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Subject: Forest Fun part 1 M(b9) (b9-1/2), bb anal mast gay/adult youth Usual disclaimers: this aint true, it’s just totally gleaned from my imagination. Do not try this at home. Do not try this without adult supervision. Since it is a kiddy fuck story and I did not make money off it, it can’t be copywrited, the same as any kiddy fuck story, and if it could, who is going to take any violations to court? So, copy and repost freely, as long as you don’t change anything including the writers name. Side effects may be, but are not limited to, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal bleeding, erected penis, vaginal throbbing and/or discharge, anal throbbing, euphoria, moaning, heart palpatations, heart attack or death. The writer holds no responsibility for adverse effects. Read at your own risk. Not valid in UT, CA, WA. Forest Fun part 1 By Darin 2b Naked Story codes M, b(9) b(9 �) anal, mast. I was in my kitchen looking out my back window. My house is in a developed neighborhood, but backed up to a patch of woods about a half mile square, there were some trails through the woods that I would walk occasionally. It was a warm day and I was staying in out of the heat and I was going to make myself a sandwich when I saw 2 boys entering the woods. They kept looking around as if they were worried about someone seeing them, I noticed one boy had his hand pressed to his stomach and they were laughing as they stepped out of my vision. The 2 boys looked cute and appeared to be about 9 years old, and were dressed in t-shirts, shorts and sneakers, one had blonde hair and the other had black hair grown to his shoulders. As they stepped into the woods, I saw the dark-haired boy pull something out from under his shirt. The way they were acting and the thing he pulled from under his shirt, I suspected they were sneaking away to look at a fuck magazine, and what 9-year-old boy is just going to look? I figured if I gave them a few minutes, they would have their little cocklets out, hard and stroking. Now I am a 60-year-old white man that has always enjoyed little boys, and sometimes little girls. Their skin is so soft and smooth, their cocklets and cuntlets are just beautiful and at this age are curious to learn that what they pee with can be used for more than just peeing. I went into my living room and started putting my sneakers on, “Where you going?” my wife asked. “I just saw 2, 9-year-old boys walk into the woods; I think they had a stroke magazine with them.” I told her. My wife knows about my tastes and from time to time she will bring home a young boy or girl for us to share. My favorite is young boys and her favorite is little girls, we have 2 daughters, grown and gone, who were raised on mommy and daddy loving. My wife broke their cherries with her finger when they were babies so that they didn’t have to worry about it hurting when they got older. When they were young, we would finger them and eat their little pussies and assholes, I got my cock into my oldest at 10 years old and my youngest at 8 years old. They still come over for some mommy and daddy loving sometimes and will bring our grandchildren over to spend the weekend and learn about special loving from grandma and grandpa. “Well, be careful, we don’t want them running to their parents about a creepy old man trying to get in their little holes.” She said as I headed for the door. “Don’t worry, I probably won’t get to fuck them, but I can hide and watch and jack off can’t I?” I said as I closed the door behind me. I went around to the back of the house and walked to the spot where I saw them go in, sure enough there was a well-worn path there. I entered the woods, following the path as quietly as I could, keeping my eyes peeled for the boys. I couldn’t see them up ahead so I kept walking, being careful not to step on any leaves or twigs. I had walked about 100 yards down the trail, when I heard one of the boys say, “Wow, look at that one.” I looked to my right and saw a thick clump of bushes, luckily there wasn’t much undergrowth or sticks so I was able to sneak up on the bush with little noise. Once I got to the bush, I could see that it was actually a circle of bushes with a 10-foot clearing in the middle grown over with grass. There was a toppled over tree that had fallen right across the middle of the open space. The tree was about a foot thick and about 2 feet off the ground and the boys were sitting on it facing me and looking at the magazine. I saw that their shorts were around their ankles, their little white underwear on top of the shorts, I could see their smooth white legs and thighs, their fists stroking their hard-little shafts as they commented about what