10 Ocak 2023

Getting Even with My Mother-in-Law Ch. 01


I had been married to Joyce for almost 10 years, and in the last few of these, we had begun to explore our sexuality, as well as that of others. When I first met her, and her family, things never went well between her mother and I, we never seemed to “click”, and as such we had many run-ins. By the time we had been married for about 3 years, I was having one of my usual arguments with her mother, when I realised something strange. Her mother actually seemed to like arguing with me, and this had me wondering. Over the next few weeks I came to understand that I did not hate her, but that we had both been of a very like nature.

Whenever her mother would come for a visit, or we went to her place, it never took long before one of us began a disagreement with the other. It seemed that we both liked to get the other ones back up. Apart from our little fights, we both seemed to take great delight in playing practical jokes on each other. I would sometimes print up official looking documents and send them to her, sometimes they looked like Lawyers letters, where until she got to the end, she would believe they were real ones, with someone threatening to sue her.

On her part, she seemed to take things a little further. As I worked at nights, I never got to bed until around 4 am, and sometimes when she stayed over she would get up early and help do the housework. On one of these times I awoke around 7 am and heard the vacuum cleaner going outside the door. A few moments later the door would open and in would walk Grace (Joyce’s mother), and she would start to clean our bedroom floor. I tried to tell her I had had little sleep and she should leave it, but she would not, saying it had to be done now or else Joyce would be angry. I gave up and hoped that she would not take long, and I could sleep once more.

She slowly cleaned all around the floors, under the bed and then took the nozzle off the end and proceeded to clean the dust from around the windows. She knew that Joyce kept the rooms very clean, and that this was her way of annoying me. When she finished, she came back to the side of the bed where she had dropped the brush to the cleaner, and as she bent down to retrieve it, she looked straight at the “tent pole” under the sheets in front of her. As was usual, I had a morning glory and had not remembered that it was summer and only a thin sheet was covering my naked body. I knew she had caught me out, and I waited for her warped mind to think of something sarcastic to say to me.

As she stood back up, instead of just leaving the room, she quickly ripped the sheet back, exposing my rigid cock, and shoved the cleaner pipe towards my cock. As I jumped to avoid having my member sucked up into the cleaner, she just laughed and asked was I scared of getting a good suck. She sure was a nasty bitch at times. Another time when she was in the house, I was having a shower when she banged on the door saying she needed the toilet. Calling back that I was in the shower, she said as long as I had the curtain closed, there was no problems for either of us.

Reluctantly I told her to go ahead, but first I made sure that the curtain was actually closed fully. I certainly did not need to see her sitting down having a piss after all, and did not want her starting another of her little jokes. A few moments later I heard the seat drop and soon followed a steady stream into the bowl. When I heard it subside, I suddenly had the forethought to move to the other end of the shower, for I knew she would not resist the pleasure of flushing the toilet, so as I would receive cold water. She was not going to have her fun this time, I thought.

I heard the lid close and she said that she would leave the flushing for me, she then thanked me for allowing her in and that she would now leave. I still did not trust her, so I stayed where I was. A second later the shower curtain was suddenly pulled wide open, and I was standing there in all my glory, and she was directly in front of me, staring at my half erect cock. I asked her what she thought she was doing, that I was married to her daughter who was in the other room. She just laughed and replied that she just wanted to see the cock that had taken control of her daughter. She then went back to her usual ways and said she could not understand what her daughter saw in a cock as small as mine. The bitch, I was not huge, but certainly not small, it was just her having her fun at my expense once more.

Little pranks like this popped up every few months, and as a result I began trying to think up the ultimate joke to play on her and to get even. My chance came later that year. Grace had come to stay for a few days. After supper Grace had gone for a bath, and then joined us in the lounge room where we were having a glass of wine. Grace was never able to hold her drink, so instead of giving her a small glass of wine, I gave her a large one, and every time she turned her head, I would top it up. It did not take long before she was light headed, and after a few more drinks, she was passed out on the lounge.

