4 Ağustos 2022

Helping Helen Ch. 02


After our first encounter we decided to try and grab as much time together as we could. I would give her ass and tits the odd squeeze when no one was looking and she would flash me her big tits and sexy feet when no one was around but it was two weeks before we got our second proper encounter. I was leaving the gym, planning a night out with the lads as my girlfriend was going to be at work. I checked my messages to see if the lads had made any plans when I saw I had two messages from Helen. I felt quite excited as she very rarely text me in case we were caught. I saw they were both messages with an attachment, this excited me further. Unable to contain my excitement I opened the first message. I was blown away. It was a picture of Helen in a pair of blue frilly see through French knickers and matching bra with a pair of nude coloured stockings. She had taken it using her phone and a mirror. It was view of her beautiful ass, fully visible through the knickers and her shapely back and her curves were displayed so sexily. She was on her knees with her feet pointed and arched. I got an instant hard on. I then opened the next message; my hard on grew even bigger. It was a picture of her ass with her panties pushed to the side with a cucumber thrust deep into her pussy. It gave a great view of her asshole and fully shaven pussy. The caption underneath read: ‘I am imagining this cucumber is your cock. Why don’t you stop me from imagining. Come to mine in ten minutes, everyone is out.’

I rushed straight to her house and just as she said, all the cars were gone. I jumped out of the car and knocked the door. As I knocked the door it opened. I pushed the door fully open and walked in. There was a note on the back of the door as I closed it which said ‘Come up to my room, don’t touch me until I say you can!’

I ran up the stairs and flung open the door, the sight that greeted me was identical to the picture on my phone.

She was on all fours on her bed with her ass facing me. Her panties where pushed to one side as she slowly thrust a smallish sized cucumber in and out of what sounded like a very wet pussy. I immediately went to touch her ass, as my finger tip brushed her ass she snapped ‘No touching.’

‘Sorry I forgot.’ I replied like a scolded school child.

Helen carried on slowly thrusting the cucumber in and out of her pussy for about five minutes as I watched in amazement. This inexperienced girl was so dirty.

‘You can touch me now.’ hatay escort She panted, sounding out of breath.

‘I want you to rub my asshole with your finger.’ She gasped between moans of pleasure.

I moved over towards her, licked my finger, and began to rub it on her puckered little rosebud. She began to moan louder and louder as her experience became more and more intense. She then moved her other hand to her clit and began furiously rubbing. The speed that the cucumber was thrusting increased rapidly as she began to thrust her body back to meet the hard vegetable. She continued like this as I rubbed her asshole, now with two fingers.

‘Oh my god, rub my ass harder, faster, aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr, I am going to cum…’

Her body then tensed up as she pushed the cucumber as deep into her hot pussy as she could and left it there as she focused on her clit. She rubbed furiously as her body began to shake. Then she came, her body quaking as she moaned and writhed on the bed.

As she came down from her bliss I stepped back and sat down on the stool.

‘I needed that so much.’ She finally said after what seemed like 5 minutes of silence.

‘I’ve been so horny since our last time but I didn’t want to cum without you. Do you like my outfit?’ She teased as she stood up, showing me her hot body in all its glory.

I looked at her great tits, her nipples clearly visible through her bra. I then looked down, fixated by her shapely legs and sexy feet encased in nylon. I also noticed she had painted her toenails red, which really turned me on.

‘Yeah I love it.’ I finally replied.

‘I knew you would love it, I wore my stockings especially, I know that you have been through my nylon draw, you made such a mess of it.’ She said chuckling to herself.

‘I have never had sex, and I thought today would be a great time to change that, so I warmed myself up with something small hoping you would fill me up with something bigger.’ She sounded so dirty, I couldn’t believe what she was saying.

She moved towards me and stood me up; I leant in for the kiss. Our lips touched and it sent electricity through my body. My tongue slid into her mouth as we melted in each others arms. She pushed me over to the bed and straddled me, our lips never parting. Our slow passionate kiss quickly turned rough as she began to softly bite my tongue. She then bit my lip softly and stood up.

‘Take you clothes off.’ She ordered

I hurma escort striped in lightening quick time and was back on the bed with her straddling me.

