14 Mart 2023

Her Ch. 05


This story is largely the truth but has been slightly embellished with what I would have liked to have happened. This chapter covers a romantic picnic. Please read the earlier chapters. Feedback will be eagerly received.

She has an insatiable appetite.

Tonight was a special night, we had been together for six months and I was going to take her to a picnic spot with a wonderful view of the sunset. The weather was a bit ropey but our chances were good. I had gotten off work early to pick her up and drive straight to the picnic spot. It had been a good summer’s day so she was wearing a skirt for a change but I hadn’t taken the big decision to wear shorts.

I waited patiently in the car park outside her work, eagerly scanning the faces wandering past. Finally I saw her beautiful head bobbing in the crowd, she saw me and smiled. I got out of the car to greet her with a tight embrace and quick kiss.

“Where are we going?” she smiled.

“You’ll see soon enough,” I winked.

A couple of hours later, we were sat at the picnic spot on a blanket surrounded by empty food packaging. She was sat in front of me, leaning back against me as I held her. We were watching the sun finish setting, there was no one else around. She had started softly squirming against me a few moments ago and now my cock was quite hard. She looked over her shoulder into my eyes.

“Someones getting happy, eh lover?” she asked with a grin.

“Evidently,” I answered and kissed her neck softly.

I moved towards her face and kissed her softly. Her tongue entered my mouth and our kiss became deeper and deeper. My hand strayed up and down her side and she sighed as it approached her breast. She kissed me harder as she pressed my hand onto her breast. Her nipple grew hard and pressed back against my palm. She moaned, undid my jeans and reached in to squeeze my cock through my briefs. I grunted and she broke the kiss smiling.

“I’m getting cold, go and sit in the passenger seat and push unbelievable izle it all the way back,” she requested.

She put the picnic stuff away whilst I did as she asked. She quickly climbed into my lap, straddling me. She tugged off my shirt and began kissing me wildly as I moved my hands up underneath her shirt. My fingers found the clasp of her bra and released it before travelling around to massage her breasts. She sighed and hiked her skirt up revealing her pussy. Her panties were mysteriously missing and I looked up at her.

“Whoopsie,” she said with a grin. My trousers were still undone from before so I quickly shoved them to my feet. She sat back in my lap and pressed her pussy against my cock which was straining to get out of my briefs. We kissed passionately and I pushed her top up and removed her bra to allow me to move my kisses down to her very hard nipples.

I kissed and sucked them and she sighed. She moved against me, pressing her pussy hard against my cock and down to move my briefs out of the way. My cock was met with the warmth and wetness of her pussy, pressing it against my chest and roughly rubbing her clit on it. I sucked her nipples into my mouth in response and gently ran my teeth over them. She took her top off and quickly moved my briefs out of the way properly.

She pressed her hands against the ceiling bracing herself and grunted, “fuck me.”

I remained sucking on her nipples as I grasped the base of my cock and ran it up and down just inside her pussy lips. She was so wet, my cock was thoroughly lubricated and I place the tip against her pussy opening and she sighed again, lowering herself slightly so I could start thrusting. I held her ass and slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. She moaned as the base of my cock met her clit and slowly started fucking her hard and slow.

She moaned and pushed down from the roof of the car to fuck me harder and deeper. I reached down and lowered the back of the uncoupled izle chair until I was lying down and she was riding me faster and faster. I pulled hard on her nipples and moaned.

“I’m going to cum,” I grunted. I thrusted up and came deep in her as she gasped. She moved up until her cum laden pussy was over my shoulders.

“Make me cum,” she demanded breathlessly. I quickly pushed two fingers into her cum filled pussy and sucked hard on her clit. She rode my fingers and cried out as my tongue assaulted her clit. The mixture of cum covered my hand and dripped on to my chest. She reached down and pushed my head harder into her clit. She moaned loudly and froze still for a minute before bucking roughly against my face and gasping as she came.

I gently kissed her thighs as she recovered. She moved back down to lie on me and sucked the cum mixture from my fingers and chest. She kissed me deeply and I tasted our juices.

“We taste good,” she whispered gently.

“That we do beautiful,” I replied.

“Come home with me tonight,” she looked into my eyes, “I’ll make it worth your while,” my eyes widened as she squeezed my balls reassuringly.

We dressed quickly, minus underwear and I drove to her house as fast as I could. Outside her front door I grabbed her and pressed her up against it, kissing her madly. She giggled and looked up at me.

“Wait for me in the living room,” she said quickly. I waited in the living room as she moved around upstairs. Finally I heard her coming back.

“I have left some instructions for you on my bed,” she said curtly before disappearing into the kitchen. I went upstairs and found a note and a blindfold on her bed. The note instructed me to lie on the bed wearing only the blindfold so I quickly stripped off and did so.

A moment later I heard something moving in the room was relieved when she spoke.

“Good boy,” she whispered, straddling me. I felt her naked skin on me and reached unpaused naya safar izle up to remove the blindfold but she slapped my hand and grabbed my wrist placing it on her breast. I was surprised to find a bra and not just any bra. I explored with my hands and found that she was wearing a very lacy and small bra and panty set.

My cock grew hard again as I imagined how sexy she must look. I felt her breath on my shoulder as she leaned forward. Her hand squeezed my cock and I groaned. I left one hand on her breast playing with her nipples through the lace of the bra and moved the other down to her crotch. She sighed gently in my ear as I brushed over her pussy. Her panties became wetter as I ran my finger under the edges of her panties.

She gently massaged my cock harder and harder and finally moved my hand away from her pussy to press it on my cock. We moaned and she slowly rubbed herself on my cock. My free hand returned to join the other to massage her breasts. She groaned as her clit rubbed roughly on my very hard cock. I felt her move the crotch of her panties aside and press my cock into her pussy. I groaned as her warmth enveloped my cock.

She sat up and slowly rode my cock. Her hands gripped my wrists tightly and pressed them into the bed. She rode me slowly, my cock going in and out of her pussy tantalisingly slowly. We both moaned as our pleasure grew. We were fucking so slowly and lovingly, all desire for insane sex had left us. She pressed my hands into her breasts and massaged them gently, her nipples were incredibly hard.

We were both groaning. I felt her get wetter and wetter and my cock and balls were soon soaked. Her moans increased and she rode me harder, bouncing on my cock as hard as she could. I felt the cum rising in my cock and reached down to rub on her clit. She cried out as her orgasm neared and I thrusted against her. She rode out our orgasms and fell on me breathless.

Suddenly there was light and she threw the blindfold aside, kissing me softly. I gently rubbed her back as we kissed softly. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

“Thank you for today, I really love you, you know,” she said happily.

“I really love you too. You are so beautiful, especially with that outfit,” I replied, kissing her again.

She cuddled up against me and we fell asleep.

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