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Subject: Four Boys and A Hotel Room Chapter 3 This story is complete fiction. It was inspired by four guys in line behind me in line at airport security. Please enjoy! Feel free to email me aol with any comments. Please donate to Nifty! Keep this great story archive going! Four Boys in a Hotel Lobby — Chapter Three Sorry for the fact that there is less sex in this chapter. Chapter 4 coming soon! Characters — Me: A 51-year-old guy, short, balding with a 7.5-inch cock under a big belly. On a business trip in a high-end hotel in Nebraska. John: 15-year-old who looks 18. He is tall, with Mediterranean features — short dark hair, swarthy skin, a five o’clock shadow beard. He is cut with a smallish 4-inch cock. He has big balls and shoots a very big load. He is completely shaved, except his head. He says he likes older big belly guys with man-boobs. He has done some stuff in bed with his Dad. Felix: Just turning 15, Felix is a short, Hispanic boy with long, unruly (on purpose) hair. He has the beginnings of a mustache above his lip and a treasure trail leading to the good parts. He is 5.5 inches uncut with decent sized balls all covered by a big bush. Bobby: About to turn 14, Bobby is tall for his age. He is a ginger with short hair, rosy cheeks and very boyish looks. He has just entered puberty, and has short pubes. He has a surprisingly big 6-inch uncut cock that looks even bigger with the short pubes. Brad: 14 ½ All American beach boy looks. He has long blond hair and very blue eyes. He is about 5ft6 and has a cut 5-inch cock with light brown pubes. Chapter three: I went with Felix and John down to their room. Much to our surprise, when they used the key to open the door, we were greeted by Bobby and Brad naked and in a very sexy — full on 69. They both freaked out! Bobby jumped up, trying to cover his turgid 6 incher, as Brad rolled over trying to hide his 5 incher, which is also as hard and red as it could be. Bobby looked like he was going to start crying as he stuttered “I – I -I n – n never did this before”. Brad just stuttered “We were just……UM… Uh”… John — who I have found out is the leader of the group, just laughed and said “it’s cool guys — we know what you were doing, we just did the same thing”! “What? You guys”? Then he seemed to notice me and said “Who’s he? Won’t he tell”? I told him not to worry, since I had just finished fooling around with both of his friends and swallowed their loads. Both Brad and Bobby just looked at me with slightly confused looks on their faces. Slowly, malatya escort Brad seemed to realize what I was saying. He dropped his hands and showed off his still hard 5-inch cock. I walked over and took it in my hand as I said “Hi. I’m Mike. I would love to finish what you guys started”. I sat him down and took his nice, fat cock, that was still dripping pre-cum, in my mouth. He moaned that it felt so good! Bobby was just kneeling on the bed staring at me. I sucked and licked Brad’s cock and then his balls. As I was doing this I motioned for Bobby to come and sit on the edge of the bed next to Brad. I was amazed that the tall, baby faced ginger had a bigger cock than Brad. Bobby sat down and I took his cock down my throat. “OH SHIT! HE’S TAKING THE WHOLE THING”! He yelled. I had him in my throat as I played with his balls. It only took one more stroke and he started moaning and with no warning he shot his big, sweet hot load down my throat. It was delicious! I swallowed his 13 y/o load and continued to lick and suck him as his cock slowly shrunk in my mouth. He fell back on the bed, moaning about how good it felt. Finished with Bobby, I moved over to Brad. What a cutie he was — Blonde and with deep, deep blue eyes, I could have sucked his fat, cut 5 incher all night. Unfortunately, he was so hot from 69ing with Bobby, and watching me take his friends cock down my throat and swallow his load, he shot his delicious, different tasting than Bobby’s (I had come to realize that all boys cum tastes different) load almost immediately. He also had to lie back on the bed after shooting. I continued to suck him and he stayed hard in my mouth. I was tempted to do him again, but remembered the other boys and dinner reservations. As the boys came out of the cum induced euphoria, I looked up to see Felix and John with bulges in their pants and smiles on their faces. I reached out to squeeze both cocks and told them I would take care of them later. They both agreed, wanting to know if we could all fool around together? I told them that was definitely going to happen, as long as the two B’s were ok with it. They both gave very enthusiastic yesses as I told them to get dressed nice as I was taking them all to dinner. Felix told them I was taking them all to Ruth Chris Steakhouse. They were very impressed. Brad even told me that burgers in the diner would be fine, they didn’t need something so fancy. The other boys started to agree but I vetoed them immediately and told them I always treat myself, and my friends, maltepe escort when I am on a business trip. Without being told anything the four of them changed