11 Mayıs 2023

Gloria’s Black Teen Experience


I came home from school, it was Friday and I was excited to not have school for two whole days. When I walked through the door, I saw my mother sitting at the kitchen table crying. A policeman man was sitting at the table also, I recognized him, he was my father’s partner. He looked upset as he rose from the chair.“I’m sorry I had to deliver such bad news, I’ll leave you and your boy now. If you need anything, please call me.”He was gone and mom and I were alone. I just knew that something bad had happened to my father. He had discussed this with mom and me many times.Mom looked at me, “Daddy was gunned down today. It was a drive-by.”I ran to my mom, we both were crying. I won’t go into all the details of our mourning, but I will say the funeral was well attended by police from near and far.The investigation into my father’s death turned up some very interesting facts. My dad wasn’t the good cop that everyone thought he was. He and his partner were protecting drug runners and someone wanted to take over. Dad’s partner was arrested and he gave up enough information that my father’s killer was found, arrested and convicted.There were some benefits that my mom received. Mom had a good job so she banked all the benefit money. She said, “For a rainy day if we need it.”Mom and I talked about moving away to a new city. Some place far where no one would know us. She wanted to leave behind the sneers and whispers of our neighbors. Sometimes a bully, at school, would pick on me, calling me names or even fighting me. So when mom brought up moving, I was all for it. We lived in an apartment, so there was no house to sell. The lease would be up soon, so there was nothing holding us back.One night after dinner, mom asked me, “Where would you like to live? Any special city or place that you would like?”“Where it’s warm, mom, I don’t like winter anymore. And a beach, I want to walk on a beach and swim in the ocean. We don’t have to live on the beach, just be close enough I can ride my bike there.”Mom and I spent a lot of time on the internet looking for places that had good jobs, good schools, and a beach close by. There were a lot of places that were just too expensive for us. I liked San Diego, too expensive. I liked Miami, mom said, “Too many bugs there, I don’t like bugs.”A couple days later we were looking along the Anadolu Yakası Escort Texas gulf coast. Mom started researching Corpus Christi and liked what she found; jobs, a lower cost of living and a nice winter climate. I became excited when mom said, “Pack your stuff, we are moving right after your school years ends.” It was a great time to move.Mom didn’t want to pay rent anymore, so she found a nice mobile home in a nice park. The beach was within walking distance, so was the high school. I was excited and anxious when we pulled away from the apartment for the last time. We were on our way to a new life.~~~ One year later ~~~I was sitting on our patio when a car pulled up to the mobile next door. A man, along with another man and woman got out of the car. It must be someone looking because the mobile was for sale. When she exited the back seat, I caught a glimpse of her long legs. The woman looked pretty damn hot. I wondered which man she was with. They were in the house for maybe twenty minutes before they came back out. The woman looked at me and smiled. I smiled and waved, it’s not everyday a pretty white woman smiles at me. They all got into the car and left.I wondered how old she was, she looked young, she couldn’t be thirty yet. The man driving the car looked a lot older, so the other guy must be her husband or boyfriend. I went into the house to cook dinner for mom and me. I cook most of the dinners now, I’m sixteen and I can handle a few chores to help out my mom.I forgot about the people who looked at the place next door, until I saw them stop there again. I was outside watering my mom’s plants when they pulled up. They both got out of their car and entered the house next door. Ten minutes later they were back outside and walking toward me.“Hi,” the man said. “My name is Dale Trainor, this lady is Gloria Beckman, we just bought this place and will be moving in tomorrow. Can I ask, what is your name?”“Hi, Mr. Trainor, Ms. Beckman. My name is Trevor. I live here with my mom, Diane, she’s at work now but should be home soon.”