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FUTA Pharmaceuticals Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Something Sinister

My deep slumber was interrupted by hushed whispers and soft footsteps entering the bunk room. Curious, I slowly opened my eyes, but without my glasses I could only resolve two blurs moving about the dimly lit room. One was slightly taller than the other. Squinting didn’t help much either, so I tried to tune into what they were saying.

The taller one said, “Remember, use the sleeping drugs first so they don’t wake up when you’re collecting their blood samples.” in a hushed whisper. The two figures split up. The smaller one went to Lilith’s sleeping form, and the larger one silently moved to Brittany’s.

I thought to myself, “Why are they testing us in the middle of the night?” I figured they didn’t want us to know about whatever the hell they were doing so I stayed quiet, and kept my eyes only slightly open. I could barely make out the smaller girl leaning over Lilith and quickly emptying a syringe into her arm. Without another moment wasted, she moved over to my bunk and I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. I assume the same thing was happening on the other side of the room. Soon I felt the girl’s soft breaths on my arm as she prepared to stick what I assumed was the sleeping drug into me. As soon as the cold metal began to pierce my skin I couldn’t help but flinch. My sudden movement caused the needle to fall away from me, and I felt a stream of liquid squirt on my arm.

“Shit.” The girl cursed under her breath “Sister, I accidentally spilled some of the drug. Is there still enough to put her to sleep?”

A slightly more mature voice answered, “It doesn’t matter, girl, we only brought 4 doses so just get the rest into her system.”

“O- Ok” the smaller voice stammered.

With more urgency, she firmly stuck the needle back into my arm and emptied the rest of the dose into me. The remaining portion of the drug wasn’t quite enough to put me to sleep, so as the sleeping agent worked into my system my senses dulled, but I fought to stay awake.

The more confident girl spoke up a little louder. “Ok, they should all be asleep. Get the samples quickly.”

Following the command, I felt another needle pierce my skin to replace the previous one. My senses were too nullified to protest this time. I could feel blood slowly exit my body to fill the vial. I guessed they were just collecting blood samples, which makes sense for a drug trial, but it didn’t explain the secrecy.

“Sister” the smaller girl began, “How long do you think these girls will last?”

The other one scoffed and said, “Hell if I know. Two of them look like they barely eat, they’re so tiny.”

“Y- Yeah, but, how long until they become our sisters?”

“Like I said, little one, I don’t know, but I expect most of them to make it. Mistress Cait is skeptical of the red-haired one over there, but maybe she’ll pull through.”

Even under the drug’s influence, my mind raced. “What the hell are they talking about? What the fuck does ‘become our sisters’ mean?!” I thought.

My thoughts were interrupted by the smaller girl. “But what if she doesn’t pull through?”

A long sigh left the other girl’s mouth as she responded, “You know what happens to the girls that don’t break fast enough. Mistress Cait takes matters into her own hands, and I doubt the redhead will survive that. Not mentally anyway. She’ll become another mindless slave for one of the mistresses. No more of this talk. Let’s get the samples and deliver them to Mistress Allison. She’s probably wondering where we are.”

“Ok, sister.” The smaller voice said in a defeated tone.

I was still having issues processing this insanity. Futa never planned to let any of us go. They were just producing slaves, test subjects, elazığ escort or god knows what from us. Before long, the two girls got what they needed, and silently left the room and the drugs finally put me back to sleep.

The sound of muffled moaning replaced my usual alarm clock blaring me awake in the morning. Slowly, I sat up in my bunk and placed my glasses back onto my face to discover the source of the moaning. Sophia had apparently awoken before me and made herself at home in Brittany’s bunk. The two of them were joined by both their upper lips and Sophia’s lower lips wrapped around Brittany’s thick dick. Their lips were locked together in a sensual kiss as the skinny brunette rode Brittany’s cock at a slow and steady pace. Once I finally processed what was happening across the room, my dick, still nestled in my jumpsuit, quickly tented the fabric. I slid back to sit against the wall at the head of my bunk, and quickly unzipped my jumpsuit just enough for my throbbing prick to spring free. My breathing became heavier as I gently grasped my dick and started to jerk myself off. Sophia moaned louder and louder into Brittany’s mouth as she continued using her as a personal dildo. She lifted herself until Brittany’s cockhead almost freed itself from her tightness, and then sunk back to the hilt over and over again. A lewd wet sound quickly filled the room as Sophia’s juices flowed between them.

