15 Mayıs 2023

Freshman Experience Part 3- Anal Love


Wednesday evening, as I was driving home for Thanksgiving, I reminisced about the past two days of fun I had with Jeni. Not only was it full of laughs and mind-blowing sex, but it had helped me gain confidence in myself. I finally felt comfortable trusting my instincts around a woman.The rest of Thanksgiving week passed quickly. I texted with both Steph and Jeni over the short break and could not wait to get back. We only had two weeks of classes/finals once we got back, then we were off for six weeks for the holiday break. If I was going to make a move on Steph, it had to be a quick one.Steph and Jeni both got back Sunday afternoon, and I was arriving around 7:00 pm Sunday night. I pulled into the dorm lot and parked my vehicle. I grabbed my bags of clean clothes and headed up to my building. As I walked up to the building, I saw Steph sitting in the main lobby. As I approached the door, she looked out and saw me. She lunged from her chair and swiftly moved to the door and opened it for me. Before I could even drop my bags, Steph jumped all over me. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist.”Phil, I missed you,” she excitedly exclaimed.”Damn Steph, you obviously you did,” I laughed, “You couldn’t let me put my stuff down?””I’m just excited to see you again,” she stated as I began to lower her to the ground.”Give me fifteen minutes to unpack and come on down to my room?””Sure thing,” she happily responded.I grabbed my bags and headed to my dorm room. My roommate Kevin was already back in our room. We fist-bumped and began to chat about our break as I put my stuff away. A few minutes later I heard a tap on our suite door as Steph proceeded in.As Steph came into our room she gave Kevin a hug and asked about his break as she jumped on my bed. I finished putting the rest of my clothes away and joined her on the bed. The three of us sat around for about an hour talking about our break, finals coming up, and or her bullshit. As we were chatting she received a call from her boyfriend Brian around 9:00 pm. Steph went and stepped out of the room to take the call. When she came back in after a couple of minutes she told us she had to leave as Brian wanted her to come over.”Oh, everything ok? Thought you said he had plans tonight,” I questioned.”Me too, but he said they fell through and he wants to see me,” she said. “I’m sorry, I haven’t seen him in over a week either. Hope you can understand.””Yeah, I do. He’s your boyfriend, and it’s absolutely fine Steph.” I said assuringly.She came and gave me a hug and peck on the cheek before she left.Kev looked over at me with a puzzled look on his face, “Dude, what is up with you two? She is always down here or you are with her in her room. How are you not together?””Ha, you are not the first person who has asked that. Jeni said the same thing earlier this week when we hung out. I don’t really have an answer other than I put myself in the friend zone by not making a move,” I stated.”Still man, she is leading you on or she just really is flirtatious and doesn’t give a shit,” he remarked.”That’s why I have Jeni,” I replied with a huge smile on my face.”What? Are you saying what I think you are saying,” Kev asked as he leaned forward on his bed with excitement.I then told him about what Jeni and I had been up to. By the end of my tale, Kev was definitely hiding a boner.I got a text around 10:00 pm from Jeni, “She bailed on you Bostancı Escort again, I see,” is what it said.I quickly responded and let her know that was indeed the case. She quickly responded back for me to come down to her room and hang out.I told Kev where I needed to go, he fisted bumped me and I was on my way. The suite door was propped slightly open for me as usual. I entered quietly and proceeded into Jeni and Steph’s room. To my delight, Jeni was laid out on Steph’s lower bunk, nude and spread. It was going to be a good night!After Jeni and I spent a couple of hours fucking, I headed back down to my room as I didn’t dare crash into her room and have Steph catch us the next morning.I arose the next morning refreshed and ready for the day. What happened Sunday night with Steph and Jeni is what pretty much happened for the next two weeks. Steph and I would briefly hang out, then she would be summoned to Brians for the night and I would seek refuge with Jeni. I was not complaining by any means as Jen I was good company, but my heart still desired Steph.On Monday, Dec 10th, Jeni, Steph, and I all had our last final of the semester. As we studied together Sunday night at the library, I got an idea.”All three of us are done