6 Ocak 2023

Granddad at Play Ch. 02


We, the ‘residential care home’ residents, had all been offered an experimental implant and out of some fifty people ‘in residence’ something like half of us had agreed to be willing volunteers to test the effects.

Approximately two thirds of us were males, generally between around sixty and eighty years of age. The implant was said to substantially enhance sexual enjoyment and activity in more elderly people — and it proved to be excellent.

The one strange side-effect however was that the implant seemed to warp our sexual orientation so that normally heterosexual people tended to become homosexual or at least bisexual but because of the extra sexual enjoyment that we were all experiencing, no-one seemed to mind. Perhaps it was that our bodies had been adjusted as well…

Whatever, once the slow-release chemicals had begun to take effect, an ever-growing band of newly eager sex lovers could be found, most of them enjoying some energetic debauchery with others of their same gender.


The previous evening had begin like so many others with scatterings of residents gathering in the several lounges, with a group of four of us monopolising one room. We were all ‘pals’ from our seating arrangements at meal times, the four of us being Bill, Dick, Joe and myself, Chris.

We’d chattered together with no boundaries and then, after we’d retired to the privacy of our units the evening had descended into a debased orgy between Bill, Dick and myself with only Joe, who had family visitors round missing out and now, the morning afterwards, I awoke after an excellent if somewhat heavy night’s sleep.

I sat up and stretched, instantly feeling spasms shooting inside my arse as I did so.

“Ahhh, what was that?” I muttered to myself, immediately realising what the answer was.

I gently let my finger explore the surrounds to my arsehole and the hole itself, feeling that while it seemed intact, it was quite tender in places.

“It was Bill’s bloody great cock, wasn’t it, oh and Dick of course,” I admitted as the feelings settled down, “Mmmm, that was good fun actually!”

It had been the first time that my hole had been penetrated by anything more basic than a doctor’s finger and most definitely the first time that anything had been squirted inside me but while it had come as a huge shock to me, I’d also enjoyed it enormously.

I rose and then peed and washed and also applied some soothing balm to the more tender parts of my anatomy.

“That’s better,” I murmured as I clenched my arse cheeks then gently flexed my hole, “Now, what’s for breakfast?”

As I dressed I decided on cereals again and once settled over my breakfast I pondered on what to do today. I let my mind wander idly and then, as I rose to put my bowl in the sink so I caught myself on the edge of the table. It wasn’t really painful but I was surprised because I wasn’t usually clumsy but then I realised that the usual bulge in my shorts seemed perhaps somewhat larger than I was used to.

“Eh?” I asked myself, “What’s the matter? You’re not horny, surely?”

During the exertions of last night I’d emptied out any backlog of sexual need and normally it would be at least a day or two before I needed to gain any release but now I wondered what was going on.

I pulled my shorts down and stretched my underpants out and there he was, my penis in it’s usual place, of course. The action of squashing it against the table had made it begin to fill out a bit and although it was still reasonably flaccid it looked bigger and heftier and inevitably I lifted it up and wrapped my hand around the shaft to see if it was ok. Within seconds I felt the blood rushing into my cock which began to grow and stiffen and then, with my hand sliding on my shaft I peeled back my foreskin. My knob appeared, glistening healthily as it filled out.

“You look good today,” I said to my cock, “But what do you think you’re doing sticking out the way you were?”

Obviously I expected no reply but instead I stepped over to the cupboard and fished out a tape measure from one of the drawers.

“You’re well over seven and a half inches,” I murmured a few moments later, “Hey, you’ve grown, haven’t you!”

He had — oh, not a whole lot but he was definitely somewhat larger than he used to be and seemed somewhat thicker too.

“Haha ha!” I chuckled as I held my penis, “Never thought that would happen at my age — guess you’re ok though.”

Ignoring my cock’s eagerness I shoved him back in his place and patted the bulge.

“Now you stay there until we know what’s going on,” I said as I redressed myself and did my washing up, “I think perhaps we should get you checked out — see if this is anything to do with that implant.”

Seeing that it was now just after nine o’clock I guessed that everyone would be up and active, so I phoned through to the office where I was informed that ‘Doctor Shirley’ from the Ejax laboratory was in the medical room and was available without appointment.

“Just kocaeli escort the job,” I said as I checked that I looked clean and tidy, “Let’s see what she says.”

