14 Mart 2023



I knew Hazel, we had been to the same school, but we never socialised. To be honest I didnt think that she would have ever went out with me because she was so beautiful then. Now she is stunning. Quite tall and voluptuous.

Even though I was unbelievably nervous, we got on like a house on fire during our blind date.

By the end of the night I managed to get a kiss and a date with her the following week. Just the two of us this time. I was on cloud nine.

We had a few dates, but I couldn’t get her to come back to mine, even promising that it would be coffee only. I only really managed to get a kiss when she was on her way home. To be honest it was beginning to piss me off, we were getting on great I for one felt really relaxed with her company and there was a possibility of us being together long term. But a kiss at the end of each night two months down the line was beginning to get to me, and I was starting to think about calling it all off.

Until. I finished work the next day, and she was at my flat, waiting. At first I thought that she was going to finish with me. But once we were indoors I was very very wrong.

It turns out that her ex was really abusive to her and generally a cunt towards her, and her mother told her that she would probably lose me if she carried on the way she was going, and not let me in.

We sat down and I could see tears in her eyes as she was telling me this, and she looked so sad, that I made a promise to myself that if we were going to be together I would never make her this unhappy. I wrapped my arms around her and she poured her heart out about how much of a bastard her ex really was. All I could do was to hold her and try to reassure her as she sobbed away with her head on my chest. After a while the sobs faded away, Hazel had fallen asleep as she cuddled into me, and trapping me no tv on and the remote just out of touching distance, all I had to do was to stroke her long mousy hair and hope she would come to quickly because I was not very comfortable.

She started to have a bad dream so that seemed like the best time to wake her. Once she realised where she was she smiled at me and kissed me, only more passionately as if all the times before she had held herself back, but now her tongue was darting into my mouth every now and then along with a little moan.

I had to ask her if she wanted to go to the bedroom to carry on.

It was like I was with a different Hazel.

As soon as we lay on the bed she pulled me to her, kissing me forcing her tongue in my mouth to find mine, almost ripping off my T shirt, not wanting to miss out I made a move for her ample breasts, squeezing the soft flesh through her blouse/shirt/whatever her bra was not padded and I could feel her nipple grow beneath the lacy material of her bra, I could feel my hard cock straining to be released, even more so when she rubbed it, then she was holding me embracing me then running her nails own my back. To be honest I was struggling to keep up with her. Until I managed to stop her while I slid off her top, I paused for a second to marvel at those tits, the bra she wore left nothing to the imagination, it had to come off. Her areola was a soft pink and her stiff nipples were a few shades darker they reminded me of the black liquorice allsorts in size, and as she was being undressed it would be best if I managed to get her jeans off I thought, but she kept a hold of the elastic on her knickers, telling me that if I was a good boy I might get a chance to take them off too.

I had hoped that as Hazel was next to naked she would have wanted me the same, but she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me some more.

Somehow one of my arms was trapped behind her neck, leaving my other hand to try and caress squeeze and try to cop a feel of her beautiful body, but every time I tried to slide under the elastic into her panties her hand stopped me and moved it back to her so soft breasts. That didn’t stop her though, I felt the zip of my jeans being tugged down and then her fingers opening the button and then as if in slow motion her hand was edging its way down to my achingly hard cock, until her dainty fingers wrapped themselves around it, as she began slowly wanking me I paused and looked at her a little puzzled before I could say anything she just whispered ssh and kissed me again.

Hazel let me free my hand and lay on the bed, I was naked in an instant, and I straddled her legs keeping my cock just out of reach of her. Kissing her on the lips before moving further down to nuzzle on her nipples, then gently softly kissing my way further and further down, before slipping off her satin thong and seeing her trimmed pubes shaped into a small triangle and her shaved lips, her clit had a hood over it and it seemed to part her outer lips at the top with her inner lips protruding slightly. I had to taste her.

