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Growing up in a house full of women, Parts 1 and 2


Growing up in a house full of women, Parts 1 and 2GROWING UP IN A HOUSE FULL OF WOMENThis story is a little different than other stories I have written and submitted. Some of you may like it…Some of you won’t. (I suppose that is the norm with every story on this forum).This is part of my real life experiences. Yes. They are true.The main characters are as follows: Billy (Me), Aunt Judy (Thelma’s sister), Grandma Thelma, Cousin Kelly (Judy’s daughter), and my s!ster, Michelle. We all live in a very matriarchal household. I am the only boy in 5 generations on my mom’s side. Chapter 1I was 8 when my grandfather passed away, leaving me as the only male in the house. My Dad went to jail for a long time, then left the state for a new start. I never saw him after I was 4. My relatives say he went to jail for beating up another guy. I was so young that I believed you could get 12 years for beating someone up. I later learned he actually killed the guy, during the fight. My mother always has been an addict. She split for California years ago, when some Harley dude with long hair started dating her and they had to leave town to evade the cops. I know, we sound like we are really screwed up, right? Just wait…It gets much more interesting than that. We live in an old farm house, with only 4 true bedrooms. Sometimes I sleep on the couch. I am not going to go into ages, but you can get a hint of the ages we were as you read the story.If I was unclear, please understand…There IS crazy shit involved. If you don’t like this type of story, go to the next one. There are tons of great stories that go months, if not years back in this forum that are very enjoyable to read. I will also be using descriptions, as well as links, to show you comparisons of what some of my relatives look like.On to the story…“Get out!” I yelled at Michelle. “Please, get out of here. I am trying to nap!” Okay, I was lying. I was jerking off on my bed. I couldn’t help it. I was horny all the time. I see ladies all day long at the craft shop my granny owns. Most of the time it is older ladies working on ceramics, but there are some ladies that are younger, and even some of their daughters come in to work on their pottery or ceramics, or whatever they do. It doesn’t interest me too much, even though I have won a lot of First Place awards at our county 4-H Fair competitions for painting ceramics. I help out Granny a lot, as she is slowing down, and smokes and coughs a lot.“It’s my room too, butthole!” exclaimed Michelle.“Do you have to be in here now? I’m tired. I was up all night, since you just HAD to read your book and keep the light on last night.” I yelled at her.“I am just getting some clothes to wear. Jesus… You act like you are doing something wrong or something.”Well, I felt like I was, sort of. I heard many of the old ladies in the shoppe talking about how they hate it when their husbands go off and jerk off to relieve themselves. They make it sound like it is this evil thing to do. I only started doing it a year or two ago. I was really afraid of getting caught, so I typically only did it in the shower or bath. Now it seems like if I don’t do it a couple of times a week, my dick is hard all the time for no reason. I mean it is like so hard that I cannot bend it. It also went through a growth spurt in the past year, just like I did. It used to be pretty little, but it is much thicker and longer now. It also has a bunch of hair above it, and I am getting some hair on my nuts, too. I guess it is like other guys’ cocks. I really have only seen one other one in real life. My buddy Will (Yes, we are Billy and Willy) will sometimes take his dad’s porn mags out and we will go up to his tree house and look at them. Willy will get so horny looking at those pictures. He will say things like “Does that make your cock hard looking at those titties?” or “I’d fuck her so hard she would start crying.” and other stupid things. He says he has finger fucked a girl, but I don’t believe him. Anyway, the last time we were looking at those porn mags, he whipped his dick out and started rubbing it. It looked like mine, but might have been a little bit smaller. Anyway, he jerked it for about a minute before he started squirting his juice out of his balls. After he was done, he said, “Don’t these titties make you want to whack off?” I replied no, and I put the magazine down and told him it was burdur escort getting late and I had to go home. I didn’t want to jack off in front of him. I was too embarrassed. I have sometimes jerked off 3 or 4 times in one day. I noticed the more I jack off, the less stuff comes out of it. It seems like it has just started to actually squirt. Before it would just kind of creep out of my cock. Now, it shoots out of it about a foot. Sometimes I will get 5 or 6 squirts if I jack off for about 30 minutes. That makes it hurt when I am done, though, so I don’t do that too often.Anyway, I didn’t think too darn much of Michelle being in the room. I actually did nap for a bit during the lazy summer day. All of a sudden, the door opened up. It was my great aunt Alice. She was about 65 or so years old, and pretty skinny. She looked like Miss Jane from the Beverly Hillbillies. We used to say it was her twin when we would watch that show. She did not have a good sense of humor. In fact, she was pretty mean. “Why are you napping, Billy?” She asked.“Huh?” I was so drowsy. “Just tired. Michelle leaves the light on all night, and I can’t when she does that.”“She told me you yelled at her earlier. Did you?” She was very, very stern with her voice, and very direct.“She would not let me rest after it was her fault that I could not sleep.”“She said you were doing something you shouldn’t do.” She said.“I don’t know what that would be.” I told her. I was still lying on my back, in my bed, under the sheet. I had a t-shirt and shorts on.