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“That was a really excellent dinner, Mrs. Romanowski.” Stanley Greene said as he laid his napkin on the table. “It’s been a real long time since I ate that good.”

“Well, when you marry my Rachel, you’ll eat that good all the time,” the fifty-two year old woman said as she began to clear the table. “I’ve taught her everything I know.”

“Oh Mother,” Rachel Romanowski said from the other side of the table.

“Let me help you with those, Mrs. Romanowski.” Stanley said as he got up and pick up two of the dishes.

“Nonsense,” she said. “You two young people go in and watch TV or something. I can manage here just fine. And I really wish you’d call me Ruth, Mrs. Romanowski makes it sound like either I’m so old, or you’re way too young to be engaged to my daughter.”

“Okay, Ruth.” the twenty-six year old said as he put the dishes back on the table. “And I definitely have to say, you’re not too old. If I hadn’t met Rachel first, well who knows.” he kidded.

“That’s it,” Ruth laughed in return, waving then out of the kitchen with her hands. “You two, out of my kitchen.”

Stanley was trying just to be humorous, but his joke wasn’t that far-fetched. For a woman her age, Ruth Romanowski was really quite attractive. Mrs. Romanowski had been a Nurse for about twenty-five years, working at Midtown Hospital. Her hair was a honey blonde and he was sure she hadn’t gained more than ten pounds in as many years.

He knew from what Rachel had told him, that her Mother had been a widow for over ten years. It was quite surprising, at least to him, that the woman hadn’t remarried in all that time. Maybe it was because of a sense of responsibility to give her daughter all of her attention, he thought, to make up for her not having her Father around. Well once he and Rachel were married, she would be free to live her own life again.

This evening was very important to Stanley, and he wanted everything to go right as could be. He and Rachel had been engaged for two months now, and this was the first time he had actually met her Mother. Stanley lived on the West Coast, just outside of San Diego. Rachel had lived here in New York until a year ago when the company they both worked for transferred her to California. As many times as Rachel had offered to fly her out for a visit, Ruth had refused. Her husband had died in the crash of a small plane over a decade before and she refused to get on any aircraft since then.

Rachel had told him many times that she really couldn’t conceive of get married without first getting her Mother’s approval of the man she had said yes to. At first, Stanley had thought this was a rather old and silly custom. Then, as he learned how important Rachel’s Mother had been in her life, and how she had raised her practically all alone, he began to understand. As soon as he could, Stanley made the time for the two of them to fly east so her Mother could meet him and give her blessings.

“Come on, Honey.” Rachel said as the twenty-three year old took him by the arm. “In this kitchen, Mom’s word is law. Let’s go see what’s on the TV.”

As they sat down on the couch and Rachel began channel surfing, Stanley thought again how lucky he was to have met Rachel. She was a beautiful girl, there was no denying that. Long straight blond hair reached all the way down to her waist, and she had a nice slim figure with breasts that seemed perfectly proportioned to her built. Not that there was exactly a shortage of beautiful young women in Southern California or even in the company where he worked. No, Rachel had a lot more going for her than just looks.

Rachel was a genius, there was so other word for it. She was a civil engineer that could work out problems in her head that people twice her experience had to work out with calculators and diagrams. At first, taking her at face value based on her age and relative newness to the company, Stanley had been a little annoyed at her having been assigned to one of his projects. The engineer assigned to his staff had hit a dead end and Stanley had gone to his boss asking to borrow someone who might have a fresh perspective. Instead of lending him one of the senior engineers, his boss had sent him this kid right out of college.

Stanley ate his words as Rachel worked out a solution to their problem in less than a week. A solution that not only put them back on track but made up for the lost time. Trying to make amends for his misjudgment, he had asked her out to dinner.

What started as a simple dinner soon became a relationship, even after Rachel went on to other projects. If was funny, but one of the things that attracted Stanley to Rachel initially, was her seeming reluctance to immediately enter into a sexual relationship.

Stanley had lost his virginity at eighteen and was a rather good looking young man. There had never been a lack of equally good-looking women willing to share his bed. In fact, there were plenty of women just in his office that he could take out to dinner with the sure shrinking izle knowledge that they would be making him breakfast the following day. But simple sexual satisfaction, as much fun as it was, wasn’t all he was looking for.

