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Friends and Neighbors


We were in another world when we were transferred from the West Coast to New England. Before, we only knew a couple of our neighbors and seldom saw them socially. At the time, we were in our early thirties. Our New England neighbors were party animals and we were quickly assimilated into the group. We met the nearest neighbors during the first few days, found that they all drank a lot more heavily, and enjoyed partying very late.

Soon, we were invited to join the neighborhood gourmet club. The first club dinner was two doors away and started with a lengthy bout of appetizers and drinks. Later, we had a fine dinner with copious quantities of wine, then after dinner drinks. We staggered home very drunk.

My wife heard the other wives discussing what they called the ‘hangover hots.’ It seems that several of the couples (more used to a lot of booze) enjoyed heavy sex sessions, after either the gourmet dinners, or early the next morning. Walt, one of our next-door neighbors, my wife learned, was a real horndog. He also had a reputation for baking pot-laced brownies.

Several months later, Walt and Linda hosted the gourmet club dinner. As usual, there was a lot of preliminary drinking and the party lasted into the early hours of the morning. People finally began to filter out and I was ready to go home, but Diane, my wife, was flying high and wanted to stay. I could tell that there was no polite way to convince her to leave, so I kissed her and told her I was going to bed. I said that I would leave the door open for her.

I stumbled home, shed my clothes, and quickly fell asleep. Some time later, someone shook my shoulder and called my name. “Gary, Gary, wake up, wake up!”

I opened my eyes and saw Linda standing over me.

“You need to come help me get Diane home,” she insisted. “She’s really drunk and she needs your help to get home.”

I came out of my alcoholic fog and slid out of bed, forgetting that I sleep nude. Linda took a step back when I stood up and faced her…weaving a bit.

“Guess I need to get dressed, I mumbled.

Linda shook her head. “Here let me help you.”

She found my pants and a pair of house slippers and helped me get my legs into the pants while I sat on the edge of the bed. “That’s all you’ll need,” she assured me. “Let’s go get Diane.”

Linda and I walked across the yards and up to their family room door together. She reached for the doorknob and stopped. “Oh shit, Walt, you son-of-a-bitch!” she cursed as she looked through the door’s little glass pane.

Curious, I pushed Linda aside enough to peer through the glass to see what had upset Linda. My eyes opened wide as I saw Diane sprawled on my neighbor’s sofa with her head in Walt’s lap. My neighbor had one hand down her blouse and his other hand up her dress, obviously wetting his fingers in my wife’s pussy. He had his pants open and his cock semi-stiff prick was lying alongside Diane’s face.

Linda raised her fist to bang on the door, but I grabbed her wrist to stop her.

“Wait a minute,” I whispered, “I want to see what he’ll do.”

Linda whispered back, “He’ll fuck her if he can get his little cock hard enough. He’s always been that way.”

We stood unseen at the door for a few more minutes while Walt hiked up Diane’s dress and pulled her panties to one side, surveying her light brown bush and slowly fingering her. He managed to get her blouse unbuttoned and pulled her left breast out of her bra. I watched as he squeezed her 38C boob and pulled on her little pink nipple. My stomach tightened but my cock was twitching at the same time.

“That’s more than enough for me,” Linda rasped. I looked over at her and noticed that she had her right hand between her legs, pressed tightly against her own mound right through her dress.

This time, when she raised her fist to bang on the door, I didn’t stop her. She whacked the doorframe and Walt jumped as if he’d been shot!

We both saw him zip up his pants and push Diane’s dress back down before he hurried to the door.

The meek look on his face was laughable. He didn’t know if I was going to slug him or hug him. Frankly, I was in no condition to do either one.

“I was just keeping Diane company until you got here,” he tried to lie.

Linda pushed him aside briskly. “Yeah, we saw how you were keeping her company, stud,” she barked. “We’ll discuss that later.”

Linda and I picked Diane up, one on each side, and gently lifted and carried her back across the yards, in our door, and up the stairs to our bedroom.

“Does she sleep like you do?” Linda asked me.

“Most of the time…unless it’s really cold,” I replied.

“Okay, help me get her out of her clothes then,” Linda ordered.

We had no problem with her blouse because it was still mostly unbuttoned. I raised her up and removed her bra while Linda unzipped my wife’s dress and slowly pulled her panties down her legs and off her now bare feet. I rolled Diane onto her side and pulled the sheet up over her inert form.

“I’ll walk you home, Linda,” I volunteered.

