1 Mayıs 2023

Giving Mom, Sis, And Erin A Helping Hand – Part 5


I woke up with a raging hard-on, lying there with eyes closed, rolling my nut sac in the palm of one hand while I stroked the stiff pole with the other. I relived the events of yesterday and was getting close to blowing my load when I felt two hands join mine. Opening my eyes, I saw my sister standing next to the bed, naked.“W-what are you doing, Gerri? What about mom and dad?”“I’m here to taste that sausage you’re holding, and no worries, they just left for work, stud. I don’t know about you, but I had a restless night reliving what we did, I must have come a dozen times,” she replied, our hands moving together. After several minutes, she removed her hands and got up on the bed. I parted my legs as I continued stroking the now throbbing pole. She knelt between them and bent down as I moved my hands away. She licked the ball sacs leaving them slathered with saliva before slowly licking up, down the underside of my pole. Her fingers lightly tickled my balls as her tongue swirled around the circumcised head and under the ridge.“Ooohhh, that feels good, Sis.” Parting her lips, her warm breath bathed the mushroom head. Looking up, she said, “I want your cum on my tits.”I watched as she took a finger, scooped up the precum and licked the finger clean. “Mmm, mmm,” she moaned, slipping the digit into her mouth and making sucking sounds. Slipping the finger from her mouth, she slowly engulfed the head and squeezed my balls. Her mouth slowly bobbed up and down the shaft, taking inch by inch into her warm mouth before descending into the depths of her throat. My eyes were glued to the scene unfolding before me, the sucking sounds filled the room. When Magosa Escort I felt her nose touch my pubis, I was in heaven and she knew it. She had gobbled up all seven inches and was making gagging sounds, staying still for several moments. I suddenly felt a wet finger push into my ass and cried out as she fucked me.“Oh God, Sis, I’m cuummiinngg!” I groaned as the first load shot up from the swollen balls.She quickly released my cock, aimed the head at her left tit just in time as a thick strand splashed onto her nipple. The next three splattered across her tit. Aiming the head at her right tit, the next load landed on her nipple followed by three more, splattering over her tit as the last few strands landed between her tits. Sitting up, she quickly pounced on me, my cock buried balls deep in her pussy. She started bouncing up and down and I took hold of her hips. Sis rubbed the cum all around her tits and neck as I thrust my rigid pole deep into her pool of moisture. “That’s it, fuck me, little brother!” Spurred on by her outburst, I started to thrust faster and harder as she put her hands on my chest for support. I held back from blowing my load and waited for Gerri to catch up. As we fucked, her fingers dug into my chest and her head fell back as her pelvic muscles tightened around my cock. With the pressure building, “UUGGHH, I’M CUUMMIINNGG!” I cried out, emptying my cum laden balls.“YES, YES, FILL ME UP!” Sis cried out, as her orgasm shook her to the core.She didn’t wait long before rising to her knees, my cock slipped out and plopped on my stomach. Getting out of bed, she looked at me, “Join me by Kıbrıs Escort the pool when you finish cutting the grass, stud. I’m going to work on my tan.”With that, off she went and I laid there for a moment before getting up. After throwing on a T-shirt, athletic shorts and athletic shoes, I went to the kitchen and had a glass of OJ. After washing the glass, I went to the garage and got the mower, edger, broom and yard waste container. It was already hot and humid when I started in the front yard. After two passes, I removed my T-shirt and that’s when I heard a “whet whew” from down the street. It was Erin, she was wearing a bikini top that had two very thin strips of material that did little to cover her big tits. The towel wrapped around her waist hinted at the delectable derrière as she walked towards me. I shut the mower off as she came closer, “Hey stud, I hear congrats are in order.”“Thanks, Erin. Gerri should be by the pool.”“Thanks,” she said and kissed my cheek.”“Get lucky yet, stud?”I felt the blood rush to my face, as I blushed. She was always teasing me one way or another.“Damn kid, you’re one hot looking guy. You mean no girl wants six feet four inches and a solid two hundred pounds banging the life out of her?”“Very funny, Erin.” If she only knew, I thought to myself,“Oh, sweetie. If I wasn’t friends with your sister, I’d jump on you right here and now.”Before I could say anything, she walked toward the backyard and removed her towel. The string to her bikini bottom was buried deep in her ass crack and gave me a perfect view of her firm tushy. I reached inside my shorts and adjusted my erection Lefkoşa Escort before starting up the mower. Meanwhile… “Hi, Erin, you look totally hot in that red and white striped G-String bikini. That bottom barely covers your pussy and I can’t believe how much boob you’re showing. Bet my little brother got a boner when he saw you,” I said as she came and sat next to me, pulling away the two strips covering her nipples.“Hey, Gerri, yeah, and he’s got a big one from what I could tell after I teased him about not getting any girl yet. I then showed him my ass as I walked away.”“You’re such a tease. Now let’s get to work on our tans. I’ve got something to tell you.”As we stood, Erin asked, “What is it, girl?”“Remember I told you about finding his journal?” I said as I untied the strings to her top, freeing her thirty-six double D’s and tossed it to the side.“Yeah, what happened?” she asked as her fingers untied the strings to my top, freeing the thirty-two double D’s and tossed it to the side.“Well, he caught me with his journal and I was quoting from it as I masturbated with my vibrator,” I said as I took the bottle of coconut oil and squirted a liberal amount on Erin’s tits.“You mean that the two of you got it on? When and how?” she asked as she took the bottle from me and squirted a liberal amount of oil on my tits.“He caught me in my room yesterday morning after our parents left for work,” I said as we both rubbed the oil all around one another’s tits.“And?” she asked, as she rubbed her tits against mine.“What do you think, silly, we had sex and it was the best I ever had. I couldn’t believe how much cum he had,” I said as I pulled the strings to her bottoms. Pulling her bottoms from between her legs along her already wet slit and brought them to my nose. Inhaling the tangy aroma of her sex, I ran my tongue over the wet spot, savoring the taste as I looked straight at her. “I just love your scent, and how you taste.” 

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