Joyce said it would be best to leave her mother where she was, so she got up and lifted izmir escort her mother’s legs so she was stretched out on the lounge. Joyce went back to her seat, which was next to where her mother’s head was, and I had the other single seat near her feet. Grace was wearing a light cotton nightie that buttoned up the front, and as an older person (around 50) I knew that she would be like my mother etc., and have on a bra and pants underneath.

Joyce was feeling tired and said she was going to bed, but as I was used to going to bed in the early hours of the morning, I said I would be in to bed in about 4 hours time. Before she went I told her I had finally figured out a way to get even with her mum, but I needed her help first. My plan was to undo her buttons, remove her bra and panties with Joyce’s help, and then when her mother started to wake in a few hours time, I was going to lie next to her and pretend to be asleep. My idea was to then tell her how much we (Grace and I) had enjoyed sex together. I knew that this would be the ultimate stir, and maybe that she would then stop doing it to me. Joyce told me I was an evil so and so, but agreed that our little jokes had gone too far, and this would stop her mother in future. She then went to bed.

About two hours later her mother began to stir, so I took off my shorts and gently lay down beside her. At first I just kept my head towards the TV and kept watching, knowing that it would still be at least half an hour before she was awake enough for my plan. As I lay there I felt her move slowly and before I could turn my head to check on her state, I could feel her large tits push into my back. Damn they felt nice. I turned my head and as I did Grace rolled back onto her back, but as she did she opened her legs wide, giving me a good clear view or her bushy cunt. I realised that if she were not my mother-in-law, and my wife was not in the other room, I probably would have been more than happy to fuck this woman for real.

When I felt her begin to stir fully from her sleep, I rolled over so as to face her, then put one arm across her so that my hand was on her furtherest tit, and then I raised my leg across her cunt. When my leg was in position I let my leg drop onto her cunt and quickly closed my eyes and pretended to be sound asleep. As expected, she jumped with a fright and tried to make out where she was, and whom she was with. I raised my other hand to my face and pretended to rub the sleep from my eyes, before finally I looked directly into her eyes and just said:

“My God Grace, I never thought a woman of your age could be such a wonderful and exciting fuck”.

The look on her face was worth a million dollars. Her bottom jaw dropped, her eyes widened in disbelief, before she looked down and saw that she was totally naked. Not only that, but she also saw I was naked as well and my cock was only a few inches from her cunt and my hand was still holding her tit. No matter how hard she tried to get words from her mouth, it seemed her brain could not get itself into gear and work for her. I knew I had succeeded, but decided to make sure of it. I leaned into her and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, then once more thanked her for the best sex I had had in ages.

Knowing that she would be very scared and upset at what she thought we had done, I began to get up and grabbed my shorts. She asked me where I was going, as well as where her daughter was. I told her Joyce had been asleep for hours and that I was now going to join her in our bed, but as I lifted my leg to get my shorts on, she reached out and grabbed a hold of my cock. I wondered why she had done this so I asked her but was surprised with her answer.

“I am not finished with you yet”, she said, before adding; “You don’t think just one fuck will satisfy this old girl do you? Now get back down here and fuck me again, and I want you to lick out my wet cunt for me as well”.

She had a tight hold on my cock and it was not going to be easy to get away from her, and keep my little joke in place. I told her that she had worn me out and that my cock would take too long to rise again, but she was not to be disappointed. She moved closer, opened her mouth slightly, and next thing she was taking my cock into her mouth. Now this was totally unexpected from me, and I was not sure what to do.

“Listen”, she said, “we have already fucked once, so we are both in trouble if Joyce finds out. But I am not satisfied yet, and you are going to give me that satisfaction now. Remember the old saying; might as well be hung for a sheep, as a Lamb”.

She had me there, I had started all of this as a joke, and now the joke was back upon me. If I told her the truth, she would be very angry with her daughter, but if her daughter found out I had fucked her mother, we would both be in trouble. I thought for a few minutes on what to do, then realised I had no choice but to fuck her mother, and in so doing, put this joke gone wrong behind us.

