14 Mart 2023

Help with a Puncture Gets Repaid


Living in a big city does not help with meeting people, unless you are happy to go to bars and shout in someone’s ear for the evening over some mojitos. It’s strange how you can live next to someone for years and not know them but be ‘best mates’ with someone on the other side of the world who you just happened to meet in a chat room when you were bored.

I had lived here for about five years, on and off, the off being time spent abroad for work. It was fun but I was spending more and more time in the UK and I realised that, apart from a few old mates from way back, I hadn’t got to know anyone new for years.

This was not the first thing on my mind when I woke that Saturday morning. I was thinking that the first tendrils of spring were snaking their way through the neighbourhood and I wanted to get out and go for a run, enjoying the outdoors, the parks and newly budding flowers in the hedgerows.

As I was locking the front door, I noticed a girl come out of the house opposite. About 5’6”, slim with a blonde bob, great cheekbones and a slightly wide mouth. Interesting face and definitely rather sexy. Dressed in jeans and a white shirt, she looked lovely. Not being the boldest sort of bloke, I looked away and started setting up my iPod for the run.

She walked over to her car on the other side of the road and I heard her swear and looked up. She was standing, hands on hips, legs akimbo and looking more than a little annoyed. She raised her hand and pushed her hair away from her eyes in an exasperated fashion.

As I was crossing the road anyway, I noticed she had a flat tyre and clearly wasn’t happy.

“Can I help?” I asked, stopping a few paces away.

“No, that’s kind of you,” she replied. Now, being British but having worked in other countries and cultures, I am always struck by how stand-offish we are as well as the modern fear of being stabbed by any stranger, such is the supposed danger of living in the urban world.

“Hey, I’m sorry, it seems like you have a puncture, you clearly want to get somewhere and you will get filthy if you change it yourself. I was just offering to change it.” I said, trying to smile reassuringly. She looked at me and I could see her struggling with the problem.

“I couldn’t ask you,” she said.

“Don’t be silly,” I replied. “You are ready to leave, I’ve just fallen out of bed and don’t mind helping. I can go for a run after. Now, where’s your jack?” She smiled and went to the boot to open it up. Underneath the carpet was her spare tyre and the jack.

As I got to work, we chatted too hot to handle latino izle a bit and I found out that she was off to see her mate for the weekend and wanted to get out of town before the traffic. I commiserated about the crowded roads and promised to work harder.

I was conscious of the fact that I was on my knees before this sexy blonde, my eyes at her waist whilst I was working away. She offered me a glass of water and I said yes mostly to watch her cute arse as she walked back into the house.

Unfortunately, I finished far too quickly and her car was back to working order in no time. She thanked me with a big smile and I bade her farewell to go off on my run. During the exercise, I was struck by how much I was thinking of her and what a wuss I was to not ask for her number or a date.

The next week, I was walking down the road to get the paper and the ground floor window of her house flew open.

“There you are!” she said. “I couldn’t remember which house you lived in so I never had a chance to really thank you. You seemed keen to get off on your run.”

“No worries, you don’t have to thank me anymore. I just was helping a neighbour.” I replied.

She looked me straight in the eye and said, “No, I’d really like to. What are you doing for supper tonight?”

There was I, on the side of my road, being asked for supper by a sexy blonde, younger than me and clearly a good laugh, who was having an effect on my trousers as I thought of what I would like to have for supper.

“That’s really kind of you but you don’t have to.”

“Nonsense, I won’t take no for an answer. I’ll see you at 8,” she said, laughing as she closed the window and went into the next room.

That evening I turned up in a pair of clean jeans, shirt and comfy loafers, with a bottle of white wine. She opened the door and was wearing a summer frock, in a delicate petalled pattern. It was slightly flared at the hips and stopped at her knees, showing off the rest of her shapely legs.

I was a bit tonguetied but we managed the basic hello’s and came into her house. Supper was a light feast of salads, mains and puddings. As you can tell, I didn’t concentrate on the food because the chat was light and giggly. She was looking sexier and sexier as the evening progressed, the light gently faded and all we had was a few candles to illuminate her features.

I looked at my watch and thought that it was a shame that the time had passed so quickly but I didn’t want to outstay treason izle my welcome, so made my excuses to leave. She was having none of it and said that there was something she wanted to show me.