I began by kissing her pussy from the top of her pubes moving my way down, opening her legs more and more until she was totally exposed to me, her clit was the undeclared war izle by far the biggest I had seen in the flesh so to speak, (before then I had went down on two other girls and both their pussy’s had looked very similar). I kissed licked and sucked at that clit, as best as I could only pausing to lick her hole and to taste her sweet juices, and judging by the moans and groans I felt that I was doing ok, I could feel her tensing herself up more and more frequently until she stopped me and sat bolt upright and saying she needed to wee.

Hazel was out of the bedroom before I barely had a chance to ogle her bum, then from the bathroom I could hear a hiss as she peed, that sound had turned me on for ages.

Even before I really knew what sex was about, It was in our street, when I lived with my parents, I was talking to a female neighbour well more like flirted with, when she said that she needed to pee but if she went home then she wouldn’t be allowed back out, so she jumped over someone’s front wall and told me to keep a lookout that’s when I first heard that hissing sound and it had turned me on since then. Anyway Hazel had finished in the bathroom and just simply strolled back into the bedroom carefree, everything to see of her gorgeous sexy body, except her arse.

As she climbed onto to bed she pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me, reaching between her legs she found my still very solid cock and slid down onto it and began riding me, as she glided up and down my shaft I could feel her nipples brushing against mine. It didn’t take long for my balls to start and tighten, I was getting ready to pull out before I cum, but luckily all Hazel said was that she was on the pill, then she pushed herself as far as she could get down onto me and ground her clit into my pubes till I started to cum pushing myself as far as I could into her even lifting her off the bed.

We lay there for what seemed like ages cuddling each other, catching our breath, giving each other little kisses between gasps, each time my cock twitched inside her she clamped her pussy tight on me, making me twitch even more.

Eventually she climbed off, my flaccid cock slipped out of her, and this time she slowly went off to the bathroom, giving me a chance to marvel at how perfect her body truly was. Before looking at my cum covered cock. A thought flashed through my mind about what would my cum taste like licking it out of Hazels pussy? That went to the back of my mind just as fast. After all I had just had my first time with her and it was the best fuck that I have had. Of my two previous conquests one couldn’t stand the sight of or like the feeling of sperm. The second wouldn’t go on the pill and she said that she had an allergy to latex, so condoms were a no no. but she did like to see it spurting out of me, I cum on her tits so many times. Fucking Steve was obviously very different.

I heard the toilet flush, but it took Hazel a while to come back to the room, she had been ratcheting around for my cigarettes. Turns out she only smokes when she has a drink mostly, or the odd special occasion.

As we made small talk I found out a few gems. Firstly she and her mother are best friends and talk about anything…ahem. Secondly her twin brothers (aged about 6) ran her mother ragged, because Hazels dad was in a very poor way, oxygen mask, monitors everything, and the mother was nursing him at home. So she couldn’t see me as much as she wanted. I had heard through the grapevine that her dad was poorly but didn’t know how much of a bad way he was in.

As we lay there we tried to work out the best way that we could see each other without making things too hard at home.

We both finished work roughly at the same time, so it was agreed for now that we would get together every other day or so for now.

I didn’t want her to go, but she had to, and after all that she explained to me. It was a very long lingering kiss, before I walked her home, well to the end of her street. As I watched her wriggling her sexy behind, I thought back of just what had happened, and I couldn’t wait for an encore.

For the next few weeks things carried on much the same, except of late Hazel came straight to mine from work and we would have a bath, before getting very dirty. And if we had enough time left I would make her something to eat, or get a takeaway.

We did have sex in every part of my flat.

Hazel never hid her body once she was naked, and I thought every inch of it was beautiful and sexy.

Things got even better when I eventually got her to agree to suck me. It turns out that the wanker of an ex would just grab her by the hair and force her to suck him, where he would try to get some deepthroat. and then shoot his jizz over her face. Or fuck her and jizz wherever he wanted.

Which is why she was on the pill because her mother didn’t want her to get pregnant by him. It would have been even better to get rid of him though, the watcher izle so she recounted.

I had to tell her that I wouldn’t do anything like that to her, not long after that I had my first blow job off the beautiful Hazel.