“Not necessary,” she countered. şişli escort “I know my way and there’s nobody around this time of morning anyhow. Take care of Diane. Let me know what she has to say when she wakes up. If she wants to talk, have her call me anytime. I’m sorry about what happened. Walt just can’t help himself sometime. Don’t be too upset, okay?”

“I’m okay, Linda, don’t worry about it,” I half-lied.


The next morning, Diane woke up with a splitting headache. I got up but she just rolled over and groaned.

“What happened last night?” she mumbled. “I feel like I was hit by a train.”

I looked down at her nude body and felt sorry for her. I wasn’t feeling all that great myself, but I wanted coffee and something solid to eat.

“You partied a little too hard, I think. Time is on your side, you know. Take it easy and maybe you’ll feel better by noon.”

“How did I get home,” Diane asked before I could retreat.

I looked into her bleary eyes and smiled. “Linda and I half-carried you home and then we put you to bed.”

“I should have left when you did,” she admitted. “After you were gone, Walt started getting crazy and he wouldn’t let me leave until I had another drink.”

Not wanting to get into the details of what had taken place, I headed for the door. “Take a nap and you’ll feel better later on.”

The world looked better after two mugs of coffee and a few slices of toast. I wondered what had happened after Linda went back home to confront Walt. That is when our telephone rang. It was Linda.

“Meet me on your back porch in a couple of minutes,” she said curtly.


Linda was waiting when I opened the door to our back porch, carrying two cups and what was left of the coffee. She was wearing the short dress that she wore the night before.

“How is Diane?” Linda asked with concern in her voice. “Is she okay?”

“Yeah, she has a major hangover and is still sleeping.”

Linda nodded. “Was she upset about what happened last night?”

“I don’t believe she remembers a thing about it, frankly,” I replied. “She just said that Walt got crazy and insisted that she drink some more. It seems that’s about all she recalls.”

Linda seemed relieved. “Maybe that’s best then. I gave Walt a good tongue lashing this morning. I don’t think it did any good, though. Before I was through, he had me on my hands and knees, and we were fucking like two rabbits! It’s those’ hangover hots that take charge after so much booze. I want to apologize again, for what happened…what you saw. I hope it doesn’t spoil our friendship.”

I thought about it for a few moments. “Well, since Diane doesn’t remember any of it, and we were all pretty drunk, I don’t see why we have to create a big scene,” I finally stated.

“I’m so glad you are being so mature about it,” Linda responded. “I really like you both and I want to stay friends. After all, I’ve seen you both naked, so what’s the big deal, right?”

Her smile made me chuckle. “Yeah, when you woke me up, I wasn’t thinking. I forgot that I was nude when I crawled out of bed. Don’t bring that up to Walt, okay?”

“My lips are sealed,” Linda promised, “but you know it might not be a bad idea to arrange a little get together where we can put everything on display and eliminate all the intrigue.”

“What do you mean, Linda?”

“I’m thinking about hosting another party in a week or two with you guys and two other couples who have indicated that they enjoy sexy games sometime. We could have drinks and stuff and play some strip poker or something so that we all end up naked. Take the mystery out of the relationships, so to speak. What do you think?”

I smiled at her earnest expression. “So that would mean that I would get to see you naked, right Linda?”

“Hell, Diane and I are built so much alike; you have already basically seen me!”

“Still, it would be a nice treat to view the real you,” I countered. “You’ve got more freckles. Who else are you thinking about?”

Linda grinned. “Marge and Ian are Europeans and they are very casual about things she’s told me. Then, Bob and Juanita from our couples bowling league. From what I’ve overheard, they like adult fun sometime.”

“Fine with me, but you must promise to keep Walt under control and make sure we don’t all end up smashed on the living room floor.”

“Leave it to me,” Linda confirmed. “I’ll set it up with the others, then call Diane and talk her into coming…without giving away too many details.”

We sipped our coffee and talked for a while longer, during which time I admired Linda’s long legs and painted toenails. As she rose to leave, she leaned over to put down her cup and I got a quick glimpse of her firm breasts and the very top of a small, pink nipple.

“Yes, you really do look very much like Diane,” I quipped as she stood up.

“Hell, you’re almost as bad as Walt!” she replied sarcastically. “He’s always looking down women’s tops. Anyway, thanks for the coffee and thanks even more for being a good guy.”