“Have you been playing with yourself?” She asked. She was quite direct, and had no sense of humor….Ever.“NO!” I lied to her.“Everyone does it.” She said. That wasn’t quite what I thought she would say. “It is perfectly normal for someone to do that.”“You’re lying. You just want me to say something to get me in trouble with Granny.” I had a fantastic relationship with my Grandmother. She said I was the son she never had, and we would stay up and watch TV together a lot.“No, it’s true. All boys, and even girls have to relieve themselves. If not, you will end up being aggressive and getting into fights.” She said.“I don’t want to get into fights. But I don’t want to be in trouble, either.” I said to her. I almost felt like crying, as I was starting to open up to Aunt Alice.“You won’t be in trouble Billy. Now, do you feel sometimes like you have to rub and touch yourself?” She asked.“Uh-Huh.” I nodded my head and said those words at the same time.“That’s okay. It is normal. Do you feel like doing it a lot?” She asked.“Yea. Almost every day. Sometimes I do it a couple of times a day, and sometimes I go a whole week without doing it.” I replied.“Have you done it today?” She asked.“No, not for a couple of days.” I replied. It was weird, but talking about it was making it hard. I moved a bit in the bed, and turned to lie on my side to kind of hide it, with the sheet still over me.“Here.” She said. She walked over to my bed and sat down on the edge of it. “I don’t want you to be yelling at her. That is a sign of aggressiveness. You need to release that pressure out of you.”“Do you mean I need to jack off?” I asked her.“Billy, the correct term is masturbate. Yes, I feel it is necessary that you masturbate. I would like you to do that so that you don’t yell at her again.” She said.“Okay, Aunt Alice. I will do that.” I replied and smiled back at her.”“I mean now.” She said. “I want you to do it now, to prove to me you did it.”“You mean in front of you?” I inquired.“Yes. In front of me. That way I know you relieved yourself.” I cannot believe she was telling me to do this!“Now?” I asked.“Yes, I want you to do it now.” She demanded.Aunt Alice was a very thin lady who had no shape to her. She was not feminine at all, and she was not what I would say would turn me on.“I do it in private.” I told her.“Master William, I am telling you right now, I will tell your Grandmother if you do not do as I say.” When she talked like that, she meant it. She looked me right in the eye when she said it. She certainly was not joking.I slid down the sheet down to my feet so I was in my shorts and shirt on my bed. I started rubbing my cock with my shorts on and looked up at her.“William, I am losing my patience. Pull down those trousers this instant.” She said. I did not want to, but I did not want to get into trouble.I çanakkale escort reached for my shorts and pulled them down. When I did so, my cock stuck straight up and pointed at the ceiling. Aunt Alice looked long and hard at it.“Start rubbing it.” She demanded.I grabbed it and started rubbing it. I looked down at it, and started to forget she was two feet away from me while I did that. I peeked up at her, and her eyes were still fixed on my cock. I continued to rub for a couple of minutes.“Hurry up. I don’t have all day.” She said.“I’m sorry. I have never done this in front of anyone else. I am nervous. Usually I am alone, and thinking about a couple of girls from my class. That makes it squirt faster.” I told her.“Well, go ahead and think about them. Rub it faster.” She said. She was very stoic, and there was nothing romantic about what she was saying nor doing.I started really cranking it up and down, and eventually it felt like it would squirt. Aunt Alice was still looking at it while I did it.“Okay Aunt Alice…It is almost done.” I told her.“Good, I have things to do. Finish it up.” She said.I continued to beat off fast and hard. Finally that feeling came inside of me, and it started squirting. The first squirt went over a foot in the air, and hit my sheets, about halfway between Aunt Alice and my cock. The rest of it went straight up, and landed on my hand.“There. Clean yourself up, you naughty, naughty young man. You should be ashamed of yourself for having such impure thoughts.” Wait….I thought I was not in trouble for doing it in front of her.“Yes, Aunt Alice.” I didn’t like her. I sometimes wished she was dead. She got up and left my room and shut my door. Sheesh! I didn’t like doing that in front of her.I just thought she was a horrible person. I didn’t like to be around her. Granny said she was queer. Later in life I learned that she was a lesbian.Anyway, I loved Granny. I was her favorite. Granny gave me anything I wanted, and she paid me to do things around the house. HOWEVER……My favorite thing was that she and I laid in her bed on Saturday nights and watched Love Boat and Fantasy Island together. I will get to that later.Granny always worked 10-5 at the Craft shop except on Sundays. She also opened up for nights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. When I was a teen, she was about 70. She was short. Under 5 foot tall. She had very long white hair that she constantly brushed. She raised my sister and I because of my mom who was such a d**g addict.Chapter 2I had a job with a farmer about a half mile away, Mr. Tucker. It sucked and was hard work, but I learned alot from working like that from the time I was 14. I had some of my own money. This helped me with one of my first positive sexual encounters. One Sunday morning, I went off to help old man Tucker because it had been raining during the summer, and I was off for summer break. Granny took everyone (but me) to church as usual (I think she had a crush on Father Stidham!) and I came home to an empty house at about noon. That was one of the cool things about working with old man Tucker. We started with the