Anal did get a mention but she said that it hurt. Turns out that I am the fourth lad she has had sex with. One never really done much, ever. The next one was on top when his dick slipped out on the out stroke, and on the in stroke was too low to go back to her pussy and hit her arsehole. Apparently it hurt. The third was the useless cunt who tried it without any lube. That was the last straw with them.

I swore to her that I wouldn’t hurt her doing it that I knew what I was doing and if by chance that it was hurting or that she felt uncomfy with it then I would stop at once.

I think it is embarrassing for a bloke to go and buy lube. As I stood in front of the cashier. But the rewards outweigh the shame.

Foreplay went on for ages, till she run to the toilet yet again for a pee. It seemed that she was so close to orgasm but she was afraid of going over the edge. When she came back in the bedroom I told her to get on all fours, where I got down behind her and began playing with her littlest hole, kissing, licking and stroking her hole then I started with the lube gently edging my index finger in until it could slide in and out quite easily a bit more lube and my middle finger opened her up that little bit more. Even more lube and I managed to get both fingers into her tight little anus, I did ask if she was ok before I started rubbing my sheathed and lubed cock around her hole and began pressing it into her bit by bit sliding back out till the tip was only in her and starting over again. It remined me of the first time I fucked Steve, in fact it felt very similar by the time I had fully penetrated her. I asked if she was still ok and not in pain, and she told me that it was just unusual not sore and not unpleasant. The more I fucked her arse the more I thought about when I was fucking Steve and the way they both felt the same. Some groans were coming from Hazel the more I slid in and out of her, I didn’t want to go on too long for her first time in case she was hurting too much the next day, but I really wanted to start pounding away like it was Steve towards the end of our time together. That must have been the thought that got me to start to cum, I wanted to thrust so hard into her but I managed to resist that impulse.

The smile on Hazels face told me that I had managed to convert her and there should be plenty more of that in the future.

Over the weeks that passed Joyce let me get a shower installed, Eric (my boss) started letting me use his car, he would have my van. Hazel started to become a decent pool player, even after all the dares that she completed, although most of the dares were indoors and pretty tame. The only thing that she really refused to do was to let me watch her pee, and the longer she refused the more I wanted to see her do the deed.

We discovered that Hazel wasn’t much of a drinker. Well couldn’t handle a hangover unless she slept for at least eight hours, more if she could. To make this easier for her, we started going out for a drink earlier in the day when we were off together. I never got her drunk but she was funny when she was tipsy, and she became very horny. After being asked countless times to pee for me she finally agreed to pee on my back.

So there I was sitting in the bath, Hazel standing behind me where she lifted a leg over my shoulder and rested her beautiful pussy at the back of my neck and let it flow. Where she told me that when we showered together, she would pee right in front of me, if she needed to, and I had never once noticed. When she had finished pissing over my back, she stood up and stood in front of me, smiling coyly at me knowing that she had got one over on me. Until I asked her to show me how she managed to stand while she was peeing on me. The second she placed her foot on the side of the bath I lunged forward and managed to start sucking on her clit before she had any chance to get away. As I was lapping away she did say that was unfair and she should have cleaned herself first but her pleasure was winning and the protests seemed to quickly abate. I licked and sucked all the way around her pussy lips trying to get a little taste of her pee after all it would have been all around her. I think she guessed at what I was doing and started calling me a dirty little fucker at first but as she started to cum the names got even more fruity, until she cum for the first time and she squirted a little more this time almost all into my mouth, mmm. With her cumming like that surprised the both of us and it was sheer luck that she didn’t fall out of the bath or even injure either of us.

We had to have a quick shower this time. Afterwards it was straight to bed where she was on top, this time her pussy felt so wet around my cock wetter than ever the watchful eye izle and she slid herself up and down so hard and fast that she had me begging to cum in no time at all. Once I had finished pumping my cum into her she lifted herself off of me and paused for a moment, I could feel my sperm dripping back out of her onto my messy cock, when she slid down my body stopping at my wilting cock and took me in her mouth, even though the end of my cock was a bit sensitive I for one wasn’t going to complain while she lapped up the mixture of cum and her own juices.