A few times in that month and a half before they first went to bed, Stanley worried that Rachel might have some deep-rooted sexual problems. He was afraid that their relationship, as wonderful as it was developing, might collapse on this reluctance.

As it turned out, it was a groundless fear. Far from being sexually frigid, Rachel had turned out to be what Stanley could only describe as something of a nymphomaniac. Once she decided they had an association based on something stronger than just lust, the floodgates of her passion burst open.

Stanley had never experienced anything like her. The twenty-two year old combined sexual enthusiasm and imagination like no woman he had ever known. There were days she shocked even him. Like the time she came into his office in the middle of the day, locked the door, and screwed him right there at his desk. He’d lost track of the places, a good many of then public, where she’d given him head as well.

Yes, he considered himself a lucky man indeed. That was but one of the reasons why this trip east was so important to him. If for some unknown reason, Rachel’s Mother decided she didn’t like him, he was sure he would lose her forever.

“Is this you?” Stanley said as he got up from the couch and picked up a large framed 11 x 14 photograph from the mantle.

The picture was of a half dozen men and women dressed up as if they were part of the Road Company of Hair. The picture looked pretty old, but the pretty blond in the center appeared to be a younger Rachel.

“That, believe it or not,” she said as she joined him at the mantle. “Is the woman who just cooked you dinner.”

“You’re kidding.” Stanley said in surprise.

“Nope, that photograph was taken in Central Park in 1967.” she explained. “My Mother was a real live hippie. Flower power, free love and all.”

“That’s incredible.” Stanley said.

He had read about the flower power movement back in the 60’s, but never imagined he would ever meet someone who had really been part of it. It was astonishing to think that the middle aged Nurse he’d just met had been the young girl in the tie die shirt and beads.

“You see the guy at the end, the one with the brown beard?” Rachel asked.

Stanley followed the line to the tall, shaggy haired man in sandals. He wore what Stanley thought were called granny glasses and looked like it had been at least a week since his last bath.

“That’s my Dad.” Rachel smiled.

Stanley looked again at the two people in the group picture, then looked up at another photo showing a six-year-old Rachel and her parents. He looked hard at the clean-shaven young man and his wife. Using a little imagination, he could see they were the same persons.

“It just goes to show, you never know about people.” Stanley thought as he returned with Rachel to the couch.

After a few more minutes of channel hopping, Rachel settled on a movie showing on one of the premium stations. It was a love story of course, he knew she couldn’t pass one of them. More so it there was an element of danger in the relationship.

They watched the film, interrupted every one and a while by the sounds from the kitchen as Mrs. Romanowski cleaned up.

The movie soon came to the inevitable love scene, and this being cable, it was quite graphic. Stanley could feel Rachel pressing up against him as the onscreen lovers got both naked and busy. After a few minutes of watching them make love, Rachel leaned closer to Stanley and asked.

“Do you think she has nicer tits than I do? she whispered.

Stanley smiled. Rachel was always doing that, comparing herself to other women and asking his opinion. She also delighted with using terms like tits instead of breasts, at least when they were alone. Stanley had heard the questions often enough to always have a ready answer.

“Her tits are bigger,” he said. “But yours are nicer.”

“So you wouldn’t rather fuck her than me?’ Rachel then asked.

“If we were back at the hotel right now, I’d be happy to show you.” he responded.

“I’m not sure I believe you.” Rachel laughed as she put her hand between his legs and right on his hard cock. “Liar!” she said in mock anger.

“Would you believe that’s because of having you so close next to me?” he lied, knowing full well that it was the result of the onscreen lovers. He was, after all, only human.”

“Because of me huh,” Rachel said. “Then I guess I get to do what I want with it.” Before Stanley realized what she was doing, Rachel had undone his pants and pulled out his hard cock. It stood almost straight up it’s full seven-inch length for a moment, before disappearing into her mouth.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Stanley wanted to yell, then caught sihirli annem izle himself when he remembered where they were.

He couldn’t believe what his fiancee was doing. It was one thing to blow him on the flight here yesterday, something she had done under a blanket when just about everyone else on the Redeye flight was asleep. It was beyond belief that she would do it with her Mother just a room away.

