10 Ocak 2023

Hayley’s Casting

Big Dick

It was another day in the life of Marcel Pons. He was barking orders to the crew of five he assembled for today’s casting. They were setting up the master bedroom of a rented penthouse to look like an Arabian harem. Being a porn director was not as glamorous or exciting as many guys believe — there is a lot of stuff to do, schedules to follow and deadlines to meet. The Internet porn sites he has contracts with require new material every week and this week, he was behind.

For this week, he decided to film some castings, but it was already Thursday and he barely had three scenes that were golden from the fifty scenes or so his crew had filmed. Today, he was not too hopeful. After all his agenda only had three girls and with his luck, they would be average at best. His crew was ready: John and Tito would be the talent today, Carla would do makeup and serve as fluffer if needed, while Nestor and himself would do cameras and sound. It was an skeleton crew, but it was more than enough for the three girls on the agenda.

“Marcel, Marcel” Carla came into the bedroom from the living room with her cellphone. “Marcel, we are fucked! We will have only one girl today… We checked the papers of the blonde and she was a minor, so we sent her back home. The Asian one is in the hospital — some shit about food poisoning.” Marcel looked at her in disbelief and turning towards the rest of the crew said that they were fucked indeed.

“OK guys, only one girl! We are going to offer her some quick bucks for a blowjob and if she is average or better, maybe a girl-girl or a threesome. We have all day to get something good… What’s her name Carla?”

“Hailey” Carla answered looking for the paper with the girls names, physical characteristics, and phone numbers. “She’s half Hispanic and half Italian, brunette, and 19 years old.” “That should do — even if she’s ugly as fuck!” shouted Tito to everyone’s delight.

Half and hour later, Hailey arrived to the penthouse for her casting. She was not average — she was way above average. Just 19 years old, her lightly freckled face made her look innocent and cute, but her eyes and her body looked as if made for sex. Her dark green eyes were hypnotizing and made a perfect match with her light brown skin and black hair in waves that reached her shoulder blades. At 5 feet — 6 inches tall, her Hispanic and Italian heritages were well in display with a pair of full, perfectly shaped C-cup breasts, a thin waist, and hips and ass that would put both J. Lo and Shakira to shame. Hailey was a dream came true and Marcel and his crew recognized that any scene with this girl would be solid gold.

Marcel set the interview camera on its tripod and sent the crew to the bedroom to get ready. He took some stills with his camera, then sat down to interview Hailey. Soon he realized that this girl did not have much brains. She was beautiful and sexy as hell, but she was not bright. She graduated from high school a few months ago — a “super senior” – and had not found any job. She wanted to be in the movies or in modeling and she was eager to do any job that required acting.

Marcel saw his chance and asked Hailey if she liked porn. She blushed, but said that she enjoyed porn and that she had filmed herself having sex with her ex-boyfriend a few times. Answering the typical question about what she liked to do the most, she said that giving head and dressing up for sexual fantasies. Marcel already had an erection, so he went for the kill…

“Hailey, we are filming a movie, but the actress got sick and we need to finish this week. It is one of those soft porn movies for cable TV, so you will have to be nude and have sexual contact with the talent. It is not hardcore stuff, but the script calls for some specific fantasies that are hot. Would you like to film the remaining scenes today?” Hailey’s eyes got big with excitement and accepted immediately.

“You understand, that before we begin with the movie, we need to see how do you look naked, right?” Hailey nodded in the affirmative and soon she was undressing in a very casual way, as if getting ready izmir escort to get a shower. Marcel could not believe his eyes and quickly grabbed the still photo and kept shooting photos until she was completely naked. She was perfect — no marks, tatoos, or scars. Her breasts were what you expect of a teen, firm and defying gravity. She was completely shaven, giving Hailey a look that could turn on a dead man. She barely had make-up and she looked like a godess — and Marcel’s erection was the proof of her hotness. The tent was so noticeable that at one time, Hailey was giggling while looking at Marcel and pointed at his crotch, asking in her childish voice “Did I do that?” Marcel just smiled and nodded, telling her that it was normal for him to get this horny when filming young hot girls like her. She blushed and laughed hard. Marcel laughed with her and put down the camera while calling Carla.

“Yes, boss?” Carla appeared coming from the bedroom. When seeing Hailey naked she could not avoid to whisper her admiration. Although attractive herself, the redhead knew she would not be doing any “fluffer” job today. Marcel interrupted Carla’s contemplation by instructing her to prepare Hailey for the “fantasy” scene. He would prepare the set with the guys.

Marcel turned off the interview camera and went to the bedroom, where he had set up the equipment earlier that morning. He called Tito, John, and Nestor to the room, explaining the scene he wanted while showing some of the stills from his interview with Hailey. They had just agreed on the details of the scene when Carla entered the room with Hailey.

