4 Ağustos 2022

Getting Ready for Dinner


David was taking a nice hot shower to get ready for a night out with his girlfriend Samantha. She had suddenly gone out two hours before the dinner reservation was due, but promised she’d be back in time. David took the opportunity to spend ages in the shower, washing away the stresses from his powerful job running a technology company. As he washed the soap from his large, powerful but cuddly body, his mind ran to wondering where Samantha had gone. After turning off the shower, he dried himself and wrapped a cotton towel around his waist and went in to the bedroom.

On the bed Samantha had laid out her underwear for the evening. She often did this to tease David, knowing that he’d get horny imagining her wearing it even before seeing it on her. Just then the front door opened and David heard the sound of Samantha’s heels clicking up their oak stairs. When she came in to the bedroom, David instantly knew where she had been. “Would you mind helping me get dressed cutie,” she said, “I’ve been out getting my nails done and they’re still not fully dry?”

David gulped. She knew that her having long painted nails had always been a weak spot for him, and she was happy to indulge him, knowing that it made him even more likely to bend to her will than he already was.

“Of course, darling,” he replied as she walked over to him. He started sliding her silky top over her head and was already slightly trembling with excitement. He was very careful not to let the material touch her shiny red nails, so as not to ruin the material (or the manicure) but the glimpses he got of her nails and then her almost naked body was giving him the stirring in his loins that he’d been anticipating since first seeing her upon her return.

She kicked off her heels and he helped her out of her light cotton trousers. After removing her daytime underwear, she sat down on the bed in all her naked glory, the sun from their skylight hitting her perfect model’s body and making it appear golden, like she was a statue of a perfect woman. He took the black silk stockings she had laid out on the bed earlier and carefully slid them up her legs, subtly trying to caress them at the same time (but of course, Samantha was well aware of it so the subtlety was wasted). He’d always found her legs to be incredibly sexy, and it was hard doing this task without getting over excited and just ravishing her there and then. However, he knew that while during the day and to all outward appearances he was a powerful man, in this room and this privacy, she was the boss and could exert considerable control over him.

The stockings had reached the top of her shapely thighs, so he took the small black lacy suspender belt she had chosen earlier, wrapped it around her waist and clipped the stockings to it. erzincan escort She run her hands over the stockings, while David’s heart raced as he watched her, to check he hadn’t got any runs or twists in them, and was satisfied that he’d done a good job. She asked for David to fetch her black Louboutin patent leather black heels from the wardrobe, so like an obedient puppy he quickly got up to do it. On the way back from the wardrobe, his towel fell to the floor. He bent down to pick it up, but it was too late.

“No, wait, stay naked as you finish getting me dressed – I like that idea, a naked man servant,” she told him. He was worried that his excitement at his gorgeous girlfriend’s appearance would soon have him hard and ready, but knew he was powerless to resist. He brought the heels over to her and slid her delicate feet in to them. “David, sweetie, you being my naked helper now has me all wet – I can’t go out this horny,” she said, “could you maybe help me relax a little?”. While she had the perfect physique of a model, she had always preferred her guys to have a physique like David – a larger frame, hiding obvious power behind a cuddly, teddy bear like appearance – and to have a male much larger than her do her bidding gave her an incredible sense of power.

As Samantha lay back on the bed, David kneeled down beside the bed, raised one of her legs and put it over his shoulder. He started to kiss around her upper thighs, above where the stockings finished, teasing her a little before he went close enough to smell her wetness. Samantha suffered (or maybe enjoyed) the teasing for a couple of moments but they both always knew she would get what she wanted at exactly the moment she wanted it. She grabbed hold of the back of his head and pulled his mouth to her wet pussy. He started gently kissing and licking around her pussy lips, already swollen after becoming pretty excited by the teasing. She started to squeeze her breasts and play gently with her nipples.

After a minute of him gently teasing around her opening, Samantha used her powerful thigh muscle of the leg still hooked over David’s shoulder to pull him all the way in, forcing him to use his tongue on her clit. He felt the softness of her stockings on the back of his neck, and the occasional scratch of her high heel on his shoulder but they just excited him more. She started to breathe heavier as her lower stomach started to rise and fall. She used her delicate fingers, tipped with long red nails to hold her pussy apart to give David easier access to her most sensitive spot. David didn’t know who was more excited at this point, he was completely under her control, driving her wild, but he was getting hard and starting to leak precum and she hadn’t even touched his cock!