“Are the two of you all right in there?” Ruth called out from the kitchen.

“We’re fine.” Stanley called out, suppressing the urge to groan as Rachel deep throated him once more.

Stanley knew that there was no reasoning with Rachel when she got like this. His only hope was that he came quickly and before Ruth came out of the kitchen. It wasn’t an unrealistic hope, Rachel was a really skilled cocksucker, and he was making no effort to hold back. He could already feel his orgasm building deep in his balls. It was only a matter of a little time.

“Oh my!” Stanley heard the feminine voice blurt out from a few feet in from of them.

He looked up and saw Ruth Romanowski standing next to the television, holding a tray with tea and cakes. His skin turned pale as she looked right at the image of her daughter sucking his cock. An action she hadn’t yet stopped, despite the fact that there was no way she could not now be unaware of her Mother’s presence.

“I had thought you might like a little snack.” Ruth said as she put the tray down. “But I see you already have one, Rachel.”

Stanley couldn’t believe she was being so calm, or that she was making a joke about it. His own Mother would be having a heart attack at this point.

“Not so little, Mother.” Rachel said as she finally let his cock slip out of her mouth and looked up.

“No, not so little at all.” Ruth agreed as she got her first good look at Stanley’s still erect cock.

“I can’t believe this,” Stanley said to himself. “The two of them are discussing my cock like walking in on your daughter sucking off her boyfriend was something that happened every day.” “Would you like to try it, Mother?” Stanley heard Rachel say, sure he had to have heard wrong.

“Hmmm,” Ruth Romanowski pondered. “If you’re sure it wouldn’t cause a problem.”

“It won’t be a problem,” Rachel said as she turned and looked at her lover. “Would it, Stanley?”

Not able to believe what he’d heard so far, Stanley couldn’t accept that she was now asking him his opinion. The reality was that she had no plan to wait for his or anyone else’s opinion. Rachel turned her gaze back to her mother, and still holding the base of her fiancee’s cock, offered it to her.

If Stanley had been shocked when Rachel took him in her mouth, he was overwhelmed when she guided his cock into her Mother’s.

“Oh God!” Stanley gasped as Ruth immediately went to work on him, her tongue and lips proving not only the equal of her daughter’s, but their superior.

On the edge as he was from Rachel’s attentions, just the erotic aspects of Ruth’s going down on him was enough to send him over the edge. He shot his load into his future Mother in Law’s mouth, enjoying a truly memorable orgasm.

As was his habit, Stanley had closed his eyes when he felt his climax overtake him. He had experienced some really incredible sexual adventures since meeting Rachel, but this had to top them all. Nothing was going to ever surpass this he thought. Stanley was about to quickly learn how wrong a belief that was. He was also wrong when he thought this particular adventure was over.

“Rachel, I …” he started to say as he opened his eyes a minute after he felt Ruth let go of his cock.

He didn’t get any further as a now topless Rachel dropped into his lap and shoved her breasts in his face. She shook her body, massaging his face with her mounds.

“Suck me.” she ordered him as she pressed one of her nipples against his lips.

Almost involuntarily he obeyed her command, opening his mouth and sliding his tongue across her pink stubs. He sucked on her flesh without thinking, his mind more on the sight he saw when he looked beyond his lover.

Standing a few feet behind Rachel, her Mother was in the process of stripping. Already she was down to her panties and underwear.

“Do you love me?” Rachel asked as she pulled her breast from his mouth. “Do you love me more than anything else in the world?”

“Of course I do?” Stanley answered without having to even think about it, because he knew with absolute certainty that it was true.

“And you’ll do anything for me?” Rachel asked as she pressed her breasts against his chest and stroked his face.

“Anything you want.” he replied, although with the slightest of hesitations this time. Stanley wondered what he was getting himself into.

“Then I want you to prove to my Mother that you are the best lover that I’ve ever had.” Rachel said as she pressed her lips against his for a brief moment. “I want you to show sizi dinliyorum izle her that you are all that I’m ever going to want or need in my life. That you are the one that I’m going to be faithful to.”

“This is crazy.” Stanley thought as he tried to understand the situation. He thought about it for a moment more as Rachel continued to kiss and caress his body.