She started to go upstairs and could see from my face that I was not sure where this was going. She laughed, grabbed my hand and dragged me up the stairs. I didn’t know what was going on until we got to the back room, which had some french windows out onto a deck on the roof. There was a big telescope and she smiled and pointed to it.

“This is my passion. I love the stars. Let me show you.” We spent about 10 minutes looking through the telescope, me giggling because I didn’t know what she was looking at, her because I was clearly trying. All the while, she was brushing her shoulder against mine and I was aware of a light, flowery fragrance that was really messing with my head. I was getting more and more turned on so when she suggested to lie down and just check out the stars on the deck cushions, I agreed.

We lay down, side by side and her shoulder against mine, she pointing out the constellations that, fortunately, were clearly visible. I was getting more and more horny with her proximity and didn’t want it to end. That being said, I didn’t want to stand up because my cock was rock hard by now and I hoped the night was shading it.

She leant up on her elbow and looked down at me.

“What do you think so far?” she asked. “I think it’s wonderful, I never knew half of this stuff about the stars.”

She laughed in the back of her throat and slightly leant in. “Do you find the stars exciting?”

“Yeah, I mean, they are lovely, but…” I stammered.

“No, not like that. I see that this might have got you very interested,” she said, tracing her finger down my shoulder onto my chest. I didn’t say anything and she leant in to kiss me.

Soft lips parted above mine and our tongues softly became acquainted, all the while her hand stroking my chest. This was lovely and I was enthralled by the sensations going through my body.

“May I?” she asked, pointing at my crotch. I was a bit startled, as we had been kissing for only a few minutes, but I wasn’t going to stand in her way.

“Sure,” I replied, smiling. She kissed me some more and started to lower my zip with her hand. I felt her stroke inside and find my cock which she quickly pulled out. She continued to stroke it and broke off the kiss, lowering her head. I felt her lips on the end of my cock and then her mouth took me into its lustrous true detective izle embrace. She clearly was no novice at this as her tongue was working the base of the glans really well as her head bobbed up and down. I was enjoying this enormously and wished it would go on forever.

She continued to rub the shaft up and down as she continued with her mouth. This was a wonderful sensation and I could feel myself start to build. I wanted this to last so gently lifted her head from my cock.

“What, didn’t you like it?” she said, looking up at me and wiping the excess saliva from her mouth.

“Oh no, it was great. It’s just that it’s my turn.” I pulled her up my body until she was astride my waist and she started to grind her crotch onto my stiff member. I pulled her further up until my legs were over my shoulders and lifted her dress. Underneath were some lace knickers with a delicate pattern and I buried my face in them, relishing the light musk I could breathe in deeply.

I started to rub my chin up and down her slit, reached up and moved the elastic to one side before stretching my tongue up to run it up one side and then the other of her lips. I heard her gasp and press down so I went for it. I dove in with my tongue and really attacked her with it, driving it up and down the wet sides of her pussy, playing with her clit and then trying to get it as deep inside her as I could. She was enjoying it, keeping one hand gripping my hair and holding my head firmly against her.

I felt her motion start to increase, so I upped my effort and pretty soon she was breaking over me, flooding my mouth with some of the sweetest pussy juice I could imagine. I lapped it up as best I could, adoring the taste, smell and sensations.

“Wow,” she said as she lowered herself down my body. “That was great.” She reached under her skirt and removed her knickers so I undid my belt and lowered my trousers.

She reached down, grabbed my cock and steered it towards her pussy lips. She lowered herself onto my shaft and started to move up and down, herself sitting up and leaning back. I started to thumb her clit with one hand and squeezed her arse with the other. She started to move faster and faster and I matched her pace.

I could feel the impending explosion arriving and I felt her headed in the same direction. I started to really pump into her and suddenly she ground down, threw her head back and shuddered. I could feel the walls of her pussy gripping my cock in spasms and that tipped me over the edge.

My balls throbbed, my shaft shook and my whole being was taken over as I thrust upwards, reaching a peak of pleasure, gush after gush of my juices bursting forth into her, seeming to last for ages.

I stayed in her as we both got our breath back and held each other, her head buried in my shoulder. She eventually lifted her head up, smiled at me and said, “Thanks for changing my tyre.”

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