12 Mayıs 2023

Happy Birthday Mr. President


Her Daddy walked in wearing a suit. He smiled at her and draped his jacket over his shoulder as he crossed the flat languidly. She was wearing a tight black cocktail dress, big black heels, and blood red lipstick. She let out a breathy tune as she begin to sing ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’ in a raspy voice while she walked over to him, taking his jacket and handing him a glass of whiskey. He chuckled and pulled her against him, looking her up and down. He tugged at the pearls that adorned her neck and raised an eyebrow.  “I thought you said we were staying in for my birthday, girl.” “We are, Daddy dearest. I’ve planned a surprise party for you.” He smirked and looked behind her, spotting a giant-looking box covered in a deep blue velvet cloth sitting in the middle of the living room.  “What the hell is that, girl?” “Patience, Daddy, patience…” She pulled at the waistband of his slacks playfully as she led him over to the couch. He let out a soft laugh and followed, trying not to spill his drink.  He slumped down on the couch, spread his legs comfortably, and took to sipping his whiskey as she pitter-pattered around the room. The girl couldn’t hold back her smile as she went and stood by the box. He could tell that she had really outdone herself this time.  She walked around the blue velvet cube a few times, her heels clicking against the tile floor. The suspense began to heighten as she picked up the velvet cloth between her perfect red nails.  “This year, I did not want to give you something materialistic. I wanted to give you something memorable, thus, I give you… an experience.” She threw the cloth back and revealed a black cage to which the contents of his present lay inside. She was blonde, dressed in pink lingerie, her wrists were bound behind her back, and she was gagged. The girl inside the cage squirmed and looked at both of them past the grid Escort Küçükköy bars of her enclosure. Daddy looked from the cage to his girl; his face was that of true surprise. His girl grinned and bit her lower lip, completely satisfied with his reaction.  He watched as his girl went to the cage door and unlocked it, pulling the slut out of the cage roughly by her hair. He was truly taken aback from the situation, and pleased at the same time.  “Are you ready to serve your superiors tonight, slut?” His girl snarled into the victim’s ear as she untied the rope from her wrists.  The slut nodded and made a noise through her ball gag. She tried to use her freehand to clean the spit collecting around the gag, however, she was already drooling; who knows how long his girl had kept her in there waiting for him? “You are already messing up your lipstick and we haven’t even started. Do you think I appreciate spending my time only to see it end up ruined?” His girl continued.  The slut shook her head in response and lowered her eyes. His girl picked up a riding crop that was placed at the side of the cage and promptly used it to smack the slut’s ass as she kneeled before both of them.  “Go. Crawl over to my Daddy and let him get a good look at you. Let’s see if you are even good enough to be used as our toy tonight.”  Daddy watched as the slut crawled over to him on all fours; his girl continued to smack her ass for the duration of the journey from box to couch. He leaned over, resting his elbows on his knees as the slut came to a stop and sat down on her folded legs.  “My, my, I must say… I truly did not expect this when I came home this evening,” he said, pinching the sluts chin between his fingertips and turning her head from either side. She was a pretty submissive, her eyes were a beautiful green-hazel color and they showed depth to them in spite of her current Mecidiyeköy escort state of degradation. She was dressed like a tart – no doubt the doings of his baby girl and her feminization fetish. He smiled up at his girl, who stood waiting for a verdict.  “Well, she looks nice enough, but is she useful? Toys are only fun if they perform properly,” he said in an authoritative tone, squeezing the sluts face a bit harder. He took his thumb and smeared her bright pink lipstick across her face before giving it a curt smack. The slut jumped, but kept her position. He could feel the blood begin to push towards his cock and took another sip of his drink.  He turned to his girl and said plainly, “Undress her.” The girl nodded and wadded up the slut’s hair in her fist, jerking her back from Daddy a few paces so that he could properly view the show. The girl smiled wickedly as she ripped the bra from her chest, leaving red marks where the clasps were. The girl smacked each one of her breasts with the riding crop a few times, and then focused in on the nipples, hardening them.  “My Daddy deserves perky, hard nipples to play with if he so chooses. Now, stand so I can show him the rest.” The slut stood on wobbly legs as the girl placed one hand around her throat while the other tugged at her panties. The slut obediently stepped out of them and waited for further instructions. “Kneel,” said the girl.  The slut obliged. “Spread them.” said the girl a bit louder. The slut obeyed. “Lean back and show Daddy your pussy, whore.” The slut leaned back and pushed her hips forward as commanded. “That’s it, keep them open.” The girl twirled the riding crop and walked around the slut a few times. She glanced at her Daddy who seemed to be enjoying the show as he spun the ice cubes in his glass with his finger.  The girl brought the crop down with a sharp smack against Merter escort bayan the slut’s clit and she immediately closed her legs in response and let out a cry through the gag.  “Did I tell you to close up?” The slut shook her head. “I didn’t think so. Let’s set a precedent right now. Whenever either of us tells you to do something tonight, you obey it to the letter with no exceptions. I will repeat my command once, but if I have to repeat myself again tonight, it will be hell to pay. Now, keep them open.”  Daddy watched as his girl struck the slut’s cunt repeatedly with the riding crop. The slut squirmed and wiggled in pain. A few tears began to run down her cheek as she did her best not to close her legs. He watched her thighs shake and her muscles tense against the pain. He placed a lit cigarette to his lips as the show continued and his cock proceeded to twitch beneath his slacks. This was turning out to be the best birthday ever.  After the slut had been given the rules and was broken in, his girl turned towards him. “What are your instructions Daddy?”  He exhaled the smoke of his cigarette slowly, and took another drag before answering her as puffs of smoke fell from his lips between each word. “I want you to sit on her face, and cum on it while I finish my cigarette. I want you to squirt, and I want her makeup smeared all over her face.” The girl smirked at him, holding eye contact as she lifted her leg and drove the heel into the slut’s chest, forcing her back to the floor. She removed the drool ridden gag from the slut’s mouth and tossed it on the floor. The girl stood spread above the slut’s face and lifted her dress slowly, revealing her perfectly shaved, pink pussy. Her Daddy grinned as he could see she was already wet, as he suspected. He took another drag of his smoke as he watched his girl lower herself on top of the slut’s face and settle in.  The girl’s hips rocked back and forth slowly across her face as the slut’s tongue licked away at her cunt and prodded her hole. The slut worked furiously with precision, no doubt to prove her worth to the company she had been included in.

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