10 Aralık 2022

Hermione Granger fuck pet


He sat at the table reading the paper while eating his breakfast,his wife was still fast asleep. She was always tired at the moment, being heavily pregnant just took it out of her. He put his coffee down as he felt his pet engulf his cock with her mouth, he adored the feeling of her lips wrapped around his shaft. Their morning routine had been like this for the last 5 years and he saw no reason to change it. His cock hit the back of her throat but she didn’t gag,that reflex was long gone. He rested one hand on the back of her head as he relieved his bladder knowing that his pet would gulp down every drop. After she had cleaned his cock he attached the lead to her collar and took her upstairs to his wife who was beginning to wake.

                  Pansy woke to the sound of whimpering and opened her eyes to the sight of her husband fucking their pets arse. She loved to see her husband fuck the pet that had once been her number enemy. Once upon a time the pet would resist and fight back but over the years she had been broken and was now happy to be used in any way her owners wanted. Having woken up properly. Pansy moved to the edge of the bed,spread her legs and watched as the pet moved her face to her mistress’ pussy. She laid back as her pet’s tongue ran over her labia,she moaned which spurred the pet and her husband on. She pulled the pet’s head tighter to her pussy and began grinding her dripping pussy over her pet’s face. The pet was so good at this now that it never took her long to cum,the pet suddenly began sucking on her clit and Pansy cried out as she orgasmed and drenched her pet’s face with her juices.

                    He loved fucking the pet’s arse almost as much as he enjoyed face fucking her,he never funked her pussy that was for his wife and her strap-on. He thrust brutally into her, no concern for the pet’s pleasure although he knew she would find it somehow in the day. The pet’s arse gripped his cock as tightly as if it was the first time,sex magic taksim escort was a wonderful thing. He could feel how wet his pet was becoming as his balls slapped against her soaked cunt but he wouldn’t allow her an orgasm he would let his wife decide how their pet would reach that goal this time around. He gripped her arse and pounded into her as he started to sweat from the exertion,he looked up as his wife cried out and this just spurred him on. He thrust hard once more and bellowed as he erupted in their pets arse. Harry Potter slowly pulled his cock from his pet’s arse and enjoyed seeing the gape that he left her with,as he sat on the bed next to his wife he guided his once best friends mouth to clean his cock of the mess she had made. Pansy sat up and watched as their pet who had once been known as Hermione Granger licked and sucked Harry’s cock clean. 

                 Later that day with Harry attending to business for the the Dark Lord,Pansy sat in the garden and watched as she allowed her pet to achieve orgasm by humping one of the animal statues in the grounds. As Her pet cried out in ecstasy she remembered how it used to glare at them as her body would betray her and submit to all the humiliation that she,Harry and occasionaly their friends could think of,sometimes she missed it. As pansy stood and began walking to the kennels she thought back to the betrayal that had lead to Harry Potter kneeling before The Dark Lord and receiving the dark mark. Finding out that Dumbledore had been behind every bad thing that had happened to him since the death of his parents had pushed him to breaking point and then realising that all his friends had in on it had been the final push.

                      She got to the kennels in time to see her favourite Irish wolf hound Mount Ginny Weasley,she was never allowed out of the kennel and hadn’t walked on 2 legs since they took ownership of her 3 years ago and never would again as they had had her legs removed beşiktaş escort at the knees the day they acquired her and even had a tail magically implanted that responded to her moods like a real tail would. The dog thrust hard and fast into the redheads pussy and despite the now completely vacant look in her eyes Ginny began to cum. She sank her face to the ground leaving her arse in the air as the wolf hound pushed his knot into the bitch and came in her. Pansy watched as eventually the dog pulled its cock from the slut and was quickly replaced by a German Shepherd, Ginny offered no complaint as the dog thrust into her.

                    Pet crawled as quickly as she could to catch up with the mistress as she hadn’t been given permission to walk. She caught up as mistress walked away from the kennels,pet cast a quick look and saw a dog knoted to a redheaded girl but she didn’t stop to watch. The sight had caused her pussy to become moist and start a light tingling sensation,as she came to heel she licked her mistresses hand which led to her mistress stroking her head. Pansy could see the flush on Hermione’s skin and knew that she had been aroused by seeing Ginny taking all the dogs. She smiled as she stroked her pet’s hair and remembered the one and only time they had put her in the kennels,they had left her in there for 3 days. It had been what had finally broken Granger and she had been a good and obedient pet ever since to a point where she very rarely put a lead on her. 

               She was becoming tired so went inside to perhaps have a nap but decided to have some fun first,Pansy called Granger in and grabbed her largest strap-on. Granger loved the bigger strap-on and not only started to get dripping wet but began making excited whimpering noises in anticipation. Pansy knelt behind her but didn’t move but allowed Granger instead to push back onto the rubber cock as hard and fast as she liked. Her pussy had been desperate to be filled nişantaşı escort since she had woken up this morning and mistress was now being so good to her by fucking her soaked pussy, humping the statues in the ground was ok and did the job for her but having her pussy stretched by mistresses rubber cock was by far the best. 

                   Pansy took over and began fucking her pet harder and harder and then grabbed a handful of the pet’s hair and pulled hard but Granger pleased her by not crying out in pain. Pansy jumped a little as she felt hands on her hips,turning her head she kissed her husband hard and felt his cock begin to slide into her soaked pussy,she loved it like this the feeling of Harry’s thrusting making her thrust into Granger was just exquisite. She pushed her thumb into Hermione’s arse and Granger screamed as an orgasm hit her and she slumped forward but the thrusting continued as her master and mistress continued to fuck but she could tell by the sounds that they wouldn’t be much longer. Pansy pulled Hermione’s hair hard again as her orgasm hit her like a train and Harry followed soon after shooting his load deep inside her. He removed his cock from Pansy and offered it up to their pet who licked and suck all the juices from him she then turned her attentions to mistress and used her tongue to clean Pansy. 

                  Hermione was taken by a house elf to be cleaned up and fed while the Master and Mistress decided to have an afternoon sleep. The girl that had once been Hermione Granger slept in her cage and dreamt of times gone and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She had found out about the Weasleys betrayal just as Harry had but Dumbledore had confounded her thinking it would protect them all however all it had led to was disaster. Her last thought was that it could be worse the things Harry had done to the Weasleys still occasionaly gave her nightmares. Luna had been the only friend Harry had protected, she had fled the country and never returned the others she only heard rumours of and those rumours made her happy to be where she was. Pet would not remember these thoughts as the real Hermiones mind only showed itself now in dreams.

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