He suddenly thought he understood. Rachel was a nympho, and doubtlessly her Mother knew it as well. Mrs. Romanowski was worried that her daughter would never be able to be sexually satisfied by just one man. To prove her wrong, Rachel wanted her to see just how satisfied she was with Stanley.

“Omigod!” Stanley suddenly exclaimed as he realized his conclusion was only half-right.

Rachel didn’t want Stanley just to show her what a good lover he was, she wanted him to “show her.” Show as in demonstrate personally. Rachel wanted him to make love to her Mother.

“Am I understanding you?” Stanley asked as he looked into Rachel’s blue eyes. “You want me to…” on the chance that he had vastly misread the situation somehow, he couldn’t bring himself to even say the words.

“I want you to fuck my Mother.” Rachel whispered in his ear, leaving no room for doubt in what she was saying. “I want you to fuck her the same way you fuck me, so that she’ll never have any doubt that I can be true to you. Will you do that for me?”

Stanley’s first reaction was that this was insane. His second was that he was nuts to even consider the idea, and that Rachel was probably just as nuts to suggest it. His third reaction, once it all sunk in, was that this was probably every guy’s most perverse secret fantasy. And his wife to be wanted him to do it.

Stanley looked again beyond Rachel to her Mother standing there. She had stopped at her undergarments, but he could see that his original assessment in the kitchen was right on the money. Ruth was still an attractive woman, and in good shape for her age as well. The choice would’ve been a lot harder if she had been old, ugly and fat.

“If you really want me to do this, Honey.” he said as he turned back to Rachel. “Then of course I will.”

No sooner had those words left his mouth, than Ruth quickly left the room. A cold chill suddenly filled Stanley as he wondered if maybe this had all been some kind of strange test and by saying he would go along with it, he had already failed.

“What’s going on?” he asked nervously.

“It’s okay.” Rachel said reassuringly. “Unlike me, Mom’s not about to do it on a couch. Not when there’s a bed available.”

Stanley was relieved when she said that. But before he followed Ruth, there was something he had to ask Rachel.

“Sugar, I have to ask,” he said. “How the hell did you ever come up with an idea like this? I mean you’ve come up with some pretty strange notions in the time I’ve known you, but even you have to admit, this is pretty far out there. I still can’t believe your Mother is going along with this.”

“Going along with this?” Rachel laughed. “Sweetness, this is her idea.”

“What?” Stanley said in disbelief.

“That’s right.” she went on. “It seems before I was born, and not that long after her wild hippie days, my Mother and Father did a tour in the Peace Corps as well.”

“Wait a second,” Stanley interrupted. “I thought you had to have a degree or something to join the Peace Corps.”

“Don’t let that picture on the wall fool you,” Rachel explained. “My Dad had a degree in Engineering before he let his hair grow, and my Mom has two of them, Nursing just happens to be what she loves most. You don’t think these brains of mine that you love so much were a fluke, do you?”

Properly chastised, Stanley kept his mouth shut and let Rachel finish her explanation.

“Well it seems that they wound up stationed on this island in the South Pacific. Dad to help build a hospital and Mom to help improve the general health. Anyway, it seems the people on this island had some pretty strange customs. One of the more interesting ones was the practice of a prospective groom having to first spend a night with his prospective Mother in Law. The theory was that she would insure that her daughter’s wedding night would be a memorable one.”

Stanley had heard of a lot of strange customs, but that had to take the cake. Calling to mind what some of those Mother in Laws must have looked like, he had to shudder.

“I’m sure you find this all fascinating,” Rachel concluded. “But Mother is waiting.”

With that, she sent her lover off to have carnal knowledge of her Mother.

‘Ruth …?” Stanley said hesitantly as he stood at the door to her bedroom.

It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the light inside. The room was bathed in the glow of a dozen scented candles, scattered about the room. Evidently Ruth had given the situation some thought beforehand. He wondered how long she and Rachel had been planning this. It was obvious to him now that the whole situation with the blowjob had been a setup. Something to get him going and be more receptive to the idea of having sex with Ruth. Not that he was about to complain.

“Ruth …?” he repeated as he stepped into the room. Suddenly he felt very nervous.

“I’m right here, Stanley.” he heard her say.

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