16 Mayıs 2023

Harry and the Pumpkin

Cock Ring

Harry wasn’t proud, in fact he was a bit embarrassed as he loaded the odd shaped pumpkin into his shopping cart. It had been a bad day, his wife, after outright refusing to even give him a quick hand job send him off to the grocery store to pick up a few items. Now in the past shopping for his wife was a task since she expected him to read peanut butter on the list and know that what that meant was a large jar of creamy peanut butter made by a specific company. In his thirty years of marriage he probably got everything right on a shopping list perhaps two times.

Well, lately, as his wife moved through menopause things did not improve and while the hot flashes didn’t bother Harry, his wife’s lack of interest in sex and her overall moodiness did begin to drive him crazy. The shopping list today was complex and after catching hell for calling her back with questions too many times, Harry just simply began grabbing the first product that he spotted.

Yeah he’d catch hell, but he’d be home and could slip off to an empty room and relax for a bit. He had just about completed his shopping when he noticed several pumpkins still in a bin. It surprised him that as close as it was to Halloween there were some pumpkins left. He didn’t plan to get one since his wife and he usually avoided the Halloween festivities by turning out their lights and hiding in the back of the house when the trick or treaters came.

He passed the bin of pumpkins and then immediately stopped. Turning slowly he noticed one of the pumpkins had an odd shape. Though nicely rounded, it Escort Başakşehir had a bit of an indentation that… well, it looked a bit like a woman’s ass. Not just any woman’s ass, but exactly like his wife’s ass.

Harry picked up the pumpkin and looked at it reveling in the uncanny shape. “Just like Del when she wore those orange pants that time,” he mumbled to himself remembering the slight curve of his wife’s ass. Dropping the pumpkin into his cart he felt a tingling in his pants and had to position himself as he moved the cart so no one would see his erection. This is why he was embarrassed, not for buying the pumpkin, not even for thinking it looked like his wife’s ass, he was embarrassed for what he planned to do with the pumpkin.

When Harry got back home he unloaded the pumpkin into his workshop and then carried in the groceries. Sure enough his wife moaned and complained about a number of his choices, but he endured the chastisement and when she finished he playfully grabbed at her ass. In the past something like that usually led to some nice hot sex, often right there in the kitchen, but once again, his wife brushed his hand away making sure he understood she wasn’t interested.

“Damn,” Harry whispered as he headed out of the door. He would have liked to squeezed his wife’s ass while making love to her, but that simply wasn’t going to happen. Instead he headed out into his workshop and placed the pumpkin on a low stool. He slowly ran his fingers over the smooth curves and found himself still amazed Bayrampaşa escort how much it resembled his wife’s ass. He closed his eyes and held the pumpkin with both hands as he leaned forward, pressing his cock against it.

After a few minutes he was hard and he moaned, “What the hell,” as he grabbed a drill. Quickly guessing at a size, he grabbed a bit, put it in the drill and then moved the drill down the pumpkin to just the right place. The drill quickly finished a small hole, one just slightly larger than his erect cock.

Harry unzipped his pants and eased his cock into the opening, feeling the cool, gooey insides slide over his erection. Grabbing the pumpkin on both sides as he would grab his wife’s ass like he would when they did it doggie style, he began moving his cock in and out of the small opening.

He felt a bit of friction at the opening, but unfortunately inside the pumpkin, the innards were simply too spread out to really do much for his cock. Easing himself back out of the gourd, he grabbed a knife and cut a large opening in the top. He then reached inside and began pulling all the stringy innards away from the walls of the pumpkin, letting them fall down near the hole he had drilled.

Harry carefully positioned the pumpkin and slipped his cock back in, feeling the coolness ooze over him. He moved his cock in and out and the sensation increased some but as he continued thrusting into the hole, he burrowed out a hollow and the sensation subsided.

By that time Harry considered giving Beşiktaş escort bayan up and simply flogging his cock with his hand and spurting the cum into the hole, but no… there had to be a way. Then he saw it… the vibratory sander. All he had to do was simply let the sander vibrate inside the pumpkin and all the ooze and innards would slop down to the hole, encasing his cock in the soft gooeyness.

He quickly plugged in the sander, arranged it inside the pumpkin then took his wife’s hips in his hand and gently eased it into her pussy. Releasing her hip, he turned on the sander and then grabbed her again and began thrusting wildly.

Yes, yes, yes, the pumpkin ooze coated his cock in a seething mass of softness, and as the vibrations from the sander rippled in the pumpkin Harry felt the sensations all over his cock. He closed his eyes and pushed his cock into his wife’s pussy again and again , until he could hold out no more. Moaning loudly he arched his back and came, spurting his cum deep into his wife’s… into the pumpkin.

After cleaning up Harry decided to make a stand for once. He grabbed the pumpkin, carried it into the kitchen and said to his wife, “You know I think we are going to celebrate Halloween this year. I’m going back to the store to get another pumpkin to make a Jack-O-Lantern while you make pumpkin pie out of this one. I’ll buy some candy and well give it to the trick or treaters.”


“But nothing. You need anything else for pumpkin pie?”

“Well no, but…”

“Okay, it’s settled. I’m heading off to the store.”

Harry drove off to the store thinking to himself that while it won’t be as nice as the Halloween he and his wife did it doggie style in the kitchen, this was going to be a good Halloween. He made a note to pick up an extra pumpkin in case his wife wasn’t in the mood in the next few days.

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