She leaned close and planted a soft kiss on my lips. mecdiyeköy escort

“You’ve got a nice big cock, too,” she added over her shoulder as she stepped off my porch.


Later that day, I was out in the backyard clearing some brush from under the trees and I noticed Walt standing on his back porch. He was drinking a beer and watching me. I paused and waved him over. He went inside briefly and sauntered over with two beers in his hands.

“Hi neighbor,” he began, “I brought you a beer, sort of as a peace offering.”

I took the beer and clicked bottles with him. “Thanks, I can use a cold one right about now.”

We stood in silence for a long moment before he spoke again. “I guess you caught me pretty good last night. I’m sorry for losing my cool and getting fresh with Diane. Linda really gave me a hard time about it. I guess you both saw me messing around, huh?”

“We saw enough, Walt,” I agreed. “Shit like that happens sometimes when people have had too much to drink. If I was going to go ballistic, I would have done so last night, so don’t worry about it. But keep in mind, you owe me one.”

Walt took a sip of beer and looked up, smiling. “Yeah, I suppose I do, but Linda has a mind of her own. I can’t tell her what to do or not do, you know.”

“Diane is the same way,” I replied seriously. In fact, Linda expressed some interesting ideas this morning when she shared a cup of coffee with me. Did she tell you what she has in mind?”

Walt shook his head. “Nah, she’s giving me the silent treatment. After the “hangover hots” wore off, she’s been a bit standoffish with me. What did she say?”

“She’s planning to have a party soon. She talked about inviting two or more other couples plus us and playing some adult games. Linda’s planning to convince Diane to join the party.”

“Damn, I can never figure out my wife. One minute she’s acting like a prude and the next minute she’s planning a hot party! I guess that’s why I love her so much, she’s unpredictable.”

I had to laugh. “That’s what she says about you too, Walt. I don’t think she was expecting to bring me back to your house last night to observe you with your fingers up Diane’s pussy and your other hand feeling her tits.”

“Oh, you saw that too, eh?” Walt stammered.

“Yes, I think we got back just in time. In another five minutes, I’m afraid you might have been in even deeper. By the way, did you ever get your limp prick into her mouth?”

Walt stepped back. “Damn, Gary, I think the whole situation turned you on. It did, didn’t it?”

I had to admit that I had many mixed emotions during and after the arousing event we watched.

Walt grinned. “Well, it looks like we both enjoy seeing naked women. Maybe Linda is planning another party just so she can show off for you and some of the other neighbors. I’m sure not one to complain.”

I just had to goad Walt a little more to see what he would say. “So, Walt, you would welcome the opportunity to see Diane completely naked again, right? And you wouldn’t mind having her suck on your cock and maybe get the chance to do even more?”

“I’d be lying if I said no,” Walt admitted. “Diane is hot, you know. However, she was passed out last night, so she really didn’t let me do anything; I saw the opportunity and I decided to take it. I doubt that she would do anything while aware. I know my little package wouldn’t impress her.”

“Well, Walt, I guess we’ll just have to see what happens. Stay cool and don’t tell Linda that you know anything about her party plans. If she’s able to pull it off, we both might enjoy some unexpected fun.”

Walt smiled and held up his hand for a high five. “Here’s hoping all goes well,” he proposed as our palms slapped together.

I decided to omit telling him that Linda kissed me that morning as she left my back porch.


A week or so later, I came home to find my wife, Diane, and our neighbor, Linda, in quiet conversation in our den. It was obvious that neither of them wanted me involved in their conversation. After a quick kiss hello from Diane, I retreated to my home office to finish some work.

I heard the gal’s say goodbye about an hour later, but continued working. Diane came into the office and hugged me from behind.

“Enough work for tonight, Gary,” she prodded. “Come help me fix dinner and I’ll tell you why Linda came over this afternoon.”

Dutifully, I followed my attractive wife to the kitchen and found a nice bottle of red wine to open before dinner. Strangely, Diane had said nothing about the earlier party since that fateful night.

“Linda came over to invite us to a party this next Saturday evening,” Diane stated. “She said two other neighbor couples would be there too.”

I tried to seem only mildly interested, but I was almost holding my breath. “What did you say? Are we going?”

“At first, I tried to beg off,” Diane admitted, “but Linda kept insisting that we join the party. She said we’d have a nice evening and maybe stay sober enough to indulge in some games and stuff.”

“Sounds like fun, and we aren’t doing anything else are we?” I responded offhandedly.

