14 Mart 2023

Her Love


They had never actually met before, just had long conversations online and through texts. He had looked on her face book page earlier, where she had posted her and her friends had stopped in his town on their cross country drive. They were throwing a costume party at their hotel, everyone was invited except people without a costume and you had to bring beer or a fifth of something to gain access. He had quickly went out bought a fifth of vodka and a costume.

The party wasn’t packed, music was softly playing and some people were dancing to it over in the corner. He looked around for a familiar face, not finding anyone. He walked in and put his vodka down on the table full of drinks. A strange woman offered him a mixed drink which he passed on.

He walked to the sliding glass door that lead out onto the balcony, There she stood, standing looking up into the moonlight wearing a Princess Zelda costume, her long hair tied back. He stood there awestruck, admiring her beauty. Then as if she sensed someone looking at her she turned around to face him. He saw her face light up in the dark when she recognized him. She smiled and waved him out to her. He opened the door and walked out to her, closing the door behind him.

“I have been waiting for you” She said her voice was just as soft and sweet as he remembered it.

“Have you now?” he laughed

“I have, truthfully we stopped here on purpose. I wanted to see you. I would’ve called you but my phone is out of minutes so I figured if I posted on face book you’d see it and come here” she blushed and looked down as she talked to him. He was speechless. She had came all this way, just for him. “I.. I was kind of afraid vampire academy izle you’d think I was a stalker or something” she just about whispered, “I almost didn’t post it”

He smiled down at her, and gently put his fingertips to her chin and pushed her head up to look in her eyes.

“I am so very glad you did.” He started, ” I don’t believe that you are a stalker or anything like that.” he smiled at her, which caused her blush to grow even brighter. She lifter her arms up and put them around his torso and hugged herself into him. She stayed like that for a while, before looking up into his eyes.

“Do you have your car here? Can we go for a ride? I’m a little too drunk to drive my car” She giggled.

“Sure hon,” He grabbed her hand and lead her out of the hotel room. “Come on its over here”

They had gotten into his car, buckled up and were driving down the road the awkward silence dragging on. He was trying to think of something to break the silence she spoke, soft but fast,” I’ve always liked you and dreamed of being with you since the day we met online.” She turned to face him, “There’s so much I want to do, but we only have one night.” She pouted. Then she did something unexpectedly. She leaned over and put her head on his shoulder and started rubbing his leg, right next to the raging hard on he had had since he first saw her. Which jumped at the idea of her being so near. He moved his legs trying to relieve himself of some of the awkwardness only finding it too hot and crowded. What would she do if she found it? He worried.

She looked him in the eyes and smiled at him and kind of laughed velma izle at something in her head. Then she reached down and expertly undid his pants springing his cock free. She looked down at his raging member, “oh my” She said thoughtfully. She grabbed his cock and started slowly giving him a hand job. He bit his lip to stop the curse. It felt so good. She kissed his neck while she worked him with her hand.

“keep driving love” She whispered in his ear and hovered her mouth over his dick. She licked around the head on the down strokes of her hand bringing him closer and closer to extacy. Then she shoved her whole mouth down on his cock, taking him down into her throat and back up, she did that a few times before placing her hand back and giving him an expert hand job while sucking his dick.

“If you don’t stop I’m going to cum” He told her, his breath very heavy. He was having trouble concentrating on the road.

She stopped, all too soon but just soon enough.

“FUUUUUCCCCCKKK!” he looked over at her. She smiled playfully. “Can u pull over by that playground over there?” She asked. His cock hurting he pulled into the parking lot. She got out first and ran off to the playground her dress flowing behind her. In the time it took him to stuff his hard, and very painful cock back into his pants and get out of the car she had taken off her dress and was in a skimpy little under dress dancing around in the rocks barefoot. He was impressed that the rocks weren’t hurting her feet.

She climbed on the swing and slowly started swinging, she motioned for him to come to her. He walked over to her, she got up out of the swing and pointed vikings valhalla izle at the swing. “Sit” she told him. He did as he was told and soon she had unbuttoned his pants again and had his swollen cock out. After a few strokes with her hand she sat on his lap positioning herself on him. He was surprised to find she wasn’t wearing any underwear when the tip of his cock felt a wet heat. She kissed him hungrily. Wiggling just slightly. She broke the kiss to kiss his neck and collarbone then back up to his lips, taking complete control. Driving him insane.

Then using balance she really shouldn’t have had being as drunk as she was, she impaled herself on his hard cock causing a huge sigh from both of them. She just sat there for a minute, then started moving her slick heat up and down on his cock. It felt amazing, even better than he thought it could. He kicked his feet off the ground and started swinging slightly as she fucked him softly. She grabbed his shoulders to balance and squeezed his cock with her pussy walls, taking him to a new kind of extacy. She started to make her thrusts rapid and he swung the swing with every downward thrust from her. He felt her pussy walls quiver as her orgasm took hold over her.

As soon as she was done, he stood up and to his cocks dismay removed it from her warm heat. He walked her over to the toys and she got on her hands and knees in front of him. He dove into her core and started pounding hard, holding onto her hips. She was screaming with pleasure. He felt his own orgasm rolling through him. Just as he was about to lose it he felt her pussy quiver again in another orgasm, that was all he needed. His release came fast and hard.

After it was over, they lay on the toys talking looking up into the stars until they faded and the sun started to rise. That’s when they got back to his car, her picking up her dress and putting it back on, on the way to the car. She smiled at him and curled up into his side while he drove her back to her hotel.

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