12 Mayıs 2023


Big Dick

I hate this woman. I hate your girlfriend. I really, really hate her. I feel like I have to keep reminding myself of that because she’s stood in front of me, smirking. I guess she’s pretty, objectively. Not my type even if women were my type. But she’s skinny and blonde and has eyebrows to die for. I’m hesitating and you can tell. Your rough hand skims over my upraised ass, ever so gently. It’s unusual for you to touch me so softly. “Open up,” you say again, and while your tone is gentle, it’s every inch an order. My mouth is the only part of my body I can move, but it’s still harder than I expected. I’m up on a table on all fours, completely naked. Leather straps are wound around my ankles, knees and thighs to keep my legs spread. The straps on my arms and wrists stop me from covering myself. The ones digging into my hips and collarbone stop me from wriggling. The one around my neck keeps my face prone. I can barely move. Ever so slowly, I open my mouth wide. And then there’s a rubber dildo thrust past my lips, all the Escort Fatih way into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I’ve never choked on a dick before – let alone a rubber strap on wielded by my master’s girlfriend. She sets a relentless pace, fucking my face, making me cough. I want to beg her to stop, beg him to make her stop, but I can barely even catch my breath. Behind me, the tip of your cock just brushes my pussy and I almost forget everything else. I struggle to press back, to make you screw me, but all I’m doing is chafing skin all over my body against my bonds. “It’s so hot, seeing her use you. Want me to do the same? Want me to just slide into your wet pussy?” I can’t nod, I can’t say yes, I don’t know what he wants from me. Please. Please just fuck me. She stops, deep in my mouth. “Answer him, you useless bitch.” I grunt around the dildo. She doesn’t get to speak to me. She does, however, get to slap me around the face. Hard. I groan, but I can’t even pull away from the Fındıkzade escort blow. And then there’s a matching slap on my ass. I want to be able to move. I want to wriggle and touch – myself or you, I’m not fussed – and I really want to press myself onto your hard cock. “You did this to yourself, remember,” you say. “You let yourself become my dirty little fucktoy. My girlfriend found out. What did you think would happen?” She starts to push in and out of my mouth again. My jaw is aching and I feel like we’re far from finished. You chuckle a little, and rub your dick along my slit once more. “You like being called a fucktoy. You’re enjoying being used by her – not as much as I’m enjoying watching it, though. I love teasing you and watching you get wetter. I’ve barely touched you and you’re literally dripping onto my cock. I wish you could see.” With no warning at all, you slip deep inside me and I can’t stop the long, low growl that is garbled by her strap on. You and her, it’s Gaziosmanpaşa escort a brutal pounding. Both equally fast and hard but not in synch so I’m being pushed and pulled and stretched past the point of pleasure. It’s so much, too much, too hard, but I cannot move an inch. My eyes well with tears that I will not let fall. All I can do is take the fucking like the dirty little slut I am. And as that thought crosses my mind, I feel my pussy tighten around you. I’m coming to the edge. Your hands are digging into my waist, hers are on my shoulders – I’m sure she’s leaving nail marks, the bitch, my temporary mistress. Your bare palm cracks across my right ass cheek and then you’re finished before I can, you’re filling me with cum. You stop pumping and so does she. You take a moment, still inside me, and I know I could get myself off if I could just fuck myself against you a few more times right now. But instead, you pull out. And she follows suit. I take a deep, slow breath, relishing the feeling. And then proceed to pant like a dog. I can feel your cum start to dribble down the inside of my thighs. “Please don’t leave me here.” My voice is tiny. She laughs, and tosses her annoying blonde mane back. “We’re not even close to done with you. You’ll know I’m finished only when you never again want to fuck my man.”

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