26 Mart 2022

Girl with bro and father


Girl with bro and fatherI have 14 y***s when it started. Now I got 28.I have sexy long hair, long legs, cute pussy, 34d boobs.My family contains my mom, father and my loving brother. We have a small home because we are middle class family. My brother and me sleep in one bed room on same bed since from k**s. My father and mother sleep in another bed room.It started like this, one day after dinner we all gone to sleep. At mid night at 1 O clock I heard notices from my father’s bed room like big bouncing sounds. My brother also awoke when I hearing this.But I didn’t move from my position.my brother stand from his position and keep his ear to the wall of my parents bed room. I’m seeing it from the bed. He didn’t notice Mr. He heard for some time slowly he began to strip himself. Before etimesgut escort that I didn’t seen any real cock.He have a nice 7 inch cock, he have 17 years, I’m 14.well developed girl. He slowly began to stroke his cock. Sounds from parents bedroom began heavy and stroke of my b*o cock also began heavy after some jerks he began to cum. That night I know abt sex in my life. Next day as usual after dinner everybody gone to sleep. But I didn’t sleep because of last night effect. Slowly after some time I also gone to sleep at mid night I woke up and found my brother was not there. I searched every where. Finally I got him in the bathroom stroking his cock with heavy sounds, I heard sounds through the door. I slapped the bathroom door and called my sincan escort brother so I have to pee right no. . He slowly opened the door after some time. I asked him Wt he was doing inside bathroom for such long time. He told me to come inside bathroom and slowly stripped his undergarments and show his cock. He told mechanical his cock is in pain in particular place. I asked what to do now, he said touch it with your hand I did like he said. He said stroke gently like I show you. I did What he told me. I stroked his cock for some time and he said keep it in my mouth and I did that too. I never asked any questions. I sucked his cock for some time and after that he cum inside my mouth l. He said never tell any body about this I said ok.Next day morning my sıhhiye escort parents gone to their work. Me and my brother were alone in my home. My brother told me he have pain in his cock like last night. I said I will do the same thing like last night. He said no I will show u what to do. He undress me and throw me on bed. And spread my legs wide and keep his cock in front of my pussy hole. He slowly push his cock inside me. Slowly began to fuck me I grunt in pain Bt he never stopped it. He began his speed like racing horse. He fucked me roughly with more,pain.He started fucking me 3 to 4 times a day. After some days I told my father what my brother is doing to me. He said never tell anybody about this. He take me to his bed room and locked bedroom door and asked me about what he done to all these days. I said everything what he did to me. Then he began to rub my body with his hand slowly. He started removing my clothes and he stripped himself. He also started fucking me from that day. My brother fuck daily till now and my father fuck me 3 to 4 days a week.

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