The sound of Lilith walking over to my bed steered my sight away from Sophia’s frantic fucking. She laid down on my bed in between my legs with her head within breaths reach of my hardness. Without a word, she gently removed my hand from my dick before replacing it with her own and continued the handjob with more speed. After a few strokes, my exposed head was soon enveloped by Lilith’s hot mouth. Soon enough, her mouth was working in tandem with her hand to get me off. Her hand twisted up and down my shaft as she slurped away at the tip. As I got closer to release, my hands found the sides of her head and grasped her raven locks. She moved her own hand from my shaft to my waist as I forced my way into her throat. I could feel her passage massage my cockhead every time I fully sheathed myself into her. On the edge of cumming, I roughly pulled her head fully into my crotch until her tongue was forced out of her mouth to lap at my balls, and I violently spewed my cum straight down her throat as I let out a deep groan.

I looked over to Brittany’s bunk as I heard them cum together. Brittany simply whimpered before passing out again. Sophia promptly dismounted her now soft toy, and slowly walked over to me and Lilith. On her way over to my bunk, our gazes met. I knew she wasn’t quite sated by the lustful half-lidded expression she wore. Lilith looked over her shoulder and an audible pop sounded from her mouth as she released the suction she had formed around my prick before sitting up straight. Sophia looked at us hungrily as both of us were still hard.

Sophia calmly cleared her throat before saying, “Sorry to interrupt, ladies, but I’m going to have to get in between you two.”

She exchanged glanced with each of us before slowly separating us and climbing in the middle with her ass pointed toward me and her head between Lilith’s creamy thighs.

Sophia glanced back over her shoulder at me and said, “Brittany made me a little loose this morning, and you’re already slick so please use my ass.” before beginning to blow Lilith. Complying with her request, I lined myself up with her backdoor. As soon as the tip touched her hole, half of my cock was immediately swallowed by her ass as Sophia backed herself onto it. A long sigh escaped my mouth as her hips wiggled to help sheath the rest of me into her. When we were finally elvankent escort fully connected, Sophia gasped as she came. A short second passed before she moved away from me in order to choke herself on Lilith’s prick. Lilith and I were both kneeling still while Sophia moved herself back and forth between us in order to alternate between impaling herself on my dick and swallowing Lilith’s thick cock. As Sophia picked up her pace, I reached towards to my own tits to roughly grope them, and I saw Lilith move one of her own hands behind her. She cooed as her fingers entered her own asshole.

The sight of Sophia’s delicious star repeatedly stretching around my girth combined with the feeling of going deep into her tightest hole soon had my balls tightening for release. On the edge of cumming, I put my hands on Sophia’s hips and rammed my hips forward to meet her asscheeks which forced Lilith’s cock to fully seat itself into her other end. Sophia yelped in surprise, but the sudden deepthroat had Lilith spewing her load to muffle the sound. Both of us proceeded to fill Sophia’s holes with all the cum we had stored. Just as we pulled out, Sophia fell face-forward into my bed leaving her ass high in the air with jizz oozing out of all her holes.

After our morning love making session, we all gathered at the dining table to eat the breakfast that unknowingly descended from the ceiling. A few bites into our meals, I swallowed my food before motioning for everyone to huddle to the center of table. I whispered, “Girls, something happened last night. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I think we need to leave as soon as possible.”

Sophia scrunched her eyebrows and whispered a little louder than me, “What the hell are you talking about, Annie?”

“Just listen” I started. I proceeded to explain in detail what I remembered from last night.


Cait and Doctor Werner were both seated at a large desk in a monitoring room next to each other. The desk is covered by a large control panel and surrounded by a wide arc of screens all displaying live camera feeds of the four newest test subjects. Every possible angle is covered in both the bunk room and the testing room leaving not a single blind spot. The sounds of sloppy slurping can be heard underneath the desk as two slave girls are servicing the two superiors’ cocks.