they were jacking off to. “Wow, that’s beautiful, how would you like to have one of those?” the blonde said. “Hold it right there, I’m about to do it.” The dark-haired boy said as he stroked his little meat faster staring at the magazine his friend was holding open for him. “Oh..yeah..oh..oh..ohhhh..” he moaned as his legs straightened out and his little body jerked in his boygasm. I could see the head of his cock and saw nothing squirt out, which was not surprising given his young age. His cum finally complete, his legs came down and he stroked slowly, more like petting than stroking. “Whew, that was a good one,” he said. “It looked like it.” The blonde boy said chuckling. They turned the page commenting on the various pictures. Then they turned the page and the blonde boy said, “OHHH…” as he tensed up and went into his boygasm, apparantly taking him by surprise. His friend was watching the boys cock throb and jerk as the boy stopped stroking and just started squeezing the head gently between his finger and thumb. He let out a breath and leaned against his friends’ shoulder, his eyes closed, still squeezing his little head. “How did that feel? It looked like it was a really good one.” The dark-haired boy said, looking down at şişli escort his friend on his shoulder. “Ohhhh…yeahhh…it was great.” The blonde boy said dreamilly. The boys let go of their little pricklets and put the magazine down. They had their legs spread giving me a great view of their little stiffies. I was looking at 2 beautiful hard 9-year-old cocks. They were both cut, their cute little helmet shaped heads uncovered and on display. They both looked very big for their age, both cocks hairless and skinny, standing straight up. The dark-haired boy looked to be about 3 inches and the blonde boy a half inch shorter, the longer cock had a set of low hanging balls, his sack resting on the log, they were so beautiful, my cock was hard and my mouth was watering. “I have to pee.” The blonde boy said. “Me too.” The other boy said. “Hey, wanna see who can pee the farthest? From sitting right here we’ll see who can pee out the farthest” the blonde boy suggested. “Ok, what does the winner get?” The boy thought for a minute, then picked up the magazine, he opened it and said, “The winner gets to do this” he said, pointing at the magazine. “Ok, you go first.” The blonde boy grabbed his hard-little stick, then tensed, grunted, then started his stream. His yellow pee came out in an arc landing on the ground about 3 feet in front of him. He emptied his little bladder for about 30 seconds, then shook the drops from his pee hole. “Ok, beat that.” He said. “Ok,” the dark-haired boy said. He grunted trying to push his stream out, then farted, causing both boys to laugh. The boy continued to push, then started his stream. A yellow line of pee left his cock, arced in the air, landing about a foot further than the blonde boy. “Ha ha, I win,” he said continuing to deliver his stream. Suddenly the other boy reached over grabbing the squirting cocklet and squeezed, interrupting the stream. “HEY!” the boy said loudly pushing the boy’s hand away from his cock. The blonde boy was laughing, his hard-little prick bouncing as he laughed. “Ok, you won.” The boy said as he jumped down and bent over the log, his pale little butt sticking out. He reached back, spread his cheeks exposing his brown puckered hole. I wanted to run out of the bushes and stick my tongue way up inside him. The dark-haired boy jumped down still stroking his woody and walked up behind the other boy. His butt was shaped beautifully, white and smooth, poking out creating a sweet bubble butt. Although I couldn’t see it, the position and action of the boy was obvious, he was trying to get his little cocklet into his friend’s boy pussy. No telling if they had tried this before or they just now saw it in the magazine and decided to copy it. Seeing his cheeks clench 2 or 3 times, I finally heard him say “it won’t go in”. “Push harder” the other boy said. The boys cheeks were clenching and his hips were pushing, but he just couldn’t get his little meat into the puckered hole. “Wait a minute” he said as he picked the magazine back up and looked at the picture. Unless he could see the asshole, he wouldn’t be able to tell if it was an asshole or a pussy getting fucked. He lay the magazine back down and went back to his friends’ hole. I could see when he was reviewing the magazine, his cock was still hard as steel, but obviously he didn’t know about spitting on it first. He kept pushing and his friend kept groaning, but he just couldn’t sink his little tool into his friend. I felt bad for them and I was horny as hell, so I made a decision. While the boy tried to dock with the asshole in