I lowered myself back to the lounge, deciding it best to just give her a quick fuck, then sneak back to my wife and try to forget this whole thing. alsancak escort When I laid down Grace continued to devour my cock, and I must say she was good, better even then Joyce. It did not take long before she had me throbbing and feeling like I would cum soon. I thought this may be a good “out” for me, but Grace was quick to realise what was about to happen, and she removed my cock from her mouth. She was determined to take this to its natural finish and was now telling me to go down on her.

Expecting that her pussy would be the size of a basketball after all her years of sex, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was in great shape. I ran my tongue around the outer parts and while doing this she began to moan, saying how much she enjoyed it, and it had been many years since anyone had put their tongue down there. Slowly I inserted my tongue into her lips, where I licked just inside before probing deeper into her depths. As my tongue bent up it found her secret little pleasure spot, and when I started to touch her there she moaned louder and started to spasm before cumming strongly into my mouth. She did not just “leak” a little fluid, but she seemed to gush her juices towards me.

By now I was getting very aroused at what we were doing, imagining all those old mother-in-law jokes, and how untrue they were in the case of mine. She was no “old hag” but a very receptive and responsive woman. Once she finished her second climax, she told me she wanted to feel me inside her cunt “once more”. If only she had known that I never was in there in the first place, and that this would be the first time. But for now, that would have to go on the back burners, for I had gone too far now to stop what we were about to do. I figured that as my first attempt at stirring her had failed, I could at least use this later to get even with her.

As I climbed back up on top of her, I took hold of my now throbbing cock and directed the head towards her opening. Slowly I rubbed my purple-headed monster up and down her slit, getting it moist with my pre-cum, as well as giving her even more pleasure and teasing. She seemed to be enjoying my movements immensely and soon she was pushing her arse up towards me, before cumming once more. This old girl certainly was a sexual person, and I knew that I was going to enjoy fucking her pussy very much. Slowly I pushed my cock a little further into her pussy, but instead of finding a well-used and loose one, hers was very tight and her muscle control was amazing.

Within a few moments my cock was buried to its full length into her hot crevice. I began to withdraw it back to where just the head was at the opening, before once more pushing it back into her until my balls were slapping near her arse. As my speed built up Grace began to moan and groan louder and then started biting at my ear lobes and telling me to fuck her harder and harder, that she wanted to feel my cock hitting the back of her cunt and she needed to feel me cum inside of her. By now I did not need any second time to be told. I began to pull out and dive back into her with a lot more force, my balls were tightening, my cock was pulsating more and more and I could feel the head of my cock begin to widen, it would not be long now.

A few moments later I felt her hot juices hit the tip of my cock, before it also started spurting its love juice into the depth of her cunt. I gave her so many spurts at first that I even thought I had not had sex for a long time. I flooded her pussy and then collapsed on top of her, where she began kissing me passionately and telling me how much she had enjoyed it. I had to hold back my laughter when she said she enjoyed this time even more than the first time earlier tonight. She actually had herself believing that I had fucked her an hour or so before, but I was certainly not prepared to tell her otherwise right now.

I rolled off her and decided to stay with her for a few minutes to get my mind clear, before I was going to head to bed and my waiting wife, but Grace had other ideas. As I lay beside her, she moved her hand back to my now limp cock and began to gently stroke it, at the same time she was kissing my ear lobe and she kept telling me how she had not enjoyed sex like that for many years. Soon my cock started to react and she was quick to point this fact out to me, and suggesting that if I had time, she would be happy to fuck one more time.

Soon she had me hard once more, and as soon as I was, she hopped up and straddled my lap, taking hold of my cock and inserting it into her dripping cunt. I could not believe the stamina of this woman, she seemed insatiable in her desire for my cock. As she rode my pole up and down, I commented to her on how nice and tight her cunt was, and she replied that she had not had sex with her husband for almost 15 years. I knew they had a small house, and that while their five kids were growing up, they slept in separate rooms, as there were only two bedrooms. But I never suspected that they still slept apart, or that they had not had sex for so many years.

