14 Mart 2023

Fun with Photos Ch. 07


Meagan woke the next day to the sound of Todd and Jr. laughing. Her stomach growled at the smell of coffee, eggs and bacon.

She realized pretty quickly that she’d overslept if the boys were up and eating already. She rolled out of bed and realized as she stood up, that she drank too much wine the night before.

She threw her little robe on and mused that at some point she would have to start to cover up better around Jr. But not yet. Right now all she wanted was coffee, and maybe some bacon.

She stopped by the bathroom to pee on her way downstairs and her pussy was sore. Her silky robe rubbed her nipples as she walked and they were also tender.

It had been quite a while since she felt that well fucked feeling, and it was a huge turn on for her. She thought about all the sex they’d had the night before, she also remembered that website, and the pictures they posted.

She remembered all the guys who checked her out and made those hot comments. She remembered the messages and the pictures of hardons.

She knew there might be guys looking at her post right now, and might be stroking to her right now, and it made her feel sexy.

When she got to the kitchen she found Todd and Jr. eating breakfast. Meagan knew without looking that she would have a mess to clean up.

But she didn’t care. She loved both of her guys and appreciated Todd Sr. for letting her sleep a little longer and getting up with the baby.

When her husband spied her he smiled and said; “Hey beautiful, how are you feeling this morning?”

She gave him a wry smile and said “Well, my head is a bit foggy, and parts of me are a little tender, but the rest of me is fantastic!” With that she leaned down and gave him a slow sensuous kiss.

Todd’s hand moved automatically up along her inner thigh, inside her short loosely tied robe, to her pussy. While hers slid up his leg and to his crotch. Just as she cupped her husband’s balls through his work pants, the baby yelled out his own hello to his mommy. He was often jealous when he wasn’t the center of attention.

Meagan broke the kiss and turned to greet her son good morning before getting herself a cup of coffee and a couple pieces of bacon. As she sat at the table and sipped her coffee and nibbled her bacon, Todd worked on feeding Jr. and finished with his own breakfast.

Meagan asked Todd how long he had stayed up after she’d gone to bed. He explained that he’d downloaded the video from the camera to the naughty file and started to review it.

He had made another file of the footage with her masturbating. He told her it was a very good angle and caught all the action while only showing her body. It could be posted as is if she wanted to.

He went on to explain that the rest of the footage had some really hot views of them fucking, while there was some that could be deleted as the angle was wrong. When they first stood up the camera was still aimed from the side.

They would have to review it together and decide what to keep. They both smiled at that, knowing what that usually led to.

With a nasty smile he mentioned that they also had to decide if they wanted to post any of it, and that they also needed to discuss whether or not they wanted to leave in the dialogue.

Meagan blushed when she thought about what the dialogue would sound like. She knew it got pretty raunchy at the end. “We’ll see.” She answered coyly.

Jr. started to fuss and wouldn’t eat anymore so Meagan got up and wiped his face while Todd shoveled in his last couple of bites. “I have to get going then Babe.” He told her looking at the clock.

“Okay, I’ve got him from here.” She answered as she pulled the baby out of his highchair and carried him to the sink to finish the clean-up.

“You and daddy make such a mess!” She told the baby in her baby talk voice. He laughed at mommy and Todd apologized.

As Meagan cleaned up the baby and started on the kitchen, Todd put his lunch together and told her that he would swing by the bank after work. He explained that they might finish up early today as he and Willy were ahead of schedule. They had to let the electrician get some wiring in.

At the mention of Willy, Meagan remembered her fantasy in the shower the night before, and their conversation about adding another guy to their bed.

All the images of Advntrpr, with that wife fucking and sucking her husband and his best friend came flooding back to her, along with the vision of Willy’s dick she’d seen when Beth was blowing him. He hadn’t been shy at all about his nice hard cock, it was like he wanted Meagan to see it. He wanted her to want it.

Like those guys who sent her pictures of their dicks last night. She started to think about them as well. They all wanted her to see it, to want it.

Todd had been talking about the work he needed to get done today, but Meagan barely heard any of it. Her mind had drifted away to the post they had done last night. She wondered if there were more hot comments, or maybe messages?!

