26 Mart 2022

Fun on the Common.


Fun on the Common.We were in the middle of a heatwave and my job involving so much driving and my company car did not have air conditioning. It was Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend. I was on my last call. When I arrived at my customers, the person who I was due to see had gone home very ill. So I promised to phone Monday and reschedule. On the way home I picked up a cold drink and some sandwiches and suddenly remembered a layby which would be shady so that I could stop and enjoy my lunch and relax for half an hour or so.The layby was butting up to a common, which is what we call an area of natural woodland and scrub here in the UK.I took a sip of my drink. It was still cold from the fridge in the shop where I had bought it. I had stopped here for a wee before and the thought of that was making me want to go again. I locked up the car and gfound a little used path. Within a very short distance I was out of sight of the road. Quick check up and down and I knew then that I could pee in peace. Halfway through I suddenly heard voices. Checking about but there was no one there. Shusses came from somewhere and a giggle. I called out and asked who was there. It did seem to be coming from the bush in front of me. The one that I was weeing into. “I know you are there.” I said in a fit of bravery. “Come out”I had finished by this time and had put my cock back into my trousers. Suddenly a figure appeared on the path close to me. A youngish girl. A teenager. I stared at her. “Sorry” she said. “Where were you?” I asked her.”Just in front of you. Behind that bush.””Oh right” I stared at her and then at the bush. I coudn’t see through it. I looked back at her. “How many of you are there?””Just two” She replies. She has a look of rebellion about her and wants to have a go at me. “I am so sorry for disturbing you.” I turn to walk back to the car. “Wait!” she says. I turn to look at her. “You weren’t disturbing us. Would you like to meet my friend?” Her look is beseeching now.”OK” I reply. She leads me to a point in the hedge and crawls on hands and knees in front of me. Her tiny skirt has ridden up and I can see her wonderful slim arse. Behind the bush we are crawling under is a natural clearing. Close to the bush is a blanket and a young lad is sat on it. He just wears shorts. He looks embarrased.”This is George. I am Rachel.”I say hello to each of them and introduce myself as Andrew. “Are you sure that I am not disturbing you. You look as though you were busy.””I akkışla escort wanted us to be busy but I couldn’t get Georges interest going.” We look at him. He remains looking very embarrassed but stays silent. “But then when you started weeing in the hedge, George got really interested.””Yeah?” I turn and look at him again but he won’t meet my look. Then I notice spots of moisture on his head.”Oh my God!! I didn’t wee on him did I?” Rachel starts giggling.”Yes you did. Like I said he got interested then. I have been spending all afternoon trying to get him interested but as soon as you appeared then….””I see.” I sit next to George who is sitting with his knees pulled up to his chest.”Did you see me through the bush George?” He turns to look briefly at me and shakes his head and quickly looks away again. “Would you like to see me?” He turns to look puzzled at me, then he realises what I mean and looks down at my crutch and then looks away guiltily. I look at Rachel. “Is he gay?” She asks. “I would have thought so.” I laugh.”Are you gay?” She asks again. I shake my head. “No. But I am bisexual.””Bisexual? Whats that?””I like men and women.””Ohhhh!! Really? Do you like me?””you have a sweet arse.””Thank you.” She laughs and starts to relax.I lie back on the blanket and put my arms under my head. I suddenly realise that they are both staring at my crutch. My cock suddenly starts to twitch. It can feel itself being stared at.”Could we see it please?” Rachel asks. I see from where they still looking to see what they are talking about. I start undoing my shirt and and trousers.”Help yourself. ” I say. She moves closer and undoes my zip. I lift my bum so that she can slide down my trousers. George is taking a lot of interest now. With my shirt undone and my trousers at the bottom of the blanket I take hold of Rachels hand and move it to the front of my underpants. nShe starts to rub it feeling the growing stiffness inside. She wants to pull my cock out but I stop her so that I can take George’s hand and let him do the same. His cheeks are pink and his breathing shallow.”Is that nice George?” She asks him. He nods at her, a look of wonderment on his face. My cock has stiffened up a lot and glancing down at his shorts, so has his. I reach down and rub it through his shorts. His face glows bright red! Rachel laughs delightedly. “You never reacted like that when I did that!”Rachel then frees my cock from my underpants and I help her to pull them free of my legs. I strip off my shirt and they explore my cock and balls while I lie down