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Subject: Growing Up Kyle Chapter 33 (Gay/Incest) DONATION: Nifty is a not-for-profit organization that heavily relies on our donations to keep the site free and accessible. Your donations pay for web hosting fees and other day-to-day activities for the wonderful staff of editors/publishers. You can donate on the website at fty/ Every little bit counts. DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction, and contains explicit, sexual content involving adults over the age of 21 and minors under the age of 13, and scenes of incest involving step-parents/step-children. If viewing this material is illegal where you live, OR you’re a minor under the age of 18, please stop reading his. If you’re not sure about this legatilty, please stop reading until you have looked into your own, local laws. Any likeness or similarity between persons, places, products or concepts are purely coincidental. If you would like to leave any positive feedback, please let me know. Thank you. Chapter 33 Thanksgiving was about a week away. It had been a couple of weeks since Kyle found out about his birth father, and there was still no word from Rebecca. His mother’s sentencing was moved to a later date, to allow time for Rick and Ronda to finalize the custody arrangements for Kyle. The District Attorney also set the first day of Dan’s trial for just after the first of December. Kyle had grown distracted with all the court issues coming up, and his grades began to slip. He wasn’t the best student, but everyone–including himself–knew he was better than his grades reflected. Most of the teachers let him slide, with only a couple feeling that his circumstances weren’t an excuse. Ry also began to stay over more frequently. His parents’ fighting had grown worse since Halloween, and Rick agreed to let Kyle host the game every weekend. Kyle even made room in his dresser and closet, so Ry could keep some of his clothes there. Cody was not thrilled with how much time Ry was spending with Kyle. It caused a few fights, and Cody stopped coming to Kyle’s whenever Ry was over. Kyle still hadn’t told his boyfriend that he was having casual sex with Ry. Kyle’s feelings for both boys hadn’t changed, since he was still madly in love with Rick, but he couldn’t bring himself to lose either of his “boyfriends.” For his part, Ry still acted as if nothing had changed since before Halloween. When it came to sex, Ry was only about the acts themselves and everything stopped once he and Kyle had their orgasms. He still wasn’t interested in kissing Kyle or being any more intimate than their usual cuddling. Kyle often seemed disappointed and at times, frustrated, but Kyle kept his opinions to himself and respected Ry’s boundaries. şişli travesti “So, Ry, when are you moving in?” Rick asked one night at dinner. Ry froze. He felt a cold chill run down his spine, and it triggered feelings of admonishment. He put his fork down and pushed his chair from the table. Quickly realizing his joke failed to land, Rick grabbed Ry by the hand and added, “It was a joke! Seriously, don’t go!” Ry paused to contemplate Rick’s words. Kyle interjected, “My dad has a very unfunny sense of humor, Ry. Please don’t leave.” Ry only nodded, before setting himself back at the table, though he lost his appetite. Later that night, Rick knocked on Kyle’s door. He waited for the tell-tale noises indicating that the boys were presentable enough for him to enter. Rick opened the door, poked his head in and said, “Ry, can I talk to you for a minute, please?” Both boys looked confused and began to get out of bed, but Rick clarified, “No, I only want to speak with Ry if that’s alright?” “Okay,” Ry said. He climbed over Kyle and walked towards the door in only Kyle’s boxers and t-shirt. Rick led Ry to the living room and asked Ry to have a seat on the couch next to him. His face turned red as he got a good, proper look at the 12-year-old and saw the boy’s semi-hard penis sticking out of the fly of his boxers. “You might want to put that away before you hurt someone,” Rick said, clearing his throat. When Ry looked confused, Rick pointed at the impressively large, fleshy appendage. Ry blushed and quickly stuffed his dick back in place. Rick and Ry, still very ruddy, sat in embarrassed silence, slightly facing each other. Ry made a point to cover his crotch. A long and awkward moment passed before Rick said, “I want to apologize to you for what I said at dinner. I wasn’t trying to imply that you were overstaying your welcome. I was just making a joke…a very bad joke, apparently.” “It’s okay,” Ry softly said. “I know I’ve been here a lot.” “And, honestly, I’m okay with that. It’s been nice having someone else around. My boys like you, especially Kyle.” Ry blushed deeper at the mention of Kyle. Rick gave the boy time to collect himself before moving on. “I know what you two are doing together,” Rick said in a near whisper. Ry’s eyes grew big, but Rick pressed on. “I know and I don’t care. I know you won’t hurt him, not after what you did for him over the summer, so don’t feel ashamed or whatever. It’s none of my business, really, but I felt you should know that I know and I’m okay with it.” Ry looked away and nodded his head in acceptance. “The other reason I asked to speak to you is about your parents. Do you feel safe in your house?” Ry was taken aback beylikdüzü travesti at the question. “Yeah,” he said, “I just can’t handle all the yelling. It’s