14 Mart 2023

First Massage


Only the second half of this is my writing. A female online friend started the story off and I promised to finish it for her. I also promised her I’d publish it. I edited her part slightly so that the story is told from a single point of view, but otherwise the ideas and tone are hers.


I found out later that you’d always been good at massage….with your husband, anyway. He always used to tell you that you made him so relaxed, so unwound, so excited! Now he was gone, and you had to support yourself somehow.

And then one day you found yourself with the advertising cards you’d made, ready to stick one up in the phone box across town. Dare you? You needed the money really badly. Before you could, there was a soft knocking on the window. You jumped and turned around, dropping the card on the floor. You’d been caught in the act.

There I was, standing there smiling. You were obviously flustered, with tears welling up. I bent down, picked the card up and read it. You stood looking at the floor, ashamed you’d come to this. I placed the card back in your hands and you looked into my face.

I smiled again, trying to make you feel comfortable. Seeing your distress, I took you by the arm into the pub across the road, and ordered you a large brandy. We had a good honest chat and I explained that I understood, as you told me everything. After 2 or 3 glasses, you seemed more relaxed. It turned out that we enjoyed each others company.

Before you knew what you were doing, you were asking me back to your place. You explained that you needed me to help you overcome your first time! If you knew you were ok, then that would make it so much easier for you. You explained that you didn’t want payment if things worked out ok – I would always be welcome for a freebie anytime!! I smiled and took your hand, and lead you out of the pub…..15mins later we arrived at your house. The brandies had made you relaxed, and a little giddy!

You left me in the room to undress and lay face down on the massage table, as you nipped upstairs to get changed. You seemed relaxed now and not at all nervous and now feel like you’ve known me all your life ………it’s also been a very long time since you’d had the company of a man. This is going to be a night to remember!

As you walked into the room you dimmed the light and lit the dozen or so candles around the room. You looked towards me, and saw the look of lust in my eyes…you have a clinical ever so short dress on with the zip down the front pulled low down, showing your ample cleavage, bulging out. You turned around and bent over the side table to get a bottle of the offer izle oil. You could probably feel my eyes on you when I notice that you have no knickers on! The bottom of your cheeks, your hairy bush and your lips were just showing through!

You turned round and walked over to me. You poured some sweet smelling oil over my shoulders, and started working the oil in using hard circular movements, digging your thumbs around my shoulder blades. I started to moan softly. You moved your hands down, your thumbs rubbing into the sides of my spine, moving further down to the base, back up, and bending over me to reach both shoulders. You applied more oil and I could feel your tits pressing against my back, your soft breath against my neck.

You moved around to face me. You stood a foot in front of me, and pulled the zip all the way down, letting your dress fall to the floor. You had a silky see-through bra on, and I can see that your nipples are stretching the silk hard and trying to burst through. Looking further down, I can clearly see your knickerless cunt and a now hard clit and full lips showing beneath your thick bush. I reached one arm towards your cunt, my middle finger feeling between your lips feeling your juices, and with my wet finger circling your hard clit. I know that you haven’t had a man in ages, and I can see that you’re more wet and swollen than you’ve ever been. You’re going to make this last, because you could cum now just standing there with me now, my three fingers pushing up inside you!

I think I know how you’re feeling. I slide my fingers out of you and grab your hips and pull you into my face. Your juices are running down my chin as I take your clit into my mouth and suck on it like a small cock. You move away to my side and clamber astride my back. You apply more oil, or so I think, and you rub my shoulders. I can feel your warm cunt sliding over my back, it’s so wet. You place your own hand between your legs, and slide your fingers in, covering them with warm cunt juice and feeling the warm friction of your flaps on my back. You massage my arms, shoulders and neck. My head is on one side, my eyes are closed and I am in ecstasy! You can well know how uncomfortable I must be laying on a rock hard cock.

You move your hand onto my cheek and slowly feel my lips, pushing the tip of your finger inside. I suck, open my eyes and look into your face and smile. You smile back…I know the taste of love juice. I now know what I’ve been massaged with. The smell of it lingers in the air along with sweet smelling sweat, off both of us.