Now selling the hamptons izle she couldn’t wait to log onto that site and check! She knew she had work to do today. She wanted to clean the bathroom and do some laundry, but she was anxious to see more of the response to the post. She also wanted to check out more of the site and see what other people were into.

Todd came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her as she was cleaning bacon grease from the stove. He startled her out of her reverie. “You okay Hon? You’re not regretting that post are you?”

She melted into his arms as she answered “No, not at all! I was just thinking about what I need to do today, and that I shouldn’t have had so much wine last night.” She lied.

She was suddenly embarrassed about the fact that she was already looking forward to getting back on that website.

Todd pulled her hair out of the way and kissed her neck as his hands started to roam around her body inside the loosely tied robe. She was getting aroused already and rubbed her ass into his crotch.

Jr. tossed a truck across the room as Todd told her he was glad to hear that she was alright with it. He added “If you get a chance today, you can log on and see how many more comments our post got.”

In his mind, Todd was thinking it would be to his benefit if she got a bunch of hot comments and tributes. It would make her horny, and he would definitely benefit from that.

In her mind, Meagan was thinking she already planned on checking out the website, but it was nice to have permission.

In Jrs. mind, he was thinking; “Ooh look, it’s daddy’s lunchbox!”

Just as Meagan felt her husband’s prick start to rise against her ass and his middle finger found the already dampening spot between her legs, they heard the top of Todd’s lunchbox hit the floor. Before they could turn around, Todd’s bag of potato chips was reduced to a bag of crumbs.

Meagan and Todd both got a good laugh as they intervened and Todd got his lunch back. After repacking his lunch he kissed his wife and son goodbye and went on his way.

Meagan stood at the door with Jr. on her hip as they both waved bye bye to daddy.

Todd was getting into his truck when he turned to wave bye bye back to them. What he saw prompted him to whip out his phone and snap a picture. “What a MILF shot!” he thought.

Seeing Todd take their picture, Meagan thought it was sweet that he wanted a pic of his loving family.

Then she felt a breeze across her body and realized that she was standing at the door with her robe wide open! She had purposely not closed it tight for Todd’s benefit. Her belt had loosened up from Todd feeling her up, and carrying Jr. on her hip had pulled the robe open!

One full breast and her well trimmed bush were on full display! Her nipple stood straight out from her arousal and the cool breeze.

Shocked, she tried to pull her robe together as she looked up and down the street to see if anyone else could have seen her.

As she backed away from the door and slammed it behind her, Todd laughed and started up his truck. He looked at the houses across the street in his mirrors to see if anyone was around who may have gotten a cheap thrill this morning before he put it in gear and backed out of the driveway. He knew his buddy Terry would love to see her body. And Terry knew Todd would love to see his wife Chris also. So it was cool, Todd thought with a smile.

Meagan was flustered after Todd left. She couldn’t believe that she had basically flashed the whole neighborhood like that. What if old man Bauer across the street had seen her? He might have had another heart attack!

Or young Tyler next door to Bauer? He always acted shy and nervous around Meagan, but she always caught him looking at her.

Meagan knew he had a crush on her. She thought it was sweet. He would probably spend the day pulling on his young cock!

Meagan knew he was a little too young to even fantasize about. He would be 18 next year, and would be a serious hunk someday. Like his father.

“Oh my god, Terry!” Meagan exclaimed aloud. Ty’s dad Terry may have seen her! She couldn’t believe she hadn’t thought about him first.

Meagan and Todd were friends with Chris and Terry, and had been in their house. She knew Terry’s office was in the front facing bedroom that was vacated when their daughter Nancy went to college.

Terry might have been sitting at his desk with a clear view of her! He might have seen her little show. While he was more discreet than Ty, he still checked her out every chance he got. Just like Todd checked out Chris every chance he got. She was a rather attractive woman too.

And Terry was a rather attractive man. He might be jacking off to her right now, Meagan mused.

Chris had hinted that Terry had a nice cock.