Doctor Werner softly sighed as her personal cocksleeve took her whole length into her mouth for the hundredth time that morning. Cait’s eyelids started to flutter as she painted her slut’s throat white for the fourth or fifth time that morning. “Alright cutie, that’s enough for now. Clean me off and go back to my room” Cait said to the head under the desk. A few more mewls could be heard from Cait’s crotch before a buck naked brunette crawled from underneath the desk and promptly left the room. Zipping herself back up, Cait focused back on the monitors in front of her where she noticed something peculiar. “Doc.” She shifted her gaze to the blonde woman next to her to see Alli with her eyes closed and breathing heavily. She punctuated her next “Doc” with a light punch on the shoulder.

“Sorry, Cait, my new girl is just so good. Gimme a minute.”

Cait rolled her eyes in response. “Yeah, whatever, just open your eyes and take a look.” She nodded her head towards one of the screens. The camera feed in question currently showed the girls huddled over the dining table. Cait reached over to a switch on the control panel in front of her, and an audio feed soon played through the speakers. “The hell? They’re whispering something. I can’t hear what they’re saying.” She looked over to her colleague to see that her eyes were half-lidded again. “Jesus Doc, get your girl off of eryaman escort your dick for a second. Pay attention.”

Allison let out a long sigh before reaching under the desk. The sound of her long member leaving her personal toy could be heard as Allison pulled herself out. “What is it, Cait? I was almost there.”

“What do you think they’re saying?” Cait gestured back to the screen.

“If it really bothers you that much, let’s just start the test now so they have to move. C’mon I really have to unload.”

Cait shrugged and reached over to a large red button in the center of the dashboard. “Fine.”

Alli didn’t waste another moment before gently saying, “Alright, honey, get back to it.” and gentle sucking emanated from underneath her again. A long groan escaped her lips as she emptied herself into her personal slut.

In the middle of explaining my plan to girls, a familiar buzzer rang through the room. The computer soon followed, “Report to testing room immediately to begin Day 3 trials.” Like yesterday, we stood side by side facing the screen in the other room. In big bold lettering the words, “Day 3: Submission” were displayed. Soon, they were replaced with instructions that read, “To begin test, please ingest drug.”

Similar to the way our meals are delivered, four trays descended from the ceiling each holding a couple pills and a small cup of water until they were a few feet off the ground. My heart began racing. I knew this was it. Either I took the pills and continued being FUTA pharma’s toy, or I denied them the pleasure and attempted to get myself out of this mess. I looked at camera nested in the corner of the room and said, “N- No. I wish to stop testing. P- Please let me go.” At this point, I knew the ‘contract’ we all signed was a farce, but I hoped I was wrong about that. “Maybe they’ll let me go,” I thought “Maybe they’re not actually evil scientists?”

The other three girls just turned and stared at me. For the next few seconds, we stood in silence it was broken by the door sliding open on the other side where we all entered for the first time. Cait leisurely strode through the doorway flanked by four guards until they were only a couple feet in front of us. She burned a hole into my soul as her eyes met mine. “Little,” She started, “why am I not surprised you would be the one to ruin my day?” Her gaze swept over the rest of the girls. “Anyone else?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Brittany timidly raising a trembling hand until it was level with her head. Lilith and Sophia soon followed her example with a little more confidence. Cait’s eyes widened as she drank in the sight before her, and said, “Really. All of you?” She scoffed and continued, “So be it.” With a snap of her fingers, she quickly glanced to the guards flanking her, and commanded, “Take ’em home, girls.”

In perfect unison, the four guards marched forward a couple steps before unsheathing their shock batons. I gasped and stumbled back into the wall as I saw arcs of electricity bounce around the batons. My breaths became shallow and quick as I helplessly stared at the expressionless grunt closing the distance. Glancing to either side of me revealed that my friends were a similar state. Brittany was audibly whimpering and Sophia began hugging her knees. Lilith, even in the face of certain pain, remained stock still. In flawless coordination, all four batons were suddenly driven into our bodies where ever they could make contact. All of my muscles violently contracted, and I lost control of my body as I quickly crumpled to the floor. The sounds of my friends bodies hitting the floor soon followed my own, and everything was plunged into darkness.


A/N: I am so sorry for the wait for this chapter (And it’s not even long!). Life happened and I got too busy to dedicate time to writing. Thank you all for the kind words, and the unexpected good ratings! Hope you all enjoyed this one. I promise chapter 4 will come sooner than this one did. I am already working on it!

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