“Nice to meet you Trevor, you can call me Dale and call her Gloria. We feel too young for the mister or miss handles. Maybe we’ll have the privilege of meeting your mom soon.”They turned away and went back to their car. Gloria had Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan a mini skirt on and I got a really good look at her ass. I’m an ass man, along with legs and tits. Gloria had a sweet looking ass, was eye candy in every way.I told mom about the new people next door. She met them the next day. Since it was Saturday, mom invited them for dinner. My mom is an expert at making rib tips. Dale and Gloria didn’t stop eating them until they were stuffed. Mom made drinks for the three of them and they went out and sat on the patio. I grabbed a can of soda and sat on the patio too. I was fiddling with a piece of rope, making different types of knots. Dale was watching me with interest.“So, tying knots is a hobby for you?” he asked.“Yeah, I’m not that good at it yet, I only know a few knots, but I want to learn more.”“Well, I can help you if you want. I spent four years in the Navy and I had to learn many knots. Would you want me to help you?”“Heck yeah, that would be great.”Dale showed me some new knots and I learned a couple. Mom and Gloria were talking and ignoring Dale and me. I glanced at Gloria’s legs now and then. When she bent over, I caught sight of her bra covered boobs. I had to be careful, I didn’t want Dale to catch me checking out his woman.That summer Dale made me a display board of all the knots he had learned. I like that a lot because it is easy to learn when you can see how they are tied. Sometimes Gloria would come over and watch me tie. She was always teasing me about catching a girlfriend and tying her up. I thought it was funny, so I laughed and said, “Yeah, right, no girl would want that.”Gloria laughed also, “You may be right, but I wouldn’t bet on it.”School started so I didn’t see as much of Dale or Gloria then. Gloria was always working outside on the weekends. She had rows of planters loaded with flowers. She usually wore shorts and a blouse, the weather was almost always warm. When she bent over, my eyes were always glued to her perfect ass. I had dreams of that ass at night. I thought, “If I could only touch it.”Many nights I masturbated, fantasizing about fucking her. Her ass, that’s almost all I thought about, that and her pussy, tits and legs.I think Gloria knew I was checking her out. There were more and more Escort Anadolu Yakası occurrences of her standing a certain way or she would outright flaunt her ass in my presence. There were times my cock would be semi-hard. Being seventeen, I had a pretty good sized cock. When I wore boxers under my cargo shorts, the tip would peek out if I wasn’t careful. I’d caught Gloria looking at my crotch numerous times.Something was going on between Dale and Gloria. Mom commented on how loud they were becoming. We knew they were arguing and yelling at each other. A few times Dale left in his car and didn’t come back until the next day. One day he came back and went into the trailer. A couple hours later he came out and tossed suitcases and boxes into his car and left.Mom went over to talk to Gloria, they had become pretty good friends by now. She came back home just before I went to bed.“Dale and Gloria have split, they aren’t going to get married. She made me promise not to tell anyone why, so I can’t tell you. They have been fighting since they moved in here. Gloria will be staying in the trailer. There’s more but I promised not to divulge what I know. Sorry, Honey, I know you and Dale got along so good.”Later on I would find out that Gloria could not get pregnant, it was impossible, she was born sterile.Everything seemed to be fine at Gloria’s house. Mom would visit with her quite often. I heard a lot of laughter and giggling over there. It had been three months since Dale had left. It seemed to me that Gloria was becoming friendlier to me as time went on. She and mom had discussed that if Gloria needed help that I would be sent over. After I had completed whatever I was needed to do, Gloria would always make me sit down and have a soda.It was during these sit downs that we would talk. She seemed interested in my life. She knew I was the biggest guy on the high school football team. We had many discussions on who was a better quarterback, Brett Favre or Tom Brady. I picked Favre and she picked Brady. It was fun to argue their stats.On Saturday mom had to work and I was home doing nothing. I grabbed a soda out of the reefer and went outside on the patio. Gloria came over and sat down. It was a warm day and she was drinking a beer. We sat and talked until she had finished her beer.“Would you like another beer, I’ll go get you one,” I said, when I saw her set the empty can down.“No, I think I would like a soda, like you have,” she replied.I stood up and walked towards my door, Gloria was right behind me. Gloria followed me inside and sat on the couch. I retrieved us two sodas and sat on the couch also. Gloria brought up the subject of knots again.

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