rising of the sun, and got done early. The old farmhouse we lived in only had 1 full bathroom. That bathroom had a bath, no shower. Therefore, I would have to stand up with a hose that connected to the faucet and hold it to run water over my body. It was okay, since it was all I knew. Since I was home alone that particular Sunday (A few days after the crazy incident), I didn’t even take clean clothes into the bathroom. It was down the hall from my bedroom. As I was in my bedroom, putting on underwear, I heard someone coming up the stairs. I had no clue who it could be, and it kind of scared me. It ended up being my mom, who I hadn’t seen in a year. She opened up my door without knocking, as I was in my underwear. “What are you doing” She asked.”I just showered. I just got home from working with old man Tucker at the farm” I replied. “What are you doing here?” I asked her.”Was gonna borrow money from Grandma. Where is she?” She asked. She and I had no relationship whatsoever, and really nothing in common.”She’s at church, you will need to come back in a few hours” I replied.”Fuck! That’s too fucking late.” She said “This is all screwed up””What is wrong” I asked her.”I have a bill to pay, and I need money NOW” She exclaimed. çankırı escort “I have to fix my car, and a guy will help me today, but I have to have it now. He is waiting in his car in the driveway.” “I am not sure what to do” I said. “She won’t be back until around 2:30.”Fuck!” She yelled. “Dammit. That means I am gonna have to go suck some guys dick for some cash to fix this.” She exclaimed. I knew I had money for her. I could help her if I wanted too. I knew, though, I would NEVER see that money again. I also knew she stole things from Granny for her d**g habit. “How much do you need?” I asked.”Way more than you have at your age.” She angrily replied. “Just what I want to do, go ask for money for one of them fuckin’ retards at the tavern, and then go suck a nasty dick in his car for it.””How much, seriously?” I asked.”I need 60 bucks. The starter went out. ” She said.I was still just in my underwear with my shorts and shirt lying on my bed. “I’ll give it to you. Will you do that to me?” I cannot believe I just asked that, but it was worth a shot. I heard of blowjobs before, but NEVER had one. “I will give you the money. “”What? Are you out of your fucking mind? That’s i****t. ” She angrily said to me.”Okay, but I have the money, but I know my dick isn’t all nasty like the guys you say at the tavern.” I was egging her on. I was hoping to take the bait. Just then, the car in the driveway started honking. “This asshole is going to get screamed at” She said, and she ran down the stairs and out the door. I immediately ran to the window to see what was going on. They talked about 2 minutes and then she went back in the house. I could hear her coming back up the stairs.”Show me the fucking money” She said. I went to my wallet, which was in my pants, and pulled out $60.”See, you can have it. I just have never had someone do that to me. I just showered. I am clean. I’ve never had sex before, and I heard that it isn’t even sex.” I said.”No, it really isn’t.” She said. “But it is NOT something a mom does to her son.” She replied. “I have to have this fucking money. Alright. If you tell ANYONE, I will deny it. Do you understand I could go to prison for this?” She said”Yes” I mumbled. Oh my god, she was going to do it!”Fine, pull you underwear down” She said. I did as I was told, and she walked up right in front of me, by my bed, and dropped to her knees.She started rubbing my cock like I do when I start to jerk off because I was not hard yet. It took about 5 seconds flat to get nearly hard as a rock, and in another 5 seconds, it was sticking straight out at her face. She kept rubbing it. I looked down at her, and she was staring at my cock. She was not looking up. She kept giving me a handjob. As I looked down, I could look down her tank top at her boobs. They were kind of little, and as she stroked me, I could see a flash of her nipples because she was not wearing a bra. That caused my cock to get even harder! “I will get one of the guys from the tavern to come and kick your fucking ass if you tell anyone, do you hear me?” She said.”Of course” I replied. With that, she stopped rubbing my cock and put her mouth over the first couple of inches of it. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever had in my life. She held my cock as she went in and out with it with her mouth. Seeing her doing it was something I just cannot describe in words. I wanted her so bad to tell me she was proud of me, or liked my cock, but no….She said nothing, she just kept bobbing on my cock. I could tell I was starting to get close. Do I tell my mom I am about to cum? Do I just cum in her mouth? What do I do? I just knew I was getting closer. And I knew as I was getting closer, she went faster and faster. She only ever put about up to half of it in, and didn’t really suck on it, it just went in and out of her mouth. Finally, I could feel my body stiffen because I was right on the edge of cumming. And then…..I did it…I started cumming. I knew it was squirting. It was squirting hard. Really hard. She stopped bobbing on my cock. She just held my cock in her mouth while my cock was pulsating. I could also here her gulping like she was drinking. She ate my cum. She ate ALL of my cum. When I was done cumming, she pulled her mouth off of it and got up. “Where is that 60 bucks?” She asked. “Right here” I replied as I grabbed it and gave it to her.”This never happened.” She said very sternly “OKAY” is all I could say to her.She turned and started to walk away. She stopped and turned around.”Nice dick” She said. How do I respond to that?????”If you need money, don’t do that to some asshole. I have plenty of money” I told her.She walked on, left the house, and left.

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