A few minutes later I was being let into her office and before long I was seated beside her desk and had explained the gist of my problem, such as it was.

“That’s not usually what men complain about!” she said with a laugh, “But I can understand your concern.”

“Yes, well, it’s something of a surprise,” I said, “I wasn’t expecting it to get any bigger — I did all my growing long ago.”

“I think the implant is indeed the most likely explanation,” she said placidly, “It just seems that the treatment is working extremely well on you.”

“That’s good, but if you’d told me before I wouldn’t have had to see you,” I said, bemoaning the fact that I was wasting an hour of our time.

“We did actually tell you,” said Doctor Shirley as she held up one of the pamphlets that they’d handed out, “This is one of the side effects that was mentioned in the handout in the first place, isn’t it.”

“Oh — perhaps it was,” I said as I tried to cast my mind back, not having read the notes thoroughly, “Still, is my err, thing healthy, that’s what’s more important to me.”

“It’s your penis, dear boy!” she said lightly, “Or your cock, whichever you prefer but don’t be shy about it with me — that’s what we deal with all the time.”

“I’ll try not to be,” I muttered, still somewhat reluctant to use the words to her, doctor or not.

“We’d better take a look then, hadn’t we?” she said, “It certainly doesn’t surprise me that it’s grown although of course, we’re still discovering how it can affect people and some more than others.”

“Nothing untoward I hope?” I asked of Shirley, “You haven’t found any nasty side-effects?”

“None that we know of,” she said as she patted my thigh gently, “But I’m glad you came in; perhaps we can take some measurements and keep an eye on how things go.”

“Yes, good idea,” I agreed, “Nice to know what’s going on.”

“Of course, we’ll need to measure you erect,” she said, “Perhaps you’d be so good as to stand up and we’ll get going.”

I felt a hot flush of embarrassment enfold me as I realised the implication but a moment later Doctor Shirley laughed and held my hand, her own hand soft and gentle.

“Don’t worry,” she said soothingly, “I’ve seen it all before — and I do believe that you were naked for Doctor Judy, weren’t you?”

I nodded as I undid my trousers and let them fall to the floor, pushing my shoes and socks off as I did so.

“And I also understand that you showed some excellent responses to her,” she said, her voice soft and soothing as she helped me step out of my trousers, “She was quite impressed apparently!”

Her smile was wide and friendly and her eyes seemed to sparkle with enthusiastic interest.

“It was her fault!” I spluttered as I pushed my underpants down and stepped out of them too, “I’d have been alright until she stroked — ahhh, oooohh!”

Shirley had taken my cock in her hand and with a few smooth and steady strokes she had him rising into a good solid erection, then she let go and stood back.

I thought she was going to fetch some instrument then but instead she merely crossed the room and locked the door before returning.

“That’ll make you feel more comfortable,” she said softly as her hand surrounded my shaft again, “And what a nice looking penis you have!”

I simply couldn’t think of a good answer but instead I just stood there as she stroked me until she stopped and released me, my cock quivering with excitement.

“I think we ought to ensure that you’re absolutely fully erect,” she said, “It feels pretty firm to me but perhaps we can make it even stiffer and bigger — let’s see if this helps.”

She stepped away and then began to undress before me while I stood there with my mouth open in amazement.

Quickly her skirt was removed and soon afterwards her blouse was discarded too, leaving her standing there in a very skimpy bra and panties set. Her firm bulging breasts filled her bra to capacity and her dark brown nipples were very visible, flattened against the material, while down below it was very evident that she’d shaved most of her pubes away.

“There, how does that make you feel?” she said softly as she slowly turned around, filling me eyes with her delicious body.

“Amazed — you’re beautiful!” I breathed, unable to formulate anything better, “Simply fantastic!”

“Have I made you any harder?” she asked as she reached out and took hold of my cock again, “Ohhh yes, he feels perfect!”

As she stroked me so she leaned closer until her generous breasts pressed against my arm and her scent began to fill my nose. She smelled so very sensuous to me — a delicious deep oriental scent interwoven with a warm feminine fragrance that spoke of warmth, sex and eroticism.

“Let’s get your top off too,” she said as she pushed my t-shirt up and over my head, “There, kocaeli escort bayan that’s better!”

“That’s not fair,” I murmured hopefully, “Now I’m naked and you’re not.”