worse at night, so I can’t really sleep. I already have issues sleeping without Kyle next to me, but it’s a lot worse now.” “Have either of them ever hurt you?” “No,” Ry said a little too quickly. “Ry,” Rick said, gently turning Ry’s face towards his. “I need you to tell me the truth. Have either your mother or father hurt you?” “No, but…” Ry started to stammer, as tears began to well-up. “My dad and mom have hit each other.” The usually stalwart, young man’s facade broke. Ry crumpled towards the seat between him and Rick, as a tidal wave of emotions crashed through him. Rick caught Ry and pulled the fragile child into his arms. Rick held Ry, slowly rocking him and softly stroking the boy’s hair. Ry couldn’t stop crying. He rolled over and buried his face into Rick’s chest. Rick made shushing sounds and gently rubbed Ry’s back until Ry managed to calm down. “I’m sorry,” Ry muttered as he moved off of Rick’s lap. Rick put his arm around Ry and hugged him. “It’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong. You clearly needed to let out whatever you’ve been bottling up.” “I guess,” Ry leaned into the hug and laid his head against the older man. They sat in silence before Rick said, “I can’t legally let you move in, since you’re not my kid, but you always have a place here; I mean that. If I could let you move in, I would let you in a heartbeat.” Ry started to choke-up again. He wiped the tears from his eyes and whispered, “I wish you were my dad.” Rick leaned down and kissed the top of Ry’s head out of instinct and habit. Ry didn’t tense up, so Rick assumed his slip wasn’t unwanted. “And I would be proud to have you as a son.” Rick held Ry as the latter began to cry again. “Speaking of sons,” Rick said, wiping off Ry’s face with his shirt. “I think my oldest must be wondering where his boyfriend is.” “Boyfriend?” Ry asked, shaken from his emotional state. Rick laughed at Ry’s shock and said, “Ask Kyle. I’m sure he’d love to tell you all about it.” Ry got up and made his way towards the hall. Rick called out before the boy vanished, “You’re staying Thanksgiving weekend.” “I think I can,” Ry said, confused. “Sorry, that wasn’t a question. You’re going to stay here the full four-day weekend. I’m going to tell your parents tomorrow. That’s unless you have other plans, of course.” “No,” Ry grinned. “I want to be here.” “Good. So do I,” Rick said getting up. Ry ran over, threw his arms around Rick and gave the man a long hug, which was returned in kind. “Hey,” a groggy Kyle muttered, as Ry climbed istanbul travesti into bed. “What was that all about?” Kyle’s eyes flew open as he felt Ry’s lips touch his. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, Kyle kissed Ry back, wrapping his arms around his young lover’s neck. Tongues were not exchanged to Kyle’s disappointment. Ry pulled away and said, “Isn’t this what boyfriends do?” Kyle looked confused, before noticing the impish look in Ry’s eyes. His confusion was replaced with abject irritation. “Fucking Charlie!” Ry laughed and pulled Kyle into his arms. Ry buried his face into Kyle’s neck and began to cry again. Kyle held his friend and whispered, “Did you show him the bruises?” “No,” Ry whispered his reply. “I wanted to, but I couldn’t.” “You need to tell an adult. Somebody needs to know.” “I can’t. It was hard enough telling you.” “But I can’t do anything.” “Letting me stay here has already helped a lot.” “But you can’t stay here forever.” “Do you want me to leave?” Ry asked, hurt clear in his voice. “Of course not! I want you to live here as long as you want, but your parents will want you home at some point.” “I don’t want to think about that. I CAN’T think about that!” “Okay,” Kyle said. He pulled Ry into a tight embrace, making sure not to squeeze Ry’s bruised ribs and back. Ry’s sleep was fitful at best. He couldn’t find a comfortable position given his wounds. Kyle did the best he could to not move around, but it was no use. Kyle got out of bed and looked into Rick’s room; his dad was fast asleep. He pondered whether or not to wake Rick up, explain everything and ask his dad to take his best-friend to the hospital; however, he knew that would only make things worse. Kyle closed the door and made his way to the bathroom. He found a couple aspirin and got a glass of water. He took them back to Ry, who accepted gratefully. Exhaustion eventually took both boys. The next day, Ry skipped school. He was in too much pain to move from class to class. Kyle told Ry he could hangout in his room, while everyone was gone. Ry waited up the block for Rick to leave. Charlie and Kyle had left an hour earlier. The cold air made him shiver which made the pain almost unbearable. When he was certain that the coast was clear, Ry used Kyle’s key and let himself in. He found the aspirin and took a couple. He next went to the kitchen and grabbed the lunch Rick had made him, which Ry conveniently forgot to grab. After cleaning up his mess, Ry went to Kyle’s room to relax and take a much needed nap. However, the front door opened and Rick walked in. He looked shocked and confused to see Ry in the kitchen. “Hey, kiddo,” Rick said, “why aren’t you at school?” Before Ry could answer, there was a knock at the door. Rick turned his attention to the entrance. Ry heard the door open and the voice of a man say, “Hi, you must be Rick, right? I’m Will Parker. Billy’s dad. Is he home?” ***Coming Soon, Chapter 34***

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