with finals tomorrow, why don’t we celebrate tomorrow night,” I suggested. “You ladies still have wine?””That sounds like fun and is so necessary,” Steph replied, “And yes, my mom sent me back with seven more bottles.”I looked at Jeni and she nodded in approval as she was fully on board. The next day, I exited a classroom around 4:00 pm after killing my last final. I was done for the semester! I also had a night of fun and hopefully fucking Steph ahead of me.I texted both girls, asking if 8:00 pm would work for tonight. Both responded quickly with a “Yes”. I got back to my dorm, dove into bed, and took a solid two-hour nap. I awoke and went to the shower to shave my face up a bit and do some manscaping. I wanted to be perfectly presentable for one or both ladies. Once done, I took a long, hot shower, where I masturbated thinking about possibly fucking Steph’s tight little pussy tonight. After plastering the shower wall with my load, I finished up my shower and went to my room. Just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt would be the attire for this evening. I don’t think boxers would be required for tonight.Around 8:00 pm, I got up and walked down to the girl’s room. The suite door was propped slightly open as usual. As I crept inside, I ran into Haley and Natalie, who were the suitemates of Steph and Jen I. They were leaving to go to the library for an all-night study session. Haley told me they had a final at 7:00 am tomorrow and if they didn’t study all night, there was no chance of them passing. I was relieved to hear they were both going to be gone all night. They wouldn’t be here to hear the fuck fest I hoped was going to occur. Haley had heard Jeni and me a couple of times the past couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure she looked at me with different eyes than before.Both girls exited the suite as I went into Steph’s room. The door was mostly closed, so I gently knocked as I entered. Steph was on the couch, dressed in one of her cheerleader t-shirts and a black pair of spandex booty shorts. Her skin was beautifully sun-kissed. She must have hit a tanning bed this past weekend, as Florida had been unusually cloudy and rainy the past few days.To my Bostancı Escort Bayan amazement as I stepped further into the room, Jeni was tucked behind the corner of the closet/cabinets staring into a full-length mirror. She was putting her wet, jet-black hair up into a messy bun. However, what Jeni was wearing is what got my attention. She had on a white tank top, skin-tight, with no bra. As she turned to look at me I could see her large, dark brown eraser-like nipples standing at full attention. I looked further down, she was wearing only a black thong that was practically a g-string as her athletic soccer player ass engulfed the string. Steph saw me gawking and cleared her throat to get my attention.”Can you grab the three cups with ice in the suite area,” Steph asked, “I have the wine here, just need the cups.”I turned around and got the cups, brought them to Steph and she filled up the glasses to the brim. Then took a big swig right from the bottle.”Whoa Steph, slow down,” I said”I need this, finals sucked,” she replied, ” I could drink this whole bottle by myself.”Jeni then took a seat on the other end of the small futon couch, as I went to Steph’s bed.”What are you doing over there,” Jeni asked, “Steph and I saved you a spot in between us,” she stated as a sexy smile came across her face.”Before you sit down, can you shut those tower laps off,” Steph asked as she plugged in the single strand of holiday lights she and Jeni put up the other day. As she did that, Jeni lit a warm apple candle on the end table next to her.”What are we watching tonight?” I asked as I walked over to the couch and took a seat.”Halloween,” Steph responded, “Actually Halloween and Halloween two, since you gave me so much shit at Halloween time for never seeing the films.””Watching Halloween during the Christmas season, how fitting,” I joked, “But, a great choice Steph.”Jeni then got up and asked if we all wanted to share a blanket as she reached for her thin comforter on her bed. Steph and I both nodded in approval. Jeni came back over and we all got snuggled up under the blanket and began the movie. Steph was seated to my left, I went and lifted my arms so she could snuggle underneath. I went and did the same for Jeni on my right side. I felt like a king at this moment! Two gorgeous women to my left and right.As the movie progressed, both girls were snuggling me closer, especially during scary/surprise scenes. About halfway through, Jeni adjusted her position and threw both