11 Mayıs 2023

GCBF-5 – More Beach Adventures


The next week and a half seemed like torture to me. Not having any way to contact her, my imagination went wild with whether or not Delilah would show up at the appointed time. She continued to tease me, even when we were apart. I tried to distract myself by adding extra time to my bike and swim sessions in an attempt to burn off all the nervous energy that thinking about her created inside of me. I drained my nuts at least once each day as I joyfully re-lived the experiences we had on that first day that we met.The Sunday of that Memorial Day Holiday weekend finally came, and I once again headed out early from the base at NAS Pensacola, to that same favorite spot on Santa Rosa Island. As I made the drive, the anticipation was unsettling to me. Would she be there? Would she show up?There were already a few cars in the parking area as I pulled into it. I was relieved to see her car among them. Once again she had gotten there first. I grabbed my shade kit and beach gear and headed to our very familiar spot.As I approached the section of beach that was my destination, I could see that Delilah had managed to snag the exact same spot where we had met. When I got a bit closer, she ran out to meet me. The sparkle in her eyes was delightful. She seemed as pleased to see me, as I was to see her. I dropped all my stuff and she wrapped her body tightly around mine, and after a big hug, she turned her face towards mine for a long, slow, sensual kiss. I got a little weak in the knees as a result. All those memories! The presence of this woman was truly intoxicating to me.We grabbed my gear and strolled to where her towel and chair were laid out. I inquired about the location of her umbrella. “I got it fixed, and did bring it,” she said, “But I left it in the car, hoping that you would show up.” She struck a very coy pose with that statement and smiled innocently at me. I assured her that it would have taken something very drastic for me to miss this appointment on this day.We were both dressed the same as before. She had on the same bikini of both thin and minimal fabric, and I had the same loose swim trunks. We proceeded to set up my shade kit, and once again I was Bostancı Escort treated to Delilah’s well-sculpted form at work. I was getting a decent boner again by the time we had everything arranged for another day of fun and relaxation.Before we sat down, she sidled up next to me and wrapped her arm around me. “Still happy to see me eh?”, she said slyly as she firmly grabbed my hardening cock through my shorts. She pulled gently with that hand, and once again with her other hand snaked it behind my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. Much more of that, and I would likely cream right then and there.As far as privacy went, this day was the opposite of the day we met. It was a holiday weekend, so there was a fairly steady flow of folks walking by, and a few settled not that close, but too close to ever have a chance to get naked without being noticed. Still, we enjoyed the morning, laughing and conversing as we had on our first morning, but with a lot more sexual tension in the air. We would tease and play with each other as much as possible, especially when we slipped into the water to cool off.By midday, the heat was really starting to crank up. On returning to the shade rig after one of our cooling dips in the Gulf, Delilah announced that it was time to take a walk. “Let’s go have a look at the Sound,” she said with that impish style of hers. I knew something was up (besides my Johnson), but I didn’t question it. We slathered on some sunscreen, grabbed two full water bottles, got some sandals on, and headed out.We walked hand-in-hand for a while down the beach a ways, and then turned to cross the road and head towards Santa Rosa Sound, which is the narrow body of water between the Island and the mainland (which was really just a peninsula for the Bay). It is still a pretty good distance across the Sound at that point however, enough that you could not clearly see someone on the other side with just the naked eye.The area between the road and the Sound at that point was covered by some rather substantial sand dunes. In many places, it was covered in scrub brush and trees, but there was plenty of open space to traverse Bostancı Escort Bayan the dunes. We wound our way up and down and around the dunes for what was to be about a ten or fifteen-minute walk to the Sound.As we walked, I still could not stop myself from drinking in the sight of Delilah’s fabulous form at any given moment. She was, as the song goes, “a 5’9” beautiful tall”. At over 6’2” I had a lovely view down her cleavage, glistening with sweat, as her firm and full C-cup breasts bounced and jiggled with her every step in the slippery and deep sand.On the occasions that we could not walk side-by-side, I always made it a point to walk behind her. I just could not get enough of watching her backside. Her broad shoulders and strong back tapered nicely to her waist, and then the curves flowed out nicely to a perfect heart-shaped ass, all of which was supported by a very firm set of legs. I liked that she was a solid build, firm and muscular, yet at the same time, soft and feminine, it was a spectacular balance to behold.When down in the hollows between the dunes it could be brutally hot and still, with the sun blazing down from directly overhead, and no way for the gentle midday breeze to reach you. It was in one of these hollows, about halfway to the Sound, that Delilah once again grabbed my wrist and pulled our bodies together for a kiss.She then yanked my shorts down to my thighs, releasing my rapidly stiffening trouser snake. Gripping it firmly with one hand, she pulled herself up to my ear with the other, and in a throaty voice said, “I’ve been waiting too long for this, and I want it now!” I reached down inside her suit, only to find her love box swollen, moist, and steaming hot. We were both more than ready. I drew my hand up to my nose to take in her sexy scent, which began to make me crazy with lust.I’d like to be able to say at this point that I’m hung like a horse, but I am in fact exactly average. I know this because I actually looked it up. I was filling out a profile on an “adult dating” (swinger) website one day, and in checking off the “endowment” field, the engineer in me wanted to be accurate. Escort Bostancı So I’m very average, at about 6+ inches long, and about 1.5” across, or about the same size as most common vibrators, hummmmmm. Anyway.She dropped to her knees in front of me, pulling my swim trunks down to my ankles. I stepped out of them, which left me standing there in just a hat, sunglasses, and sandals. She began to lick and suck my shaft and balls with an eager lustfulness. She played with my cock, and cooed about how beautiful it was, and that it was “the perfect size for sucking, and ass-fucking!” (oh my!)Now, hearing that was not a total shock to me, but it was something that I’d never experienced before. Until I met Delilah, ass-play had never been an addressed topic, and even with her, the experience we’d had together was fairly light and brief, without a lot of detailed discussion on that topic. While I was somewhat prepared, I was still nonetheless a bit taken off-guard when she said this.I soon forgot all about it, however, as I promptly became distracted when she plunged my cock deep down her throat, burying her nose in my pubic hair, and began working her mouth and throat on my cock. Even though I’d woken up early that morning with a raging hard-on and rubbed one out, I was very close to cumming in a short period of time.She kept teasing and squeezing me though, keeping me right on the brink of popping my cork. In that skill, she was a master! It was so hot that my large and heavy balls, which tend to hang pretty low anyway, felt like they were knocking around my knees. She was giving them plenty of oral and manual attention as well. I was loving every second of it.This woman truly loves cock. And even though my sexual experience at that time seemed a bit limited, I was smart enough to know that a woman like that could be trouble. I could’ve cared less at the time, however, as, let’s face it, every guy is in love with his penis, and if he ever finds a woman with the same interest, he will not easily be inclined to let her go.Just when I thought Delilah was going to finish me off, she dropped back off my cock and stood up. I was dumbfounded and must have had a confused expression of mild pain and distress on my face. With a wicked look in her eye she stripped out of her swimsuit and then got on all fours in front of me. Looking back over her shoulder she wiggled her ass at me and said in a sexy voice, “C’mon baby, put that beautiful big cock in me, now!”

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