1 Ağustos 2021

First time with over the road trucker


First time with over the road truckerSort of by accident I discovered that there are a lot of horny truckers looking to have a little fun on the road. Using another hook-up service I started chatting with a few truckers and discovered that one overnights at a truck stop not far from where I live. We started having some sexual chat and I decided the next time he is near I’m going for it.A couple of weeks later it happened. He let me now he was nearby and I suggested I come to his sleeper and we could play around. He was a little hesitant and suggested we meet inside first. We met at the counter and chatted innocently for a bit. He was a nice looking black guy, about 6’2″ and 240 pounds, a real bear of a man but attractive with a shaved head. After a bit he asked if I wanted to see his truck. I said I did and I started to get butterflies in my stomach. He told me which one it is and said to give him 5 minutes. I used the time to go to the restroom and straighten myself up. I had panties, bra and nylons on under mt jeans and jacket.After a few minutes I wandered out to the truck parking area looking for the truck. He flashed his lights helpfully and I hurried over and climbed up in the passenger side. He was in back and I made my way. I could hear a porno playing and when I got in I could see he was watching etiler escort a white CD sucking off a huge black cock. He asked me right away if that tuened me on and I admitted it did. I looked over and was surprised to see he was in panties with a stiff cock poking out, and a red wig. Nothing else. My eyes were immediately drawn to his huge black cock. While I watched he rubbed his finger tip over the tip of his cock and it came away with a string of pre-cum. He extended his arm offering me his finger and without hesitation I bent and sucked his finger into my mouth and moaned softly as I tasted his pre-cum. I began to bob my head and suck his finger like a cock. “Why don’t you get those clothes off” he instructed and again, without hesitation I complied. I could not believe how submissive I was acting and I wanted to taste his cock so badly.I removed my jeans, shoes, and jacket and stood before him in my girly underclothes. I could see by his smile that he approved and he began to stroke his cock again. It looked to be 8 or 9 inches and was very thick. I licked my lips and he asked if I wanted to suck it. “Very much” I murmured and touched my own throbbing cock through my panties and I felt the pre-cum soaking through them.I climbed up next to him and ümraniye escort took his hardness in my hand and began stroking him. He tilted my face up to him and placed his lips on mine, probing with his tongue. My lips parted and he snaked his tongue into my mouth. I moaned and began sucking his tongue like a cock as he reached down and started rubbing me through my panties. I moaned louder and then he took control. Pulling away he placed a hand on the back of my head pushing me down. “That’s it bitch, don’t fight it. Let it happen. Suck that black dick and know who is boss”. It excited me and then his cock was pressing against my lips. I did as instructed and let it happen; my lips parted and I let him push his throbbing cock into my mouth. I started sucking immediately and my hand crawled up to caress and fondle his balls and I sucked him deep into my mouth.”You like them balls bitch? Suck those too” and with that he flipped me on my back and crawled up so his cock and balls were over my face. He lowered his balls to my mouth and I obediently opened up and sucked them in. I sucked gently on his balls as he slapped my face with his cock. I could feel the precum sticking to my face. I was so horny and he reached down to my own pantied cock and started sarıyer escort rubbing it, coaxing more precum from it and staining my panties. “You’re a real horny, nasty white bitch ain’t you? You like sucking big ole nigger dick slut?” All I could do was moan my agreement.Pretty soon he pulled his balls from my greedy mouth and announced it was time to fuck my bitch face. My response was to open wide and stick my tongue out. He slapped my tongue with his cock a few times and then pushed it in, a little too far too fast and I immediately started gagging. “Come on bitch, you gotta suck a nigga’s dick”. With that he yanked me around with my head hanging off of the bunk as he stood over me and began sliding his cock into my mouth again. He took it a little slower and pretty soon his whole cock was shoved in my mouth. I could feel the tip pushing into my throat but the gag reflex was gone. He began pumping my mouth and it was fantastic. I had never been man-handled like this before and I was really liking it. He fucked my mouth for a good five minutes, never letting up, spit drooling from my face and my own cock throbbing. Then he announced he was coming and he did, right down my throat. I couldn’t taste it but I loved feeling his thick, hot ropy cum running down inside of me. Then I came in my panties.Afterwards he was very quick to tell me to get my shit and get the fuck out of his truck. I quickly complied and as I was getting out he told me next time he was going to bust my white cherry ass. I can’t wait!Since them I am always on the lookout for truckers that need a good blowjob. I hope to find some more rough men on the road.

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