All eyes turned on Hailey — and all four cocks in the room stood on attention. Hailey was wearing a semi-transparent mesh genie dress that allowed everyone to see her full breasts and erect nipples as well as her pussy and ass. Marcel introduced everyone and then turned to Hailey to explain the scene.

“Hailey, this scene is the last one we need to film. This guy, Tito, is invading the sultan’s harem. He sees you sleeping over there and he will make a noise. You will wake up and before you can call for help, he will stuff your mouth, and tie your hands and feet. You have to look scared to death — you do not know what this guy is capable of! He will look at you and hesitate for a while before deciding on forcing you to give him a blow job while you are tied. You are scared, but you realize that if you do it right, he maybe leave you alive. Do you understand?” Marcel asked to confirm Hailey won’t mind sucking Tito’s cock.

“Yes, I do. I have to suck him tied up and look scared of what he can do to me.” she answered in a very professional way. Everybody smiled and Marcel saw Nestor talking quietly with Carla and both of them smiling — he was sharing the whole scene plan with Carla. Marcel waited for a few seconds and then instructed everyone to their positions. He took the camera, Nestor took the sound boom, and Hailey lied down on the plush fake Arabian pillows. Tito went outside the room to wait his call and John and Carla sat down behind Marcel’s seat.

“OK, we are ready to film. 3, 2, 1, ROLLING!” As soon he heard the call, Tito opened the door as if entering to steal something. He was a tall and muscular Caribbean Hispanic — 6 feet 3 inches tall, 220 pounds of muscle. He was dressed as a bad cross of Indiana Jones and a ninja, walking softly on the set. As planned, he tripped and made a prop glass to fall and break, “waking up” Hailey’s character. As described by Marcel, before Hailey could say a word, Tito had stuffed her mouth and tied her hands and feet with a silk rope.

He paced in front of Hailey for a few seconds and surprisingly, Hailey was showing to be a great actress. Her green eyes were bulging with fear, and she was mumbling with her gagged mouth. Tito placed his face next to hers and following the script, said in a grave voice full of lust “Listen, I will remove your gag, but you have to do something for me… alright?” In character, Hailey nodded, so Tito placed her on her knees and undid his pants, freeing his alsancak escort cock. Hailey looked at it and her eyes were showing genuine surprise — this was the biggest cock she had seeing in her 19 years of life. Tito’s cock was just semi-erect and it already was almost ten inches long and as thick as a steel pipe. He was circumcised and his purple head was just an inch away from her face.

Tito took the prop gun from the holster and placed next to Hailey’s head while removing her gag. “Come on, work this cock slowly with your mouth and I let you live… bite it and I will shoot your brains all over the place. Understood?” he said in character. Hailey, still surprised, said yes in a convincing tone and began licking the cock in front of her. Slowly, she bathed the cock in front of her, working it to its full length of eleven inches. She looked at Tito’s face and gave a glimpse to the gun in his hand and began swallowing the throbbing purple head. Tito reclined on the wall, trying to keep his character while getting the slowest, wettest blow job he had received ever. With his free hand, he grabbed one of Hailey’s breasts, making her moaning in pleasure all over his cock. She was still in character, looking with afraid eyes to the gun and his face, deciding to send the massive member deeper into her throat. Tito began to tense, and grabbed Hailey by her hair, fastening the pace of the blowjob. He was basically jerking off with Hailey’s mouth and she was doing a great job, using her tongue to bath the shaft and head of the cock inside her mouth, sucking hard, wanting him to shoot his life’s worth in cum. Tito became tenser and tenser, trying to hold what seemed to be a gigantic load when Marcel shouted “CUT!, CUT!” Tito stopped immediately and removed Hailey from his cock, making a loud pop sound. “Fuck, that was great! Jesus! I almost came!” Tito said, still reclined on the wall with Hailey in front of his dripping wet, pulsating cock.

“Yes, I know” Marcel said as cool as he could sound. “But you can’t cum yet. We need your partner to come in first.” he said. Turning to Hailey, he told her that he did not realized that the script required Tito’s character partner, John, to enter the scene and receive a similar blowjob before Tito’s character finish with her. Hailey asked if they would cum in her mouth and Carla intervened, saying that if that happened, she could allow it to drip over the dress. The cum scene would be edited later and the dress would be cleaned anyway. At that John suggested to end the scene with both of them cumming over her, since they were humiliating an harem slave. The scene could be later edited if needed. All agreed on John’s suggestion and Marcel instructed everyone to their positions. “Hailey, you will need to make Tito hard again, so I’m going to give you a few minutes to do it.” Marcel said in a matter-of-fact tone. Without hesitation, Hailey began sucking the cock in front of her, needing just a few seconds for Tito to give Marcel the signal that he was ready to continue.

