14 Mart 2023

Hanukkah Heat


Rachel and Josh met at a post-Election Day birthday party of a mutual friend, and had gone out together a few times in the month since, but hadn’t yet slept together. He didn’t want to push too hard, because he believed she was worth waiting for.

He knew he was attracted to a certain physical type, and she had it: round and lush. The promise of her full breasts and butt, coupled with her long dark hair and blue eyes, bright smile and throaty voice kept him entranced. They were adults in their late 20’s, and were getting along so well. Those hot, moist good night kisses they enjoyed seemed to be promises of things to come, so he was willing to invest time in developing the relationship. Still, he craved her two breasts that rose high up on her chest, practically underneath her chin. He felt like they were radio beacons, calling his name, yet he hadn’t quite summoned the courage he needed to caress them in the hallway outside her apartment. So instead he went home and caressed himself, imagining himself naked and sweaty with Rachel.

“Josh,” she said on the phone, “Hanukkah starts this Friday night, so why don’t you come over and I’ll make some latkes, you know, potato pancakes for Hanukkah. Then we can light the candles together. It would be terrible to be alone the first night of the holiday, don’t you think?”

“That sounds really great. Tell you what, I’ll bring my menorah too.”

“Ooooooo, yes, two of them burning at the same time. Sounds nice. Why don’t you plan on showing up around 7?”

“Great, see you Friday,” Josh said.

“Yup, see you then,” Rachel replied.

Yes! Josh thought: In her apartment. For the evening. With candles. Yes! But shortly he realized that while coming for dinner may have called for bringing a bottle of wine, he also needed a fitting Hanukkah present for this woman who was now his girlfriend. He needed something fitting for someone who he wanted to take to bed. There was only one answer: jewelry!

The next day at lunch hour he did some window shopping, but nothing he saw struck him as being as unique as the woman whom he had fallen in love with. He resolved to spend the evening after work shopping for just the right item.

As he was driving from work to the mall, he noticed a sign on the front lawn of Temple Beth Zion that said “All your Hanukkah needs are HERE.”

“Hmm, why not,” thought Josh. He recalled the glass showcases full of interesting jewelry that he’d seen in the various synagogues he’d been in over the years for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other events. Perhaps he’d find here a gift more intriguing than a cookie-cutter trinket from a mall McJewelry store.

He pulled into the lot, parked, and walked into the synagogue. The lobby was filled with parents waiting for their kids who were in Hebrew School. At one end of the hall was a table where people were selecting Hanukkah goods: Menorahs, wrapping paper, dreidels, candles, decorations, and assorted other items. Three women behind the table were selling the items. Josh worked his way up to the table.

“Can I help you, young man?”

“I was looking for a gift for my girlfriend.”

“Did you have something in mind?”

“I was hoping to find some jewelry.”

“I have a few things right here, and some more down the hall in the regular gift shop. Take a look at these things, and if nothing catches your eye, go down the hall to the main cases.” Josh looked at the stock at hand, but nothing caught his eye. He found his way to the main showcases, and immediately his eyes were drawn to a pair of earrings. They were sterling silver filigree, with an opalescent light blue flat stone. He knew he wanted these for Rachel.

He returned to the main table, and while he was waiting for the lady to be able to help him, he spied a box full of tiny glass cups, about half an inch high. He picked one up.

“Those are for oil,” the lady behind the table said.

“Huh?” said Josh rather inelegantly.

“You put the glass cup in your menorah, fill it with oil, put in a wick, and burn it instead of candles.”

“Oil? What kind of oil?”

“Olive oil, just like the Maccabees used at the first Hanukkah nearly 2200 years ago.”

“Oh, of course. Cool.”

“Did you find anything down the hall for your young lady?”

“Oh, yes,” replied Josh.

“Let me grab my keys and I’ll open up for you.”

As they started walking, Josh said, “There were some silver earrings with a chunk of light blue stone. Kind of translucent.”

“That’s Roman glass. Buried in the earth almost two thousand years. Unusual. Comes up iridescent. You have good taste. Your girlfriend is lucky.”

As the lady removed the earrings from the case and placed them in a gift box, she said, “There’s a matching necklace for this, by the way.”

“What the hell,” thought Josh. “Could you please put that in a separate box?” Josh thought that if things worked out the first night, it would good to have another present for another night.

They returned to the lobby so that he could pay, and on a lark, the peripheral izle Josh decided to get a set of oil cups, wicks, and a plastic squeeze bottle of olive oil.

