15 Mayıs 2023

Her American Boy


I needed a vacation. Summertime was beginning to approach and I couldn’t allow myself to continue to be trapped indoors. Besides, I needed to escape this hell hole that I call my life. This winter was a very cold one. I don’t do well with cold weather so I didn’t get out much.Things in my life were going relatively well. I had a good job, good girlfriend and a supportive family. Even with all that, it still didn’t seem like it was enough. I needed something different. I needed a brief change of scenery. I had been chatting with a lovely woman, named Alis (pronounced just like Alice), from Britain for quite sometime now. I met her on a random site. No one knows about my internet escapes. This girl is definitely one of them. I had been kicking around the idea of taking a trip to Britain to get away from everything. Alis had suggested that I come meet up with her if I were to ever make it over there. At first it was all jokes and what not, but as time had gone by, the more appealing Britain actually seemed to become. “I’m thinking about going to Britain for about a month or so to get away. How does that sound?” I asked my girlfriend, Andrea.”Why Britain?” She asked with a quizzical look.”I thought it would be interesting to get away from everything and go there.””Sounds stupid if you ask me.” She said with a bitchy attitude.”Alright, I’ll just go by myself.”Over the next few weeks, I busted my ass to make sure I made this trip possible. I went to several different travel agencies to ensure I got the most for my money. After making my final decision, I notified Alis that I would be making my way to London within a month.”Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to finally meet you!” “Same here! I’m sure there will be plenty to do while I’m there.””Oh don’t you worry about that. There will be enough to keep you entertained, besides, I have a little surprise for you now.””What would that be?” I asked, feeling very curious.”You’ll find out soon enough, babe.” “Ahh, okay fine. I can’t wait!” I replied.”Me too! Well I need to run off to bed now. Keep in touch until you leave!””I will. Good night love!” With that, the conversation was over.Like I said, Alis and I had been chatting for quite sometime now. She was, I guess you could say, promiscuous – or rather horny. Often times, during our conversations, our talks would became rather dirty. I enjoyed our heated conversations, but this particular one will always stand out to me.”Hey, bitch!” – Alis”What’s up?” – Me”Oh nothing. Just had a wank haha. How bout yourself?” “Haha nice. How was it? Oh and I’m just sitting here at work bored.””Fantastic as usual haha. Except I could always go for the real thing.””Yeah I know what you mean. But it should be easy for you to get laid. The girl usually holds the power when it comes to sex.””Oh I know, but I just can’t seem to find someone who meets what I like. Instead, I run into these blokes who think they are much cooler than they really are haha.””Hahah that happens sometimes. What type of guys are you into?””The manly man! haha.” I actually Üsküdar Escort laughed out loud at that one. “Well then, I see there isn’t much over there then, huh?””Well, not the ones I prefer.””What do you prefer?” I asked, somewhat knowing what her answer was going to be.”I like men with beards, who like to get dirty.” She replied, adding a wink to the end of it.”Ah I see. Well you’ll find plenty of that here in the states! Especially where I live.””I’m taking the next plane over there.” She said, we both obviously knowing she’s joking. “Do it and you may or may not have a cock waiting for you haha.” I replied with a wink face.”Oh don’t tease me like that! Even though I wouldn’t mind being on my knees right about now.””Oh you dirty bitch! It’s okay cause I’d just grab a handful of hair and make sure my dick goes down your throat.””I think I just came in my pants.””Good and of course I would have to give you a nice facial to go along with that deep throat.””Oh my gosh, I think I’m in love!””Haha.””You’d have to give me a nice hard fucking if you’re gonna do that.” “It looks like I’m gonna have to.” I said, beginning to notice the erection that was protruding in my pants. Our conversations were pretty much the same from there on out. I know I shouldn’t have been playing with fire like that, but I didn’t think something like that would ever actually happen. I will say this though, British accent on a female is hot! Anyways, the day of my departure came a lot quicker than I anticipated. I was prepared to leave, but I wasn’t exactly ready for the realization that this trip was going to really happen. Reality set in when I was pulling up to the Salt Lake City International Airport. I got out of my truck and began looking around. I couldn’t believe that I was leaving this place for a month to fly over seas.”I can’t believe you are really going to do this!” Andrea said as we got out of my truck.”You better believe it. I offered to take you along, but you didn’t want to go.” I replied, giving her a once over.”I didn’t think you were fucking serious!” She replied, placing her hands on her hips.”I told you I needed to get away!””Ugh, fine. Have fun and I’ll be here to pick you up when you arrive” She said as she leaned in for a kiss.”Thank you baby. I’ll see you in a month.” I said, returning the kiss.I was beginning to feel nervous as I approach security. I’ve only flown once before this and I was profiled for an additional pat down – must have been the sweatpants. My attire was different this time around. I was wearing jeans and a snug fitting shirt – the way I usually dress. This time, I made it through security just fine. I grabbed my luggage and headed for the terminal where my plane was located. I was there an hour early so I decided to explore the area I was in. I’ve never seen so many different variations of restaurants in one place. There was everything from McDonald’s and Burger King to a Greek restaurant. I also noticed there was a pub close by. I had time, so why not?I entered the Üsküdar Escort Bayan pub and found a seat at the bar. It was kinda tricky to ensure my luggage was out of the way, but after