kinkier than I’d known.Tomorrow night with Mick was going to be epic.

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