Rachel was pleased that she had figured out an upstanding way to get Josh into her apartment for the evening. She had determined that he was top-notch boyfriend material, possibly more, and she was now ready to intensify their relationship. She needed someone who would respond positively to her needs and desires.

It had taken her a year to get over her last break up. The guys she had gone out with since getting back into circulation were uniformly disappointing. Most had problems with intelligent, competent, and attractive women like her. These guys seemed to need to feel superior. Other guys seemed to be chiefly interested in themselves. One guy couldn’t look her in the face, but kept talking to her breasts. Rachel knew that her 34Ds acted like magnets sometimes, but “shit, buster,” she thought, “you gotta pay attention to my mind before you get near my body.”

Josh was different. He seemed to thrive on Rachel’s intelligence, and seemed to be respectful, even in awe, of her great body and sharp looks. Rachel sensed that he understood exactly what a treasure she was, and was prepared to wait. Well, she was done waiting. Not only was she ready, but also she was unbelievably horny. She was dying to jump his bones.

That Friday, Josh dashed out of work so he could shower and change for his dinner at Rachel’s. He wasn’t too sure what kind of wine went with potato latkes, so he had chilled two bottles, a Yarden Riesling from the Golan Heights, the finest Israeli vineyard, and a California Merlot. He placed the wines in a bag, along with his menorah, two of the glass cups and wicks, the bottle of olive oil, and the earring box.

“Shmuck,” he thought to himself. “Forget the grocery bag. Let’s make this look good.” He took out a nylon carry-on bag and placed everything in that. He put a toothbrush and some condoms in the pocket. He felt the blood starting to rush to his cock just thinking about using the condoms with Rachel.

After Rachel buzzed him in to her building, he took the elevator up to her floor, and knocked on her door. Right away it opened. Even before the aroma of frying potatoes and onions hit Josh, Rachel’s arm was behind her neck as she drew him close for a quick but firm kiss with her soft, moist lips.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” she said softly.

“I’m so glad I’m here, too,” he replied. Then Josh realized that the room was lit with up with candles, only candles, around the room. About ten or a dozen candles were the only light in the room. Not Hanukkah candles, but all kinds of other candles, ranging from 2″ to 8″ in diameter, from 3″ to a foot high.

“I see you’ve got the Hanukkah motif well under control,” Josh said.

” I really like candles,” Rachel replied. I’ve already set up my menorah with candles. Why don’t you set up yours so we can light them? Then we can eat.”

“Actually, I don’t have candles. I have oil lamps, just like in the story of the Maccabees. I brought some wine. Why don’t you open one of these bottles while I get set up.” Josh opened his bag and took out the two bottles.

“Yarden Riesling!” Rachel cooed. “You’ve found the way to my heart!” Laughing, she took the bottles into the kitchen while Josh set up his menorah, placed the glass cups into it, put wicks into the cups, and poured oil into the cups. He finished just as Rachel came back into the living/dining room with one uncorked bottle.

“Let’s light the candles, then we can eat.”

She lit the first candle with a match, and leaned in closely to light his first wick. Her breast nudged his arm, and he looked at her. She pressed in harder, and moved up and down almost imperceptibly. He swore that he felt her nipple harden. She winked at him.

Together they sang the proper words before lighting the rest of their lights, and then each touched flame to wick.

“Happy Hanukkah,” Rachel said to Josh.

“Happy Hanukkah to you,” Josh replied.

They settled down to eat and to drink, enjoying the fresh potato pancakes Rachel had made, accompanied by applesauce and sour cream. She also brought out a platter of smoked fish, and one of cheeses.

“I figured we needed some protein, too. There’s smoked bluefish, some sable, and this smoked salmon with peppercorns.”

They ate, and drank, and talked, enjoying each other’s company in ever-increasing amounts. After cleaning up, they sat down on the couch as they filled their wineglasses up from the bottom of the bottle.

“These candles make it awfully warm in here,” Josh said.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt?” she said, smiling at him.

He wanted to say the same to her, but before he did, she began to unbutton her shirt. He took off his shirt, as once again she wrapped her arm around his neck and drew him close. Their mouths found each other, and they got lost in each other’s wet lips and probing the recruit izle tongues. Josh went from zero to hard in about ten seconds. She began to purr, and with her other arm she reached up to his chest. The tips of her finger found his nipple, and gently drew little circles on it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” he exhaled. “That’s wonderful. I had no idea my nipples were so sensitive,” he said.

