15 Mayıs 2023

Hannah’s Fantasy


Hannah had been waiting for the weekend all week long. She’d had this fantasy for a long time and just a few weeks ago, her husband had agreed to indulge it. It had taken some time to get all the logistics ironed out, but finally, the day was here, and for Hannah, time was standing still. There were still two more hours until the workday ended, and she could head home to get ready.Finally, the day was over, and Hannah walked in the door. Her husband wasn’t home yet, so she dropped her bags on the floor by the front door and made her way to the bedroom to get ready. Having daydreamed about this encounter for a long time, Hannah knew exactly what look she was shooting for. Starting with her hair, she brushed her long, curly blond hair and parted it down the middle. She French braided each side so that her hair hugged the sides of her head and trailed down her back in two long ropes. From the top drawer, she pulled a simple pair of white, cotton, string bikini-style panties. They sat very low in the front, the strings rode high over her full hips, and the soft material disappeared between her round, firm backside. Hannah decided against wearing a bra (she knew that it wouldn’t be long before she would be naked) and took a moment to admire herself in the mirror. Standing at 5’8”, Hannah had a toned, curvy figure. Her breasts were perky at a full C cup, her waist was thin and showed off her abs, and her hips and booty were wide and firm. The perfect hourglass figure. Lastly, she stepped into a mid-thigh, black dress with thin shoulder straps that hugged her curves.By the time she had finished getting ready, Hannah’s husband, Brice, had arrived home. To her ever-growing excitement, he was not alone. Following close behind Brice were two large black men. Both men were over six feet tall, thick with rippling muscles, and had a lustful glaze in their eyes. Hannah felt a flurry of butterflies wash over her body and flood her lap. Doing her best to keep her composure, she walked to greet them. They introduced themselves as Ben and Escort Fikirtepe Travis and thanked her for inviting them to her home.While Hannah, Ben, and Travis carried on some small talk, Brice slipped into the living room to set the mood. He dimmed the lights, turned on music, and moved the coffee table out of the way so that there was open space in the room, centered over the rug. Once completed, Brice invited everyone into the room.The three men gathered around with Hannah in the middle. She locked eyes with Brice. He asked if she was ready and wanted to move forward. She nodded her head yes. Brice leaned forward, took her face in his hands, and kissed her passionately. They broke away from the kiss and the activities started. Brice, Ben, and Travis all pulled their shirts over their heads revealing lean, muscular physiques while Hannah let the straps fall from her shoulders and the whole garment fell to the floor. They all stepped in close, and the men’s hands began to explore her body.Ben and Travis, standing behind Hannah, leaned in to kiss either side of her neck and shoulders. Their hands roamed over her skin. Ben’s hands instantly went to Hannah’s butt. His large hands groped and squeezed her cheeks. She instinctively pushed her hips back into his touch. Travis’s hands had found their way to her front. After his fingers grazed over her toned stomach, they moved up until they cupped her full breasts. His thumbs traced circles around her erect nipples. Hannah’s hands were mindlessly running up and down both men’s rippling chests and abs. The feeling of their skin pulling tight over bulging muscles was making her weak. Brice was down on his knees, kneading and massaging Hannah’s toned thighs. Occasionally, he would grasp her hips and let his thumbs caress the crease where her thighs met her lap. He’d pull her forward slightly to kiss and lick at her lower abdomen.The excitement grew too much for Hannah, and she knelt down, and the three men stood around her. Her hands quickly Sancaktepe escort began unbuckling Brice’s belt and unbuttoning his pants. While she rapidly undressed Brice, Ben and Travis undid their pants and stepped out. Hannah finished lowering Brice’s pants, his thick eight-inch cock sprang forth, and he kicked his pants out of the way. She didn’t know that Ben and Travis had also undressed and was surprised when she looked back to find two massive, black cocks pointed at her. Ben’s cock was as big around as a soda can and looked to be nine inches long. Travis’ was equally girthy but was longer than Ben’s. Hannah guessed it to be close to ten inches. Both cocks stood straight out from their muscled bodies despite gravity’s attempt to pull the meaty appendages down. They both had bulbous, purple helmets, and their trunks were crisscrossed with bulging veins. Dark, weighty balls hung low in the shadows of the large members.A flood of arousal crashed into Hannah’s loins. Her white panties were now transparent as she gushed with excitement. Reaching up, her small hands attempted to grasp the tree trunks that were hanging from her guests’ lap. She was unable to wrap her fingers the whole way around, but that didn’t stop her from stroking their length. Brice’s hand gripped firmly around his cock as he watched Hannah begin to pleasure the men. She moaned as she played. As the play continued, she narrowed her focus to one pulsating member at a time.Starting with Ben, Hannah cupped his sac with one hand and grasped his root with the other. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and enveloped his swollen crown. A moan rumbled from his chest. As best as she could, Hannah sucked and bobbed on his tip while her hand stroked his tremendous shaft, and her other hand continued to fondle and tickle his balls and taint. Travis and Brice continued to slowly tease and pump their own impressive appendages as they watched her entertain Ben’s body.After a few minutes, Hannah moved on to Travis. She üsküdar escort bayan started by lifting his heavy cock up towards his abdomen so she could suck a ball into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around, feeling his tender orb move about. An audible pop was heard as she released him. Then she gave him the same oral attention she had given Ben. Brice observed a puddle forming beneath Hannah. Her arousal was so high that she literally was dripping musky nectar through her sopping wet panties.Finally for Brice, she stopped pleasuring Travis to give her attention to his rock-solid manhood. While she pleased him, both Ben and Travis groped her tits and tugged on her sensitive nipples. They continued to touch, stroke, and pinch each other until everyone’s excitement grew to a breaking point.Brice instructed Hannah to lay down on the soft carpet. She obeyed and all three men knelt around her. Ben and Travis settled on either side of her head; Brice knelt between her legs. He reached for her panties and peeled them from her dripping sex. Hannah reached up and took an intimidating cock in each hand and began to pump them slowly and deliberately. All three men continued to caress and explore her now naked body. Brice had the best seat in the house. From his vantage point, he was able to admire Hannah’s flawless, hairless mound. There were two plump lobes that squeezed together in the center. From between these swollen lips, two fleshy lapels spilled forth, capped by a hood that hid a sensitive little pearl. Brice beheld a glistening stream of wetness where the lobes and lips met that ran down to soak the rug beneath her.The three men took turns cupping her hot, wet sex. Their fingers pressed and massaged the soft flesh which spread the slippery secretions all over. Her body writhed under their hands. Brice leaned forward and dipped his tongue between her glistening folds. A deluge of her fragrant honey filled his mouth. Tasting her made him blind to all else and he began to devour her soft box. It felt so good to Hannah. Lust rippled through her body and her hands worked the men’s cocks faster and harder. She pulled them closer to her and pressed their domed cock heads together so she could tongue and lip both at the same time. In her periphery she watched their pendulous balls sway and bounce in response to her stroking hands.

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