I didn’t expect her to come and kiss me straight away though, and she had kept a little bit of our fluids for me, I was shocked a little initially but then overcome with lust, who knew that mixing my cum with her pussy juice would taste so lovely, once her tongue was sucked clean I had to go down on her and lap up the rest of this nectar from her. As my tongue was as far as I could get it inside her pussy Hazel started calling me all the dirty bastards before cumming again. I wanted to carry on licking away but she was far too sensitive this time and she managed to clamp her legs together till she calmed herself down.

A few more weeks passed by and I still hadn’t watched Hazel pee. Until we were out in the local one afternoon, it was fairly early and the bar was deserted apart from ourselves and the barmaid who was busy doing her own thing. Hazel had on a shortish skirt, and a T shirt as well as my most favorite bra and thong to see her wearing, they were both almost transparent and the bra made it look like her breasts were even bigger. I think she wore these to keep me keen on not staying out too long.

We had a couple of pints, I was desperate to down a few more but decided to slow myself down and keep pace with her instead. With the school holidays rapidly approaching and my access to my boss’ car we decided that we could take the twins out for the odd day, and it was my first real chance to get to know them properly.

As we started on our next pint we started playing pool, I even gave her a four ball head start to give her more confidence.

A couple of frames later I suggested a forfeit for the loser, winner decides what.

Needless to say that Hazel went without her thong first. Play from one end of the table with her tits out (there it was totally secluded), there she also sucked on my cock. I had to up the ante, and if she lost the next frame then we were going back to the flat and she was going to let me watch her peeing.

Hazel did lose, I think on purpose this time, and we sat down and finished our drinks. Then she had a quick look round and edged herself off her seat taking her now empty glass and held it to her pussy. I watched in amazement as it started to fill up with her piss. She filled the glass about half way when she was done and placed the glass on the table.

I told her we couldn’t leave it there because we had been the only ones in here, and the barmaid would know what it was.

I didn’t expect Hazel to tell me to drink it then. The glass felt warm as I picked it up, her urine looked quite clear almost like water, in fact it tasted quite watery when I took my first sip. It wasn’t bitter or really salty or yellow, so I took a bigger mouthful. Hazel must have thought that I wouldn’t have done that judging by the look on her face. There was a small mouthful left, I said that it was her turn, and she picked up that glass and swallowed the lot in one go. The bulge in the front of my trousers was oh so obvious, I couldn’t even take the empty glasses back to the bar never mind walk past everyone on the way home, especially when Hazel’s thong was in my pocket too.

I knew that I was going to get my first view of a woman pissing when we got back but the tent pole in my trousers had to calm down for a minute or two.

When we did get back the door had barely closed when we were kissing and tearing off each others clothes. In my mind I was trying to work out when she would need to pee, or would she try to hold it in until she was so close to orgasm like she used to.

Fuck it. I told her that I wanted to see the pee flowing out of her, onto me and into my mouth.

It must have been enough drink in her for her to do it. I got in the bath and she sat on top of it at the back, feet either side, and the view of that beautiful pussy on full show. First there was a little dribble, then another a little stronger that splashed her thigh, as I opened her petals for a better look the full stream started hitting my chest and running down my body, I moved in for a taste of her and heard her gasp at the sight of this pervert going in to drink up her piss. It seemed to last only for an instant, I had gulped down as much as I could and all that was left was a small drop or two in my mouth. I lifted myself up to her height and moved in to kiss her, and as her mouth opened I squirted the remains into her mouth.

Amazingly she then said it was her turn, but she didn’t want to get her hair wet. I told her that it was almost impossible to pee with such a hard on, but she insisted on it. We swapped positions, and I managed eventually to start pissing with a hard cock, but as the pee started flowing it did get easier. Hazel held my cock and let my fluids pour over her tits then face before opening her mouth and drinking it all.

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