Terry and Chris were a few years older than her and Todd. But both were still in great shape. They had their children at a sense8 izle rather young age, as Chris explained, because she could not resist Terry’s charms. Or his prick.

She had confessed this after a number of beers at a cookout last summer and Meagan could not help but think about it everytime she thought of him.

The guys had beed talking sports while the girls were cleaning up. They all had a pleasant buzz and the girls were enjoying some girl talk. Meagan had bragged about Todd’s equipment too, and noticed Chris had looked at him a little differently after that.

With the beer flowing both girls became a little more flirty as the night progressed, with both guys, who of course loved the attention. By the time they all called it a night everyone was pretty horny. Meagan was sure the guys had dismissed the talk of baseball for a discussion on the charms of their wives.

Later that night when Todd and Meagan were sweating up their sheets she wondered if Chris and Terry were going at it too? She was sure they were. She also wondered if Chris was thinking about Todd as much as she was thinking about Terry. Or if the guys were thinking about their own wives, right there in their bed, or the girl across the street.

Meagan climaxed long and hard thinking about Terry and the lustful looks he gave her that night.

As Meagan corralled Jr. in the living room with his toys, she thought to herself “Sore pussy or not, I’m fucking horny again!”

As she mindlessly helped Jr. dig his toys out, she told him with a smile “Mommy’s got her groove back little buddy!”

Jr. of course was happy to hear this and laughed along with mommy.

Meagan could imagine Todd adding that pic he took to the naughty file. She could even picture him posting it online. She wondered if Terry ever looked at porn in that office of his. Maybe Chris looked with him?

Maybe they even looked at the same site Todd had discovered? Meagan thought of some of the sexy outfits Chris wore. She was a shapely, petite woman, and always wore tops that highlghted her breasts. Or skirts and shorts that showed off her firm legs. Meagan knew she was always aware of Todd sneaking peaks at her. Maybe she was an exhibitionist? Could they be on that website too? Meagan wondered how she could find them?!

She remembered seeing a category for MILF’s. Chris certainly fit that category.

With a baby in her arms, that’s where that pic Todd took this morning would have to go. Terry and Chris would definitely recognize her even if Todd blurred out her eyes, they would recognize the front of the house! She could picture Terry sitting at his desk looking for milfs online to stroke to.

Meagan felt her pulse quicken as she looked at her son and got a naughty idea. Picking Jr. back up she undid her robe again and went to the kitchen to retrieve her phone. Her robe billowing out behind her as she walked.

At the bottom of the stairs in the foyer hung a mirror that Todd had salvaged from a jobsite. It was very old and the wooden frame was very ornate and heavy. It had taken Todd and Willy both to carry it into the house and hang it.

Todd had salvaged it from an old apartment building that had been built in the ’30’s, before men had all the fancy power tools they had now. His company had renovated the building into office space. The craftsmanship throughout the building was incredible, and Todd could not just throw hours of another mans tedious labor in a dumpster.

He and Willy had loaded up their trucks every day with old oak trim and saved as much as they could. They had both built several pieces of furniture, bookshelves and things from the wood they saved, and both had plenty left.

Meagan went to the mirror. With her robe open she held the phone up and snapped a picture of herself and the baby. The reflection of the flash blotted out their faces, but her tits and small patch of dark auburn hair were plainly visible.

As she reviewed it she was not happy about her baby fat.

She pulled her robe closed at her waist. She slid it off her shoulder opposite of the baby. Using the baby’s leg to hold her robe closed at her waist, she snapped a pic of her bare shoulder and cleavage. The robe was just open enough to show the edge of her aeriola.

She took a couple of pictures in the mirror. Trying to get a different view of her body in each.

She kept thinking about Terry, and what he would think if he saw these pics. Would he get hard looking at them?

In profile, her excited nipples were clearly visible, but it also showed her paunch. She zoomed in and got just her tits.

She moved closer and turned to face the mirror with one leg stretched outward. By holding the camera in front of her stomach she got a picture of her pussy, lips dangling and already somewhat damp.

Jr. was squirming to get back to his toys by now so Meagan went back to the living room. Putting him down she looked around the room for possibilities. As did Jr.