“Most guys don’t. How ’bout this?” as she pinched his nipple between her thumb and forefinger.”

“Oh! More,” he pleaded.

Rachel leaned in and touched his nipple with her tongue. After he sighed, she took it into her mouth and began to suck.

Josh was so incredibly hard by this point, and he could sense he was dripping even with his pants on.

“Oh, Rachel, that’s so good. That’s so sexy.” He looked at her seriously, and said, “I want to be naked with you.”

“Oh, you do, do you? What makes you think you deserve that,” she said teasingly.

“It’s not that I think I deserve that. I think you deserve it. I think you’ve been just wonderful to me tonight, and I think you deserve some orgasms.”

“Some orgasms?” she said, doubtingly but teasingly. “Are you are capable of that?”

“Rachel, I want to make you cum. I want to lick you to orgasm with my tongue, and then play with your wetness until you cum again. I want to touch you with my hands, and with my lips. I want to make you feel good.”

She looked up at him with her deep blue eyes. She stood up, pulled him up, and led him to her bedroom. On the way, she picked up two candles. He picked up the bottle of olive oil.

She set down the candles in her bedroom, and they lunged at each other. Their bodies hungrily yearned for each other as they pressed together, and began to grind as their kiss became hotter and wetter.

“Let’s get naked,” she invited.

“A great idea,” he replied.

They peeled off their clothes in seconds and fell upon her bed, returning to their lips and tongues to each other. Josh pressed his cock, now hard and free, against her, and he reached around to the small of her back, to better push her against him. He ran his hand up and down her back, kneading her muscles. Again, Rachel purred.

“I love how you’re touching me,” she said to him.

“Lie down and let me massage you.”

“But I thought you were going to give me orgasms. With your tongue.”

“First massage. Then orgasms for you. Then it’ll be my turn,’ he said with glee.

As Rachel lay down on her stomach, Josh took up the bottle of olive oil. He dribbled some from the top of her back, down her spine, and a little on her butt, leaving a small pool in the small of her back. He put the bottle down, and gently but firmly smoothed the oil all over Rachel’s shoulders, back, upper arms, and her ass. He worked hard on her gluteals, eliciting moans as he kneaded the muscles. Each time he made a pass on her ass cheeks, he delved deeper into the cleavage between them. He felt no resistance; instead, he sensed that was opening herself up more to him. She pressed her mons to the bed in such a way that her ass tipped upward. He reached deep down between her legs, gently probing upward. Her vaginal lips opened for him, revealing her liquidy insides. He brought some her lubrication out, smearing her juiciness around. He extended his middle finger down and touched her clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned. She ground her pussy back against his fingers and hand. “Yes, baby. That’s good. More of that.”

Josh continued massaging her clit with one finger while moving his thumb to probe her vagina. Rachel had become a piece of candy with a liquid core. She worked her ass and pussy against his hand as he worked her clit.

She lifted her butt up, with her shoulders pressed to the bed.

“Play with me,” Rachel urged. “Oil me up and touch me more.”

Josh reached down and ran his other oily hand along her pussy lips. He spread them apart, allowing the juices to blend with the oil.

“Oh yes,” Rachel moaned. “That’s so good. Do me good with your fingers. Rub my clit. Rub it. Rub it hard. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

He was so turned on by the sight of her upturned cunt and ass spread opened for him. While he worked her soaking pussy with his right hand, Josh reached out for the bottle of oil. He squeezed a bit onto her ass, and between those luscious cheeks. He ran his oily finger along her anus, pressing down.

“OhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHH,” she moaned.

Josh felt her body tension increasing every second. He increased the pressure on her asshole, making wider circles, opening her up more.

“Oh, so good,” Rachel cooed. “More oil there,” she pleaded.

He reached for the bottle of olive oil, and dribbled another few teaspoonsful between the soft, round cheeks of her ass. He spread it around with the heel of his palm, then turned his thumb under to push it in beyond her sphincter. With his right hand he worked her pussy lips and clit, and with his left he worked her firm sensitive ass.

“Oh, God, yes. the rig izle Fuck me with your hand. Fuck me good. ”

He moved his face in closer to take in her intoxicating smells, the intimate aromas that came from her pussy and from her sweet ass. He spread his hands apart to give him more room. He put his tongue out to touch that magic bridge between pussy and ass. She ground her slick juiciness against his face.

