13 Eylül 2022

Growing up in Gwinnett Volume4


I grew up in the rural/suburbia of North Atlanta in late 1980’s. Without video games and the Internet, I stayed busy playing sports and being outside with friends. I played sports fall, winter and spring in High School. I always enjoyed the competition and being on a team. I stayed in good shape, and by the time I was a sophomore, I had a nice, firm body. I always seemed to have a girlfriend – even though I didn’t really hit puberty until High school. Like all of my friends, I was horny all of the time and jacked off daily.

I first discovered sucking dick at Best Friend Park, and when I was able to drive, I found out about the gloryholes at Stone Mountain Park. But it wasn’t until I had a car and went to the mall at I learned about cruising. The mall is called Northlake Mall in Tucker, Ga. I remember it started with me going into the Sears men’s room and seeing several men standing the urinals, and me slipping into the last stall to read the graffiti. I ignored the guys while I read and stroked between my legs, covered up by my shirt. I always felt that unless I knew the man wanted me to suck him, then he was either not interested or was the police. I tried to never be too obvious and I didn’t take many chances.

With that said, I had been sucking dick for a couple of years and I really enjoyed sucking older, married guys. I loved going to Stone Mountain, but during the school year my schedule made it difficult to go there, plus it cost money for the entrance pass. But I could stop by the mall after practice or on the weekend. I didn’t know anything about cruising when I started. Someone in the stall next to me would tap their foot and I didn’t know what it meant. I liked sitting in a stall and sometimes I could see guys jacking off or watch an occasional suck-off. Eventually I learned how to let someone know I was interested, by peeking under a stall or tapping my foot.

Northlake Mall had four places where you could get some cock. First was Sears, with four stalls along a wall, and three urinals across from the stalls. Penny’s had two stalls and two urinals. Davisons had two stalls and two urinals side by side. And the izmit escort bayan Mall restroom was in a hallway, with the same configuration as Davisons.

Sears was very busy with a lot of guys – both legit and cruising. I sucked a lot of guys who stuck their dicks under the stall. I would usually take the third stall. That gave me the best view of the urinals and I was far enough from the entry door that I couldn’t be seen when someone walked in the restroom. When a man would sit on either side of me, i would watch their feet (for tapping) and the shadows (that indicated they were jacking off). I would try to peek and see their cock. If they flashed a hard cock, I would put my hand under the wall and try to hold his dick. Sometimes the guy wouldn’t let me, but usually they would. After fondling the dick for a while, I would motion for the guy to stick his dick under the stall. Once he squatted down and slid his dick under, I could see it and play with his balls. Then I would bend over and suck him.

If the main door opened – someone was entering the men’s room – it was amazing how fast we could move in order not to be seen. This might go on for a while – a little play, then stopping, then play, etc – until eventually I would be able to suck him to completion or jack him off. I stood at the urinals sometimes. I remember this one older guy who worked in the mall. He was 6’4 or so, with a gray beard and hair, average build with a really long cock. It was probably 9 inches. He always stood at the urinals. I saw him several times, but I got to suck him off just once – he only liked jacking or getting sucked. I loved his cock as it was very hard and yet still soft. He shot a big load. I wanted to have him fuck me one day, but it never worked out. I did get fucked a few times in Sears, leaning forward against the partial divider wall that separated the urinals from the sinks. And I fucked a guy in his 30’s who wore cowboy boots and jeans. He really “bucked” against me while I fucked him, begging me to do it harder.

I didn’t like Penny’s because it was a small men’s room, and the employees used it. If a lot of guys were in the men’s izmit eve gelen escort room when an employee came in, the employee might ask what was going on or call security. I did see one of my teachers exit the stall after being jacked off, but I don’t think he recognized me.

The Davisons men’s room was quiet, and it was a good place to go if you made eye-contact with someone in the mall. I started people watching in the mall, and I started finding guys around my age looking for BJs and cock. We could go to Davisons and get in the stalls and play without interruption. But if I went in the restroom just to cruise, there was very little action. Once I made eye contact with a Marist high school student my age while we were in the men’s clothing department, and we went to the men’s room. He was wearing his school uniform (gray slacks and a blue Oxford shirt) and he sucked me until I came in his mouth, then I sucked him. We met several times after that. He was really handsome and very athletic.

I also liked the mall men’s room. At first it was like Davisons, a good place to go after you met someone, but eventually it became cruisey. No one seemed to go there for reason other than to cruise. The management took the stall doors off, but that didn’t have any impact. I remember being in the first stall once, and this stanky guy being in the other stall, and I was not interested in him, but I didn’t want to leave. He would stand up and go to the front of his stall and wave his nasty dick at me, but I would just cover up. Then a delivery guy can in the men’s room and he stood in front of me, waiting for an open stall. He had a full black beard and long hair (most guys were getting short hair cuts then). He rubbed his crotch and I could see he was getting hard. I wanted his dick! Finally the guy in the next stall looked around the corner, and I said, “if you don’t leave me alone I’m going to have you arrested”. Well, my neighbor zipped up and left in a hurry. The bearded guy didn’t know what to do, but I spread my legs and showed him my hard-on. He then unzipped his pants and I sucked him off standing in front izmit otele gelen escort of my stall.

Some times I would meet a high school or college aged guy who lived nearby and we would go to his house. We could do a lot more and take our time, so that was always good. I rimmed my first ass that way. The guy was in the Davidsons men’s department. I remember he had curly black hair, and braces. After a little cruising, he went over to an adult male and spoke, and then he came up to me. I was scared shitless because I thought I upset him. Instead, he introduced himself and said he was interested in me. He asked if I wanted to come over to his house! I said yes, and I followed them to a house close by. When we went in I met his mother. We went into his bedroom and I wasn’t sure where this was going. But we started to kiss and grope each other. Then our clothes came off and we started exchanging BJs. After a while, we moved to a 69 position. He started to lick my balls, and then behind my balls. Then he went to my ass and started to lick it. Wow, it felt so good. Since his ass was at my mouth, I started to lick him. We rimmed each other for a long time. The funny thing was his mother knocked on his door several times and told him dinner was ready, and he would yell, “ok, just a minute”. We finished up sucking each other off, and he was very verbal when he came. I know his parents had to know what was going on.

I met a couple of guys from my high school at Northlake. I had follow-up sessions with all of them, but none of the guys were close friends, although one of them played basketball with me on the JV team when I was in 9th grade. He came to a game my senior year (we were playing GACS) and came back to the lockerroom afterwards. After talking a bit, we when to his car and pulled to the back of the gravel parking lot at the rear of the school near the power lines. We sucked and fucked in his little car, with the windows fogged up so badly we would not have seen anyone coming if the car was spotted by someone.

I stopped going to Northlake mall when I graduated from high school and went off to college. I have heard about people being arrested there over the years, and once (when I was there with my college girlfriend) we saw several police cars at the mall, and a couple of guys being led out in handcuffs. Glad I was always cautious!

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