1 Ağustos 2021

From Cocktease to Fuck Toy


From Cocktease to Fuck ToyThings have been going well for me since I fucked Tracy’s shoes and panties. I got a new job and am making a lot of money plus I came into a fortune through an inheritance. I can’t say the same for Tracy. She got laid off from her job and has been having trouble finding another. She’s burning through her savings and piling up credit card debt. Despite not having a job, she can’t stop buying things. I’m taking her out for her birthday today to the most expensive restaurant in town. When I get to her condo, she’s dressed up for the occasion wearing a pearl necklace, floral print dress that goes down just past her knees, fishnet stockings, and black patent leather stilettos. Her hair and makeup are done up exquisitely. She has her hair up, which gives me a slight hard on. Everything she’s wearing looks new. I tell her she looks fantastic, and she says she got everything the other day because she wanted to look good on her birthday. She’s surprised when she sees my new car, a Bentley. I tell her I’ve been doing well. She smiles and rubs the leather interior. I can almost smell her pussy getting wet. We share a bottle of wine at the restaurant and enjoy a nice six course meal. She’s laughing and having a great time. The check comes and its $1,000. I make sure she sees it before paying. She looks impressed. Back in the car, she thanks me for the meal and says she’s been so stressed out about money. Creditors burdur escort have been hounding her. I tell her I could give her a loan if she needed. She says that’s sweet but she couldn’t pay me back for a while. I said there might be other things she could do to get the money. Her face gets serious. She asks me like what. I tell her to use her imagination then take her hand and put it on my crotch. There’s no expression on her face. She’s thinking hard. She asks how much. I say $1,000 for each hole I get to put my dick in. She thinks about it and says $5,000 for all three. I laugh. So cheap! I reach into my jacket and take out a stack of banded $100 bills. I wave them in front of her. She stares at it greedily. We have a deal. I put the money back in my jacket and take out some MDMA and tell her swallow it. She hesitates but agrees. The MDMA has taken effect when we get back to get condo. She’s sweating a bit and hyper sensitive to touch. We make out for a bit as I fondle her tits and ass. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. In her bedroom I tell her to strip down to her underwear. She slowly removes her dress and lets it fall to the floor. Underneath she’s wearing matching pink lace bra and g string with a garter belt holding up fishnet stockings. I tell her to ditch the bra. She obeys, showing me her perky little tits. I tell her to get her vibrator. She says she doesn’t çanakkale escort have one. I tell her to stop lying, and she grabs a small pink one from her nightstand. I tell her to make herself cum. She lies on the bed and spreads her legs. I watch as she plays with herself and cums so hard her whole body shakes. Her panties are soaking wet. I ask her if she’s ready to make some money. She nods. I whip out my giant cock, which is rock hard. She knows what to do. She gets down on her knees and starts going to town on it. She is a pro. Moving up and down along the shaft. Inhaling the whole cock and making a “glorp glorp glorp” sound. Bitch really wants her money! I grab the back of her head and thrust all the way into her mouth making her choke. She struggles, but I don’t let her free. When I finally do, she gasps for air. My cock is glistening with her saliva. She gets right back between my legs and starts sucking again. What a slut. When my cock is nice and lubed up with her saliva, I tell her to get on the bed. She obeys. I grab her ankles and spread her legs wide. I pull her panties to the side and thrust my cock all the way inside her. She moans in pleasure. I start pounding the shit out of her pussy. It’s so tight I feel like I’m gonna come right away. I fuck her in every conceivable position, making her cum several times. She’s all fucked out, lying on her stomach. I tell çankırı escort her she has one more hole that needs fucking. She nods and points to her nightstand. I open it and find some lube. I ask if she’s been fucked in the ass before. She says no so be gentle. I apply lube to my cock and move her so she’s bent over the edge of the bed.I spread her asscheeks wide and slowly make my way inside her anus. She squeals. She wasn’t lying, her asshole is tight. I thrust slowly as she clutches the bed sheets. I ask if she’s enjoying it. She grunts. I ask again, and she says wants me to fuck her harder up the ass. I oblige, ramming my cock into her anus. It’s so hot watching her back arch with each thrust. Her hair is still up and she’s still wearing her pearl necklace, pretending to be some classy girl but she’s really a fuck slut. I’m so hot thinking about how much I’m dominating this bitch. This girl who used to make fun of me and who I never would have been able to fuck before. Now I’m inside her most private hole. I tell her I’m gonna cum and let her choose where she wants to take my load–anus, pussy, or face. She says face, so I toss her to the ground on her knees and ejaculate all over that pretty face. It’s drenched so much in cum she can’t even open her eyes and her makeup is bleeding. cum is dribbling down her neck onto her tits. I tell her to clean me up. Her eyes closed, she gropes for my dick with her mouth. She finds it and sucks every last bit of cum out. I tell her to swallow, and she does. She falls onto the floor and is panting from being fucked so hard. I reach into my jacket and take out the $5,000. I toss it onto her naked body and tell her there’s more where that came from. Then I grab my things and go.

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