“Please make me cum. Make me cum, baby. Make me cum.”

“Yes, Rachel, I’ll make you cum. I’ll make you cum good by rubbing that sweet wet pussy and that good hard clit. And I’ll lick and suck it, too.”

He withdrew his thumb from her ass and soothingly rubbed around the opening. He began an oral assault on her uplifted pussy, running his tongue forward to her clit and then back, sticking his tongue as deeply into her as he could. He moved it in and out a few times, then moved up to tongue in the very sensitive space between her asscheeks.

Rachel was unprepared for this, never having received the ultimate homage of analingus.

“UggggggggggHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she moaned.

He gave her ass a deep French kiss.

When he withdrew his tongue, Josh sat up and gently nudged Rachel’s behind down to the bed so that she lay flat.

“Now,” he said, “I want to make you cum. Spread your legs for me.”

She spread, and he lay down between them with his face near her pussy. Gently he kissed those lips, as he blew warm air gently upon them. With his two thumbs he pushed her little bit of hair out of the way, spread the lips, and touched his tongue to her, moving it upward under it found her clit. He put his lips down just above her clit, and focused his tongue directly on it, and made it as stiff as his cock was. He moved his hard tongue rapidly on her clit, enjoying her moans and gasps. He began a low hum, forcing the vibrations up from his voice box to his lips, which in turned buzzed against Rachel’s most sensitive parts. He felt -and heard– her building, Building, BUILDING to her grand climax. Suddenly she froze, and after three seconds she went into spasms, her thighs practically throwing him to the floor.

After ten seconds she opened her eyes. “Oh my GOD!” she said. Then she had another spasm.

Josh’s cock was oozing its clear viscous fluid. Having brought Rachel through some unique sensations to a glorious orgasm, he was now ready for his. While Rachel was lying on her back recuperating, he put his lips to her ear.

“Get on top of me,” he urged.

“If I can find the strength to move,” she replied. After a sigh, she quickly climbed on top of him and in one swift move plunged down all the way onto his hardness. As he began to thrust up into her, she leaned forward. Her full breasts hung down in his face. The hard red nipples, puckered and swollen, called to him. He reached up to play with her tits. He grabbed each nipple between thumb and forefinger and kneaded them, occasionally pinching them.

“Suck my boobies,” she ordered.

Josh threw his mouth upwards and latched onto a breast. He sucked hard, kneading and pinching the nipple with his lips while providing friction with his tongue. He lost himself between her soft, full breasts moving, feeling, touching, squeezing, sucking, nibbling, rubbing, biting. All the while he was thrusting up into Rachel, as she ground her clit upon his rock-hard erect penis.

“Enough,” Rachel said, as she pulled herself off him, his hard, wet, cock waving between them. She reached over to the squeeze bottle of olive oil, and lubed up her hands. She dribbled oil on Josh’s cock, and onto his balls as well. She grasped his organ with her left hand and moved it all around, while caressing the sack containing his swollen balls with her right. His own oily hands never made him feel as wonderful as he now felt with Rachel massaging his cock and balls.

Rachel took his legs and put them over her shoulders. She was now better able to reach underneath Josh’s balls and to touch his magic bridge leading to his asshole. Josh reacted by tilting his ass up more.

“Do you like it when I touch you there?” she asked.

“Yes, yes, touch me more,” he pleaded.

Rachel reached over to one of the burning tapers. The candle was an inch in diameter, and was 10 or 12 inches long. She blew it out, pulled it from its holder, and dribbled oil on the bottom few inches. She touched it to his anus.

He opened his eyes, started at the sensation.

“Can I fuck you with this candle?” she asked. “Would you like to feel it in your tush?”

“Yes, but be gentle to my virgin butt.”

Rachel probed gently, working it past the tight ring. She moved carefully, a millimeter at a time, twisting it as she pushed forward. She continued to move her oiled hand up and down Josh’s cock, thumbing the sensitive head. When she sensed he was ready, she intensified the pressure on the candle. When she had three inches of candle up his ass, she started to work it back and forth, in and out, fucking him like he had never experienced before.

Josh’s moans -whimpers? – of ecstasy got louder and more insistent. Rachel leaned forward and took the head of his cock into her mouth. She pressed hard on the head with her lips, applying wet friction all over. She got her tongue moving at the same time in little back and forth strokes underneath where all the nerve knots came together.

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