She went into her settings sewer divers izle for the camera and set the timer to take three photos after a 10 second countdown. It would take three pics, three seconds apart, and stop. She had learned a few tricks over the years with Todd.

She set it on the floor leaning against the couch and pointed towards Jr. She began counting in her head as she walked over to the boy.

Jr. had found a Mickey Mouse car that aunt Beth had given him. Beth was so disappointed when the boy was more interested in the box it came in.

At 9 Meagan bent over with her back to the phone. She knew the short robe pulled up, exposing her pussy and ass. She heard the shutter sound and her pulse raced.

She dropped to her knees and lowered her head, arching her back. She heard the shutter sound again.

For the third pic, she stayed in that position and simply spread her legs wide.

Getting hotter by the second she reset the timer and started with her countdown.

Moving to a sitting position on the floor she picked up her son and lay back. As her count approached 10 she hoisted Jr. in the air with her knees.

He loved when she did that and laughed aloud. She almost didn’t hear the shutter sound as the camera caught a shot of her ass and pussy with her thighs raised up together, the baby sprawled out on her shins.

Sitting the boy on her stomach she spread her legs for the next shot, and then raised them for the third.

The fake sounds of her phone imitating a real camera were as stimulating as a man talking dirty in her ear.

She wondered if these would be posted for the world to see. Her excitement grew as she realized that she could post them herself.

She considered sending them to Todd at work. It had been a long time since she did that. She knew the effect they would have.

She took a few more in various revealing positions before she decided that she better get some work done so she could explore the new site when the boy took his nap.

Meagan spent the rest of the morning trying to squeeze in her chores while also trying to keep up with the ball of energy that was her son.

She tried to focus, to put the images of sex and naughty pictures out of her mind. But it remained there, just below the surface.

She managed to get some of her laundry done, and ran the vacuum in a couple of rooms. Jr. loved the vacuum cleaner, and always wanted to run it too. In fact the word sweep was one of the few words in his developing vocabulary, although it came out more as weep.

Meagan of course had to lower the arm as if she were running it under furniture for the toddler to run it. And he pretty much ran back and forth over the same spot repeatedly.

This of course was not a very efficient way of doing it, but it kept the little guy happy. He was proud that he was helping mommy. And Meagan and Todd always stressed the importance of the concept of work to the boy, they didn’t want to raise a slacker!

Meagan’s goal was to have enough work done that she could spend his nap time on the computer!

Last night’s little exchange of messages, and the fantasy and fuck that went with them were a real awakening for her. The evening had opened up a whole new world of eroticism for her and reenergized her libido.

She still couldn’t help but feel self conscious about how she acted, especially with the pics that were sent to her, but she was certainly aroused by the whole process.

And she certainly was curious about the response to their post since last night. But she was also wondering what else there was to discover?

Meagan knew there would probably be a lot of horny single guys on that site. Many of which would be more than happy to show off their pricks.

In fact, she’d already seen a few. And had some hot fun fantasizing about them with Todd.

And she had to admit to herself that she was eager to see more!

She also wondered how many women might be on there. She remembered vaguely that at least one had commented on Todd’s cock last night. Was she alone? Or maybe her husband was involved, maybe he wanted her to find a lover, like that woman at the truck stop.

Was there women who posted themselves, not as part of a couple but as single women looking for guys?

Or just women who liked being looked at? Meagan knew what a turn on it was to be looked at.

She remembered there was at least one couple that said they both wanted her. That brought on a whole new set of questions.

She thought of her friend Beth admitting to a tryst with a couple. She was pretty sure Beth had played with both of them. And that brought up some very old curiosities.

Did any women comment on the post last night? She suddenly remembered a woman who complimented her and asked if she likes girls too?!

But all the comments and messages were coming so fast it was hard to keep track of it all.

The wine she was drinking and the hard cock she was casually riding didn’t help either, she guessed with a smile. The whole experience was a bit overwhelming, but very stimulating.

She had to admit that she was a bit curious about women. She had been ever since being seduced by her hot British friend in college. Only to be interrupted before she could actually experience it.

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