She thrust her breasts into my face and I began to lick her cleavage. Her breasts were large but firm and I loved kissing them. She moved her breast so her nipple was at my mouth; I softly sucked her nipple through the transparent material of her bra.

She reached behind and unclasped her bra. As it fell her breasts swung free and I got a clear view of her wet erect nipples. I grabbed both of her full breasts and devoured them. Sucking each nipple in turn, first soft and slowly, then harder while biting and pinching them, as I got rough with her she moaned louder and rubbed her panty confined pussy on my leg to spur me on.

She then withdrew her tits from me and moved down to begin giving me some of my own medicine. She started off slowly sucking my nipples, gradually getting rougher until she was biting my nipples hard. I was loving my treatment and my cock stood to attention.

She moved down from my nipples and took my throbbing cock in her hand. She licked and nibbled softly up my shaft until she took the swollen end in her mouth. She sucked hard and fast on my dick thrusting her hand up and down frantically. I could feel my cum boiling and she slowed her pace and gently licked and sucked the underside of my cock.

She then straddled me facing away from me, with her feet pointed in the air close to my face and her ass facing me. She slowly began to peel her panties down, revealing inch by inch her sexy ass. Once her ass and pussy were exposed she slid her panties down her thighs to her knees, I took them from there. I pulled them up her nylon covered calves and over her feet. I could not resist her feet for another second; I pulled one towards my face and began to kiss it. I then took her toes into my mouth and began to suck, they tasted so good encased in the nylon and looked so sexy painted red.

As I continued licking her feet and hungrily sucking her toes in my mouth she grabbed my 8 inch member and guided it towards her wet hole. As my cock got its first feel of her wet pussy I moaned uncontrollably, anyone would think it was my first time, not hers. She slowly lowered herself onto my dick, centimetre by centimetre; it felt so hot and tight. Finally she took all of me inside her. She looked so sexy in reverse cowgirl position; her ığdır escort ass looked so hot I could of cum right there.

She began slowly moving up and down on my cock, getting progressively quicker and quicker until she was bouncing on my cock, her tits swaying and bouncing as she moaned and rubbed her clit. I was thrusting in and out of her as hard as I could, all the time not taking my attention from her sexy feet.

‘Oh your cock feels so big, don’t stop, I think I am going to cum, blow you hot load in me please.’ She begged and screamed

‘I love fucking your dick while you suck my toes. I love it when you suck my feet, don’t stop you dirty bastard, keep fucking me harder.’

‘I think I am going to cum.’ I replied

‘Cum for me, shoot your hot cum in my pussy, I want to feel your cum in me.’

Hearing that I could last no longer, I shot my load deep inside her, spurt after spurt spraying the insides of her pussy, she began to moan begging me not to stop.

After spewing so much cum my cock was spent, it quickly went soft. I then realised I hadn’t made Helen cum.

Before I knew what was happening Helen had pulled off my quickly shrinking dick and was moving her ass to my face.

‘Please lick my pussy, I need to cum.’ She moaned

‘But..’ I tried to protest but it was to late, I could have tried harder to fight it but a part of me wanted to eat my fresh cum from her pussy.

‘Please, I know how much you love to eat your cum, please eat me out and swallow your hot thick load.’

With that she pressed her pussy down on my face and I began to lick her clit. As I licked her clit I felt a glob of cum land on my tongue. It tasted good and I wanted more. I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy hole and was met by a huge load of cum. I couldn’t believe how much I had cum. The cum slowly dribbled out of her hole into my mouth and I swallowed every hot sticky mouthful I could.

‘I am going to cum, you dirty bastard, keep eating your cum from my pussy, aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh, I am cumming, please don’t stop.’

I licked her clit as fast and hard as I could as her body spasmed on top of me. She screamed and moaned her way through her orgasm as I finished off the last of my river of cum.

When she came round, she kissed me full on the lips to taste herself on my mouth. I couldn’t believe this girl, I was totally aroused by her, she was stunning to look at and great in bed, I never wanted our affair to end.

She thanked me for great sex and said she loved it but that she felt a bit sore. We promised we would do it again and I got dressed and left. I looked at the pictures of her on my phone hoped she never finds a boyfriend of her own.

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