26 Mart 2022

First Lesbian Experience


First Lesbian ExperienceWe had been roommates for over a year by the time things started to change between us. Out of the blue, she became clingy. She was jealous whenever I brought a boyfriend home or when I play flirted with my best friend around the house. I just couldn’t understand what was going on with her.One night, after a fight about having my boyfriend over and making-out with him in the living room, she stormed off to the bathroom & started showering. But I wasn’t about to let it go so easily. I went into the bathroom a few minutes later & probed for the truth.“So, what the fuck is wrong with you? The whole first year you never acted like this,” I asked.“I don’t know what you’re talking about. What am I acting like?”“You’re acting like a jealous girlfriend or something.”She abruptly shut the water off & threw the shower curtain open. She stood there for a second, water glistening, dripping down her body: her round, plump breast; dripping off the ends of her hardened nipples; a few water droplets running down her abdomen, disappearing into her perfectly shaven pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her beautiful, naked body.Before I knew it, she grabbed my hand & pulled me out of the bathroom & into her bedroom. She flung me onto the bed. “Take off your clothes,” she demanded, digging around in her closet for something.“What the fuck!? Why?”“Just do it, alright!”I didn’t know exactly what was going on, but something about the whole situation was really turning me on. I could feel my pussy becoming wet, my clit starting to softly throb. I cautiously stripped, sitting on the edge of her bed once I was completely naked.A few seconds later, she pulled something out of a box & slid it on. She turned around, revealing the huge dildo fastened to the front of her garter. She sauntered over to me, sensually stroking the cock; türbanlı artvin escort her eyes devouring my naked body.She stopped right in front of me, kicking my legs apart so she could stand between them. She inched closer to me, the dildo a hair from my lips. “Suck it like a good little girl,” she instructed. I hastily complied. I took the cock into one hand, slowly stroking it as I slid it past my lips & let it fill my mouth. I bobbed my head steadily, letting it slide in & out of my mouth; every so often, taking it so far in that I gagged. I could feel my juices starting to drip from my wet pussy.After a while, she pushed me back on the bed & climbed on top of me. She pinned my hands on either side of my head & pressed her lips firmly to mine. She forced her tongue in my mouth, letting it swirl around my tongue. She broke our kiss, tugging on my bottom lip before kissing her way down my torso. She stopped at my breasts, running her tongue all over them. She took one in her hand & began kneading it, pinching & teasing the nipple; she sucked on the other, running her tongue over the nipple before softly biting into it. The pain from her pinching & biting my nipples made my juices really flow.As she continued to suck on my nipples, alternating between the two, she slid a hand down between my legs. She ran her fingertips over my inner thighs & over my swelling lips. The feel of her fingers gliding over my pussy made me twitch with anticipation. I softly moaned as she continued to circle the outside of my pussy. “M-more,” I cautiously begged. She pulled herself back from my breasts & ran a finger between my pussy lips, making me gasp at the sudden sensation.“Mm, looks like you’re ready,” she said after seeing the juices on her finger. She licked it off as she climbed off of me. türbanlı artvin escort bayan She went over to her dresser & grabbed something from a drawer & quickly came back. Before I could tell what she had, she was tying my feet & hands together, then to each side of the bed, leaving my juicy pussy spread wide.She got down on her knees & softly started kissing my inner thighs. She ran her hands up my body, touching me everywhere but where I needed it most. She slowly worked her way to my dripping pussy, softly kissing & sucking on each labium. I bucked my hips, trying to get her to give me what I needed, but she sat back & gave my pussy a firm smack. The sensation sent tingles throughout my body, making me groan in delight.Once I relaxed, she spread my lips apart, giving her clear access to my clit & opening. “Such a pretty pink little pussy,” she sensually whispered before running her tongue up my pussy, lapping up all my juices. “Fuck! You taste delicious, Baby.” She teased my whole with her tongue, sticking only the tip in & out. Then she moved up to my clit; it was engorged & throbbing. She latched her lips around it & sucked hard on it, flicking it with her tongue.“Mmm, fuck! More,” I moaned, throwing my head back in delight. She rapidly flickered her tongue over my clit. While she had me distracted working on my clit, she slowly slid two fingers into my tight pink pussy. I groaned as she separated her fingers, stretching me out. She slowly slid her fingers in & out of me as she continued her tongue work on my pussy. “Harder,” I demanded, & she complied, sitting back to fuck me harder with her fingers. I could feel my walls starting to tighten around her fingers. She pressed down on my lower abdomen with her free hand, & hooked her fingers as she thrust them in türbanlı escort artvin me. “Oh~ fuck! I’m gonna come,” I gasped before squirting all over her hand.She removed her fingers & licked her hand clean before sitting back down between my legs. She shoved her fingers back in me & rapidly thrust, making me squirt again, in no time, this time into her mouth. She got up & climbed up my body, spitting my juices into my mouth. I swallowed it all; I couldn’t believe how good I tasted.She began kissing me once more, both of us tasting my delicious pussy in each other’s mouths. As we aggressively made-out, she thrust the huge dildo into my still throbbing pussy. I moaned out loud as she stretched me out, filling me up with the cock. She pushed down on my legs as she slowly began thrusting in & pulling out, rolling her hips so that it hit just right in my opening.She steadily thrust the enormous cock into me, watching me arch my back as the pleasure over took my body. She slowly untied my hands & feet, still rocking in & out of me. Once my hands were free, she pulled out & flipped me over, forcing me on my hands & knees. She firmly gripped my hips & entered me from behind. Without hesitation, she began fucking me hard; shoving the cock deep inside me, rapidly. She smacked my ass, leaving a big red mark across it; but the pain only added to the pleasure that was coursing through my body. She reached a hand down & began rubbing my clit, hard.My legs began to shake as I felt myself inching closer & closer to my climax. Suddenly, she pulled out & lay down beside me on the bed. She pulled me on top of her, positioning me over the cock. She began bouncing me up & down on it, thrusting up into me, hard. I began rubbing my clit, feeling the orgasm approaching.“Fuck, Baby, I’m gonna come,” I breathed. She pulled out & pulled me so I was up over her mouth. I continued rubbing my clit until I finally hit my orgasm. My juices sprayed out of my raw pussy, filling her mouth, running all over her face & neck. She swallowed it all, then licked my pussy clean.I collapsed beside her & began licking my juices from her wet flesh. I didn’t need an answer as to why she was acting so jealous after all that.

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