14 Mart 2023

Heaven’s Cloud


Cindy couldn’t wait to get home. She had been shopping all day and her feet were just aching. She kept thinking how good it would feel to get home, slip off her heels, wiggle out of her purple dress and into some comfy cotton shorts and a tee. She also couldn’t wait to see her husband. She missed him so much. The two of them had been married for 5 years and still acted like newly weds. She giggled out loud to herself as she thought of how they would make their friend’s eyes roll whenever they were a little sappy around them.

Cindy pulled her car into the drive way and noticed all the lights were off in the house… “That’s odd,” she said out loud. She knew that her husband, Cameron should be home and she wondered where he could be. She grabbed up her shopping bags and slammed the car door shut with her foot. She fumbled with her keys in the front door, finally making it inside, and dropped her bags by the door as she shut it.

Suddenly she became aware of the soft scent of peaches and vanilla that filled the room. Her candles!!! “Oh god, he didn’t leave the house with those burning, did he?!!!” Quickly she made her way to the bedroom, where the smell was coming from. Just as she reached the door, she noticed the dim glow and the soft sound of music coming from the other side.

She slowly opened the door, peering in. What she saw was the most beautiful, inviting site she’d ever laid her eyes on. She stepped in… feeling as though she were in a romantic’s dream. Her eyes drifted around the room… There were white sheets hanging everywhere. Above her were white sheets hanging, pinned at all four corners, completely concealing the ceiling. The walls were the same way, white sheets draped from the ceiling to the floor, and there must have been windows open, because the sheets were billowing slightly, looking like angels dancing in the wind. The dressers were covered, the chair, the end tables, every piece of furniture in their room, was covered with white sheets. There were even white sheets covering the floor. It was like walking into a cloud. There were only 3 candles lit, giving off the softest glow, dancing across the white room. Cindy’s eyes moved to the bed where she saw a single delicate peach rose laying on the pillow.

She stepped closer, reaching out to pick up the rose. Suddenly, she feels two arms go around her waist, and soft, warm lips on the back of her neck. She stood up, closing her eyes, enjoying the familiar sensations her husband titans izle was giving her. He kissed the back of her neck, her ear lobes, and the exposed flesh of her shoulder, all the while carefully unzipping her dress, and guiding it down her slender arms until it fell to the floor, making a silky pool around his wife’s ankles.

Cameron kissed lower and lower, trailing kisses down Cindy’s back, sending shivers throughout her body. He freed her of her lacy bra, and continued his kissed down to her lower back, stopping just above the soft curve of her lovely bottom. He slipped his fingers beneath the elastic of her panties, and pulled them down, kissing each cheek as he did so. He let his hands caress her legs, enjoying the smooth feel of them. Aching to be between them, tasting her, loving her… but all that would come eventually… He wanted to take his time. He wanted to savor every second. He helped her slip her tiny feet from the heels one at a time, and then kissed the back of each knee.

As expected, when he did that last move, her knees went weak and she fell into his arms. He stood and placed her on the bed. He took out a satin blindfold from under the bed and placed it over her eyes. Next, he took two long, satin ribbons and tied her wrists to the headboard. In a soft voice he spoke to her….”Baby Doll…Tonight all I want to do is give you pleasure. The reason for the ribbons around your wrists are only to keep you from pulling me to you…. You may make as much noise as you want to, say anything you want, but if you ask me to do anything specific, I’ll stop what I’m doing and make you wait for the next touch, and I promise you, it won’t be what you asked for.”

Cindy could actually hear the smile on his face. She was loving this. Her heart sang as she let herself relax and await his next move. The silence seemed to last forever. She could feel herself getting wet in anticipation. Cameron stood over her, marveling at her beauty. Watching her chest rise slightly with every breath. Her pink nipples straining to find something to touch them. He watched as her hips moved ever so slightly, knowing it was an unconscious movement, in the motion of making love. Cameron had always loved how Cindy would move during their love making. He had never been with a woman who was so in tune with him…. could move so perfectly with his movements.