“OK, ROLLING!” Marcel shouted, so everyone went back to character. Tito grabbed Hailey’s hair and continued using her to masturbate at the same pace as before the interruption when John came into the room.

“What the fuck man! I am waiting for you outside, exposed to the beasts and here you are, having fun!” John said in character, admiring Hailey’s job on his pal’s glistening cock. “Sorry, brother, but this piece was too good to let pass. Do you want some of it?” Tito said as offering a joint. “Of course I want some” John said dropping his pants freeing his erection. He was an Afro-American guy in his thirties, not too muscular, but with a massive penis. Although shorter than Tito’s by two inches, John’s cock was thick as a soda can. He removed Hailey from Tito’s cock and grabbing her hair, said “Open up and say ahh!”, shoveling his huge cock into Hailey’s mouth.

She adapted fast to the new girth and began working the new meat sample in her mouth. Her tongue began to work its mastery on John’s member, making him grabbing her head buca escort with both hands, literally fucking her mouth. Less than ten minutes of action he was grunting “Fuck, this girl is good! Good lord! Good looord! FUUUUCK!” . John could not hold longer, so he took his cock out of Hailey’s mouth and began shooting his load. The first jet crossed Hailey’s face, landing on her forehead, the second landing next to her left eye and the third right deep into her open mouth. The fourth, fifth, and sixth strings landed on her chin and her breasts. John gave two steps back and soon Tito was with his cock inside Hailey’s mouth. Still with her eyes open, showing shock, Tito fucked her throat for a few minutes before grabbing her head and burying as deep he could before shooting a massive load inside her mouth. He came so much, Hailey could not retain it all. Small strings of cum were falling from Hailey’s mouth corners even when she was clearly swallowing as much as she could. Once, twice she swallowed before Tito removed his now shrinking monster from her mouth, cleaning it with her hair.

He released his hold from Hailey’s head and allowed her to fall seated on the bed of pillows. Marcel took some close-ups of Hailey’s cum-covered face and chest before shouting “CUT! PRINT!” and began to clap. Soon all of them were clapping and Carla was running towards Hailey with a wet towel and began cleaning her face while Tito removed the binds on her hands while greeting her.

“Girl, you are great! You are a natural!” Carla was saying while cleaning Hailey’s face with the wet towel to remove the cum on her. “Really?” asked Hailey, genuinely surprised. “Of course, you were great! You even made me hot and wet!” Carla said, removing Hailey’s top and washing her chest and breasts. “God, you are so hot!” the red head whispered looking at Hailey’s face and surprising her, planted a soft kiss on her lips. Seeing she did not reject it, Carla went back and kissed Hailey passionately. This time, Hailey responded the kiss, caressing the 30 years old red head breasts. Carla opened Hailey’s legs and unbuttoned the genie pants to reveal a pussy opening, fingering Hailey deep and slow. Hailey’s moans soon were loud, so Carla continued fingering Hailey’s cunt while sucking her nipples and whispering how good an actress she was. Hailey was soon having a long orgasm, arching her back and allowing a deep howl to scape her throat. Carla caressed her face, and kissed her cheek telling Hailey she had a great future in the business.

Hailey was in seventh heaven when she felt Marcel’s voice saying to her ear that it was true she had a bright future as an actress. He positioned himself naked between her legs with his cock rubbing Hailey’s pussy. “Dear, you are a natural actress, the hottest I have seen since I am in this business!” he said while pushing his cock into her wetness. “God, you are young, beautiful, tight, and talented. You are a fucking goddess..” he repeated with every thrust of his hips into her. Soon enough, Marcel was cumming deep inside Hailey who was having a second orgasm as intense as the first one. As soon Marcel moved away from her, Nestor replaced him, burying his long and fat cock into Hailey while praising her performance with Tito and John. A few hard thrusts were enough for Nestor to shoot his cum also into Hailey. Tito and John followed, praising her acting skills and her beauty while fucking her and making her to have orgasm after orgasm, both cumming inside her. When all the guys were finished dropping their loads in Hailey, there was a pool of cum below her.

Carla helped Hailey to stand and went to the bathroom to clean her. Meanwhile, the guys dressed and Marcel turned off the three cameras that had been rolling all the time. “This will be difficult to edit. We will be stopping every 10 minutes to jerk off…” Nestor said with a sight, making Marcel smile. “I think this girl gave us enough material for a month!” he answered Nestor and both laughed. A few minutes later, Hailey came out of the bathroom dressed in her street clothes looking refreshed. Marcel gave her an envelope with $5,000 and praised her performance again. “Did you really liked my acting? I think I can do better than that…” Hailey said shyly.

“Don’t worry dear, you will have a chance to do it better. You will have many other chances…” Marcel said, thinking about what other scenes he could use this girl in the future.

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