“Well, the last time we were at their house, we definitely had too much to drink. I was embarrassed.”

“Oh? Embarrassed about what?” I asked dumbly.

“You know,” Diane said, “I actually passed out with my head in Walt’s lap. I don’t remember much of what happened after he helped me lie down, but I have a feeling that he might have taken advantage of the situation. You were home in bed, so I just don’t know.”

I shuffled around the kitchen for a few moments to organize my thoughts. “Well, we’ll just have to be sure that you don’t over indulge next time, won’t we?”

“That’s right. I told Linda how embarrassed I was and she assured me that she would watch and make sure my drinks were weak and that I would be okay. She also told me that she helped you undress me and put me to bed. I almost died when she told me, but she said didn’t mind helping out one of her best friends. I guess it doesn’t matter that Linda saw me naked and all messed up.”

I decided to flatter my wife a bit. “You have nothing to be ashamed about. You have a gorgeous body and you looked so cute and innocent the other night. So, who else is coming to the party?”

“Linda said that Marge and Ian will be there. They are the European couple up on the corner. Juanita and Bob is the other couple that she’s invited. They are the cute couple in our bowling league. Do you remember them?”

“Juanita is the gal who wears those tight jeans and has the cute butt, right?” I replied without thinking.

Diane punched my arm. “You men, all you see are tits and asses! In this case, you are correct, and Bob is the tall, good-looking blonde guy with the big muscles.”

“Okay, I know him now. He’s actually a very nice guy, by the way.” I responded with a laugh. “So did you accept Linda’s invitation?”

Diane nodded. “She finally convinced me and I said we would be there. I’m going to make a couple of cold snacks, maybe some spicy boiled shrimp, and I told her you would pick out a few bottles of good wine to contribute.”

When I heard Diane say that she accepted Linda’s invitation, a vision of my next-door neighbor’s wife nude in front of me flashed across my brain like a bolt of lightning. “I’ve got four bottles that should be perfect,” I replied as casually as I could, given the stiffness I was feeling in my slacks.


Diane and I walked across the yards to our next-door neighbor’s house carrying trays of food and the wine that I’d chosen. We weren’t the first couple to arrive. Bob and Juanita’s Lincoln was at the curb. Ian and Marge could walk over, so we weren’t surprised to find the six others standing together in the den when we let ourselves in the door.

“Here, let me help you get the trays unwrapped, Linda offered smiling broadly.

I shook hands with the men and gave Marge and Juanita hugs. Marge hugged tight and seemed to glue her body to me just a few seconds longer than necessary for a greeting. Her small, firm breasts pressed into my chest as she smiled, her eyes twinkling. Marge was English and Ian was a mixture of Scot and Norwegian. They were always ready for a party and they seemed to have a rather carefree attitude. Ian was tall and ruggedly muscular, with a prominent mustache and a thick shock of brown hair.

As Marge slipped out of my arms, she walked to the doorway leading to the kitchen. “Hey, Linda, what’s this sheet doing over the door?” she asked as she pushed it aside with her hand.

Linda called back from the kitchen. “It’s part of our first game this evening. You’ll find out soon enough.”

“Sounds interesting,” Juanita volunteered. “Why would we need a sheet to play a game? I was hoping for a game of Twister,” she added with a low chuckle.

“That’s because you’re lean and supple,” Bob said with a laugh. “You’re the only one who can get in those outlandish positions.”

Juanita was long and lean. She was almost too slender and I guessed that she must wear a padded bra to give her some curves in front. On the other hand, Juanita had one of the cutest asses imaginable. She wore very tight jeans when we bowled and it was hard not to stare at her sweet buns.

Linda invited everybody to join her in the dining room, where she and Diane had set up the buffet of snacks and wine. We took plates and grazed for the next hour or so, chatting and drinking wine. It was obvious that we were all good friends and there was a lot of good-natured teasing and flirting.

I was opening another bottle of wine when Linda called everyone into the den.

“I’m sure you are all curious about the sheet over the door,” she began. “Well, we are going to see how observant you each are tonight. I read about this little game last month and it sounded like a lot of fun. We will have prize for the male and a female winner when the game is over. Here’s how it works,” she said. “The men will go behind the sheet first. The gals will each have a notepad and pencil and will sit in a semi-circle here. One at a time, each man will expose a part of the body for exactly five seconds. The gals will try to guess which man is which based on the quick exposures. The men will note down the order of their exposures on their master list. Is that all clear?”

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