He picked up the rose off the floor and dragged it across her abdomen, starting too hot to handle izle from her left side to her right. She shuddered. He put the rose petals between her breasts, waiting a moment, then dragging it down to stop short of soft red pubic hair. He then circled her nipples… first the left one.. then the right… He watched as she trembled. He ran the rose over her left thigh and down her leg, and to her foot… tickling the bottom of her foot. He laughed as she quickly drew up her foot, squealing. She slowly put her leg down and he moved the rose over her right thigh, repeating the same as he had done on her left leg.

“Spread your legs for me, love,” he demanded in a soft, but firm voice. She did as told, and revealed to him her moist lips. Cameron groaned at the sight. He knew how excited she was, and to tell the truth, his will power was going thin. He closed his eyes and concentrated on numbers…. something he did to take his mind off of the immediate situation… so as not to “let things go too far”. He opened his eyes and tickled the inside of her thigh with the rose. Then her other thigh…. then, her lips. Cindy squirmed and moaned. She was so close to orgasm, yet so far away.

Cindy was suddenly aware that nothing was touching her now. She held very still, trying to listen, trying to figure out where he was. She felt his warm hand over her right breast. He expertly massaged it, then taking the pink bud in his mouth, he sucked on it. Cindy’s moans were getting louder, her hips moving almost frantically now.

“Oh, Cameron, Please… Please touch my pussy!” The words were out before she could stop them. He had warned her. Now, she knew she wasn’t going to get any release anytime soon. In a flash, Cameron had immediately stopped sucking on her nipple. He stood back, his heart pounding, his need for her evident and standing proud. His hand was only an inch away from touching her soft folds when she had spoke. He wanted to touch her, but he had to keep to his promise. He watched as she laid there whimpering.

“Cameron! Oh GOD, I’m sorry! I wasn’t thinking…. I….oh Cameron….I’m sorry!” She cried, breathlessly.

He stood looking at her. His passion returning to a normal level. Cindy could feel her hot spot throbbing, needing so badly to be touched. It would only take one touch to take her over the edge. Cameron walked around the bed, taking in the lovely vision. too hot to handle brazil izle He knelt down at the bottom of the bed and kissed an inner thigh, then stood back up, reveling in her reaction. He walked to the side of the bed, sat down beside her, and brushed the hair from her face. He took her chin in his hand and kissed her gently, then stood again.

“You cannot imagine how beautiful you look right now, love.” He leaned over her and breathed heavily over her belly, then blowing cool air to contrast the warmth.

Cameron couldn’t stand to see her suffer any longer. He dove between her legs and went to work on her swollen lips and the prize that was between them. It only took seconds before Cindy was screaming out his name, her body responding to the manipulations Cameron was performing. He loved how she would squeeze her thighs together, locking him in. The satin ribbons restraining her wrists only heightening her passion filled orgasm.

Once she had calmed down, Cameron stopped kissing her clit and stood up. He watched his wife regain control of her breathing, and walked around the bed to untie her wrists. He removed her blindfold and kissed her nose. He was completely carried away at the light that was in her eyes when she looked at him, and the playful way her lips curved up when she smiled, drove him mad. His blood boiled from the intense wanting he had for her.

“Cindy, I love you. I love you more everyday. ” Cindy was liquid in his hands. She never imagined she could love someone as much as she loved her husband.

“Make love to me, Cameron. Love me like there’ll be no tomorrow,” she whispered as she caressed his arm.

He pulled her close to him, and laid down on the bed, on their sides, holding each other, kissing, moving against each other. Some how, without even meaning to, they were joined. Their hearts and souls pulling together, their bodies instinctively knowing how to move to create the junction..

They moved in unison, his hardness filling her completely. Cindy rolled him over, remaining joined, and pulled her knees up to either side of his hips. She kissed him deeply and sat up. She looked around the room, noticing the breeze blowing beneath the sheets. She listened to the music playing softly, their wedding song. She breathed in the sweet scent of the candles, then she looked down to her husband, and began to make love to him like she’d never done before. This man, this wonderful, loving man, her husband.

With every thrust, the two celebrated their love once again. With every slight withdrawal, they clung closer to the edge of a united ecstasy. The two made love over and over again that night. If ever there was a pair more made for each other, it was these two. The Gods had granted them the gift of their own personal piece of heaven.

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