15 Mayıs 2023

Game, Set, Match!


“Good game. That would be it for today. You have real talent, are you sure that you don’t want to join our team? We could really use someone with your skills,” shouted a blonde woman on the other half of the tennis court, coming to its center.Both players reached the middle and shook hands in a standard gesture.“I’ll pass, thanks. I am doing this for fun, competing with others is not my fairytale,” answered the girl with black hair. “I guess that I can’t change your mind? That sucks… heh, never mind then, see you next week as always, Jenn?” “Sure,” the girl replied and immediately started picking up her stuff.Ten minutes later Jenn, Jenna, to be specific, everyone just called her Jenn as if her name wasn’t short enough, was sitting by herself in the girls’ locker room. Words of her trainer annoyed her. Like pretty much everyone, she also was happy when someone complimented her and her abilities, but when this someone was pushing her, or was giving her advice she was not asking for, that was pissing the hell out of her.Jenna stood up and went to a big mirror hanging on one of the walls. She looked the other-self in the eyes for a few seconds after which she removed clothes previously covering her now naked body. Jenn took another few glimpses of herself and finally reached her head. With a swift move, she removed the hairband that was tying her hair and tossed it aside as she previously did with her clothes.No one would come into the locker room. The main reason Jenna picked tennis as her sports activity was the time at which the course took place. It was always the last one of the day and there were no more people around at this hour. She hated crowds since she was a little girl and people in larger doses always get on her nerves. To be honest, Jenn never cared if someone would find her naked like that or not. To her, being nude was something as natural as eating or sleeping. One could say that her level of shame was higher compared to others. Plus, it is not like she had any reason to be ashamed of anything in the first place.Last month Jenna turned twenty-two. She was a relatively tall woman of height reaching five-feet-eight, smooth physic and skin tone typical for natives of Europe. Her body lacked any unnecessary fat, every here and there she even could be proud of delicate muscles which subtly emphasized her figure.This effect was especially visible right after the training. Her body was far from that of a supermodel, but Jenn never craved for something trivial like that. As she always said herself, she was working out only to maintain good shape, nothing more. Her breasts were round and firm but medium-sized at best.Overall, Jenna could be put into the “average” category in terms of beauty, she was aware of that fact, and yet never a single thought about complexes crossed her mind. Men were giving her enough attention and she knew that Göztepe Escort her main strengths were her attitude and eyes which had helped her get what she wanted countless times. They were green, which in combination with pitched black hair, currently long to her arms, were hypnotizing. That ability did not come from their beauty, but from the way she looked at people. Some found it attractive, some found it fearful, there were even those who hated it more than anything else in the world. Jenna had no idea how it really works, and yet she mastered this skill to perfection.Jenn slapped both her cheeks with her hands. “Get your shit together, girl!” She ruffled her hair, took a towel from her bag along with some cheap body soap, and confidently entered showers. She turned on the water, a cold stream hit her arm which she immediately pulled back. Jenna allowed water to run for a minute or two hoping that soon it would turn hot, but it did not happen. Slightly irritated, she tried other shower stands, however as she soon noticed, none of them worked correctly.“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuuuuuuck!” Jenn shouted out loud. This has happened to her for the fourth time this month. Fourth time! “This is a fucking joke right there! I am reporting this to a dean, maybe then someone will fix this shit for good,” she spoke under her breath, clearly angry at this point. Of course, she could just go to her apartment and take a bath there, but today her roommate asked for some “privacy” time and Jenna had to respect it. It worked both ways, which she actually considered a good deal. “ Just my luck. Damn. I really could use a hot shower…” then, a crazy idea came to her mind.A minute later, tightly wrapped in a towel, flip-flops on her feet, and shower gel in hand, she was sneaking through the corridor. With a brisk step, she reached the doors at the end of the hall, which, if she remembered correctly, led to the men’s locker room. Jenn swiftly looked around if anyone was coming and put her ear to the door. Hearing no voices or running water, she decided to try the knob. Jenna gently pushed the door open and stuck her head in, giving a peek of what was inside. Luckily for her, the room was empty. “Great!” she thought aloud and entered.Without a second thought, Jenn marched under the first shower stand. The irritation accumulated that day quickly went away as the first drops of hot water hit her skin. First, she stood in front of the hand shower with her eyes closed, letting the stream flow all over her body for a few minutes. Then, using her hands, she began to massage the places where her muscles were the tensest, giving them and herself the desired relaxation. Finally, she turned around so that the water could run down her back as she caressed her hair. At that moment, Jenna heard something fall to the ground. She opened her eyes.A Göztepe Escort Bayan guy she had never seen before was crouching in front of her. He stood up, holding the shampoo bottle, a suspected source of sound she had heard earlier. Jenn gave him a quick look. He could be maybe two years older than her, slightly taller, and of average build. He was naked except for navy blue swimming trunks covering his manhood. Now the man was standing motionless in front of her, yet he was doing his best to avoid eye contact with her. Jenna unhurriedly turned off the shower, crossed her arms, and leaned against the wall, staring at his face.