“Ohhh, we can soon fix that!” said Shirley and a few moments later her underwear had joined her skirt on the chair and she was as naked as I was.

“Bloody hell!” I said, astonished at the way my morning had unfolded, “This isn’t how a normal doctor’s appointment is supposed to go!”

“I’m not a normal doctor, am I?” she said as she leaned closer to me, brushing her nipples across my chest, “Sure, I’m a proper doctor but I also specialise in human responses and I’m just loving your responses!”

Her hand was still sliding up and down my rigid, quivering cock and I had to suck in a quick breath.

“There’ll be a bigger response if you keep doing that!” I gasped, “I think you ought to stop.”

“Oh — already? Yes, I’d better,” she said as she relinquished her hold on my cock, “Can’t go wasting all that nice spunk, can we? Not like Judy did the other day!”

Her hand found mine and with one hand holding mine and the other holding my erection she pulled me across the room to a low examination couch, then pushed me until I was lying down on it.

“Now let’s see, how do we deal with this?” she said, her hand now sliding up and down between her legs, “Are you any good at oral sex?”

Immediately memories of sucking Bill off came to mind and I felt my cock jerk with excitement.

I must have smiled enthusiastically because Shirley smiled as well.

“Oh that’s good, so let’s start there,” she said and a moment or two later she was lifting her leg over me until she was straddling my face.

“I love being licked and sucked,” she simpered, “Come on, show me how good you are!”

Her pussy slowly descended towards my mouth and I revelled in the delightful experience of absorbing the essences of a lovely woman. Her pussy was partially shaven with a nicely manicured tuft of hair remaining above her clit while her slightly pendulous lips hung there, the skin pink, glistening, quivering and exciting. Her lips weren’t long but were swollen with excitement and even as she settled over me they parted slightly to reveal a glistening, glowing valley simply filled with her juices.

As her pussy neared my face I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and as she lowered herself further and my tongue slid between her lips I was rewarded with the taste of her warm and feminine juices flooding my taste buds.

She gasped softly above me then pressed her lips more firmly onto mine, causing my tongue to penetrate deeply into her cleft. She was delightful to explore and to taste and in seconds I was wriggling my tongue around as I searched for and then found her vaginal opening. Swiftly I stretched my tongue tip to enter her hole and was rewarded with another gasp — louder this time — and an increase in the quantity of slippery juices. Quickly I lapped them up, tasting the warm sweetness on my tongue and in my mouth and loving the way her pussy was so welcoming.

With her deliciously parted lips explored sufficiently for now I worked my way up towards her clit and as I did so she adjusted her pose, sliding her clit downwards to meet my mouth and tongue.

“Ahhh!” she gasped, her pussy pressing against my mouth as I swiped my tongue over her little protrusion, “Yesssss, right there!”

It felt so good to be enjoying a lovely woman’s body again and my hands were soon holding her buttocks to help press her pussy onto my mouth. For the next few minutes I worked — if that’s the right word to use for such a pleasurable action — on her clit, using my tongue to vibrate it, to flick it from side to side, to caress and stroke it and to generally bring it to full arousal. Whatever I was doing seemed to be the right thing because Shirley kept rubbing her clit into my mouth while her thighs tried to clamp my head between them.

All the while she was moaning and gasping and squirming too as my animated tongue drove her higher and higher and my actions were making her shudder and gasp and the pleasure was causing my cock to throb with eager desire. She tasted simply delicious; an amazing combination of magical tastes while the feel of the little rubbery protrusion of her clit was a delight in itself and whatever I was doing was very right and felt very stimulating — to both of us.

“Ahhh, oh no, no, ahhh, ohhhh, don’t stop!” she suddenly moaned as her clit ground down against my face, “Oh, ohhh, ohhhh yessss! Yessss!”

I could have told her that she was climaxing even without her verbal comments just from the way her body was quivering, shaking, pressing at me and generally losing control, flooding me with her slippery juices but her gasps and cries of pleasure made my whole body excited.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh!” she cried softly as she regained her senses, “Oh my god! Ohhh, that was lovely!”

Eventually she lifted away from me and looked down at my hot wet face, her own face reddened izmit escort and glowing but smiling happily.

“Oh you don’t know how much I needed that,” she said gratefully, “I’m single and I’m not heavily into going out to find a man, so this trial run is a godsend to me, especially now that I’ve found that you’re so talented.”