front of him, I stepped through the bushes. They heard me and both of them jumped up, turned around and started for their pants. “Hold it, don’t pull them up.” I told them in kind of a demanding voice. “I saw what you boys were doing, and it looked like you needed some help, so I figured I would show you how to do what you are trying to do.” “Uhhh…we weren’t trying to do anything mister.” The dark-haired boy said as he was bent over, his hands on his pants. He had stopped like I told them but was still in the position. The blonde boy just stood there with his cock sticking up and throbbing, a wide-eyed look on his face. I smiled at them, “It’s ok, guys, I’m not going to say anything, I know you guys are just playing, I only came out of the bushes to help you do what you were trying to do. See, his cock wasn’t slippery and your hole wasn’t slippery, so he couldn’t get it in your hole, would you like me to show you how to do it?” I asked as I unbuckled my own pants and dropped them to my feet, letting the boys see my hard man cock and put them more at ease. The dark-haired boy stood up slowly and elbowed his friend, “Wow, look at that one”. “Yeah” the other boy said in awe, as he watched me stroke my hard 7-inch man cock. “My name is Jim, by the way, what is your names?” I asked “Paul” the dark haired one said. “Frank” blondie said. I shuffled over to the log and sat down on it, still stroking my erection, precum leaking out the hole. “How old are you two?” I asked them. Frank said “I’m nine and Paul is nine and a half.” At their age, it’s important to get that `and a half’ in there, it makes all the difference in the world in their circle. “Well, Paul and Frank, let me see what you were looking at here” I said as I picked up the magazine. “Uhhh…we…we found that here” Paul said as I opened it up. When I opened the magazine the first thing I saw was a hairy cock, inserted into another hairy asshole, the surrounding area shiny, obviously lubed up. I looked at the front of the magazine, “Butt Magazine?” I asked. “Honestly mister, we found it.” Frank said defensively. I noticed their little stiffies were starting to wilt, “You better keep stroking those or you will lose your hardon.” I told them as I went back to the magazine, both boys grabbed their little sivas escort wieners and started stroking slowly. “Yeah, you might have found it, but you didn’t find it here, I saw you walk into the woods with it under your shirt.” I said, looking at Paul. “So, do you guys like looking at these pictures?” I asked. Both boys just hung their heads, still stroking their woodies. “Hey, guys, I am just here to join you and help you have fun, just relax, I’m not going to hurt you.” I said. “Is this what you boys were trying to do?” I asked holding up the pictures. “Umm…kinda…” Frank mumbled. “Have you ever done it to each other before?” I asked. Frank shook his head no, looking at me. “Ok, well, I can help. See the shiny stuff around this guy’s hole?” I asked and they both nodded “That is lube, slippery stuff that they squirted on the hole and this guys cock to make it easy to go in the hole. You guys don’t have any lube, so your dry cock, won’t go into his dry hole. Here,” I said standing up, “let me show you something. Frank, lean back over the log again.” He jumped up and put his belly on the log, his ass up and his little hole availiable. I walked over to him, I got down on my knees and started licking his hole.” “HEY!” he shouted trying to get up. “It’s ok Frank, I’m not going to hurt you, all I am going to do is lick you and make your hole wet so Pauls cock can get in.” I told him, he relaxed and leaned back over the log. I licked and sucked on his hole, savoring the flavor and smell of his little boy pussy. He tasted wonderful and the feeling of that tight young pucker on my tongue was pure heaven, my own cock was hard as a rock. Frank started moaning, enjoying the rimming he was getting. I sucked his hole for about a minute or so, Paul looking on still stroking his little cocklet. I spit a large amount of saliva into his hole then left it. “Stay just like that Frank.” I turned to Paul, looking at his young boy meat. It was lovely, so hard and straight, it looked like a small finger sticking up, his bag was hanging down and his 2 marbles outlined at the bottom. The helmet shaped head was quite dark with blood and throbbing slightly, his piss hole was dilated. “Ok, Paul, Now I’ll get you wet.” I said as I lowered my mouth over his boy stick. His cock in my mouth felt wonderful, so smooth and warm, I sucked and licked, sticking the tip of my tongue into his piss hole. He had his hands on my head for support, his eyes were closed and his head back, moaning, enjoying the sucking he was getting. It