14 Mart 2023

Getting You Off


I see you sitting on your couch, relaxing after a long day at work. You’re leaning back into the softness of the couch, your shirt open. You’ve got your eyes closed, half listening to something on television while absentmindedly running a hand back and forth over your chest. You don’t notice that I’m there at first. You didn’t expect me to come until much later in the week, but here I am, watching you. Slowly you come back down from your oblivious cloud, sensing the air has changed. It’s charged with electric heat. I get so horny watching you touch yourself. I want to touch you. Now.

You open your eyes and see me sitting across from you on the edge of the recliner, stroking my thigh with my hand. You smile as you see me, and I can tell from the look in your eyes that you need what I want to give you as much as I need to give it.

Slowly, I stand, not making a sound and stroll over to you. You stand as I get there, putting your arm around my waist. I slide my hands around your neck, letting them meet on the nape of your neck and pull you closer. Our lips touch and I open my mouth, awaiting your tongue. You slide it in, casually seeking out mine. When you discover it, you become hungrier. Your lazy strokes become slightly rougher caresses.

Before you get too into kissing, I break free from your mouth, and make my way to your ear, trailing light playful kisses along your cheek. I trace the outer edge of your ear with my tongue, before licking your earlobe and taking special forces worlds toughest test izle it between my teeth and tugging gently. I continue, making my way down your neck kissing, sucking, and biting my way to your collarbone. I place a finger where your shirt opens, and slowly push it back, just a little, tracing your collarbone with my tongue. First the left side, then the right, following that. I move your shirt farther back and you shrug it off as my lips lightly skim your shoulder.

Working my way down your chest, I lick, nibble and suck my way to your nipples. I swirl my tongue on the skin around your right nipple while rubbing your left with my fingertips. Just as it starts to harden, I run my tongue over it, then across to the left side. You run your fingers through my hair as I begin working my way on down your body. First kissing the left side of your abdomen, then your right. Moving lower, I find I have to get on my knees to reach you. Looking up at you, I give you a sly smile and unbutton your pants. I trail my finger over the bulge in your khakis before I unzip them.

I kiss the skin around your waistband, working my tongue under it occasionally. Sliding my hands around your waist, I grab your trousers near the pockets and pull them down, making them pool around your ankles. I slide my hands up your calves, under your briefs, up over your thighs and back down again before sliding squid game izle them up and pulling off your underwear as well. Naked now, you step out of your puddle clothes and recline on the couch. You lay your head back as I lean in and slowly lick the tender area of your abdomen that what I’m really after is connected to.

Making a “v” with the index and middle finger on my right hand, I lick between them and slide them up and down the underside of your shaft, rubbing your bulging veins while I continue to lick. Finally, I get to the edge of skin that meets your balls. Leaning down, I lick your right ball, taking it in my mouth and gently sucking on it, while I run my left hand over your hip. I lick my way across to your left side and do the same thing, working my way down as far as I can go, before I need to turn back. I trail kissing back up your balls, leading me to what I really want….

I slide both my hands up your thighs and then, let my right caress your hip and come to rest there, while I bring my left up and place it gently on your shaft, squeezing the base gently as I do.

Looking into your eyes, I give you a wicked grin and I lean in closer and playfully flick the head of your cock with my tongue. I pull the skin of your shaft down gently, exposing as much of your tip as I can. I put my lips over it and begin to suck just the head. While I suck, I slide my hand up and down your shaft.

I begin taking more and more of star trek picard izle you into my mouth until you touch the back of my throat. I can feel that you’re brushing against the ridges on the roof of my mouth. I begin moving myself up and down over your shaft, around the tip, sucking as I move up to increase the friction. When I reach the tip, I swirl my tongue around it once, before going back down.

Going faster now, I take my hand, which had been lightly gripping the base of your penis and make it slightly tighter. I move it up to meet my mouth on its way back down your shaft and then use it to lead my mouth back down to the base. I lightly run my free hand over your hip and around the back of your thigh, down to the bend in your knee and back up while I continue.

Feeling you start to tense up, I bring the hand that was caressing your hip up and gently cup your balls. Jiggling them slightly, I feel you stiffen even more. Moving up and down your shaft faster and faster, I feel your cock pulsing in my hand. I thrust your cock in my mouth, once, twice more and as I go down the next time, I feel you shoot your warm liquid in my mouth. I suck hard, milking your cock of every last drop you can give me.

When you finish, I move up one last time, squeezing the last leftover drop from the tip of your cock, and run my tongue over the whole head again. I take my mouth off your cock and run my tongue over the veined underside one last time.

I stand up then, watching you watch me. I take a step back, and undress, first my shirt, then my short skirt, followed by my bra and panties. Going back over to the chair you first discovered me in; I sit down, spreading my legs so that you can get a better view of how wet I am. As your eyes wander to a part of me you hadn’t seen yet that evening, I smile and ask “What should we do now?”

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