into jackets and ties and nice slacks and dress shoes. On our way down, I told them that there would be no horseplay at dinner. They promised me that they all knew how to behave in fancy places. I would learn later that they all came from money, so they had eaten fancy before. I sat with four perfect gentlemen for dinner. Although there was some very discreet penis grabbing going on under the table, including mine. I learned during dinner that John’s Dad was a top Brain Surgeon in Carson City. In fact, the boys are all from Carson City. Felix’s Mom and Dad owned a chain of electronics stores all over Nevada. Bobby’s Mom is the biggest Real Estate Broker in city. Brad’s dad came from a big money family. Brad wasn’t sure what his dad did. I also found out why they were in the hotel. Johns Dad has a cabin on Lake Tahoe and he let the boys go use the cabin for the week to celebrate his 16th birthday (which was 2 weeks away). When they got to the cabin, they were amazed! CABIN? It was a mansion right on the lake. The excitement was quickly dampened when they couldn’t get the water to turn on. John called his dad who tried to fix it over the phone, but was unsuccessful. He told them he would make a reservation at a local luxury hotel (the same one I was in! YES!). He also told them it was close enough so that they could use all the other amenities in the house, including the boat, if they wanted. An aside about John and his dad that I found out in a private moment when it was just the two of us talking. It turns out that the reason he like older guys is because he learned all about sex from his dad, who is gay. He knew about it since he was about 10, when he walked into his dad’s room one morning and saw him sucking another guy’s cock. He watched for a while and was playing with his little dick when his dad saw him, when he saw his hard, little boy dick. He told him he could stay and watch if he was quiet, and they would talk later. They had that talk, and they talk about everything now. He and his dad started masturbating together and John realized that he liked boys too. One night when he was eleven, there was a bad storm and he got scared. He went into his dad’s room and crawled into bed with him. His dad must have been having a dream, because his cock was hard. It wasn’t that big, but bigger than his, for sure. And mamak escort he had really big balls. Now, he had played with his dad’s cock before, but he never did anything else. He had seen guys do oral sex on his dad’s videos, and he wanted to try it. He knew his dad wouldn’t mind. He bent over and took his dad’s cock (which like his was not very big — about 5 inches hard) into his mouth. He had watched the guys do it on video, and he read books online and did research. He used his tongue and lips as he took as much of his dad’s cock in his 11-year-old mouth as he could. He really was enjoying it. He guessed his dad was too, since he was moaning in his sleep. Suddenly his dad’s penis felt like it was getting bigger in his mouth. He knew from his reading that his dad was going to ejaculate. He kept licking and sucking and suddenly his dad moaned really loud and his eyes opened. He shot about 4 or 5 big shots of cum in Johnny’s mouth. Johnny swallowed it like a pro! His dad was fully awake and had a big smile on his face. He asked John if he enjoyed doing it and Johnny gave him an enthusiastic “YES”. From that point on, they would do things quite often, including, as he got older, anal sex with both taking turns as the bottom. When he was twelve, he had told his dad that he really liked his best friend Felix and that he wanted him as his first boyfriend. He told his dad that they had masturbated together (his dad was a doctor and insisted he use the correct words for everything) and he wanted to do more. They discussed how he should go about talking to Felix and dad gave some good advice. He had a sleepover with Felix the next weekend. Lying in bed after they jerked each other off, John turned to Felix and kissed him on the lips. Felix first looked surprised, and then he leaned over and kissed John back. John took the plunge and turned to Felix and said “I think I love you and I want you to be my boyfriend”. He looked at Felix with fear in his eyes. What would He say? How would he react? He didn’t need to worry. Felix got the biggest smile on his face and screamed “YES!!!” Then they kissed again and John ran to tell his dad. Anyway — sorry I strayed from the story. John’s dad could have gotten them a suite, but figured that maybe the boys would have more fun in a regular room with 2 beds so they had to share. We all enjoyed dinner at Ruth Chris. I asked what they wanted to do next and they all agreed they wanted to go to the room. I decided we should go to my suite; it was bigger and had a bigger TV for porn and 2 bedrooms if anyone wanted more privacy. They all agreed, and we headed up. We weren’t in the room five minutes when I came out of the bathroom they were all naked and the tv was on showing gay porn. I immediately got hard and knew this was going to be a fun night.

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