sounded like he might not be too far away from cumming, so I left a large amount of saliva on his cock and sat up. “Ok, now Paul, come over here.” Paul shuffled over behind Frank’s exposed ass. I took his cocklet in between my finger and thumb and pulled him closer to Frank’s hole. “Now Paul, you line up the head of your cock, to Frank’s hole,” which he did, resting the tip on his little pucker. “Ok, now Frank, when you feel Paul start to push his cock into you, you push out like you are trying to poop, that will make his cock go in easier. Ok, now Paul, push forward and bury your cock into Frank’s hole” He started pushing, “Now Frank, push out” I said. As I watched Frank’s pucker push outward, Paul’s cock slowly inserted itself into the dark hole of Frank’s rectum. I watched as he slid all the way in to his hairless pelvis. Frank gave a low “ooomff..” as he bottomed out. “Ok, now Frank, you just keep pushing, not real hard though, he is already inside you. Now Paul, pull your cock out a little bit.” He pulled out just an inch or so, just leaving his head inside his friend. “Ok, now push back in, now pull out a little again,” I coached him as he started learning how to fuck boy pussy. “Ok, now Paul, you are fucking Frank in the ass. You keep going in and out like that, but try not to pull out too far and fall out of his hole. You just keep on fucking him, does it feel good?” I asked. “YEAH!,” he whispered excitedly as he cornholed his friend. “Frank, does that feel good for you?” I asked looking over the log. He had his eyes closed and a smile on his face. “Ohhh…yeahhhh…” he whispered as he felt his friend continue to fill his hole. I reached under and took Frank’s hard little stick in my fingers and started stroking him. “Now Paul, I am stroking Frank while you are fucking him, when you fuck a boy, you should reach under and stroke his cock too, that’s called a reach around. The whole idea behind fucking someone is to give pleasure to both boys. Now you just go ahead and fuck him however you like. You can go faster, slower, harder, it’s up to you, but you never want to do something the other boy doesn’t want to, that’s not polite.” I told them. Paul started fucking faster and harder, slipping out of the warm sheath occasionally. Frank was moaning as I stroked his young meat, and I stroked mine with my free hand. “Ohhh…ohhh…Mr. Jim, it feels funny.” Paul said as he sawed into his friends shit chute. “That is ok Paul, you are about to cum, the same thing that happened when you guys were stroking yourselves, that is what is supposed to happen, you just keep fucking him and enjoying it.” I told him. “I feel it,” Frank said as his small meat expanded in my fingers, “Uhhh…ohhh…uhh…uhh…uhhh…” Frank moaned loudly as his orgasm started. I could feel his little hard meat throbbing in my fingers with each contraction. I could see his asshole gobbling Paul’s young cock as his prostate attempted to push out non-existant cum. “OHHH…YESSS…YESSS…OHHHHHH…” Paul screamed as Frank’s asshole chomping on his cocklet sent him over the edge too. I pushed on Paul’s soft butt, pushing him further into Frank’s hole and held him there while he came. My own cum was not too far away, but I wanted the two boys to watch me shoot so I was holding it back. The two boys had finished cumming and were laying together panting sıhhiye escort and enjoying the feelings. In a couple of minutes, Paul unplugged from Frank’s hole and stood up, Frank stood up as well. “Boy’s come over here and watch, I am going to cum, and I want you to see the sperm shoot out. Both boys gathered around me, their pants still around their ankles. I jacked my cock a little faster then started to cum. “Ohh…yess…ohhhhh…fuck…yess…yess…” I moaned as my sperm started spurting from my cumhole to arc into the air and then to the ground. I shot 3 good spurts, and then the remainder dribbled over my cockhead to my hand. I continued stroking slowly as my cum seeped out of my hole. The boys were standing there staring at my cock, their eyes bulging, both of them said “WOW” at the same time. I chuckled, “See boys, that is called cumming. When you get older, and you cum the way you just did, sperm will shoot out of your cocks just like it did mine, that’s what makes babys in girls when you spray it into their cunts.” Their little sticks were hard again and they fondled themselves as I finished stripping the dregs from my cock. I brought my hand to my face and started licking the cum off it. “Mmmm…I said, do you want to taste?” I asked holding my hand out. The boys looked at me warily and then looked at each other. Paul said, “You first”. Frank leaned forward and swiped his tongue through a pool on my hand. He pulled it back to his mouth and started tasting it. He