“I’m not,” I conceded, “I just enjoy a lovely lady and enjoy giving her pleasure too.”

“Ohh, you did that alright!” she added with another big smile, “Do you want to do that again, Chris?”

“Mmmm, love to,” I said happily, “On the other hand I’d love to get my cock inside you instead!”

“Ohhh, we’ll come to that shortly,” she said as she glanced up at the clock, “I think we still have time for another round though — let me have one more climax, then you can have me!”

A few moments later and she was squirming happily again, grinding her clit into my face as my tongue worked overtime on her. She was even wetter than before and already being primed, she quickly approached another orgasm as I sucked and played with her glorious pussy. I’d brought my fingers into play as well, managing to stimulate her clit with my fingertips while letting my tongue work down between her lips again and she could hardly control herself.

Ohh, ohhh!” she squeaked as I worked her over, “Yesss, there — right there — ohhhh!”

A brief foray deep into her pussy then back up, heading towards her clit once again, then pushing my own fingers out of the way with my mouth and tongue.

“Oh Chris, ohhhh, you’re doing it again!” she cried as her body began to shudder and grind itself down onto my mouth, “You’re making me cum again, I know it, I just know it!”

“Come on then, do it — have another good one!” I said, my words somewhat blurred by the close presence of her pussy, “Make it a big one!”

“It will be, it will be!” she said, panting hard and quivering non-stop, “It’s coming now, oh Chris, it’s coming, it’s coming!”

A moment or two later she was convulsing madly.

“Oooooooh ahhhhh! Cummmmming!” she cried, her words quivering in the air, “Oh god, oh god, oh damn, damn, damn!”

Her thighs gripped my head, her hands flailed around out of control, her bounteous breasts jumped and swaying above me and her clit quickly became awash with her juices.

For a little while I could hardly breathe as she pressed her juicy wet clit firmly into my face and climaxed wildly. Her entire body was in motion, jerking up and down and shaking like a leaf in a storm and all the while her clit was being slammed against my lips. Considering that I’d done my best to protect the delicate tissue of her clit, her actions went totally against my efforts because instead of being gentle with her cute little clit, she seemed intent on using it as a battering ram against my lips.

Somehow however I managed to avoid it slamming against my teeth and somehow, slowly and eventually, she calmed down until she merely sat astride me, her breasts rising and falling hugely as she gathered fresh air into her lungs, her overflowing juices now beginning to drip onto my chest.

“Oh wow!” she exclaimed at last, “Oh Chris, I haven’t had one like that in ages!”

“I haven’t had such a responsive woman for ages either,” I added happily, “Hey, and we haven’t finished yet either!”

“Give me a few moments to get my breath back,” she said, still breathing heavily, “And I need a towel — I’m sweating like a pig!”

She leaned away from me and managed to snag a towel that had been draped over a chair and a few moments later her head had disappeared inside a swathe of material, appearing soon afterwards looking blotched and reddened.

“Damn, I’m hot!” she said as she used the towel under her breasts and down her belly, “And look at you!”

I knew that my face and upper chest were drenched with her juices but it wasn’t a huge problem since they were so fantastically enjoyable, but nevertheless I appreciated her concern as she now wiped some of her sticky slippery fluids from my chest, my neck and from around my eyes.

“Can’t have you not seeing where you’re licking!” she said as she laughed, “On the other hand, I don’t think you’ll need to see where your cock’s going!”

“My turn is it?” I asked cheekily as she began to slide her body down mine, “Don’t you want any more of my tongue?”

“Not right now,” she answered as I felt her arse press against my cock, “Time for some good old fucking I think!”

It only took her a few moments to adjust her position atop of me and then she was poised above my erection, her hand around my cock to aim it at her hole.

“He’s remarkably hard,” she said as she stroked me gently, “That stuff of ours is certainly doing the trick!”

“Must be, he always seems hard these days!” I exclaimed, eager to show that despite my age I was still more than able to raise a good erection, “But it does help to have a sexy woman too.”

“I’m sexy am I?” she asked as her eyebrows raised, “You just wait until Judy gets her hands on you again!”

“Never!” I exclaimed, imagining, despite my personal meeting with Judy, for her to be a typically hard-headed business lady overall, “But then again I didn’t expect this from you either.”

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