some careful maneuvering, I managed to safely place my luggage out of the way. I sat and drank a couple of beers while I waited for my flight. The beer helped soothe my nerves. I was just finishing my second beer when I heard the call for my flight to began boarding. I paid my tab and quickly grabbed my stuff, hastily making the short trip back to the boarding terminal. I walked up and handed over my ticket to have it scanned so I could board the plane.The flight was terrible. It was crowded and way too long. That was the longest eleven hours of my life. I was able to sleep for a few hours, but the idea of being on a plane, going over the Atlantic Ocean, was pretty nerve racking. I was just praying that we made it over safely.I was so relieved when we touched down in London. I made my way through the terminal to luggage claim. After retrieving my luggage, I made my way outside and called for a cab. I just wanted to get to my hotel and then I’d figure out my plans for the day from there. First, I wanted a shower. After getting settled into my room, I decided I should let Alis know I made it in safely. To my surprise, she was on Skype.”Hey slut, thought I’d let you know I made it in just fine.” I said as I initiated the conversation.”Yay! That’s good to hear! How was your flight?””It was long and terrible. I’m so glad to be off the damn plane.””That is a long time to be coupe up in once place like that.””Ya think? lol that was horrible. Never again do I want to endure that!””You’ll have to when you go home silly!” “Ah fuck, yeah you’re right. Oh well, I’m gonna take a shower see what there is to do in this place.””Oh there’s loads to do! You just have to look in the right spots.””I’ll figure something out, don’t you worry!””Okay, well here is my number in case you need anything…….””Thanks! I’m sure I’ll need something so you may be hearing from me.””Sounds good! Don’t wank it too hard while you’re in the shower!””Aaahhh that’s gonna be a tough task to accomplish!! Talk to ya later!””Bye love!” I closed my computer and got up to go take a much needed shower. I kept reminiscing on past conversations between Alis and myself. I couldn’t help but think about how she liked the sex to be. Images of what I’d do to her if I were single kept running through my mind. I did not touch myself.I got out of the shower and dried off, dirty thoughts still running through my mind. ‘Pull yourself together’ I told myself as I began to get dressed. I began thinking about my escapades for the day. Where to start first? I could just wander around aimlessly until I stumble across something that suits my desires. That may work – assuming I don’t get lost. Maybe I’ll run into Alis somewhere. Alis? That sounds like a great idea. Let’s call Alis and have her take me around London. Yeah, she can show me Big Ben, the Imperial War Escort Üsküdar Museum, London Sea Life Aquarium and all the other attractions London has to offer. So I gave Alis a call.”Hey slut, it’s David.” I said as she answered the phone.”Oh my gosh! It’s so good to hear your voice!” Alis replied.”I know, same here. So how are you?””I’m good. Just thinking about going into town. How are you doing? Are you lost already?””Ha, no I’m not. I was actually calling to see if you wanted to meet up somewhere and you show me the finer aspects of London?” I asked, feeling rather silly for the way I worded that question.”Oh with pleasure. There is a coffee shop a block from your hotel. Meet me there in thirty minutes.” “Will do.” I said, hanging up the phone as I continued to get ready. I put on a polo shirt and a pair of jeans. I wanted to dress casual, but still look good. Then I got to thinking about it, Alis never said the name of the coffee shop. ‘Oh fuck, hopefully I find it.’ I cursed out loud.Twenty minutes later, I was walking down the street to this supposed coffee shop that Alis told me to meet her at. I was nervous at first, not too sure if I was even going the right way. Sure enough, after one blocks time, there was the coffee shop she mentioned. I felt relieved to see a familiar face.”You’re early.” I said as I approached Alis.”You’re late.” She replied as she stood up from the table she was sitting at. I couldn’t help but to notice that she looked even better in person than she did on web-cam. As she stood, I took in her features. Alis was the same height as me. Her eyes sparkled with the light from the shop. Her round face was framed by her brunette hair that was shoulder length. I couldn’t help but to notice that she had relatively small breasts, I’m sure they are firm nonetheless. I looked over the rest of her body and she can’t weigh anymore than 115. “You said thirty minutes and it’s been twenty-five.” I shot back with a smug look on my face.”Oh, well in that case you’re early as well.” She shot back, her accent getting to me.”I love your accent.” I said with a grin on my face. “I love yours as well!” Alis said, getting animated now.”Well let’s go see what London has to offer, if you don’t mind.””Let’s get some coffee first, then we’ll be on our way.”We ordered some coffee and sat and talked for a bit. I couldn’t help but to notice how easy it was for me to talk to her. I figured I’d freeze up or do something stupid when I actually met her face to face. ‘Hell’, I thought to myself, ‘this trip may not be so bad after all.’ We finished our coffee and roamed around London for the day. Alis took me by Big Ben. Needless to say, it’s ridiculously big! We went by the London Aquarium – saw some fish that I didn’t know existed. The Imperial Museum was quite a sight – not too mention some of the females were rather good looking themselves. Alis couldn’t pry me away from the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms – that was some cool shit. The last attraction, for reasons that will come up later, was the London Dungeon. I found it rather entertaining to see recreations of past historical events. These people added humor to it. “You know what would be hot?” Alis asked, giving me a sultry look.”What’s that?” I asked, feeling rather intrigued by her sudden modesty.”To be tied up and used in a degrading way.

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