Grace began to open up more and more as she rode my pole. buca escort She told me that her husband was impotent and that she had taken a lover many years ago, but he had died five years prior, and she had not had sex since. I was amazed, but also believed what she said as her cunt was as tight as her daughters, and I was enjoying the feelings she was giving me. I was feeling very guilty for what I had done, and as such, I asked her what would happen tomorrow. She said that tomorrow was another day, and as we had started this tonight, she had full intention of getting as much as she could, for tomorrow she would have to try and forget it ever happened.

Over the next hour she had me change positions so many times, I wondered where she had learnt so much about sex. I knew that older people always say sex is bad and that the missionary position is the only “approved” position, but this woman was trying anything. First me on top, then her, next she got on her knees and had me enter her from behind, before finally sitting upright and laying herself back so as her arse was almost off the seat. She then told me to get on my knees and enter her from that position.

The more I pumped her pussy, the more she moaned and begged for more. Soon she began to spread a few tears, and thinking that she had come to her senses, I said that I could stop now and we could both try and forget it. But her answer was not expected. She said she was not concerned about what we were doing, she was just thinking how nice it was, and that she realised that she would not get a fucking like this again after tonight. She astounded me with her comments; also she made me feel so proud that I was able to give her this feeling. She then told me how she was sorry that she had stirred me up so much, and that she would try and stop. I laughed and said if she were now nice to me, Joyce would suspect that there was something happening between us. We decided to continue our practical jokes so as to keep our secret safe.

After Grace had cum at least 4 more times and we had fucked in as many positions, our sexual indiscretion was slowly coming to an end. I gave Grace one more long and loving embrace and told her that she was the best mother-in-law a guy could ever hope for. We shared a few passionate kisses and then I was off to bed. By the time I reached the bed it was now about 4 am in the morning. Grace had gotten up and gone to the spare room to try and get some comfortable sleep, and maybe also to be alone and not have her daughter see her first thing in the morning.

As I got under the sheets I moved too quick and bumped into Joyce, and she jumped with a fright before realising that I had come to bed. I was hoping that she would not wake for I did not really want her to ask me now how my little joke had gone. I knew that it would be too hard to lie so soon after what I had done. Instead of asking me how things went, instead her hand moved across to my cock and began to stroke it. Shit, I thought, I hoped she was not after sex, I had already had more than I needed tonight with her mother. How would I get it up hard for her? I told her I was happy that she wanted me, but I was too tired for sex tonight, but maybe in the morning I would feel better.

Joyce mumbled a few words about me staying up too late, but also she said that she knew she could get me hard and that she was not tired, as she had a good sleep already. She told me to just lay back and enjoy and she would go to work on my cock. SHIT! Her head was moving down under the covers and she was heading for my cock with her mouth. What was I to do? If I tell her not to she will suspect, if I let her go there she will know. Either way I am going to be dead soon, and maybe her mother as well in a few hours. I froze as her lips closed around my limp cock.

“Mmmmmm, your cock tastes nice tonight, I guess you did more than just play a joke on my mother tonight”, she said.

I did not know how to answer her at first, I just kept babbling like a child when Joyce said that it was OK, she had got up to go to the toilet earlier, and she had come out to see me, but in fact she had seen more of me and her mum than she had expected. She went on to tell me that she knew her mother and father did not sleep together and she saw no reason why she could not let me give her mother the sexual pleasures that she deserved. I was stunned. With that Joyce went back to sucking my cock and every so often she would take her mouth off and say how nice her mother tasted.

Soon I was hard again and Joyce went to her side, with her back to me, and raised her leg. She wanted me to fuck her from behind; I think it is called the “spoon” position. I pumped gently back and forth into her and she came very quickly. I continued to pump away at my wife’s now wet cunt, but she stopped moving, then slowly pulled away and turned to face me. I asked her what was wrong and she said there was nothing wrong. She then went on to say that her mother deserved to have me for the rest of the night, but as I had come to bed and she was feeling hot, she had decided to just let me get her to climax, then send me back. I had a hard time believing this, but when she repeated what she had said, and said that she was just glad her mother was happy, I decided to go back and stay with her mother. As I was about to leave the room Joyce said there was one more thing she wanted, so I asked her what it was.

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