1 Ağustos 2021

Gail goes to Florida


Gail goes to FloridaGail’s husband had been lacking in his husbandly duties lately. She had become rather popular on a network social media site due to the combination of her modeling post and her sexy tattooed body. Since she had gained a following of over five hundred she never had to look far for an admirer. One particular guy caught her eye and soon they were texting back and forth. What started out as a friendship with tattoos in common turned into a online romantic adventure. One cold Sunday Gail’s husband Jon went to work on his off road vehicle at his dad’s house. Gail found herself alone at home so she got her newest vibrator out and plugged it in on her side of the bed. She texted her Florida buddy Rod and as the two of them texted sexy thoughts back and forth while Gail was kütahya escort enjoying the very strong vibrations between her legs. As Rod was describing how he was going to eat her sweet pussy her legs tightened tightly around the soft foam head of the wand. She held her breath and had the first of three orgasms she would have that day. After the third orgasm her panties where soaking wet so she slipped them off and placed the foam head of the wand between her pussy lips and directly on her swollen clit. Rod told her to ride down and stay with him for a while. Monday she was trying to figure out how she could drive almost seven hours to get the fucking her pussy was begging for. Then all of a sudden her father in law solved her dilemma. istanbul escort She confided in him about this a week ago. The family vacation this year will be moved from Panama City to Daytona. That way she could slip off and have sex every day for an entire week.On the first day in Daytona they got settled in and after the k**s and her husband had headed to the beach she asked her father in law to take her shopping. That was to satisfy her mother in law as to why they were leaving. Her father in law dropped her off at Rods place and he went to do the shopping. His cell phone rang just over an hour and fourty five minutes later. It was Gail so he picked her up. On the ride back to the motel her father in law asked if she had a nice hatay escort time? She said yes, his cock is nice and big and he fucks like a man processed. She held her beautiful tanned legs tightly crossed. She saw he had noticed how she was setting and said Rod kept my panties and my pussy is totally wrecked. Even though her father in law would love to lick her clean he knew better than to offer. He would never actually have sex with her but her sexy little body made him wish he could at least lick her pussy. So for the rest of the stay she either had her father in law to take her to Rods or two days Rod came to the motel and as the family played at the pool she slipped to the room to have her married pussy used by her fuck buddy. The night before they left she wanted to walk down the beach and she went alone so Rod could meet her about a half mile from the motel. They didn’t have time to drive back to his place so she leaned over the trunk lid of his car while he shoved his fat dick into her from behind. He took her back to the motel and let her out in the parking lot. On wobbly legs she started to the room.

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