shrugged his shoulders, “Not bad” he said. Paul then leaned forward and licked at my hand, he too tasted it on his tongue, “Hey, that’s pretty good.” He said smiling as he leaned forward and licked some more. I let him lick it all off my hand, then I said, “There is still some on my cock if you want it.” Grabbing my now soft, slimy meat and holding it up. Paul looked at me kind of funny then leaned down. “Go ahead, put it in your mouth and suck the cum off, it’s the same cum that was on my hand.” “Don’t pee in my mouth” Frank said on his way down. He took my cock into his hand and lowered his mouth over it. It felt wonderful, his little virgin mouth sucking my man cock was amazing. He licked and sucked until there was no trace of my seed, my cock hardening up in his mouth. I noticed when I got hard, even though there was none left, he bobbed up and down on my hard shaft a few times before he took it out of his mouth, but he still held it in his hand as he stood up, I got the feeling Paul enjoyed cock. “Mmm…that was good, can you make some more?” he asked as we all laughed. “Well, not right away, we will have to wait a few minutes before I can shoot again. Did you like that?” I asked. “Yeah, that was neat.” Frank said. “Yeah, it tasted good too” Paul said. “When will our cocks be able to shoot stuff out?” he asked. “When you are around 12 or 13, you have a few years yet.” I told them. But there are lots of things you guys can do with each other’s cocks and assholes until then to make each other feel good. You see this picture?” I told them holding up a picture from the magazine. “This guy is sucking this guys cock, and it feels really, really good. He is going to keep on sucking him until he cums in his mouth, then he will drink down his man cream too.” I told them. “What other things can we do, will you show us please?” Paul asked, excitedly. “I will be happy to show you two how to please each other. You already learned one way today and you guys can keep practicing that on each other. Do you boys come out here a lot?” I asked. Paul said, “Yeah, usually right after school, we will come here and jack off or just play. I found this magazine by the road on the way home from school so I brought it with us today. Do all guys do the stuff that is in here?” he asked. “Not all guys, boys do though, boys like to experiment and see what their cocks and assholes can do. See these guys kissing? Some grown men do that with each other too, but usually boys do it together when they are playing with their cocks and stuff. Would you like to see other magazines with naked men and girls in them?” I asked. “YEAH!” Both boys said excitedly. “Ok, tell you what, tomorrow after school, about this same time, you come back to this spot and I will bring one that shows some naked men and women in it, how’s that.” I said “Ok,” Paul said, as we all started pulling our pants up. “Ok, then boys, I’ll see you tomorrow, right here. Now remember, this is OUR secret, nobody can know about what we do here, because if your parents found out you were looking at dirty magazines and jacking off and fucking each other, they would go crazy and you guys would be in real big trouble. Naturally I won’t say anything to them of course, since it is OUR secret.” “Yeah, we sure would be, thanks for not saying anything to them, we were scared at first, we thought we really were in big trouble.” Frank said. “Thanks for showing us how to do it, that was really fun” he said as they both started to walk away. “Hey, boys, I’ll hang on to this magazine and whenever you want to look at it, just tell me and I’ll bring it out here.” “Ok, thanks” one of the boys yelled as they walked down the trail. I went home, thinking about what we could do tomorrow. I walked in the house and my wife was still in the living room. “Well, did you get any little boy butt, you perverted pedo you?” she asked smiling. I told her everything that happened, showed her the magazine and described the boys and their little cocks and asses as she looked through the magazine. I noticed she was rubbing her pussy through her pants. “Do you think you can get them to come here?” she asked, turning the pages of the magazine continuing to rub her snatch. “Oh, I think so, after a while. Maybe by this weekend, why, does mama want to play too?” I asked laughing “Yes, mama wants to play too.” She said mocking me. She stood up came over to me and grabbed my cock through my pants. “In fact, mama wants to play right now.” She said as she pulled me by my cock to the stairs. “Come upstairs and stick this thing into mama’s cunt you horny old bastard.” So, I did. End part 1 Comments, accolades, dirty thoughts, etc. are welcome ail

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