1 Ağustos 2021

Helping the Homeless

Big Dick

Helping the HomelessMy beautiful, sexy, 38D-25-36, twenty-one-year-oldwife and I are devout exhibitionists. We love to fuckanywhere, but especially in public, and preferably inbroad daylight. We’ve screwed inside all-night super-markets, drive-in theaters, shopping center parkinglots, in hallways and on balconies of hotels, in parks,and even on a school’s playground.Anyway, the best was when we went downtown at noontime, to an alley behind some businesses. There wereareaways between the buildings that kept you from beingseen from the street or the buildings themselves. Ofcourse, there was always a chance someone would eitherwalk or drive down the alley, making you very visible.My wife wore a black lace garter belt, brown stock-ings with back seams, black spiked heels, black lacebra, and a dark green mini wrap dress, which tied inthe front. We walked to the middle of the alley andchose a spot. My wife wasted no time in removing herdress, bra, and panties. We kissed long and hard beforeI turned my attention to her hard, erect nipples on herample breasts. I sucked them like I was starved formilk. I dropped to my knees and she hiked her oneshapely leg up onto my shoulder as I ate her pussywhile she was standing. She humped my face and moaned,”Eat me, eat me.” Then she turned around and bent atthe waist, with her legs spread apart so I could fuckher love hole doggie style.It was at this time that we both noticed a black,homeless man, lying across from us in another areawaypassed out with an empty bottle of cheap wine layingnearby. My wife grabbed for her dress, but I stoppedher. kayseri escort I told her it will be exciting knowing he is thereand could wake up any minute. She agreed and resumedthe position. I entered her gash from the rear andfucked her with long, pounding strokes with my cock.She moved back and forth, meeting my thrusts with oneof her own. My heavy balls were banging loudly againstthe back of her nylon covered thighs. Before long I waspumping large globs of sperm into her welcoming hole.We wanted a baby, so neither of us ever used any kindof birth control, even though I always carried a coupleof rubbers with me, but they were used only when Ifucked her up her ass. As I withdrew from her twat, cumdripped from her gash onto the concrete of the alley.My wife glanced over at the homeless wino and said,”Oh my God!” As I looked over, I saw him stroking thebiggest dick I had ever seen on a man. It was at leasttwelve inches long and about twice the thickness of anaverage cock. My wife walked over to him, still wearingonly a garter belt, nylons, and heels. Her mouth wasopen wide from the amazement at its size. She looked atme and demanded, “I’ve gotta have it!”I said, “Are you crazy? He smells to high heaven,and Lord knows what diseases he has.” She said shedidn’t care, she had to have that monster cock insideof her. My wife straddled his cock and pushed down,forcing the head of his dick to enter her. She told meshe needed my help and told me to stand in front of herand hold her hands to give her balance as she workedher pussy konya escort down the length of his cock. She went down onit very slowly, obviously painful to her as her cunt-lips were being stretched like never before.She rocked and pumped a little, to help it slideinto her. In my total disbelief, she actually got everyinch of that black telephone pole inside of her. Shelooked at me and smiled, saying it felt really goodinside of her. She said it felt like it went up to herthroat. As she slowly withdrew, his black cock glisten-ing in the daytime sunlight, was throbbing. Its veinslooked like they were going to burst. Soon she was ac-commodating his massive organ like it was the littlepinky on our hand. She bounced up and down the entirelength of his cock, not missing a stroke. The look onher face was absolute ecstasy and satisfaction. Thelook on his face was total victory, as my young whitewife pleasured him. Not believing my eyes and almost inshock, I saw her push off his huge dick, sliding downthe entire length of his 12″ cock, bouncing up and downeven faster now. After a few minutes, her whole bodyshook with a violent orgasm. She looked like she wasbeing electrocuted as she vibrated wildly with his cockdeep inside of her cunt. Then she went limp, with hiscock still in her. I thought she had passed out. Theonly thing holding her up, was his long stiff cockembedded deeply inside of her.She was weak from the fuck she gave the black man,but she stayed on his cock until he had Finished pump-ing his semen into her. Since her cunt was izmir escort stretchedwith his dick, he had to be shooting his sperm directlyinto her tubes. As he Filled her with his seeds, helooked at me and smiled an almost toothless grin, avictorious grin, a triumphant grin. My stomach felttight, sickening inside. My wife finally dismounted offhis black meat, walked over to me and told me to giveher twenty dollars. I opened my wallet to get a twentyand she spotted a fifty. She took that instead, givingit to the black man and thanking him for the best dayof her life. We went home, without showering, I ate herpussy and fucked her all night long. Her pussy was still gapping open from her fuck earlier in the day.The next day, I came home to an empty house. At 7p.m. my wife walked in wearing a black micro-miniskirt,small red tube top barely covering her big tits, blackspiked heels, brown thigh high stockings with backseams, and no underpants or bra.As she removed what little clothing she had on, Icould tell where she had been all day, as her pussy wasstretched wide open and swollen. I asked how many timesshe fucked him and she replied, “Seven.” Again I ateher and fucked her all night long.She’s visited that homeless black man every day forthe last two and a half months, taking him money, wine,food, and of course, her wide open pussy to fuck rawfor me every night.She’s also two months pregnant and I can imagine whothe daddy is. She told me she would continue to fuckhim, regardless of the baby’s color, even after thebaby is born, and even if it means more black babies. Idon’t mind, because he warms up her gash for me everynight. By the way, on cold nights, she has put him upin motels to keep warm. Naturally, she spends thosenights with him, pumping every ounce of cum she canfrom his overworked balls, He may be homeless, but hiscock has sure found a home.

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