You lift your body off me, letting the old man izle me turn over. We are face to face! You lift yourself, letting my bent hard cock spring to full life in front of you. You gape at my large throbbing, inviting, suckable hard shaft!!! It rests against your stomach, the head so swollen, and pre-cum is runs down the shaft. You sit with your legs over mine… your cunt is nestling against my balls. You run a finger around my tip, and you take a long look at it covered in my pre-cum. You slowly place it between your lips and watch my reaction.

I grab hold of your finger, and shove it into your mouth, watching you suck hard as if it were itself a cum-covered cock. My hand moves over to your cunt and I slide my fingers into you, covering them in your juice. You surprise me by pulling my finger into your mouth. You taste yourself, and smile at me while your tongue laps up your own tangy juices. You push another of your fingers inside yourself and when you take it out you rub it around my lips and then into my mouth. I suck hungrily on it……

I lie there smiling, tasting you on my lips and watching you savour your own taste as well. You are still astride me, and my eyes focus now on your body even more….from your smirking, moist lips down your neck to your big stiff-nippled tits, I can’t get enough. You thrust them forward as my eyes bore into them. I look over your belly and then down onto your wet, hairy cunt that has two big pink flaps sitting on top of my rock hard cock. As you see my eyes following your prize, you roll your hips around, grinding your clit onto my hard prick. I can see you’re preparing to get serious, and your desire is starting to take control of you.

Your thrusting becomes firmer and more urgent, and you press your slick flaps down onto my cock harder than before. I can see the concentration in your face as you grind over me, and you involuntarily grab first your tits and rub, then your nipples and tweak them firmly. I know you’re shy but doing this on top of me you look so dirty, so filthy and wanton, that I wonder how you can call yourself shy. You look like you were made to have admiring men watching you get off. Soon you can stand no more and squat over me, your tits dangling over my chest as you grab my cock and direct its tip toward your soaking cunthole. I grab them and squeeze gently even as you lower yourself down, we can both see my hard cock sliding into you. You lean forward again and press your tits onto my chest as you rock your hips to get your clit firing. I can feel the hard clench of your tight cunt on my cock, and feel the passage izle the juice seeping down over my balls.

Soon you’re riding me like I’m a horse and bouncing up and down as you pant and moan. My hands spread all over you, there isn’t a part of you I haven’t now touched or had my fingers in. Sweat covers you all over but you don’t care, you just want and so desperately need a good fuck. You are taking out on me all the frustrations of your long dry spell, and I’m so glad to have needed to make that phone call this morning! Your legs get tired and you need a rest, so you stand, my cock flops wetly back onto my belly, and you step over me.

I stand and walk up behind you, grabbing you first by the hips so I can pull your arse cheeks back onto my slick cock, then they slide up your body to your tits – I can’t resist them! – and we spend a moment gyrating smoothly, our sweat providing the greaser that allows this. Soon I press you gently forward and you rest your elbows on the table and present your arse crack to me. I know you’re already well primed but I just can’t help reaching in between your legs and grabbing a good handful of your crotch, quite roughly this time, and working it around with my fingers. Your shoulders slump forward as you enjoy this unscheduled probing. Before long I remove my hand and spread your arse cheeks with my fingers so I can see your wet hole.

As I slide into you from behind I again feel the tight grip, though my cock still slides in easy because you’re so wet. I have my hands on your hips so I can now guide you and control the pace, and you allow this opportunity to just feel a cock in you and enjoy being fucked. Your tits swing back and forth as I slam my cock into you, I’m close to losing control. Your head falls onto your arms and your legs spread further, a sure sign you’re nearly ready to cum.

You’re now a moaning, quivering mess, your clit a dark pink and almost bursting. You can feel that I’m about to explode as well, as we’re in perfect rhythm as we fuck. You grab the other side of the table and press your arse back even harder and I know you’re about to cum…..I pump harder still and then after one, two, three, and four thrusts I see you collapse exhausted onto the table while I grab your hips and pull your cunt firmly back onto my swollen cock which is spurting a jet of cum into your hole…..I collapse forward onto your back and we’re almost stuck together with sweat and a mixture of thick cum. When I recover I slide my dick out of you and stand back.

Cum is oozing out of your now swollen cunt and dribbling over your clit and pubes, and even down your thigh. I smile and walk around to the other side of the table and stand in front of you so you can lick the juice of my almost smoking cock…..you do this gratefully and soon my balls are clean of juice…..and there you keep lying….waiting for me to return the favour of a massage.

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