again.Rachel rubs it and gets George to do the same. She seems to know what to do. She suddenly bends forward and licks the knob. George watches her. So she gets him to do it next. They are both kneeling either side of me and I reach out with either hand and rub their arses. One hand sliding up under Rachels skirt and the other with my hand over Georges shorts. I manage to get a few fingers up his leg. Rachel sees my difficulties and she gets George to strip off his shorts. She then undresses as well. I watch as she slips off those lovely panties. She stands over me legs slightly apart, hands on hips! “Well” she says.”Fabulous.” I tell her. It is too. I beckon to her and she stands astride my head and I beckon once and she slowly squats, her pussy settling on my face. It is wet!! And delicious!! Left to his own devices, George is really enjoying exploring my cock and is now sucking happily on it. I can’t see him but can feel him down there. Rachels pussy is very wet and dripping now. Straight into my mouth. She suddenly moves forward a tiny bit so that I can lick up between her arse cheeks and run my tongue across the puckered hole! She moves back and pushes down so that my nose penetrates her sweet pussy. She is fairly hairy there. But not enough that it hides her sweet curly lips! She suddenly climbs off and there is some moaning. George is made to adopt the position that she had. I take his stiff cock into my mouth. He gasps! I grasp his soft white buttocks and pull him in to my mouth sucking deep. He suddenly cums without warning!! He hurriedly starts to get off but I pull him back. I shift him forward a little so tyhat I can lick his arsehole. Within a very short time he is hard again. He suddenly pushes his cock back into my mouth. I rub his arsehole with my finger. I feel his cock growing in my mouth! There is a new sensation on my cock, trying to keep Georges cock in my mouth and peer round his thigh I realise that Rachel is climbing on it. I have to take Georges cock out of my mouth to tell her to be careful. But she is already riding up and down. I can now concentrate on Georges cock! It tastes and feels wonderful in my mouth! It is very slim and not to long! My hands grip the soft flesh of his arse and I push him into my mouth! His hands are either side of my head as he supports himself on the ground. He is grunting with the exertion. George suddenly cums again and I just pull Rachel off my cock as I cum. It splatters both of them with cream and I get them both to lick each other clean. George is happier licking me and my cock clean. We lie and chat for a while and I tell them i have some sandwiches and drink in the car. I put on a few clothes for decency and go and fetch them. We share them while sitting on the blanket. George is starting to show some character now and is coming out of his shell. He is coping better with Rachels teasing!He suddenly stands and starts walking away.”Where are you going?” Rachel asks him. “For a wee.” He answers. Rachel looks at me. “George. I think it only right that you wee on me and get your own back.””What?” They both say in unison. His cock immediately starts standing to attention again. “Really??” He asks.”It’s only fair.” I reply! I put my underpants on the grass and sit on them. I lean back putting my hands on the grass to support me. He seems unsure what to do and Rachel takes control. She gets him to stand astride of my belly and then holding his cock directs the trickle onto my belly. The trickle quickly turns to s stream. It splashes on my chest. Rachel directs the flow, moving it around. Even direcing it onto my face and chin. I open my mouth and let some go into my mouth. The stream goes back to a trickle and then dies altogether. I get him to move forward so that I can suck his cock again.I suddenly realise that Rachel is standing aside me. George hurriedly gets out of the way and Rachel sends a stream onto my belly. She shuffles forward so that it splashes my chest. When she finishes I get to enjoy her wet pussy.We lie in the sun and chat. Me steaming slowly in the hot sunshine. We talk about this and that. Rachel tells me about trying to get george to fuck her. “I think he would rather you fuck him”. I tell her.”How do I do that?” she asks! So I tell her about strap on dildoes! They are both genuinely interested.”What about you though?” Rachel asks me. “Me?” I ask puzzled.”When will you be out this way again?””Oh some time in the next couple of weeks. I have to reschedule the appointment that I had today.””How will you let us know?””Text?””My mother is suspicious of what I get up to and checks my texts.””I know. I do go to another company not to far away. I will buy a pot and leave a message under that bush for you.””Thank you” Rachel says and stands! “Come on George. I have to ge you home.””Thanks for this afternoon.” George says shyly! “My pleasure.”After they have gone I lie and dry off completely before getting dressed and heading for home!How do

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