Samantha erzurum escort started to moan louder and buck up and down and David knew that the orgasm was coming so he built up his speed and pressure. Samantha screamed out “nnnnngggg, fuuuck!” as she came and clamped down even harder on his head with her leg, pulling him in close enough to almost suffocate him. After a few more seconds she released the pressure on David and lay back, spent. David took the opportunity to go back to gentle kisses around her upper thighs, knowing that she’d appreciate not being just left there alone afterwards, and wondered if she wanted another orgasm.

After a minute he thought he’d try to gauge if she wanted more or to start getting ready… He sucked on his right index finger to make it wet and while kissing almost around the edges of her pussy, started sliding his finger up and down around the edges of her hole. “Oh shit, yes!” Samantha exclaimed, so David gently slid his finger inside her. While slowly pumping it in and out, almost removing it completely each time, he went back to licking her clit. Samantha’s breathing was already getting heavy again. He turned his finger to point upwards so that he could bend it forward to find her g-spot while he continued to suck gently on her clit, but Samantha couldn’t take much more of this, still on a high from her previous orgasm.

“Don’t you fucking stop,” she shouted at him, but David had no intention of that, he knew she could easily punish him in the sex department and definitely didn’t want that on the day she was looking so absolutely amazing! He continued rubbing the inside of her cunt while licking and kissing for all he was worth until he could feel the familiar rippling and squeezing sensation on his finger. He then slowed down to a teasing speed for just a few seconds to build the anticipation coursing through Samantha’s body.

Samantha came hard, involuntarily sitting up as she did so and then collapsed back on to her elbows. “Thank you sweetie, I really needed that!” she said gratefully, “but don’t you think we should be getting ready, it’s almost time to leave?”

David stood up, horny and disappointed but said, “I guess so”.

“Wait!” she exclaimed, “you’re hard as a rock! But I haven’t even touched you?”. She knew that she had this immense power of attraction over him, but often forget that it could have such a physical effect.

“Of course,” he replied sheepishly.

“Well, we don’t have time for sex now, so why don’t you just come over here and stroke that hard cock and shoot your cum all over my chest? I don’t have my bra on yet, so that should be quick to clean up,” she suggested. David was disappointed that she wouldn’t touch him directly, but knew that she got esat escort off on the power of him doing anything she asked so turned to fully face her and came closer.

He gripped his shaft and slowly pulled back his foreskin, it already getting slippery from the precum leaking from the tip. As he was stroking back and forward, Samantha’s eyes were focused on him. In truth, she’d love to push him on to the bed and ride him and fuck him until he shot his cum deep inside her, but was completely getting off on the power trip (and knew there’d be time after dinner to fuck him senseless). She loved that she could make him do something that was normally such a private activity while she sat and watched, not even needing to touch him. After a couple of minutes she wrapped her hand around his as he continued to stroke. This was a mindfuck for David, because while the sensation was all his own hand, he could look down and see her pretty, graceful hand with long shiny red nails stroking up and down too.

It wasn’t long until David felt the familiar contractions in his lower stomach, the pulsing and throbbing of his hard dick. Samantha sensed it too, slowing down her strokes, forcing David’s covered hand to do the same. This meant the orgasm wouldn’t be delayed any longer than a few more seconds but it also meant that David couldn’t just decide to go faster to get there quickly, so she was in control for a few more seconds. Nonetheless, it was inevitable and a few seconds later jet after jet of hot sticky cum splattered Samantha’s chest and dribbled over her hand.

David’s knees went weak, but he managed to keep standing, panting while trying to focus back on where he was and what his name was. “Did you enjoy that, cutie?” Samantha asked.

“Of course, but now I’m fucking spent,” David replied.

“The only problem is that now I’m covered in your cum and we have to go out any minute,” she commented.

David reached down to pick up the towel he’d dropped earlier, but Samantha was already saying “nuh-uh, you made the mess, you know how you have to clean it up.” David knew what he had to do, he absolutely hated it and had never wanted to do it, but Samantha knew that and therefore knew this was the ultimate in her control over him. He bent over and licked the cum dripping down her naked chest and flat stomach. He cleaned her up as much as he could then use a towel to dry the traces of saliva off.

“Good boy,” she said and reached out with her hand on his chin to draw his face close to hers, her deep red lips almost touching his, and held it for a few seconds as if considering whether to kiss him or not (even though she knew she would, it was hot to make him wait). She kissed him deeply, tasting his slightly salty cum on his own tongue and at that moment they both knew that this was the real deal. They had accepted each other and their power dynamic and both loved it.

Then it was time to quickly finish getting ready and head out for dinner, but Samantha’s ideas for the night were just getting started.

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