15 Mayıs 2023

Getaway to a Spa – Part 6, The Conclusion


I felt soft fingertips running along the top of the stocking on my left leg and gentle lips on my left ear as I slowly woke to see the hotel alarm clock reading just after midnight. My nose brought me back to my senses with the distinctive smell of Audrey’s Black Opium and, of course, our own bodies’ sexual fragrances. She was taking her lips on a tour of my ear, her tongue gently circling the tender folds as her left hand started gently tickling my leg with her fingernails as if she was teasingly drawing all the blood to my crotch.Audrey then started kissing her way down my neck – my weakness – nibbling ever so tenderly, her tongue swirling as she went.  Very slowly she worked her way down to the side of my left breast and began a series of nibbles, kisses, and flicks of her tongue all around my breast, teasing my nipple until I instinctively rolled onto my back, thrusting my nipple into her mouth.Her mouth was a warm, moist respite for my wanton nipple as she suckled it with an expertise that spoke directly to my vagina, telling my sex that heaven was on its way.  She moved her mouth down my tummy as her left hand moved onto my vagina, cupping it, massaging it, drawing all the folds of it with warmth and tenderness. Then the heel of her palm was drawing circles on my clit as her fingers explored my tender folds.As she positioned herself between my legs, I grabbed the heels of my Come Fuck Me Louboutin’s and pulled my legs wide apart to give her room to work. She was an artist. Her fingernails kept running up and down my stockings, ever so lovingly, and on up my waist to my breasts, drawing little circles around my nipples before tweaking them ever so lightly.  All the while her experienced tongue began dancing little dances into my vagina and over the folds of my labia, licking every surface of my sex.  My pussy was on fire, my clit engorged with blood, poking out through its hood as if to say, “Here, lick here.”  And eventually, she did.She took my clit between her lips and slowly, soothingly her tongue moved side to side on my clit in light flicks on the tip. Her lips sucked and pressed, sucked and pressed, over and over on the base of my clit as if it were a tiny cock she was Ankara bayan escort sucking. All the while her tongue, that luscious tongue, flicked on the tip. I let go of my heels and placed my Come Fuck Me Pumps beside her ribs and began arching my back and bucking, fucking her tongue in mad rhythm.My legs stiffed, straightening out as this enormous climax approached. I was moaning deep and guttural as it began to hit me, wave after wave of ecstasy racing through my body. I slammed my feet down on the bed and lifted Audrey up as my back arched as the final wave hit me. Exhausted, I fell back down flat in a screaming crash pushing her head away from my clit. Audrey got up quickly and took me by the hand, pulling me out onto the balcony, pressing my ribs into the railing as I overlooked the Zen Garden. She knelt behind me, pulling my legs back and apart as my breasts landed atop the railing. Her hands pulled my ass cheeks open and she dove in, rimming my bum hole for all she was worth. She pressed her right thumb into my vagina and began rubbing my G-spot as her middle and index fingers took hold of my throbbing clit. Once again, a climax began to build. My legs were shaking uncontrollably as pleasure surged through my body once again. Ass, clit, and G-spot flooding my soul with desire, need, want of an orgasm.  She was edging me – taking me ever so close only to back away. My poor trembling legs could barely support me. I have no idea how loud I was being or if there were people in the Zen Garden. I didn’t care. I’m certain there were people down below listening, watching, as the artist known as Audrey took me to new heights of sexual indulgence.Finally, I could tell she was going to let me finish. Tottering on my heels, holding onto the railing for dear life, I felt the orgasm begin to swell. My entire flesh was electrified with pleasure as the surge of the orgasm began deep within me and rushed in a mad torrent through my bones. Every muscle contracted, my legs were flexing, first extending, then bending as I let out a powerful, guttural, moaning cry from the depths of my throat. I began to shake, nearly convulsing as I collapsed onto the Escort bayan Ankara balcony floor to the applause of the small crowd that had gathered below. If only Brian were here to see that…Audrey helped me up and took me back to the bed, saying, “We aren’t quite finished just yet, missy.”She had me lie down on my back and she climbed atop me. My clit was aching from all the attention, but it was aching for more.  I curled my knees up, placing my Louboutin’s near to my ass, and spread my knees out wide, giving Audrey plenty of room.  She placed a knee on either side of my shoulders and lowered her dripping sex onto my face. My tongue went to work immediately, first lapping up her juices and then running the length of her labia. I grabbed the cheeks of her ass, encouraging her to fuck my face as I slid a thumb in her ass. She moaned out in pleasure.With my thumb pressing into her ass, my tongue went to work on her clit, as she dove into mine. I mimicked her tongue action, following her every move. She was grinding into my lips and I could tell she was getting close. I had been holding back my orgasm. I was a cumming machine at this point and I wanted us to climax together. Right then I felt her thighs press against my head as she came. My tongue and lips never stopped. Within moments she came again and again. Three orgasms nearly in a row. I stopped holding back and came in a powerful rush of energy, again sending her in the air as my back arched. She fucked my face to two more orgasms while gently biting the inside of my thigh.Audrey then climbed off and slid up next to me in the bed and we cuddled. I lay my head upon her pert left breast and fell fast asleep once again.I awoke to the light of morning pouring in through the glass balcony door. Audrey was still fast asleep. I began suckling her tiny nipple.“Good morning, lover,” I mumbled through a mouth full of breast. She smiled awake and looked down at me and said, “And what lovers we are.”I looked at the clock and realized I had just over an hour to get showered, dressed, and packed to go, so I dropped the breast from my mouth and asked, “How about we finish this in the shower?”I would Bayan escort Ankara have much rather taken a long, relaxing, sexually filled bath, but time was not our friend this morning. We lathered up each other’s bodies, taking the loofah and gently scrubbing each other clean. It was a challenge to give a woman head in the shower, but I took a shot at it, as did she. We opted to finish each other off with nice masturbatory twirls of the fingers. I turned on my phone and took a quick selfie of our naked selves in the foggy bathroom and sent it to Brian. In return, Audrey put her number in my phone. I programmed mine in hers. We promised to get together again very soon.Audrey gathered up her things and borrowed my robe for the walk down the hallway to her room. We kissed goodbye in the hallway, unashamedly so, as the night had been an experience of a lifetime, for me, at least.  But I think for her as well.I decided to dress hot and sexy for the flight home, donning a skintight LBD which was adorned with tiny slits up each side and a peephole neckline, and my come-fuck-me Louboutin’s. They had been good luck for me last night, perhaps they will bring luck for the flight home. I barely got checked out by the 11:00 deadline and headed to the valet for my rental car.“Did you have a nice, relaxing stay?” asked the valet boy as he held open my car door.“Yes, delightful. All rested and ready to go.”“Liar,” I thought to myself. My pussy was worn out, my clit was swollen, and every muscle in my body was drained. Well, it wasn’t a total lie. The sex had been delightful. But I certainly wasn’t rested. And I certainly wasn’t ready to go. I would simply love three more days like the three I just had. But it was time to return home to the man I love the most in the world: my best friend, my lover, my confidant, my husband. Brian.Dropping the car into gear and heading to the airport, I thought to myself, “Yes. Just keep telling the truth to him – but only discuss it in bed with his head between your legs. You can get head every day for the next month out of this and he’ll be turned on the whole time!” I would be honest and open – leave out no detail, no thought. That’s all he ever asked – and I did have a few pictures. Once arriving at home I’d likely get eaten and laid within minutes of my arrival. Besides, I dressed myself that morning. “I know I look hot. He can’t resist me when I look like crap and right now, I look hot – he’ll ravage me in the airport parking lot,” I said right out loud to no one there.

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