“Sup?” she asked him, but the stranger only stood silently, clearly too embarrassed to answer. “What? Cat got your tongue or something? First, you watch me taking shower like some kind of pervert and now you do not talk to me? Did your parents forget to teach you manners?”“I…, I…, I… didn’t mean to. I am sorry, I think I entered the wrong locker room…,” he muttered.“We happen to be in the men’s locker room, you’ve come to where you should be.”“Th-then what are you doing here?”“I am taking a shower. Don’t tell me you have missed that part while you were spying on me.”“I didn…, I would nev…, but why are you naked?!”“I don’t know, maybe look at the answer earlier.” At this point Jenn was holding back to not laugh at him. Instead, she said “Would you rather prefer if I wear underwear? Trunks like yours, perhaps? Well…, they are not much help now, correct? I mean, I can clearly see your boner.” She grinned at him, pointing her finger at his crotch.As soon as she did so, he dropped everything on the ground in order to, rather poorly, cover his growing erection with his hands. The situation he was in was so shocking that all this time he did not notice how his body was reacting. Ashamed, he stared at the ground.“So, Glenn. What are you planning to do now, hmm?”“I…, me… it’s Derek and e-excuse me?”“There is a naked woman in front of you. I asked, what are you going to do about that?”“I…, I think I don’t understand…”“Hahahahaha!” Jenna burst into laughter “My god, you are definitely not a smooth talker. Luckily for you, you are at least cute.”Derek stared at her confused. She looked him straight in the eyes, gave him her famous wicked smile, grabbed the towel she was supposed to use after taking a shower, and threw it in the face of the disoriented man. The strength was enough to throw him off balance on the slippery floor, Jenn used the opportunity to her advantage. She put her index finger on his chest and pushed him back, which caused him to hit the wall behind him. Before he even had a chance to react, she was already by him. With a single move, the girl grabbed his trunks and pulled them down. This caused him to slip and ultimately slam his butt on the bench beneath him.Derek felt both Escort Göztepe his testicles and penis get caught in a surprisingly strong grip. Only now did he remove the towel from his head. He saw this mystery woman crouch down in front of him. Her left hand was holding his cock tightly in the middle, not letting him move. At the same time, her right hand was holding his testicles tightly. However, this feeling was slightly different from the first. Instead of a whole hand, he felt her use only her fingers to hold his genitals like a prisoner locked in a small cell.He noticed she was looking at him. Jenn’s eyes stared directly into his face. It took him a good moment, but finally, their eyes met. Derek’s first impression was infatuation. He had never experienced anything like this. He had to admit that her gaze was mesmerizing and even tempting, but at the same time the man could not shake off this unpleasant feeling of insecurity. Whenever he had sex with a girl, he could always read some emotions from his partner, such as shame, temptation, love, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t tell what Jenna was feeling now. One thing was certain, this girl clearly knew what she was doing. She was the game master and she imposed the rules.“Agh!” Derek groaned as her nails dug into the part of the skin that connected his testicles to the rest of his body. Very, very slowly, she began to scratch this area. He tried to regain a little bit of control over what was happening to him. He gritted his teeth to keep from making noises that were obvious to the effectiveness of her method.The girl smiled watching his pathetic efforts. Jenn wasn’t hurting him, he felt no pain, just that annoying itch that made him shiver from time to time. The longer she did it, the more annoying the feeling became. Occasionally she rubbed the wrinkled skin of his testicles with her thumb, stretching it for better effect. All this time she never stopped staring at his face, not even for a moment. He was struggling hard but somehow managed not to make a sound. Finally, she finished the massage by squeezing her toy hard one last time. This unexpected gesture made him take a deep breath in panic. Sweat droplets adorned his forehead, and his tired penis was already throbbing a little.“Sensitive, aren’t you, ‘boy’?” asked Jenna. It sounded like she was mocking him, and yet Derek found no mockery in her voice. She was more like a doctor presenting a diagnosis to his patient. He hadn’t bothered to answer that, and she clearly wasn’t expecting him to.It quickly became apparent that Jenna was not finished with him yet. She decided to raise the level of the game. This time she grabbed his already hard cock at the base with her right hand, looked deep into his eyes again, and started stroking. The grip she held it in was firm, but her movements were slow and gentle. At least in the beginning. From time to time she squeezed it tighter, constantly watching the reactions on Derek’s face. Soon her hand began to move faster and faster, with noticeably more force. The girl added wrist movements. Whenever her hand reached the tip of his penis, she stroked it with her open hand. 

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