her legs over mine, as I had mine outstretched on a small ottoman. As she did this, I put my hand high up on her left thigh. I hadn’t forgotten what she was wearing!I started to gently rub her thigh up and down under the blanket. I was being extra careful as I didn’t want Steph to notice as she was still glued to my left side. I then felt Jeni place her hand on my right thigh and begin to slide my shorts up. She began to rub my thigh just as I was rubbing hers. My cock was starting to swell as Jeni worked closer and closer to my groin. I reciprocated the action and moved my hand within inches of her snatch. I could feel the heat coming from her crotch. I knew she was wet and wanted me to slide my hand over her love mound. Before I got my hand up to her love box, I felt her hand slide into the waistband of my shorts and work her way to my throbbing cock. She gently gripped my shaft and began slowly stroking Escort Bostancı it. I tilted my head back and let out a couple of small hushed groans.Steph looked up and asked if something was wrong. I quickly told her no and said that my back spasmed slightly and it hurt. I looked over at Jeni, in which she met me with a devilish smile. As we locked eyes she squeezed my cock harder and stroked a little firmer. I bit my lower lip to hold in any sound. Her warm hand felt so good gripping my nine-inch hard shaft.As she started to jerk me harder, we were interrupted by Steph’s phone going off. Quickly, her hand left my pants as Steph shot up and answered her phone. It was Brian, Steph began telling him she was watching a movie and that she was hanging with Jeni and me tonight. There was a short back and forth between them and then Steph told him that she could be over in twenty minutes. As she hung up, she looked over and me with an “I’m sorry” type look in her eyes.”Brian wants me to come over, he has to work all week and he knows I leave on Thursday,” she said, “he wants to spend tonight together as he may not see me again until we get back in January.””Steph, we made plans, that’s fucked up if you are going bail on us,” Jeni spouted before I could say anything.”You don’t understand Jeni, he’s my boyfriend and I want to see him.” Steph firmly responded.”Steph, just go; I’m not surprised,” I chipped in, “You’ve been doing this to me for the past two weeks, just go!”Steph looked at us in dismay, almost tearing up, “You guys suck, you should be happy for me having a boyfriend and being a good girlfriend to him.””Yeah, good girlfriend, as you spend all your time talking about Phil and hanging out with him,” Jeni fired back at Steph, “Just fucking leave!””Fuck you!” Steph shouted as she got up. She grabbed her bag, stormed to the door, slid on her flip-flops, and left in a bluster, slamming the suite door as she left.Jeni and I just looked at each other and didn’t say a thing for a minute.Then I broke the silence, “Jeni, it’s whatever, let her do what she feels is right. I hate it too, but it’s whatever.””It’s just fucked up,” she shouted, “We made plans and she just pissed all over it. For a guy, she doesn’t even like that much. She just goes there because he fucks her well.””What!?” I said with a quizzical look on my face.”Yeah, she told me that he fucks her well and that’s why she goes over almost every night. She told me herself that he is quite boring, but is good with his cock.””Are you serious,” I asked. “She can’t even stand the guy and then tries to guilt-trip us? What the fuck!””I’ve been biting my tongue for two weeks, especially when she tells me that shit. She doesn’t know what she is messing with you,” Jeni proclaimed.I stared at Jeni and then went in for a kiss. Our lips met gently at first, then got heavier as we spread our mouths wide and started sharing plenty of tongue. My cock began to swell again as we continued to passionately kiss. I started to kiss all over Jeni’s neck and nibbled her ear lobes. She once again reached under the blanket and began to rub my firm cock through my shorts.I was so fucking horny, yet pissed that my night was derailed. I wanted to let out some of the evil built up in me. I grabbed Jeni by the waist and pulled her on top of me. She straddled me with her perfect thighs and we continued to make out. I took my right hand and put it on her muff. I began to rub her hairy snatch through her thong.”Mmmm yes daddy, rub me,” she moaned.Fuck this! I wanted to shove my cock inside her right now. I stopped rubbing her and slightly lifted myself from the couch. I maneuvered my shorts down to my kneecaps. My large, heavy, nine-inch cock sprung out with force.

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